Hit The Reset Button


​30 Day Challenge: Hit The Reset Button!

It’s January, the launch of a new year. A time when people are hitting the reset button and making New Year’s resolutions. The holidays are over, the dust has settled and it is time to start something “new”. But what if, rather than starting something new, we took the time to reflect and do something different? Would you say things differently, work harder on that dream, take a different road than the one you took before? The cool thing about hitting the reset button is it’s easy if we fix our eyes on Jesus. All that He encompasses begins to become part of who we are. We’re suddenly filled with grace, with compassion, with mercy.

Imagine what listening to KSBJ for 30 days might do! Hit the reset button and join KSBJ for 30 days this January, listening to great music, uplifting stories and testimonies about how the 30 Day Challenge has changed lives. Fix your eyes on Jesus and see what is possible!

Here’s How YOU Can Take The 30 Day Challenge:

The 30 Day Challenge is about tuning out the distractions that keep our minds from focusing on God. It’s about listening to music that focuses on life from God’s perspective for a month, and then seeing the positive changes in our own lives, and in the lives of the people around us. Take the 30 Day Challenge by listening to nothing but Christian music on KSBJ, for 30 days.

And invite your family and friends to join you. Help those closest to you start the year fresh with a new perspective and a road to a stronger relationship with God. Download a shareable graphic below and use #KSBJ30DC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share with us how the Challenge has impacted your life.

We Want to Hear From YOU…

How have you heard God’s voice while taking the challenge? We invite you to share YOUR 30 Day Challenge “God Story” here and use “My 30 Day Challenge” as the title. You never know who will be encouraged by reading your 30 Day Challenge story!

More Ways to Reset

Along with listening to Christian music straight for the next 30 days, there are other things you can do to draw closer to God and change the lives of those around you. Plus, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter to share these challenges with your friends and family.

  • Give someone a hug
  • Open the door for someone
  • Let someone go first in line
  • Skip that new Netflix or new Hulu show for spending time with God or your family
  • If you already have a church, get involved in a small group
  • Go to Sunday School
  • Volunteer at your church
  • Go find a beautiful place in nature and talk to God
  • Be still for 30 minutes and ask God to speak to you
  • Sing your favorite praise song
  • Find a prayer request on PrayerWorks at KSBJ.org
  • Go to a service, other than Sunday morning
  • Research a mission trip
  • Forgive someone
  • Resist the urge to gossip today
  • Resist seconds, thirds, and fourths, take good care of yourself! God made you!
  • Go to a Christian concert or event - view our upcoming events
  • Give a HUGE tip for no reason, and leave a note of encouragement
  • Continue with the JOY Pledge

We pray these tools will be a great resource in helping you and your loved ones have a great new year!

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