Finding Confidence in Christ

By The KSBJ Morning Show

We want to share with you an inspiring conversation we recently had with Bart Millard, lead singer of MercyMe, about his family and the confidence he finds through Christ. If you’re a parent, we’re sure you’ll relate to his words about the band’s hit song, “Beautiful.”

Bart Millard: I have 5 kids and I love all my kids the same, but there’s something unique about my daughters and I’m a little more protective over them. I’ve seen how the world targets our girls. One thing I can do is make sure my girls are not lacking in confidence from their dad. So probably before they could even understand, I started pouring into them that they are perfect the way they are and God has amazing plans for them. From that, I eventually wrote “Beautiful.” I realized this song applies to a six-year-old girl or ninety-year-old man. In the Church, under the banner of humility we often talk about how we are unworthy and broken. And sometimes I think Christ is saying, “You used to be those things but because of the cross, you are very much worthy, you are as holy as I am holy, and you are righteous!”

Bart also shared the best advice he’s received as a parent. “Someone said if you keep worrying about whether you are a good parent or not, then you are probably doing a very good job. So hopefully I never stop caring!”

One of the most powerful moments was when Bart explained the confidence he finds in Christ, and why he wants to remind you and all of his listeners of how God views us.

“The Holy Ghost dwells inside of me. The craziest thing about grace and who Christ is, is that in my ugliest, my worst condition ever, the spirit is still with me. And that’s the part I think we tend to forget.”

We’re thankful that, through the support of listeners like you, we can feature MercyMe’s music on KSBJ. We pray that Bart’s words, and MercyMe’s songs, will encourage you to find your own confidence in Christ!

"...in my ugliest, my worst condition ever, the spirit is still with me."

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