Fall on Your Knees in Prayer & Surrender

In a recent interview with KSBJ, Joel of For King & Country shared:

Prayer is a lifeline, a conversation, a refining tool, a deep guttural cry, a joyful expression. It’s humanity’s universal expression to connect with God regarding anything and everything. It should be a constant underlying conversation taking place with heaven.

In surrendering all to God in prayer, even posture and circumstance are important. My mind starts to wander with silent prayer. As a conversation, prayer becomes like a phone call and leads to expression. We have this overarching statement, “I surrender my life,” but it’s giving to God open hands on the table of surrender, whether it’s the band or my wife. We are to come to the table of surrender constantly. So this is the template at the top of the day – no matter if it’s a show or circumstances, either good or bad. We should operate in surrender.

The realization that I lack control has helped me learn surrender. We pretend whether it’s our health, circumstances, the wellbeing of our loved ones, society, or culture, but we must first realize, “I cannot will my heart to beat one more time.” Unless we get to the place of realizing, “I can’t control or pick up the baton of figuring things out for myself,” we have not truly surrendered. Many times matters do not end positively, but I do trust that come rain, shine, success or failure as long as I’m making myself available to God, the right thing will happen.

Two people have influenced my understanding of prayer and surrender. Listening to podcasts, I heard Tim Keller speak humbly regarding not valuing or prioritizing prayer. He shared how he walked through the procedure and radical experience of leaning into prayer. I’ve watched a mentor friend who is a pastor and prayerful man maintain a posture of calm and clarity despite dire circumstances. Without the strength of prayer and collapsing under prayer, he would not have been able to do so.

Nothing good in life comes easily – whether it’s vocation, relationships, the horizontal or the vertical. Like a runner or an athlete, it’s when we push through hard and have faith we are most rewarded. The word I’m thinking of is perseverance. We shouldn’t get stuck in a list. God is not a genie in a bottle. We need to have honest conversation and be real. In the Bible, we see Christ leaving to a place of solitude to talk to the Father in prayer. If we give opportunity one evening and go into a room and express to God praying on our own, we can work through being brutally honest with our self which is surrender and confession with God. We’ll only get as far as we are honest.

Prayer is a means to an end. The end is a deep, honest craving and communion with God. Like reading God’s Word, our effort is to connect with Him. Until our time on earth is over and we pass on, we are going to find ourselves coming to God in this way, but we must recognize that this place of surrender is a means to an end, and the end is communion and connection.

For King & Country will be in concert locally on October 28th showcasing “Priceless – The Tour”. For more information regarding their activities and involvement, please visit their website at www.forkingandcountry.com.

"Prayer is a means to an end. The end is a deep, honest craving and communion with God. Like reading God’s Word, our effort is to connect with Him."

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