A Word from Tim to You

Dear Friends,

The perfect Christmas: A gentle white snow on Christmas Eve. The entire family together. Gifts nestled under a glittering tree. Well-behaved children, neatly dressed. A beautiful table filled with delicious food. Compliments abound, and everyone gets along. And of course, KSBJ is on the radio. Yes, that is a perfect Christmas.

Ever had one of those perfect Christmas’? No? Neither have I. (Well, except for KSBJ on the radio). And even with the blessing of two little grandbabies in our home this year, I expect this Christmas will be no different. No matter how much we plan or try, something will go awry.

Our imperfections can be a wonderful way for us to show God’s love. Many people in the world think Christ followers are perfect. The logic then follows that because we are perfect, we can judge others who aren’t. But in reality, we know we’re not perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist this side of heaven. And when we try to pretend we’re perfect, we push people away—because they know we aren’t real.

Only when we are authentic, vulnerable, and imperfect—showing ourselves with every wrinkle and wart—can we impact others for Jesus Christ. When we realize we are imperfect, we stop judging and start loving people as God loves us.

I am grateful God didn’t have to make me perfect to use me! Instead, my imperfection shows people how great God is.

When I think back to that first Christmas, it wasn’t perfect by human standards. A smelly old manger. Shepherds as witnesses. A situation where people would wonder about the mother’s reputation. Not exactly the ideal situation! But in the imperfection, God shows up and the world is changed.

So let’s stop trying to make everything perfect this Christmas. Instead, let’s turn our eyes to the Savior who loves us and uses us just as we are. Let’s celebrate Him with our family and friends . . . and let’s show the world who He is through our imperfect but genuine love!

To close, I want to take a moment and thank you for being a valued listener and friend of KSBJ. Your prayers and support will help us spread the imperfect story of our perfect Savior to many longing hearts this holiday season!



"I am grateful God didn’t have to make me perfect to use me! Instead, my imperfection shows people how great God is."

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