1 Church 1 Day


1 Church 1 Day

Imagine what could happen if we prayed together continuously for our community! Today in Humble, Atascocita, and Kingwood a continuous prayer meeting has begun with the partnership of KSBJ, The Great Commission Coalition, and 31 local churches - it’s called 1 Church 1 Day, where each church commits to pray on a specific day of the the month. The 3rd Thursday of every month, KSBJ participates in this incredible prayer meeting and we’re asking you to pray with us!

Our prayers focus on our local area and more specifically, 7 “spheres of influence”: The Church, The Family, Government, Media, Businesses, Education, and The Medical Field. You can join us in lifting up the ministry of KSBJ, as well. Our desire is to have continuous prayer not only in our local area, but for this initiative to spread to all communities in the Greater Houston Area and beyond!

If you believe that through prayer God can and will do amazing things, join us as we pray for 1 Church 1 Day by signing up for our KSBJ Prayer Team. Simply click to register as a KSBJ Volunteer and then select the KSBJ Prayer Team option.

Once you are a member of the KSBJ Prayer Team, you’ll receive information on how can you join us in praying for 1 Church 1 Day, and also learn more about our Prayer Department’s other areas of ministry, like our KSBJ Concert Prayer Team, the KSBJ Prayer and Care Line, and KSBJ Prayer Stations. Thank you for committing to pray with us!

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