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David Crowder grew up in church, but his zeal for God didn’t become apparent until later in life. Although he didn’t intend to sing and write music for a living, God has used his music to touch the hearts of many.

His career began in 1995 while starting a church In Waco, Texas. About a year later, he began to write original compositions for the church and in 2000, The David Crowder Band was formed. They recorded six full length albums and their songs spread across America and around the world. The group experienced the amazing things God can do when fully trusting in Him. “It was miraculous. To find myself in such exotic locales, as Tokyo, Japan, or, Omaha, Nebraska, standing on stage, the son of an insurance salesman, discovering that these little songs with Heart-Of-Texas roots had gotten there before I had,” Crowder explained.

The album Neon Steeple is Crowder’s first effort as a solo artist and carries a new sound for worship music – “Folktronica”. Crowder describes it as a, “collection of songs and sounds looking forward to the past and counting the present as sacred. It is a longing for belonging, a search for home. It is a collection of choruses that believe that this is not all there is. There is more, there must be.” Join us on October 25th to experience what it sounds like when “the front porch meets the computer” to bring praise and worship songs like you’ve never heard them before!

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