Your gifts at work…

Thank you for helping make the following hope-filled testimonies possible through your gifts and prayers!

“Keep doing what you’re doing! God is definitely at work. Though we are giving a one-time gift, we’re praying hard that God will make a way for us to start monthly electronic giving. This is the third year in a row my husband will be listening to Sharathon on a little base on Afghanistan. Thank you so much for lifting his spirits when he needs it most.” –“Jamie”, KSBJ Listener

“I’ve been listening to KSBJ for almost ten years now. I started listening because of a bumper sticker on the Suburban of a guy I respect. I didn’t like the first few songs I heard but stuck it out and ‘Dive’ by SCC and ‘Shackles’ by MM drew me in. KSBJ’s music and DJ’s messages have made such a difference in my life. I thank God for the amazing influence you are on me, and so many others!” –“Jake”, KSBJ Listener in Pasadena, CA

“I was having a rough evening tonight closing the store where I work. It was bad… really bad. I’m also having a hard time with some issues in my family. The enemy is severely attacking me. I was extremely downcast, but God smiled at me and used KSBJ to bless me. I really needed to be reminded that God still loves me and was walking with me, and listening to KSBJ reminded me of that truth!” –“Lily”, KSBJ Listener

“I’m sitting here in Taji, Iraq listening to the Morning Show and the awesome interview with Third Day. I’m not a soldier anymore, but a contractor. I just wanted you to know that your show makes my afternoons here so much smoother and more uplifting. Thanks for all you give each and every day, and thank God for the technology where I can listen to a little bit of home on the other side of the world.” –“Cole”, KSBJ Online Listener

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