The Dance of a Lifetime

Kim won VIP tickets for her daughters to the Secret Keeper Girl event last fall when asked to share her favorite memory as a mother. The rough journey of her 12 year old twin step-daughters motivates her commitment to shower them with unconditional love. Respectful of their birth mother though, Kim had requested they call her ‘Miss Kim’, but one morning while cooking breakfast, she didn’t even realize one of them had been calling out to her ‘Mommy’. She lovingly offered a reminder she was not their mom, but with an innocent but persistent response of “No you, silly”, the moment gave way to her favorite memory. Treasuring these young girls as her own, Kim says it was the best feeling in the world to be called ‘Mommy’ by them because she earned it rather than telling them to call her ‘Mom’.

With VIP tickets in hand, Kim enjoyed an amazing night of dancing, singing and praising God with her daughters. Even though arriving late after a four hour adventure through traffic and misdirection and missing the backstage VIP experience, God had ordained another encounter. With the goal of “bringing mothers and daughters closer together and to Jesus”, the Secret Keeper Girl event models modesty and true beauty and seeks to plant scriptural truths in the hearts of young girls today to protect them from future pain. As masterpieces created by God, Jesus is shown as their true foundation – not friends, the fashion industry or boys – and healthy relationship boundaries are made known. For these 12 year old twins wrestling with secret pain, they found comfort in the Church, and Kim was blessed to see her daughters officially accept Jesus into their hearts. One of them even said they hope this event is still around when she’s grown and has her own daughter.

It was a night to remember.

This was not the only KSBJ experience for this family, though. From a young age, Kim herself was drawn to KSBJ’s music and began giving monthly to KSBJ when she was 13 years old because she and her best friend were so impacted as teens. But now as an adult during all of this, Kim was preparing to become a single mother of her three girls. Separated for a second time, KSBJ’s music was a comfort while alone and losing hope in the face of divorce with a four month old baby, and KSBJ kept her motivated reminding her God was there. Her husband, struggling to overcome alcohol addiction, listened to KSBJ while in rehab at Victory Family Recovery Center – a community partner of KSBJ whose program participants help set up for KSBJ events. Though not allowed to communicate with each other during his rehab, they remained connected through listening to KSBJ. God used songs like “This is What Love Is” and “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” to give her courage to close the door on the past and move forward for her daughters. Knowing it would not be easy, Kim says KSBJ was the backbone of her family offering daily scriptures and reminders God was still there. Her husband is now sober and a new man because God changed him, and after reconciling in February, they attended KSBJ’s Anniversary Concert in March where they were invited to dance together for the first time in their six years of marriage to Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “Cinderella” – a special moment celebrating the dance of a lifetime with Him.


God is restoring hearts, building families and redeeming souls through the music and ministry of KSBJ. KSBJ’s concerts and events are not just about entertainment, but God moving to minister in the hearts of people who need Him – wherever they are. Whether navigating highway traffic or life’s adventures or attending a community event or singing along in the car, hope is renewed, and hurts are healed as people listen because of a faithful God at work. We give Him the glory!

Kim and her husband, Geraldo, plan to enjoy time together as a family this summer and are taking their three girls to Six Flags and Sea World to have some fun.
Kim has watched her girls spiritually grow and evolve from learning to pray for others, even when ambulances pass by, to singing their hearts out to God together in the car, and she enjoys taking them to KSBJ concerts everywhere around Greater Houston.

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