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KSBJ Awarded CMB Station of the Year (Major Market)

HOUSTON (September 12, 2012) – KSBJ, Houston’s leading contemporary Christian music radio station, was awarded the Christian Music Broadcaster’s (CMB) Station of the Year (Major Market) at the CMB Momentum Conference in Orlando. Announced last week, the CMB Station of the Year Award (Major Market) is presented to the radio station who illustrates leadership within the Christian radio industry, as well as within their community.

“This is our third honor in 2012 for being recognized as Station of the Year from different organizations. That is just amazing!” said Tim McDermott, president and general manager of KSBJ. “God has put together an all-star staff at KSBJ of incredibly talented people who love working together and making a difference in our community. I continue to hear comments about how God has used this station as an example for other stations to follow. We are blessed and we will continue to give God the glory for all that He is doing through this ministry.”

Ranked as one of the top 5 radio stations in the greater Houston area, KSBJ has received this award nine times since the category was created in 2000.

About KSBJ

This year, KSBJ celebrates 30 years on-air as Houston’s leading listener-supported, non-profit, non-commercial contemporary Christian music radio station. The purpose of KSBJ is to be the voice of hope connecting people to God, through Christian music, community outreach and events. As a listener supported radio station, and a long-standing member of the ECFA, KSBJ’s ministry is managed by a group of volunteer men and women from across the Greater Houston area, who serve as members of its Board of Directors. The board members represent diverse denominations, backgrounds and professions to provide oversight, direction and accountability for the ministry. KSBJ can be heard on 89.3 FM (North/East of Downtown Houston) and 96.9 FM (South/West of Downtown Houston).

About CMB

Founded in 2002, Christian Music Broadcasters membership represents a combined audience of over 30 million listeners. CMB brings Christian media together with the Christian music industry for the purpose of reaching more listeners with the Gospel message by developing and producing relevant programming. This is done through idea sharing, professional development and education.

“This is our third honor in 2012 for being recognized as Station of the Year from different organizations. That is just amazing!”

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