Build Up Your Neighbor


Build Up Your Neighbor

Last week, you might have heard about KSBJ’s partnership with the Houston Habitat for Humanity’s Interfaith Build in October. It is literally a way you can “build up” Houston. If you are still interested in volunteering, CLICK HERE to sign up today!

In the spirit of “building up your neighbor,” we want to encourage you to join us as we continue to transform Houston with small acts of kindness everyday this week! Each day our DJ’s will share great ideas to give, bless or just share a smile with those around you… and then we want to hear from YOU! Don’t forget to share your experience with us by calling, emailing, posting on Facebook or Tweeting us. We can’t wait to hear how you’ve spread God’s love!

Here’s a few ideas to get you started this week:

  • Monday- Introduce yourself to a neighbor you don’t know (and, maybe even invite them to coffee if it goes well!)
  • Tuesday- Beautify your neighborhood by picking up trash, planting flowers or even offering to mow someone’s yard
  • Wednesday- Write an encouraging note to those serving in your neighborhood (police, firemen, school crossing guard, teachers, etc.)
  • Thursday- Pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive-thru or at the store
  • Friday- Donate clothing, food, books or other items to a community center, library or food pantry in your neighborhood

See You At The Pole - Wednesday, September 25th

And to top it all off, KSBJ is excited for “See You At The Pole” on Wednesday, September 25 at schools not just around Houston but the entire nation! KSBJ On The Street and KSBJ Prayer Stations will be out bright and early that morning and we hope you will join us! Let’s cover our schools and students in prayer. We can’t wait to see your stories and pictures when you use #KSBJFlagpole.

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