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DO SOMETHING — Sharathon 2014

One of the things I love is the Monthly Ministry Report we do. Our production director, Sterling, along with our team captures those special God moments of the month and puts them on the air so you can celebrate what God is doing. Stories about how a song touched a life. The impact from our promotions team being involved at a community event. Answered prayer at one of our prayer stations. Lives changed at our concerts. Encouraging comments from around the world about how we are helping other people through the power of radio. And we try to capture all of those in just 60 seconds! Yes, it is a challenge because there is so much happening every day through KSBJ.

All of these ministry aspects of KSBJ, including our three-year-old sister station NGEN radio, aren’t separate; they are one. We are one ministry. That’s why this year at Sharathon we are making a change. Rather than three separate areas to fund — Monthly Operations, Impact Initiatives (which has included a lot of different efforts), and NGEN radio — we are keeping it simple. ONE MINISTRY. ONE GOAL. Rather than trying to cross three separate finish lines, we will cross just one. And when we do — WOOHOO! We will celebrate!!

The plans we have for this year are pretty amazing! We want to take our message of music into public schools. Music is such a powerful tool, and we want to see it used for good. Imagine what we can do and what a mission field our schools are. We have heard great feedback about how our KSBJ billboards bring people hope. We have done a good job in the past, but this year we want to blanket our city with billboards offering encouragement. On a technical front, we are living in an area with a lot of storms that can impact the ability to broadcast. We have plans to make sure we stay on the air so we are always here when you need us. We also want to see you continue to go deeper in Christ and stretch a little. So this upcoming year we are going to announce plans to take you on a mission trip with us to a place around the world where we are already mentoring people.

So much is going on. I am excited! I hope you will step onto the ministry team with us this year. We are one ministry. United.

All for the glory of God!


"...this year at Sharathon we are making a change. Rather than three separate areas to fund...we are keeping it simple. ONE MINISTRY. ONE GOAL."

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