Text Communication Updates


What’s Changing with Your Texts?

We’ve made some improvements to better communicate with you! We’re thrilled to roll out our new text program and look forward to providing you a better text communication experience. So, what’s changing exactly?

You’ll still receive the encouragement you know and love, plus ministry updates, but all in one place – well, one keyword, that is. Instead of having to subscribe to multiple keywords to receive messages from different text campaigns, we’ve now made communication seamless by sending all messages through one keyword subscription (“KSBJ”).

So, what if I’ve already subscribed to receive a KSBJ text campaign?

If you’re currently subscribed to receive our devotion texts and ministry updates, and/or subscribed to a recent text campaign – love notes, Easter timeline, and Choose Joy messages – you won’t have to do a thing! We’ve already added your number to our new list. Just to be certain, simply text KSBJ to 51555 and you’re all signed up!

How should I share with others how to subscribe?

All new text subscribers should text KSBJ to 51555 to receive campaigns and ministry messages.

What happened to the Weekly Devotional Text?

Beginning Feb. 13th , we’re moving our Monday devotion text to email to provide a more interactive experience! Begin each week focusing on God and His word. You’ll receive scripture, short devotion thought, shareable graphics, and more. Please sign-up to receive our weekly devotion email using the form below:

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