New Year – New Start

As you look ahead to 2017, would you consider giving to introduce people to Christ and the joy He brings through KSBJ?

The past 12 months have been full of answered prayers for the KSBJ family and ministry. Every week, God has blessed us with the opportunity to reach 1 million people through KSBJ & NGEN. Your gifts, prayers, and partnership bring more joy to people who are listening and looking for hope.

  • KSBJ’s Prayer Ministry receives over 4,200 prayer requests per month via facebook, the web panel, the Prayer & Care Line and concerts combined. 
  • People’s real needs are met through the prayer ministry with over 30,000 conversations occurring just through the Prayer & Care Line this year. 
  • NGEN’s Hopeline received 102 calls - 25% of the total ever received – since launching the new 91.7FM signal in August 2016 covering all of Houston for the first time. The top two reasons people call are suicide and depression.

Because of your giving, lives are transformed. Your faithful giving will touch hearts and influence millions of people throughout our community and around the world through the music and ministry of KSBJ in 2017. The time to give is now! Thank you for helping KSBJ be the voice of hope connecting people to God.

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