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Monday Devo Verse

"Once you were like sheep who wandered away. But now you have turned to your Shepherd, the Guardian of your souls."
1 Peter 2:25


Love That Sticks®

Smile Houston!  God Loves You!

It’s amazing how good a little compliment, or a note of encouragement can make you feel. And throughout the entire month of February you can help blanket love and joy all over the Houston area with sticky notes.

We call it Love That Sticks! You never know who might see your note and be reminded they’re loved, or that someone cares. In a perfect world, we would love everyone all the time, but the challenge is to love people right where they are and help them along the way.

It’s simple – just grab a sticky note, write a note of encouragement and place it around the city. It could be a co-worker’s desk, a mirror, even a bathroom stall! You can use the encouraging notes we’ve come up with, or you can come up with encouraging messages of your own.

Imagine if you wrote the sticky notes for a month, how would the atmosphere of your house change? Together we can show our community that Love does stick and can come from everyone around.

Love That Sticks Van Stops

Come find our KSBJ Van at two different park locations on February 9! The entire side of our van will be covered in Love that Sticks sticky notes with prizes listed on the back of them, everything from gift cards to concert tickets to KSBJ prizes. You’ll have the opportunity to peel off a sticky note and win a prize!