Single Is Still Not A 4 Letter Word


Single Is Still Not A 4 Letter Word

The Woodlands United Methodist Church

At last year’s sold-out show, we convinced you that being single wasn’t so bad after all and that you were right where God wanted you to be. Since then, you’ve had to survive your mom asking you over and over why you won’t marry that weird guy from church, and you probably didn’t have too much fun watching fireworks with your dog on New Year’s Eve. But before you consider replying to DarkHorse123 on that dating site, comedians Bob Smiley and Kerri Pomarolli want to remind you that Single Is Still Not A 4 Letter Word! Bringing all brand-new material and heartfelt testimonies, these two know the struggles of being single. They’ve been there - and are not afraid to joke about it. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, never been married, divorced, or widowed, this show is for you! Come be a part of a sincere, vulnerable ministry that will have you laughing like never before and viewing the word “single” from a whole new perspective.

This is the one event where singles are the majority and couples hide out in the back of the room trying to go unnoticed (we see you back there!). Join KSBJ and NGEN Radio for Single Is Still Not A 4 Letter Word on February 1st and 2nd at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. Tickets are on sale NOW!

Click here for the February 1st Event Details | Click here for the February 2nd Event Details

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