KSBJ’s Dream is Coming True

When KSBJ went on the air in July 1982, the goal was to offer Houston “Something Better – Jesus” and to help unify the city through Contemporary Christian Music. KSBJ’s dream from its beginning was to reach all of Houston, so all could hear of God’s promise of hope.

When KSBJ was off the air for four days during the flood, we were all reminded of how strong the need is to hear the Voice of Hope – even when we’re not facing loss. Your gifts are so important to ensure all of Houston can receive clear access to encouraging music and ministry every day. And now, in answer to many prayers, KSBJ is moving its 89.3FM signal from Plum Grove to NW Houston to reach even more people with the Voice of Hope. This is an historic opportunity as a result of God moving miraculously to bless KSBJ with approval by the FCC in just 8 days. Normally, this process can take up to 2 years. Signal improvement is also planned to ensure KSBJ continues to be clearly heard in areas north, east and south of Houston.

Strengthening KSBJ’s signal will cover all of Houston for the first time in KSBJ’s history and will strategically increase listenership. You can be a part of this historic moment by giving now to make KSBJ’s signal stronger. Your generous gifts will keep the Voice of Hope strong and impact even more lives in this city for Christ.


Will you be a part of history and give now to make KSBJ’s signal stronger?

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