Keep pursuing the path God has for you

By Jen, ‘Midday Show’ Announcer

When you reach a certain stage in life and you haven’t checked the “married” box, you referee questions like these: “Why aren’t you married?”, “Do you have any children?”, and “How old are you?” Normally I can shake questions like these off and laugh at how audacious people are. But I was asked a question recently that really stung.

A close friend asked, “What kind of legacy are you going to leave if you don’t get married and have kids?” After thinking and praying about it, I realized I was bothered my life didn’t look the way my friend thought it should.

Has that ever happened to you? Maybe you get questions like, “When are you going to get a better paying job?” or “When are you going to start a family?” I love my job at KSBJ and am quite content with where I am. But when others question where God has you, you can easily start to question where God has you.

We’ve been playing a song by Mercy Me lately that God’s been using to speak to me. It’s called “You Are I Am” and the lyrics from the chorus say:

You’re the One who conquers giants

You’re the One who calls out kings

You shut the mouths of lions

You tell the dead to breathe

You’re the One who walks through fire

You take the orphan’s hand

You are the One Messiah

You are I Am

The song reminds us that as believers in Jesus Christ, the same Spirit that did all these powerful things is alive and at work in us. I get chills thinking He cares enough about me to have me where I am, and the same is true for you!

His voice may not be audible like those of strangers or well-meaning friends, but it’s sovereign nonetheless. As we start up the new year, I hope this encourages you to keep pursuing the path God has for you, and if you come up with a good response to some of these prying questions, feel free to share it with your friend Jen!

I get chills thinking He cares enough about me to have me where I am, and the same is true for you!

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