THRIVING with Mark Hall

By: The KSBJ Morning Show

As we near Easter many of us will look closely at our relationship with God, remembering Christ’s death and celebrating His resurrection! With the release of their new album and upcoming tour, THRIVE, KSBJ Morning Show hosts Bill and Coppelia recently talked to Casting Crowns’ lead singer, Mark Hall, about the importance of learning to thrive in the face of life’s challenges.

Bill & Coppelia: Tell us about the inspiration of THRIVE. We hear it actually came about when you and your student ministry traveled to River Junction in Alabama to see the enormous Constitution Live Oak Tree.

Mark Hall: Yes, it did! The spiritual implication here is that the roots are digging deep even as the limbs are reaching out. There are believers that are all roots and they are growing deeper, always seeking to know more but not really loving people. And then there are some believers who are all about love and doing all of these great things but they don’t have their roots in the Word, so life’s storms knock them down easily. But what we see with the Constitution Live Oak is a tree that has been there for 300 years because the roots are dug in deep. And as believers, we have to send our roots deep into God’s Word and let Him define life for us. If we don’t, our efforts to do good works will be a lot like a tree trying to hang fruit on itself, which is ludicrous. But if our lives are well-nourished by God’s Word, then our service will be energized and informed by His truth and we will naturally reflect what He has already done in us.

B&C: As you meet believers around the world, do you feel they are thriving?

MH: I see both on my travels and in my own life. I think a lot of times we look to our faith to get us through today. But God didn’t put us here to get through something, he put us here to bloom now. He put you where you are with the gifts, talents, stories and scars you have to make change and to love people in His name. That is called THRIVING.

A daily walk with God is the only way you can thrive. If you are not in the Word yourself, you will come up with things on your own. You will come up with a God who is always mad at you and you are always on strike two with him. And, you are going to come up with a God who is building a special forces unit that you will never be good enough to be on. That’s where songs like “Songs of Truth” come from. When you get into the Word you see that God is a lot stronger than your weaknesses. And you see you haven’t been loaned something, God bought you something with the blood of His son . . . Now you can live because of that.

You can hear more from Mark Hall and Casting Crowns when they perform in Houston on Saturday, April 26, at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion on the THRIVE Tour with Laura Story and Colton Dixon. This Easter we encourage you to dig deeper into His Word and THRIVE. Happy Easter!

"And as believers, we have to send our roots deep into God’s Word and let Him define life for us."

-Mark Hall

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