My Hope America


My Hope America​

The best thing you can ever do for somebody, is to tell them about Jesus. And Billy Graham’s been doing that his whole life. He’s 95 now, and he has one more message that he wants to share with all of us, on November 9th during the television special airing on KPRC Channel 2 at 6:30PM.

And if Saturday doesn’t work for you, you can listen to Billy Graham right here on KSBJ during Sunday Night Live at 7PM on Sunday, November 10th! Sunday Night Live will also feature guests that evening to discuss the salvation message of My Hope America.

KSBJ wants to encourage you to share the hope of Jesus with your friends and neighbors by inviting them to watch or listen to Billy Graham with YOU! Whether you invite them to a meal or dessert at your home or meet up at church or your favorite hang out, this program is a simple way to connect with others and bring light to a world bombarded with negativity. The video below is a great sneak peak of this weekend’s program. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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