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Have you ever wondered if supporting a radio station can really change lives? When we received this letter from Tommy, we knew we had to share it with you!

Dear KSBJ and NGEN radio,

I truly believe that your station has changed my life. It all started a year ago when I was working with an older man who had been saved. He used to tell me about his past with the drugs and alcohol and relationships and how he left it all behind to serve the Lord. His stories reminded me about myself and how I was living my life. I know I committed some harsh sins and I was not living up to the standards God has set before me. I have always felt God knocking on my door but I was always so afraid to answer.

We always listened to KSBJ in our work van and I really enjoyed the peaceful music. I come from a hip-hop and rock-n-roll heavy metal background. That’s what I always listened to. Well, one day he was absent and I found myself alone in the van and thought, ‘I get to listen to what I want to—some rap!’ I just turned the van on and to my surprise there was already a rap song on the radio.

I liked the song and a few more hip-hop songs came on rapping about praise to Jesus, and I really liked the station.

Long story short, I found NGEN radio, a station I can listen to, and one that can relate to my teenage kids without boring them with the typical worship music. Since then we found a great church and attend every Sunday and Wednesday. We all have Bibles and pray before meals, and at morning and night. I believe that through music, through your station, my life has been saved.

Thank you for the work you do and don’t ever think that you don’t make a difference because you do. God bless,


As Tommy says, don’t ever think that you don’t make a difference. Your partnership with KSBJ is transforming lives through our hope-filled music and messages.

Your support today helps us reach even more listeners like Tommy with the songs they need to hear.

Thank you!

"I believe that through music, through your station, my life has been saved." - Tommy

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