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God Stories: Lives impacted by KSBJ & NGEN

My 30-Day Challenge

February 12, 2015 by Kirsten

I began the 30-day challenge on January 12. During this time, my husband and I were separated and just days away from our divorce being final. We had run in to some major speed bumps and I knew I had to fully lean on my faith. I’ve listened to Christian music here and there over many years of my life and always turn to it during difficult times. So, I figured, why not devote myself to listening ONLY to Christian music for a month and see what happens?

What happened was that so many of the songs spoke to me. One, in particular, was “Broken Together” by Chris Tomlin. I realize it probably spoke to many in my situation at that time but I deeply believe that I acted based on the emotions that song evoked in me. I reached out to my husband, we began the healing process. I am beyond happy to report that we have withdrawn divorce papers, are living under one roof once again and have put God first in our life.

As a side-note, I know now so many of the songs that are played regularly. It is to the point where they are all that is in my head, even when the radio is not on. I’ll randomly hear 4-5 different songs in my head throughout the day and I feel like that is God speaking to me. And I’ve realized how different listening to Christian music is than listening to mainstream. I’ve always loved music but never truly realized it’s power over our mind until I set my mind on the right path.

Sticky Notes

February 12, 2015 by Laura Ware

Last year around May 2014, I was struggling in all aspects of my life.  I decided to incorporate the 30 day challenge into my 30 day “Daniel Fast.”  After I completed the fast, I found that I could not go back to the R&B music that I sometimes enjoyed listening to.  God has reshaped me on the inside.  Now, I wake up with KSBJ and I end my day with KSBJ.  I am encouraging my family to take the 30 day challenge, in order for them to experience the peace and laughter that I have gained from listening to the constant biblical principles and testimonies.
This week I chose to randomly distribute sticky notes to all of my colleagues.  All that I can say is “wow!” This is truly a “God Thing.” Since my identity (the sticky bandit) was exposed, my colleagues have been approaching me with hugs, as they share their particular stories.  Each of them have shared how that sticky note related to what they were going through on that particular day.  I am so grateful that I was obedient and tagged each computer screen.
My heart is overwhelmed as I reflect over these past 8 months. God does listen! He listens very attentively…....


Roadside Assistance That Was Over The Top

February 11, 2015 by Sharon

Had a blow-out & while waiting on the phone for roadside assistance to come on the line this man pulled up to help change my tire. After many complications (bad spare, car towed, double towing charge) he stayed with me the whole day until I got my car back on the road.  From 7:30-4:30 this wonderful man was at my aid.  He was truly a God-send and my angel for the day.

God’s perfect timing

February 10, 2015 by Donna

I have been so down the last few months not understanding what is going on - my real estate business has been zero for several months and my finances are in the worst shape I have ever had.  I have been feeling so guilty for having to use my mom’s money to help pay bills the last few years (have been laid off three times in the last five years).  God has been trying to tell me to get out of my comfort zone job and He put being a real estate agent on my mind in 2013.  I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do.  It has been a struggle and surprisingly I haven not given up which it very unusual for me.  Yesterday, I was really down and guilty about the financial situation I have put my mom in and wondering how I am going to catch up on my own finances. (I pay my mom’s bills first -what her monthly check does not cover).  Yesterday, while feeling so down your text saying, “You are forgiven. God loves you and He keeps no record of wrongs. Despite any mistakes, you can embrace His forgiveness!” It was perfect timing!!  I needed that so much and what a relief I felt. 

Then after your text yesterday, I put a friend’s daughter’s home (it was her father’s home) back on the market yesterday and prayed before I left the home (it needs lots of repairs and updating and someone died in the home - it is difficult to sell but not too difficult for God).  I have already received two request for showings - that could only be God bringing the right people to look at and buy the home.

God has been showing me things about my past that He wants me to deal with and let go.  He has put me in situations that keep bringing up what He wants me to let go of.  My mother and I never got along when I was growing up and my brother was her baby. She has dementia and I know that God put me in charge of her because my brother too easily goes by what the doctor says (I research her medicine, take classes, etc to see what is best for her).  I am letting go of the resentment and anger that I felt towards her and understand more now of how she grew up (from an aunt that married into the family).  My brother does not help much and his wife has never liked our family.  I get overwhelmed and tired sometimes from always being there for her and no one is there for me (except God). One of my dear cousins goes to lunch with us once a month and that helps my mom a lot.  A few weeks ago, my brother said he was taking his wife out of town for the weekend because they need a break.  I told him I did not want to hear about him needing a break when I never get one.  He was suppose to relief me for a few days before he moved to North Carolina (he is military) but of course he did not do it.  He always seems to be there for his wife’s family but never his own mother.  I don’t understand why he cannot fly down for a weekend to see her.  I know God is trying to tell me, with Him, I am strong enough to handle all of this because my family has always treated me like I was incapable of doing anything (I am the baby of the family).  All of these years, I believed what my family said about me but thanks to so many of the songs you play I am learning the truth.  Thank you so much for the songs you play and prayers for so many that have it worse than me. I am not able to do much for others right now besides join in with your prayers but I remember the feeling of helping others and that encourages me to keep going so I can someday help others more.  I have a part time job and am not able to listen while at work but the minute I get in my truck to go home - your station is the first thing I hear when I start my truck. Thanks for all you do for me and for so many other people.  Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless you all !!!!!

God listens

February 08, 2015 by brandy

I had a Christian upbringing growing up. One in which I am grateful, because it gave me the fundamentals ,such as trusting and having faith in God , that I use everyday and am teaching my son. In my early adulthood, I began to face obstacles, and seemed to stumble time and time again. I was living a life that I just could not feel joy or happiness. But in the inside I kept hearing this voice saying “don’t settle, there is so much more to life than the struggle.” Then one day it was like I was backed into a corner, and had to literally step on faith. You see, God had placed in my heart that I needed to move to Houston. This was not something easy for me, because a lot of my family did not support my decision. But in my heart I had this comfort and peace it would be alright. So I moved to Houston, jobless with my son living with my sister. Two weeks after living here, I was blessed with a job that I had dreamed about getting since high school. But God didn’t stop there he turned around and blessed me with an even greater job than that a few months later. He even blessed me and my son with our own place to live just 6 months after moving here. And the blessings keep on coming! God helped me to persevere, so that it built my character, and created a hope in me like never before. My God is gracious, loving and powerful. And He never forgets or abandons us, but is faithful forever.

Because He Lives…

February 07, 2015 by Sandy

To cite the songs and their messages that stirred my soul today, 2/6/15:

“Because He Lives” impacted me as I heard that “our song” does join the everlasting song before the Throne of God- Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving, because we were dead and now live!!! 

“Open up the Floodgates” connected with my heart’s cry at the age of 7, when I asked God to open up Heaven to me… let me visually see Him or His “brightness”.  He did not, but infused the reality of His holy presence and a purpose, “TBA later”.  I went away, thrilled with my God-secret!  My first encounter with the Gospel came at a Waltrip High School auditorium program/concert, where I heard slightly edited “love songs” by the “Sounding Seventies”, Jan. 1970!  (They claimed permission to slightly edit them to reflect God’s love for us).  A boy invited me to go hear more atheir music over the weekend; their presentation of John 3:16 brought me into the awareness that “belief” is a choice I needed to respond with if I wanted to receive Eternal Life.  A Sunday School image of the world, Jesus on the cross, and - me, hearing His question filled my imagination when the singer asked, “Do you believe that He died for you?” I said in my mind, “Yes.  I believed it for me!” -simple, but I chose to move on with my day, and date, instead of waiting for counseling on the matter, because many more people responded than there were counselors.  I was refreshed and excited, but I pursued my fun life with some compromising choices.  Three years later, as I listened to my dear brother’s “story” of how he had believed in Christ and now was “born again”, I knew those were the words that described my 1970 experience.  As he shared Scriptures of Salvation, I was immediately engaged, as my spirit felt the trickle of the Holy Spirit’s presence and renewal.  When I read those verses myself, the rivers of Living Water flooded my soul.  “Whom Shall I Fear” expresses the security I felt, keeping the Lord before me, because there was none else, and I knew that He was/is the Way!  God’s Soverign hand took over and He “recalibrated” my life in an amazing way!  My parents decided to attend a Bible Church, where God led me into growth in His Word and abundant Life.

“I Can Only Imagine” and “Give Me Eyes To See”  were mine and my brother’s cries, from the early ‘70’s until this day.  Our sister came to Christ, soon, and followed Him wholeheartedly, later.  Another remarkable story.  His faithfulness is amazing.  We are indeed ordinary people, “but God…” has given us His treasured Presence in our earthen bodies!  He has done exceedingly abundantly above all that we asked or thought.  We are only 33 souls, plus 2 departed, who have only taken the Gospel to 9 countries in person, in 4 continents.  May His song in us continue on until He returns.  There’s much work to do:))

May my gift (on its way) join with many others to see that KSBJ continues to broadcast the message of our Savior! smile)

God Bumps

February 06, 2015 by Kathy

I am a 56 year old woman who grew up in a home with both parents being alcoholics. I was abused. I spent the first 35 years of my life blaming my parents for my problems.
I learned at a very young age how to cover things up with alcohol. I hated who I was right from the start. I started wearing glasses by the age of 8, I had an overbite, and my Mom made me wear my hair very short. I literally could not stand to look in the mirror. My Mom was very controlling and she was verbally abusive. She worked a full time job and we were raised by a nanny who lived with us. She was wonderful. I think if it hadn’t been for her, things would have been a lot worse. The one thing I did have going for me was I had a good personality. I was funny and outgoing and I could laugh at myself before others did. I knew about God as my parents would send me and my sisters to sunday school every sunday on the sunday school bus. I was even baptized at 12. I got involved with the youth group and had fun at times. But I started drinking and smoking at 15. I didn’t hang around with the best crowd, (surprise! surprise!).
I got married at 18 to the first guy who asked me. He was a nice guy but he was like me, he didn’t deal with his feelings either. We had a child together which is the best thing that came out of that marriage.
He asked me for a divorce 5 years into the marriage. You see, I was horrible to live with. I didn’t just blame my Mom for things, I blamed anyone around me. I wasn’t happy and it was my husbands job to fix that. As you know, no one could do that for me. After my husband left I started drinking very heavy. I also started getting very depressed, but I didn’t realize what it was at the time. Again I thought it was all somebody else’s fault that I was so unhappy.
By this time I was seeing a guy that worked with my ex-husband. Believe it or not, we actually got married. By this time we were living together and had separated several times already.
My husband and I were married about 3 years when we decided to have a baby. I actually didn’t want one because I already had one and she was 8 years old by this time. But he had never had any children and he wanted one of his own. So I had a boy. This was in 1987. After our son was born my life spiraled out of control. I hated being tied down to children. I wanted to be able to go out and party whenever I wanted to.
Finally a friend told me that I should see a therapist. So I did. I spent a year in therapy and I had the most wonderful therapist. She taught me so much about myself and why I did the things I did. She got me thinking about why I lived and my friends didn’t. I started thinking about God and that maybe he wanted me to live for a reason. I started praying and reading the bible. I didn’t start going to church yet but I started to feel that I was healing a little bit. I also learned that my life as I was living it was not my parents fault. Yes, they weren’t the best parents but they did the best they could with the tools that they had. Neither one of my parents had a good childhood either. But I was so angry at them for everything. I spent the next 10 years in and out of therapy. I learned so much about myself that even the therapist were saying that I had a good insight into myself and why I did the things I did. You see, I had the tools I needed to get better, I just didn’t want to do the work.
This time I started seeing a Christian Therapist and this was the beginning of a whole new life for me. She told me about a 12 Step group that met at a Church and I thought, why not, I’ve tried everything else. So I started going and it was the best thing that ever happend to me. I knew the whole time I was in AA that their was something missing but I didn’t know what it was. Now I knew, it was God. I kept going to the 12 Step group and felt an acceptance like I never knew. I kept seeing the therapist for about 2 years on and off until she told me that she thought that she had helped me come as far as she could. By this time I had started attending the church where my meeting was. I also started feeling that God had something planned for me, I felt very strongly that I was to share my story to other addicts and alcoholics. So that is what I did. I gave my testimony at Church, I spoke at other meetings and schools.
Life was good, I was feeling happier than I ever had and I was taking responsibility for my actions in the past. I realized that I could no longer blame my parents. If I were to keep blaming them, I would stay sick. I mean why would I have to make any changes if nothing was my fault, right? I started seeing them in a whole different light and I thank God for that all the time. Because three years ago my father passed away and my Mom is now in a nursing home with Alzheimers and I love them both so much.
But the biggest surprise of all, I am still married to the wonderful man who put up with me all of those years. We had our 30 year anniversary in 2014. We get along great now. We lived through so much in those 30 years, but it has made our marriage stronger than ever. I now let him know all the time how much I love him and how much I appreciate him. He still treats me like a queen. But now I love it. My daughter is married to a wonderful man and has 2 beautiful children. By the way, she is a Psychologist for pre-school children. I find an irony in that I guess. My son is married to a beautiful woman and they just had their first baby 3 weeks ago.
I still deal with things all the time. But now I know where to go for help. I am on medication for depression and bi-polar but that is alright. The biggest hurdle that I have had to deal with was 2 years ago my husband and I moved out of Minnesota and down to Texas where my son is living. But I found myself a church right away. Because of the cost of living in Texas, my husband and I were able to build a new house last year. I am heavily involved in church and I go to a Women’s Shelter once a week to speak to the women about empowering themselves to make better choices.
I apologize that this letter is so long. I also just wanted to say that God can do miracles. I would not be here today if it weren’t for Him. He took me out of a life of Hell and gave me hope. I want others to know their is hope for them also.

30 day challenge

February 04, 2015 by Samantha Nicole

I just want to say thank you guys so much for what you do. Each song gives me hope, faith, and strength. Every time I hear a song I’ve heard 2, 3, or 4 times I get something new out of it. It’s an amazing thing to know God loves you even when you reject him over and over again, that He’s never leaving you always there and that he understands and he’s there for you.
Because of this radio station I always find light in the darkest time, find hope in a time of misery, and find faith in every battle. You guys are such a blessing and always keep a smile on my face. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!


February 04, 2015 by Veronica

I want to say thank you to the KSBJ team,  I enjoy listening everyday. With the 30 day Challenge, I have noticed a change in the way I think about certain situations. Some things that I would have raised cain about,  I have just seemed to let go without any bother. I just love the way I feel when I listen and just love on God through the music and ministry through the station. Everyday is a new day for me,  I no longer focus on problems or worries. I have handed everything to God and love him dearly. Thank you!

God will answer beyond our expectations

February 03, 2015 by Olga

In 2014 we foreclosed our home. We were going through a hardship and owed 9 months mortgage. We tried saving up every chance we could but were not able to come up with the full amount. So our home went up for auction. Just days before the sale date we miraculously came up with the total amount to reinstate the loan but by then it was too late. The process to do so would surrpass the sale date. So Our home was sold.  So just when we had lost all hope… an informant (angel) from the bank contacted us saying that the buyer did not pay for our home and it was in limbo and being possessed to go back the bank’s ownership. So we were able to contact the bank and make arrangements to reinstate the loan and keep our home. God answered even when I thought it was too late. With man it is impossible but with God ALL things are possible.

He led me to Jesus and left

January 31, 2015 by Chelsea

I grew up with a single agnostic mother who did not allow me to believe what I wanted, I had to believe what she did. I have recently quit speaking to my mother so that I can have to freedom to believe whatever I want. More recently I found out my boyfriend of three years was cheating on me. We met in high school and began to date shortly after meeting! His father is a preacher which kind of started me thinking about what Jesus is. I noticed that he had a cross with a bible verse tattooed on his arm so I asked him about it and he educated me on the verse; Psalm 27:1. After that I began to learn more about the word of Jesus Christ on my own. I got accepted into Dallas Baptist University and continued to learn until finances ran short and I had to return home to College Station. After he introduced me to God we always had talks about the bible and whenever we drove anywhere we would read the bible and talk about it. In the beginning of January 2015 I noticed that he was acting differently and lying about things. I went through his phone, one night after he refused to give it to me, and found conversations with other women that he had been having and the indecent pictures that he was sending them.  I left him the next day! He had programmed KSBJ into my truck radio so I figured that I would see what the big deal about the station was. (He would never let me change the radio if it was on KSBJ, unfortunately I did not want to listen to it so I would tune it out and get lost in my phone). But when I started listening to it after feeling lost without him I felt like Jesus was telling me that my ex was only brought into my life to bring me closer to HIM! And also ease the pain of loosing someone that I thought I loved.

God listens my 30 days and more

January 30, 2015 by Maria Obregon

A while back my life was getting to feel heavy on me physically, emotionally and especially in my family. My marriage was falling apart my kids did not want to be in the same house. I got married 3 years ago and my husband and i would have lots of problems he would just get up and leave… This last time i was ready to call it quits. So in November before i had surgery we got into an argument and i packed my bags and moved to my mom’s home. We still kept talking and one night I prayed and said i was going to put it in Gods hands and let him do his will. My brother would always tell me list to KSBJ and get closer to God and you will see the change. So i did, my kids sang along with the songs. I had surgery, everything went great, my husband is back in my life and my marriage is working out better still needs some work but even my husband now makes time for church. His relationship with my kids is getting much better and I even got a better job…all i can say is Thank you Lord for all you countless blessings

Monica Lewinsky made me switch to KSBJ

January 29, 2015 by Yvonne

I used to listen to country stations.  When my now 24 year old son was five years old, we were in the car one morning on the way to work/daycare.  As always,  the radio was on,  but I was not paying attention.  The news announcer was giving an update on the Bill Clinton scandal.  All of a sudden,  a little voice pipes up from the back seat,  “Who is Monica Lewinsky?”  While I was trying desperately to figure out how to answer, the next question came out.  “Is she related to Tara Lepinski?”  Fortunately he just accepted my answer of “no”  &  let it go.  It was at that moment though that I switched the channel to KSBJ &  it’s been there ever since.  Love what you do &  the difference you make!  Praying your 30 day Challenge is a life changer for many!

On God’s Timing

January 29, 2015 by Lilly

One year ago my husband and I were separated and headed to divorce court after a tremendous division in all our family.  He was with another woman and I moved on as well.  All the while keeping faith that no matter what happened between us I was going to stay on track. One night while in the shower I had a crazy headache and was knocked to the ground.  I heard his voice clearly say not to give up.  God still had my husband in his hands.  I was told to pray for him and to give up trying to fix it myself.  That very night I left the radio on all through the night and felt such a lifting up of spirit.  Later that month my pastor came over to my house to continue on that promise from the Lord.  He was to return and wake up from that nightmare.  My husband was woken up in the middle of the night with the same message and contacted me to reveal his new found purpose.  To live for God and not for others.  I forgave him for all the things that had been said and done and we are back home with our kids and super abundantly grateful and beyond blessed.  We are ready and know what is to come, but we want others going to keep faith alive and never give up.  This is only a test of faith.  We passed!
In Jesus name

Worthy of Love

January 29, 2015 by April

Three years ago my husband left me for another woman.  I was completely devastated!  I looked for love in ALL the wrong places!  I did a lot of things I regret.  I began to feel like I was not worthy of love…as if God didn’t think I deserved to be loved by anyone here on this Earth!  I have fought through the guilt of making mistakes but I know through grace God forgives me when I am having trouble forgiving myself. I began praying for the strength to forgive my ex-husband and others for the things they did to me during that terrible time.  I wrote God a letter asking Him to send me a good man.  Well, last April I met a man through a mutual friend.  We established on our very first meeting that we could never see ourselves being romantically involved but that we would remain friends. We both didn’t trust…we both judged a book by it’s cover…We fought the feelings and the urges because of loneliness but then one day God said “ENOUGH!” He wants us to be together…He has proved that to us for sure!  God has sent me the man I am meant to be with I believe!  I pray over him and us daily and I ask you all too as well.  I am worthy of love…even when I don’t think I am…He loves me through ANYTHING and has blessed me with love here on Earth as well!  Praise God for unending LOVE!

A Song That Helped Me Mourn

January 29, 2015 by Sheryl

When my father-in-law passed away, I was angry. His cancer had gone undiagnosed and I wanted answers. Although, at 80, he had lived a long, productive life, I felt he still had so much more to share. But one day, as my mind played the scenario over and over, a song came on KSBJ and the words clutched my heart and opened my eyes. “When you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus.” The song from 7eventh Time Down described me to a tee…tired, confused, screaming at the sky…I didn’t blame God, but I couldn’t shake that sense of helplessness. So I did it, I cried out, “Jesus,” and then I did it again…and again, until I began to weep a different kind of tear. Soon, I began to mourn without regret, without anger, without blame. I was reminded that God is a big God and He can handle anything I dish out to him. He understands my distress and He’s right there to comfort me when I surrender to Him.

30 day challenge on day 391

January 28, 2015 by Cary

The 30 day challenge has been exactly what I needed. Although last year was a challenge financially it was great spiritually. I wanted to give to the share-a-thon but did not have finances so I gave my time and used my gas money driving from Pearland to humble to pray for a successful share-a-thon. Bill and Coppellia I know what you do is your career but the pay here on earth is nothing compared to the reward that you will get in heaven for the ministry that you provide. In my 30 day challenge I took my 16 year old daughter to school and we would give her friends rides. They begin to sing the songs and this weekend we stop by one of my friend’s house and my daughter was setting up a wireless blue tooth speaker to her phone and she went to her play list and played Redeemed, and Oceans. She said these are my dads favorite songs. My wife now listens to KSBJ. She said she could not believe that I never change my radio, Here what I have learned anointing is far more important than culture or taste. The anointing destroys the yoke of bondage. This weekend as I drove to Alabama I thought that I would miss out on KSBJ but as the radio began to fade I downloaded the app and plugged in my aux cord and I had KSBJ for the entire trip. This station has been such a blessing when I need encouragement the right song comes on and speaks to my heart. However the most important thing that have been reconfirm to me is that God really does listen. He is concern with our concerns and desire to heal our hurts. Thank you Bill and Coppellia for the challenge it has change my life by helping me grow in my faith to God.

Learning to learn

January 27, 2015 by Patricia

I pray everyday. Every morning, throughout my day. I pray down and high noon at my desk at work. I pray for my family, my friends, my co-workers going through personal crisis. But then I remember that I have to wait for God’s promise of an answer to our prayers. We don’t live in a culture of patience or waiting. This morning I was hurridly leaving home, fixing my daily travel cup of coffee and the lid just wouldn’t fit properly. I tried, I tried and I tried again. Finally, out of frustration I started to force the lid onto the travel mug. “Please Lord, I’m going to be late”, I muttered under my breath. Finally, I fit the lid as well as I could and I was off to fight the Houston traffic. While I was waiting at a red light, I happened to look down at my coffee. I had to laugh out loud. I had put the wrong lid on the travel cup! No wonder it didn’t fit! I had to stop and thank God at that moment, for teaching me such a valuable lesson. I needed to wait. He heard my prayer, I asked Him to help me fit the lid on the travel cup so I wouldn’t be late. But He knew that wasn’t the perfect fit, yet He helped me anyway, so I could be on my way. God taught me that waiting for His perfect timing is always much better than praying for a quick and immediate answer. His answer to our prayers is always a perfect fit. If we can only learn to wait for it. I working on it!

I know God listens, Because…

January 26, 2015 by Shellie Lombardo

I know God listens stories have been aired over and over; asking us to share our story. I felt lead to do so, just had no clue where to begin. As I sit out in the parking lot of a car dealership waiting on my husband, I wrote.
I know God listens because, I can feel His presence when I talk with/to Him.  I know because I see His magnificent sunrises and sunsets, as He whispers “this painting was for you”. I know because EVERY TIME I ask God to shut doors that are no good or will lead me to a dead end, He always does. I know God listens, because His words ring songs of JOY in my darkest hours.  I KNOW God listens, because He loves me. He promised to hear me when I call out to Him. God’s always giving me divine wisdom and purpose when I call upon His will be done in my daily life. KSBJ has been a huge contributing factor in my walk. Being close and staying so close to Our loving God. I know He listens.

Prayed for friend to call

January 24, 2015 by Dot

I prayed one night, saying, “Lord, I’m going to pray very specifically because I want to clearly see your hand in my life. Then I prayed several things, including asking that a friend would call my daughter and invite her over. She is in fifth grade and no one has invited her to play for probably a year.  She is a good and sweet girl, but has had challenges making friends. 
The next day, I received a phone call from a little girl that my daughter had invited to Awanas. She was the one child I could really see my daughter being friends with.  Not only did she ask her over to play, but invited her to spend the night. They had a blast!  Now she is over at our house spending the night.  I was blessed to know God answered my specific prayer. I showed my daughter the written request in my journal. It encouraged me that God cares for my daughter and me, even down to specific details! Praise God!!!

God is Real

January 23, 2015 by Carmen

I was incarcerated and we were being neglected our rights. We were locked down 24 hrs a day without recreation nor work.  Well, I begin to read my bible and pray. Read where God made a covenant with Noah regarding the rainbow. So I ask God If this bible is your work and word to mankind then show me the rainbow. About a week passed and suddenly the guards called us to get ready to prepare for work the following day one answered prayer, after completely forgetting I had asked the Lord to show me the rainbow, mind me now we hadn’t been outside in forever. Once we were actually outside something said to me look up and the rainbow stood silently above me then instantly I remembered the request I asked of God. This really happen to me a true story that is so powerful.  I’m only sharing parts of my encounters with our Creator.


January 23, 2015 by Therese

I am working in the oil and gas industry and since the price is going down, I have been through rough times. I have been so down that nowadays when I am off, all I do is lay down on my bed doing nothing but being stressed. My room has been reflecting my mind lately. This situation worries me a lot and I always ask myself if my job will make it through the end of the year especially because I am an international and losing this job will engender other stuff.
I am not part of the 30 days challenge but all I can say is listening to Christian Music has helped me today, January 23rd, to have the strength and continue to pray for GOD’s will in my life. I may not know what’s going to happen in the upcoming months but I trust in Jesus and I know it will give me strength no matter what. I encourage Everyone to listen to Christian’s music cause it seriously help you through rough times and days.

my 30 day challenge

January 22, 2015 by Jennifer

I started my 30 day challenge on jan.5 2015. Music has always been a huge part of my life & that’s how I KNOW God listens; he gets me through lyrics & instruments. My daily battle with bipolar disorder & my husband’s recent infidelity, has led to a snow ball of affects. This morning driving to work, i’m feeling alone,depressed & close to giving up & wanting to change the station (even though all 6 buttons are programmed to KSBJ) suddenly my favorite song from my favorite artist comes on…steady my heart. Right at that very moment I felt Gods presence stronger than ever. I know He’s here & near… to steady my heart! Thank you KSBJ

God Listens

January 22, 2015 by Allen

My wife’s sister tried for over a year to go to their church. She told me that I would love the pastor and have a great experience.
When I finally relented, my wife and I showed on a Sunday morning, her brother in law was preaching because the pastor they wanted me to meet had to go out of town on church business. Service was nice enough I decided to return to meet the pastor they had told me about.
Our second visit, the next week we arrived at the service after it had already started. We took our seats and began to enjoy the service. The pastor that my wife’s sister wanted me to meet was there, singing and praising the Lord. Before he began to preach, a woman stepped up to testify about a little girl she knew of that was having a really tough time with her family situation. While she was speaking, my leg began to bounce uncontrollably. I asked my wife to give me a piece of paper and a pen. She did, I wrote the girl’s name down, circled it and placed some of the torments the woman had testified about around it.
I had this overwhelming feeling to get up and say something.
When this feeling came over me I was concerned about speaking out in a church on my second visit, in front of people that had been church going people most of their lives. I didn’t feel like it was my place to do so. I bowed my head praying I asked God what He wanted, new to things like this, I asked God to give me confirmation. I asked God to have the pastor speaking call my name. The pastor was a man I had never met, so I figured I could relax and enjoy the service.
A few minutes later, as the pastor was preaching, he began to call out names of people in attendance.
He called my name with a list of about five or six others.
I smiled looked down and spoke to God plainly. I said, God I see you have a sense of humor, but if you want me to speak in front of the people attending this service, something you know I have never done, the pastor must call my name again, but this time ONLY my name.
I relaxed again, sat back in my chair, about five minutes later, Jerry the pastor preaching, called another name during his sermon, this time it was only one name. MINE!
I stood up went to one of the elders, explained what was going on, I stood patiently waited on the service to end, Jerry leaned on his music stand, looked directly at a person he had never met, calling me by my name, saying I think you have something to say Allen!

That was the beginning of a beautiful walk with God 4 years ago.

I know God Listens!


Every Day

January 21, 2015 by Linda

Every Day for 30 days starting today I want to make it real on Facebook sharing the Daily Hope scripture. I want to be pleasing to God and maybe if someone does not know Christ they will find him through this challenge.  My hope is for all to be saved and join our Lord in Heaven for eternity.  I suspect my challenge will go even further than these 30 days; all year long.

Praise God!
Thank you Jesus for all that you do in my life and my family.

Teaching Children God Listens

January 21, 2015 by VERONICA

The first day back to school from the Christmas holiday break.  Our naughty cat “Frosty” runs out of the house.  Matthew and I tried to catch her.  She is a very fast cat.  Matthew boards his school. That day after school Matthew and I continued to search for her.  We put out flyers in the neighborhood.  The first night without her was very difficult.  The next day we continued to look for her.  I searched the neighborhood morning and afternoon.  Matthew joined the search after school.  That evening we spent another night without her.  Our urgency to find her increased due to the Artic Blast coming to our area.  As a parent we try to lead by example but we are sometimes amazed by our children.  That evening we had to stay on school schedule. We set up the bowls with milk and her cat food outside on the porch.  Then that evening we set up a box with a blanket and the children added a piece of clothing to the box in hopes that the scent would help her find her way home.  I know it was after Christmas but our tree was still up and so we left the Christmas tree on as well.  After bath as we were getting the children ready for bed.  They were both very upset.  I tried to console both children. our we decided to snuggle up for bed in Vivianna’s bed.  Frosty’s favorite bed time spot. As we were getting ready to say our bedtime prayers Matthew asked if he could lead in prayer.  Matthew is 6 years old.  I said that would be wonderful.  He said, ” God please place Frosty in a protective bubble to keep her safe and guide her home.  Thank you God for everything we have especially each other.  Amen”  It was 2am and as my husband was leaving home to go to work.  Who was in the box? Frosty!  Matthew is sharing his story of how God Listens!

God is Able

January 20, 2015 by Tonya

I worried myself nearly to death mentally emotionally spiritually over losing my house.  All day long for months I was constantly worried because I simply did not make enough to maintain the mortgage. One day after I was ready to give up I asked God what happened to I will provide for you and I will never leave you or forsake you and I am a very present help in the time of trouble.  A voice in my head said you tell me about it but you keep trying to fix it and you’re not tithing. I said okay I’m going to start tithing 10 % (although I can’t pay my bills now) because I am so far behind and so close to losing the house all I can do is trust you and believe your promises. I started tithing and a few months later things got really bad and I was facing foreclosure. I said God this is what I am going to do. All I have is $900 and Bank of America need $5000 so by faith I am going to give this $900 to you and trust you to take care of Bank of America.  I noticed the foreclosure letters stopped coming but a couple of months later the kids called me at work and said mom there’s a Fed Ex package here. I could tell they were worried they knew I was praying about the house. I said don’t worry I prayed about it and God is working it out. I tried to calm them by saying surely they wouldn’t pay money to Fed Ex bad news. I said stop worrying you get to witness how God is real and able to help us in our time of need. When I came home the girls were eager for me to open the Fed Ex envelope. They witnessed the following (it will last them a lifetime) the letter said you have received a full principle forgiveness on your loan in the amount of $40,000. You no longer owe this amount. We will report to the credit bureau paid in full! I am a faithful tither today and did not lose anything from the divorce. God is able and he is the same today as yesterday and forever. I have my very own Daniel testimony! Shadrach Meshac and Abednego testimony! My own Jonah in the belly of the well testimony! I serve the same God and I won’t ever stop sharing this testimony! Be Blessed we serve an amazing God! I believe the moral of this story is God can do more with 10% than we can do with 100%! I thank God for Pastor William J Lindsey of Above and Beyond Fellowship in Spring, Texas for teaching me to believe and trust in the word of God over all circumstances.


Tested faith

January 19, 2015 by Bonita

I was in a fire and got burned. A few days later I was assaulted at work.  I filed a police report and was terminated. I had no $$ to pay the doctors for my burns nor see a doctor for the emotional injures of the assault.  I was very depressed and sad.  I could not find a job. I prayed and I felt God had left me.  I felt hopeless. My faith was tested to a degree I have never known. God did not falter. I have a new job. I was able to set up payment plans to pay my doctors and even got medical services at a few places for free. I was forgiven my dept at other medical places too. 

All the time I thought God was not here or around me I found out he was always there.  He never left me.  His love is so great even when I got angry for all that was happening!! He did not get angry w/ me.  I am happier now, I have healed from my burns, the emotional pain of the assault.  I am basking in Gods love and my faith is stronger now.  I thank God everyday for small miracles!!!

God does listen.

My 30 Day Challenge

January 17, 2015 by Dana

I was Proud of Abigail, my daughter last week… One of her friends asked her to listen to certain music today during study hall at school. Abigail said “I can’t listen to that music right now, I’m listening to a great song on the radio right now. My mom and I are doing a 30 day challenge to listen to KSBJ for 30 days; so I can’t listen to any other music. Her friend said “why?” “what’s the reward?” Abigail said, “it supposed to change you from the inside out, for the better and make you feel uplifted and good.” “Do you want to hear the song? It’s one of my favorites!.” Her friend said, “Okay let me hear.” Her friend listened, and said with a smirk on her face, “that sounds like Church music.” Abigail politely said, “Well, I call it Christian Music.” You go girl!
Several of her classmates are agnostic, which surprised both she and I.  So her 6th grade year has been eye opening to see and realize all the lost people in the world, and many right at her school in Katy, TX.  So, I told her “See, you are planting seeds of Jesus and you didn’t even realize it.  God was working through you in that very short moment.”  She got a very big, proud grin on her face!  Thanks KSBJ!  We are loving the 30 day challenge!

Job offer

January 17, 2015 by Devina

I’ve been unemployed for the last two years an was recently wondering if I should go back to work as I have a 17 month old baby boy on my hands. But I believe that this is God’s way of telling me that I should return to work an I believe I will get the job.

God’s timing is always right

January 16, 2015 by Kristen

I was born with Spina Bifida.  I had a roommate who passed away two days after her 44th birthday.  I met this lady at the grief counseling center who said “I know a guy you have to meet”.  So she set us up on a blind date the week before Christmas 12/17/13.  We have been together ever since.  He has Neurofibromatosis.  We got engaged the Sunday before Valentine’s Day and married July 6, 2013, two days before my 45th birthday.  Our first year was great.  Brian ended up in the hospital for our first anniversary and my 46th birthday.  He was not able to eat for about two months and doctors don’t know what was wrong.  He has been in and out of ERs and hospitals with no answers.

My story

January 16, 2015 by Maria

I never was a gospel or Christian song listener till I was scrolling my radio in my car and I came upon KBSJ . I would listen to types but when my father was sick and in the hospital I would have the radio on KBSJ and I’ve never turned to any other radio station… till this day. My daughters sings along while I’m driving them to school. KBSJ is my station it brings me closer to my God ...sincerely. Maria Elvia Escobedo.

New Job

January 15, 2015 by bonita

my faith was tested…my love was strong and still is.  God has answered my prayers..

music and pregnancy

January 15, 2015 by Chelsea

During my infertility treatment and again during my whole pregnancy I listened to your station every time I was in the car, it calmed me and made me trust and praise God. And during my hardest part of labor your music helped me relax and my high blood pressure went down

I know God Listens because

January 14, 2015 by Omo

From 2010 to 2014 my maiden family went through so many trials and tribulations but God was with us through it all.

My eldest sister became mentally ill after being put through so much by her husband. My immediate older sister was diagnosed with cancer. My only brother was facing a very serious criminal case in California. I was 21 weeks pregnant when my water broke and I was hospitalized. My baby arrived at 24 weeks; he was REALLY sick and by the world’s standard he was not supposed to make it. The doctors too; they wanted us to enjoy him for the “few weeks he might live&.” He spent 6 months in the hospital after which he was sent home on oxygen and with a feeding tube.

It was as if the devil was trying every means possible to take the life of my widowed mom with all these calamities befalling her children but God was faithful! After three years of court hearings etc, my brother is a free man again. My eldest sister has been mentally stable for two years now. My other sister has been cancer free for almost 2 years now; and my baby? He’s as strong as can be - if you are not told he was a premiee, you will never know. Everyone that knows his story calls him a miracle!

I cannot thank God enough, He has indeed been true to His word!

Let Me Hear From You

January 13, 2015 by Sandra

After being a married, stay-at-home mom for 19 years I recently found myself divorced and unemployed, I felt fearful, beaten down and defeated. For months I prayed for strength and for months I would feel even more beaten down and fearful, It was on one such day that I closed myself in my room and dropped to my knees. I had only one request and one question. My request was simple; “Let me hear from You Father” ; My question was “why?” ” Why after months of asking You for strength, do I feel so beaten down?”  My request was granted and my question was answered. Like a Brilliant light bulb being turned on for the first time… it came to me…

What does a body builder do when they are strength training and they hit a plateau??? They add more weight (I know without a shadow of a doubt that this was God Himself speaking to me… my brain doesn’t work like this) Then ... a small still voice spoke to my heart… “I also give Grace and Mercy”. 

Essentially I was the body builder and the weight kept being added and added in order to give me the strength I kept asking for.

The tears started flowing, I started rejoicing and then the phone started ringing. I was interrupted during my worship time. WHO Would Dare interrupt this time? Frustrated that I had to stop my rejoicing I answered the phone. It was my pastor! I was able to share the good news!

Do I pray for strength? Only as needed. Do I struggle? yes. But I’m no longer defeated!

I went back to school, took and passed my state exam and am now a Professional, Licensed Massage Therapist. On Dec. 31, 2014 I had a job interview - I started a new career on Jan 6, 2015 - GOD IS FAITHFUL! And YES!!! He Does Answer Prayers!

Miracle X three = Triplets

January 13, 2015 by Joseph

My wife and I always wanted to have children, but nearly 14 years of infertility, 2 unsuccessful rounds of IVF and always hearing the “No” word from different doctors we dealt with, we were losing our hope.
One night we heard God remind us from His promises that He would give us the desires of our hearts if we trusted Him. With that said, we kept believing and crying out to God until in 2012 we found out that we were pregnant with Three miracle babies!
Throughout the pregnancy doctors gave many negative reports, but my family, friends and church family stood with us in faith, praying and declaring life.
On 01/18/2013 at 24 weeks and 1 day of gestation, Brianna, Isaac and Luke were brought into the world weighing little over than 1 pound each. Still the doctors had little hope for their survival in such critical conditions, but we kept praying. Four months later the Costa’s triplets were released from hospital without any tubes or machines, Praise the Lord!
Now, just days away from their second birthday, all three miracle babies are thriving and surprising each doctor they have been seen by with their development, health, heights and weights!
The prayers and amazing faithfulness of the Great physician, Jesus Christ, are the reason we have three healthy babies today!

Thank you KSBJ

January 12, 2015 by Joy

During my hour long drive home today I was thinking of how much I appreciate the community within KSBJ. I listen to Bill, Cappelia, Rachelle and Jen the most and they all make such a great team. Since I am in the rat race 12 hours a day, it is such a pleasure to hear their soothing words and attitudes. And their love for Christ. I love the inspirational pieces that make me think so deeply about God It stirs my very soul. I also love the funny little songs:). We are all a family-we pray together, laugh, cry and share our praises and blessings. Thank you all for making my life richer and God Bless all your lives.

Your Sister in Christ


Give, Fast, Pray

January 12, 2015 by Hallie

In November my husband was laid off from his job. We had just gotten married and have a 1 year old daughter. We have been struggling pretty bad. We go to church but never really tithed faithfully. On January 5 our church started a fast together, the Daniel Fast. Since this was our first fast my husband and I decided that was too much to do for our first one so we gave up Dr. Pepper, something that we both have a hard time going without. We requested prayers from Jen and Coppelia and of course we prayed everyday and on the 3rd day of the fast my husband was called and told that he can start working next week. That was great but financially we just couldn’t make it because his unemployment was not coming in like it should. We have been tithing for the last few weeks. Sometimes it is only 8 dollars but that was all we had to our name. On Saturday my husband went to take out every penny we had in our bank account to pay the car note and then he called me to tell me that after taking the money out there was still $600 in there. His job gave him all of the back pay they owed him and I now don’t have to worry about how I am going to feed my daughter. God is good. It may be in his own time, but he has a plan for us. I am so happy and so relieved. We are of course continuing our 21 day fast but with giving, fasting, praying, and faith, we are going to make it just fine and I give all of the glory to God for this.

Gods Mercy

January 11, 2015 by marissa

Driving one day late just coming off of work. Driving from Katy ih 10 west to heading ih 10east . I WOKE UP GOING 60 MILES an hr sitting straight I fell asleep at the wheel I don’t know how I didn’t hit any cars and how I stayed in my right lane and didn’t hit anyone or the side walls . I know GOD was with me because I couldn’t remember when I fell asleep or even how long I was driving but I know I wasn’t alone I was scared yet amazed and confused of how my car with its messed up alignment made it all the way home with out me dieing or crashing . JESUS REALLY TOOK THE WHEEL AND GOT ME HOME . AMEN THANK YOU LORD JESUS

My challenge

January 10, 2015 by Maria young

My KSBJ 30day challenge has been amazing. I start my day with listening to the station. I drive to work listening and singing to the songs. I come home from work and cook dinner listening to KBSJ. I can’t get enough if this station . It has made a difference in my life. It has made me a better person…Thank You .. Keep playing awsome God ...

God is ever where

January 10, 2015 by Janet

i listen to KSBJ in the UK. in Leeds precisely. there was a point in time when i lost faith in everytin i lost a lot of money and tears were the only constant thing in my life. i thank God for KSBJ beause you were able to pull me out of that hole with God’s word and His promises. the songs scriptures and testemonies encouraged me and now I CHOOSE JOY no matter what i go through.

Thank you so much and GOd bless you.

God Showed Up!

January 08, 2015 by Jackie

This season has been so challenging, but I never Lost my faith in God, I really did had a lot going on, but each time I listen to ksbj. I just feel God so near me reaching out HIS arms to me, hugging me and calming my fears.Telling me He has not given up on me and that HE loves me very much

Just last weekend, I was listening to KSBJ on my way to bible study to teach.the enemy kept speaking to my mind (you are going to teach the word of God yet you have needs not met) that was when I heard the DJ speaking through the radio saying we could pray for you if you are going through stuff, I knew He was talking to me and I heard God speaking to me telling me to send a mail for all KSBJ listeners to pray with me. I got the help I needed to clear my school debt through heartfelt prayers of these beautiful people of God that same day! A Big Thank You to All KSBJ Listeners, Love you all!

God listens!

Answered prayer

January 08, 2015 by April

My son passed statistics class & able to keep scholarship… He’s healed fr flu…thank you Lord!

My Brothers life spared

January 06, 2015 by Bonita Juarez

God has given my brother his medical and financial needs for the time he has left with us. 
GOD is good, forgiving and loving!!!

Praise be to you!!!! Thank you for prayers answered!!!

New Car

January 06, 2015 by Debra Rasbury

Someone I never thought in a thousand years helped me.  Now my car is not new but to me it is.  Someone very dear to me drove all the way to Dallas and picked this car up from a police Auction , replaced the air conditioner, put a new passenger Window in and a new tire.  I was given a 1999 Buick Regal, runs like a champ cost me $500.00.  It started at $1000.00 however at Christmas the title was handed to me. I could not in the physical realm do this and do you know that I have managed insurance and gas to go every single week.  God is so good.  This car is his and he has allowed me to be the driver to make sure that I was not standing till eight o’clock at a bus stop in a bad area of town in the cold heat rain.  I have been in all kinds of weather on the bus including snow a few years ago.  Just wanted to share!!  GOD IS SO GOOD !! Everything is possible through Christ Jesus !!  I love my Jesus!!  After I received the car something happen and I found KSBJ and I love you guys so much!!  When I am down listening to your station lifts my spirits remind me I am not alone that God is always with me.  I have felt a lot of lonesomeness since 2000 and I get so encouraged by you guys!! I list to Jack Graham in the Mornings and KSBJ all through the day and going home.  LOL People see me in my car dancing and singing and praising Jesus!!  Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!!

I trust in jesus

January 05, 2015 by maria

My family and I have been through so much , on one of our worse days I was like “I need Jesus in my life but I don’t know how to start looking for him.” Well one day I drove by Wilson rd and I saw the KSBJ radio station sign and I saw that it said “God Listens” so I changed the radio station to listen to it. This happened in August 2014 and ever since then I can say I love the station and not only that but I know for a fact that I am close to God and it feels wonderful to feel his presence. I love Jesus and I choose joy and when I put my eyes in Jesus I have joy, when I loose it, I will choose it, I choose joy!!!!!!!!!....Thank you KSBJ for having a wonderful station. God does listen!

My 30 day challenge

January 04, 2015 by Paula

Listening to KSBJ in the mornings and whenever in the car gives me that time to spend with God worshiping him. It has helped me have a better drive time and not be distracted by the road rage of others. After a year or listening to KSBJ I find myself listening to other music for a little while and then changing it back to KSBJ- love it!

Prayers answered

January 03, 2015 by Jennifer

On New Year’s Day I got the news that my 90 year old grandfather who had raised me as a father had been moved to Memorial Hermann due to an unknown issue. I came to the hospital to find him incoherent with dementia. The next day he barely woke up. This is all unexplained because the tests showed no cause. Each night I have prayed for God to send his angels for protection and to watch over him and for his will to be done. Today he is awake and coherent. This is God’s work and I want to share my praise for him and acknowledge his hand in this and all things.

my life wasn’t easy

December 31, 2014 by Frank

My father was stuck raising two boys alone after my parents divorced. When I was in the stages of learning how to walk I was diagnosed with spinal meningitis which worked up to my brain that caused me to start having seizures. All my life my grandmother showed me Gods word and she helped raise me and my brother but after she passed away I drifted away from his word.  When I turned eighteen years old the doctors asked me if I wanted to go through a brain surgery for the seizures I had. I went to a local church and prayed about it and asked the preachers to help me.  After checking into the hospital I thought about it and asked my father to find my mother who I hadn’t seen or talked to in two years. I didn’t want to have any regrets in my life before I went under the knife.  He found her and everyone reunited.  I came out of the surgery 11 hours later 110% better and it fixed my seizures. Since the surgery my life got better but I drifted away from Gods word again and got into drugs and drinking. I met my first wife in 2007 and rushed into marriage after six months and after two years we divorced. I was mad at the world and started drinking again. I vowed that I’d never get tired down in a relationship again. Well, today, I’m happily married to my wife for three years. I have a house, a good job and haven’t done drugs in years. She helps me stay straight and reminds me of Gods word.We haven’t found a church home yet and I still break down, loose my temper, and have sinful thoughts but I’m trying and getting by. I listen to KSBJ to help me through.

Employment Challenge

December 29, 2014 by Bonita

I was terminated from my last job after submitting a police report against a coworker for causing me physical harm.  I had been with out a job, insurance, etc and very depressed since the incident. I had been praying and asking GOD for strength, truth and justice with this matter.  Today I got offered a good job!!!! GOD does listen even after my faith was tested very hard.  I was losing the battle there for a while but GOD came through for me and I am now starting on a new journey with God leading the way!!!!

Lead on Captain….GOD….for our ship is sailing again….

I love you GOD…

Thank You & Happy Birthday Jesus

December 22, 2014 by TRISH

Dear Lord Jesus,

I just want to remember all you always do for me and give you thanks this Christmas.
I may not always feel you are listening to my prayers, but I get into my car and KSBJ is playing a song telling me you are there and listening. Thank You!
I may wobble and have pains in both knees when I walk, but I still can walk, thank you!
I may have one eye that shuts and winks all the time, but I still can see, thank you!
I may have a bad back and hurts when I stand, but I still can stand, thank you!
I may have fingertips that are cracked and hurt, but I still can pray, thank you!
I may not sleep at night, but I you give me time in the day to sleep, thank you!
I may not always have enough money for the things I want, but you always give me what I need, thank you!
I may not always have a perfect family life, but I’m Blessed to have a family, thank you!
Lord Jesus, I can go on and on with all the things I’m thankful for, but the most important thing is you, thank you for my salvation, thank you for my Church Family and thank you for each day I’m alive.  I thank you Lord Jesus for KSBJ and them letting me share my story so through KSBJ it may help others be thankful to you and let them know you are listening.  So Lord Jesus, not only during this Christmas Season but all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. I give you thanks.

Happy Birthday Jesus, Amen.

Amazing Love by Coworkers

December 20, 2014 by Tannie

In October my husband lost his job and it was devastating for us.  We are still struggling to make rent due to the loss of income.  God recently blessed us with a new job for my husband and there are some truly sweet people there.  He was made to feel welcome immediately.  Last week he discovered there were a few Christians at his place of work. They had a wonderful discussion in which he told them how he was new to the faith and they immediately prayed over him.  A few days ago he was having a talk with another coworker.  He asked if we had our tree up yet and my husband said we couldn’t afford a Christmas tree this year.  The next day my husband was given a brand new 4 foot pre-lit Christmas tree. Later that week another coworker gave him a new Bible with his name embossed on the cover.  As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday my husband said the manager called him in to his office and was talking to him about how the store sees its employees as family.  To my husband’s surprise the manager gave him an envelope with $400 in it and said the entire store had contributed!  Words can’t describe how thankful we are.  My husband has not had many people in his life to love on him.  I am so grateful God is using people to grow my husband’s faith. God is so good and it is amazing how he has used others to make a real difference in our lives.

God still answers prayer

December 18, 2014 by Claudia

November 17, 2014 I had a stent inserted in a major artery because of a 95% blockage.  When I was released from the hospital, I was still having some of the same symptoms (though they were milder).  While I was recuperating at home I began to realize that although the doctor had done his job.  I still needed the healing touch of the Lord Jesus.  I emailed my prayer request to KSBJ and waited on the Lord to do the rest and as always the Lord came through.  I am feeling 100% better and I now walk 1 mile a day. 

Thanks for your prayers and I hope this story will encourage some one else who’s still having symptoms after a medical procedure. 

My favorite scripture is: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to your own understanding…..

Love, Claudia


December 08, 2014 by Latrecia

Each day whether I’m taking my 6 yr old son and two other little boys to school, running every day errands , or on my way to punch the clock at the local nursing home where I work I listen to this station.The many songs and testimonials that I hear gives me Hope. Some days when my heart feels so heavy within , just knowing what God promises gives me the Hope , Strength and Determination to keep on doing what I know pleases The Lord. I truly want to Thank you all for being on the air sharing Gods Wonderful Word. AMEN

I Chose Joy!!

December 08, 2014 by Jenny

I recently had a situation where a relative who was very close to me called to tell me that she had been reprimanded by her Father (who is a pastor) for speaking ugly about me and others in her life for the past several years.  He told her she needed to let things go and move on.  She called to ask if anyone had called me and shared anything that was said about me.  I politely said no and didn’t respond any further for being dumbfounded and speechless.  As days passed I began to grow very upset wondering what on earth I could have done to cause her to speak so ugly about me.  I have been in her family for 17 years and have tried to be an encouragement and show love to her.  I was so hurt and had a hard time sleeping because of it!! Words can be so hurtful because once you say them you can never take it back!!  I began to question if there were any other people in my life who felt the way she did.  The Devil really started to get a hold of me and my thoughts. I am new to South Texas and have been listening to KSBJ for a few months now.  I have it on in the car at all times and online while I work…. and the morning show is talking about choosing Joy!  In everything choose Joy!  I repeat the Joy pledge every day!!  Since this situation, the same person has tried to contact me throughout the last 2 weeks, and of course out of my hurt I chose to ignore the calls.  All the while I have felt convicted to show love like God would do in this situation and not allow it to steal my joy.  I received a text from her asking if all was “ok” and apologizing for our last conversation and that she would be devastated if she hurt me.  She began to speak about how lonely and sad she is and shared some of this sadness with me.  In that moment I chose JOY and chose to be a light for her.  I shared scripture and a few things that my pastor had said in service yesterday that were exactly what she needed!!  I ended up being blessed out of being a light for her!!  God delights to bless in barren places!  I have 3 children and I am always preaching to them to be a witness and to always think before they speak.  How can I be a Godly mother and Christian leader to my children if I don’t practice what I preach?!  God spoke to me last night to show her love and mercy as he shows me every day.  Thank you KSBJ for being the constant voice to remind us to Focus on Jesus and to choose Joy in every circumstance.  This constant reminder has a great affect on my daily attitude!  Merry Christmas!!

The Redeemer

November 19, 2014 by Jason

My friend and oldest son and I started early one beautiful morning moving my sailboat from Galveston to Freeport. Between Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and things of his own making, my friend truly doubted God’s existence. I keep KSBJ on the radio as much as the signal allows and that’s what started the conversation that lasted off and on for several days prior to setting out for Freeport. When we were almost halfway there some of those famous afternoon Gulf Coast thunder storms built up behind us. Now we were committed but soon after we were stuck. The storms circled us all night. My fiancé, grand son and daughter-in-law were stuck in the storms waiting in Freeport. We had spent everything we had on the trip and the marina deposits. A family friend heard what was going on and rented them a hotel room. We had no funds left for a tow boat and after the call to let us know about the hotel our cell phones died. At some point we had also lost the alternator and water pump belt. I had a spare belt but by mistake i had not loaded my toolbox. So for the rest of the night we sat listening to the coastguard calling our position for anyone who might want to offer aid. We talked more about the BIG MAN and how GOD had never failed me and it was in his hands. They were both a little put out with my faith at that point so I just listened for awhile about all the options we had exhausted and how we were going to have to swim for it etc. I’d interject in the conversation here and there but that was it. It started getting close to dawn and I told them even if God chose to let my boat sink it was in his hands and we’d be OK which got a snort. Well we were just about to start swimming when a call came on the radio it was a tug boat and an empty barge. We broke two ropes and on the third attempt, win or not was going to be the last. We finally got loose just as the rope gave. My friend was still unsure until I asked him the name of the tug. It was the REDEEMER and he gave in as he mumbled there’s no way. We were all safe and he was in doubt no more. Praise God and remember even when the rules of the world say its over, God doesn’t have to obey those rules and he doesn’t leave us ever!

Prayer is powerful!  God does listen!

November 13, 2014 by Laura

I want to praise God and thank Him for sending a prayer volunteer to us the night of the Newsboys concert in Houston 10/17/2014.  He prayed for a safe journey as we would be leaving for vacation early the following morning.  We had already left our hometown in Bryan that evening to come to the concert.

When we left the concert to return to our vehicle, several vehicles two rows behind and a few rows in front of us had windows smashed and items stolen.  Our truck remained UNTOUCHED despite having ALL our luggage, travel documents, cameras, etc. hidden in the bed of the truck.  We debated before we entered the concert whether to lock everything in the cab or leave it where is was, and we chose to leave it.  GOD IS GOOD!!

The following day we flew to Orlando safely and enjoyed a quiet day, but late that night, my husband woke up with severe pain and took a taxi to the nearest hospital where they discovered he had a kidney stone.  Upon being discharged from the hospital, he walked to Walgreens at 4:00 am to get his prescription where he passed his kidney stone while waiting for it to be filled.  Later that day we boarded a cruise ship with my husband feeling like a million bucks!  smile  AGAIN, GOD IS GLORIOUS!!  It doesn’t end there. 

Not having health insurance, we knew there would be a hefty medical bill waiting for us shortly after returning home and were worried about paying for the bills, especially just after going on vacation.

We got the hospital bill in the mail yesterday for $7500, but when I looked at the total bill, the amount we owed said $0.00.  GOD TOOK CARE OF IT, AND HE IS WONDERFUL!!!!

God is glorious and wonderful for watching over and protecting our family during a much needed time of restoration for us.  I thank KSBJ and the young man who prayed with us that night at the concert.  If there is any way to pass along my gratitude to him, I want him to know how thankful I am for his service and compassion to serve others.  He probably won’t remember us, but I will always remember him and the blessings that flowed through him from God to us. 

Thank you KSBJ!  God does listen!  smile


God is saving MY life!!!

November 11, 2014 by Misty

My Lord, God, saved my marriage! He saved my life a few times and my latest story is this…..I was sick, very sick, and I went to my doctor. He ordered an ultrasound of my gall bladder and found a cyst. My doctor then ordered a CT scan. I looked to God and prayed like I haven’t prayed in a while! I looked to my family and friends of Facebook for additional prayer. When I finally got the test done and received the results, I was so overwhelmed with God’s presence that all I wanted to do was Praise HIM! They could NOT find a cyst or anything wrong at all! All Praise goes to God!! With God all things are truly possible. HE can fix anything!!I love you Lord, and I pray that I may touch the lives of others, so that they may find you as I have!

Bringing the Light into the dark of Halloween 2014

November 09, 2014 by Denee

For my entire life I remember celebrating Halloween with the rest of the country. I recall how as a child we dressed up silly and funny going around “trick or treating” for massive amounts of candy. As I got older I got more into the adult idea of Halloween with costume parties and/or contests always accompanied with alcoholic beverages, drugs, snacks, etc. Costumes definitely got a bit racier and also much darker as did the popular scary movies that were coming out on the mainstream TV and in the theaters. Four years ago in early December I found myself in a new home with my new husband and out of the bar and party scene starting my new life. My new dear neighbor invited me over where she walked me through asking Jesus into my heart. I had an awesome and radical transformation in my mind, body, soul, and spiritually. Jesus spoke audibly to me that day and for the first time my self and world views were so different. As the first following Halloween was nearing I started praying about how to handle the darkness that was surrounding my home in neighboring yard decorations, morbid store fronts and costumes in local stores, and the grotesque horror movies that were showing at the nearest cinema. The Lord put it strongly on my heart that I was not to partake in such demonic activity. Again I was praying and searching for solutions to how to bring the Light into the darkness. I felt by turning off the porch lights and avoiding the matter was not the absolute answer though I did do that for a
few years anyway. I asked other Christians how would they approach this dilemma and got none or some interesting feedback. Suggesting to hand out candy wrapped in scripture wrappers, or even make your house the brightest house on the block with signs that say ‘Jesus is the Light’, and/or just pass out glow sticks stating ‘Jesus is the light’. I’ve heard of a pastor in my neighborhood that sets a table out at the end of his walkway with chairs, candy, and some information about Jesus using the opportunity to fellowship and spread the Love of the Lord Jesus in the community. It is true that on this night people are welcomed to knock on the doors of neighbors and complete strangers to meet one another. It is an opportunity for all of us to fellowship. So, how can we do that with the Grace, Love, and Light of Jesus Christ, I ask? Yes, these are all good ideas; yet, the Lord was still pulling on my heart strings to do more. I continued to pray as this past Halloween neared. I asked some Christian children what would they do differently if their parents would let them dress up and trick or treat? One 10 year old girl said, “well, I wouldn’t say trick or treat because that’s just mean and flat out rude!. I would say prayer or blessings.” Hmm, I thought, that is an interesting concept, so what would that look like? Her mother was against Halloween all together because of her own convictions, but I wanted to know how can we as lovers of Jesus bring Him into what seems to be the darkest most demonically celebrated holiday of the year? The children must have had a very convincing conversation with mom after I left that evening because the next day one of their mother’s told me what happened this past Halloween night of 2014. The children on their own accord wrote down some of their favorite scriptures and on the bottom of the paper it would say ‘Jesus loves you!’ They went up to the doors and said “Prayer or Blessing!” If someone chose ‘prayer’ they would pray for that person right then and there at their door. If they chose ‘blessing’ they would hand them a scripture reminding them of God’s Word and His Love. As the night went on one of the 11 year old boys in the group dressed as Gandalf from ‘Lord of the Rings’ got so upset by such scary and evil costumes the other children were wearing. He finally took off his own wig and beard and put on the bunny head piece that his baby brother wouldn’t wear. With that on he started jumping all around in his white robe saying he was now Jesus Bunny. He hopped all over bringing energy and life all around. For two years in a row a little girl has dressed all creepy and walks hunched over as the angel of death. She went up to Jesus Bunny saying she brings death. He gently laid hands on her and said “Oh yeah, well I bring life because I am Jesus Bunny! You can’t deny my fluffiness!” The little girl stood straight up and pulled her black hood off her head and smiled and laughed. It was contagious as the people around were smiling and the atmosphere changed for good not evil. Then the other parents and children could be heard saying “There’s that little girl praying for people let’s go get prayer from her!” or shouting “Hey, there’s Jesus Bunny, let’s go get a picture with him and put it on Facebook!”  At another door a woman chose prayer as the little girl stood in front of her smiling. She said her daughter had recently moved out to go off to college and she was so lonely and concerned for her daughter being so far away. She asked for prayer from this sweet little girl in the hopes that the void in her heart would be filled and her daughter will be protected while she’s away. Jesus fills that void; he protects His children because Jesus is the Answer. This was definitely an answer to my prayers in action that I could have never dreamed in all my life! Hallelujah! The Lord was revealing Himself through this group of young children and it was spreading throughout the neighborhood. The Lord was answering my prayers after four years in a way no one could ever have imagined. We have to trust the Lord, keep praying, stand firm in our faith and not give into fear. People are hungry for the Light and Love of Jesus! In a chaotic world that looks and gets darker and darker we can and must be that Light in the darkness! Not only on Halloween, but everyday as we go into the work place, into the schools, into the neighborhoods and communities. Even while driving on the roadways with our acts of courtesy, kindness, love and respect. We can all be the start of the movement that Jesus has put into our hearts and into our very beings! As responsible Americans and believers alike we must stand together and make a change. A change in our own attitudes, acceptances, and actions. What happens to a dark room when we turn on the light? The dark is no more! We are all the Light in the darkness and the dark can and will be canceled as we stand together as one light, as one community, and as one country! In Jesus Name, Amen!!!

my never failing father

November 05, 2014 by joanna

My story starts at the end of May when my father moved to be with my grandma, besides my husband & kids, my dad was all that I had left since my mother passed 10 years ago. We all started to miss him dearly.  My husband was then in a minor car accident and then was laid off of work. Once my husband was back to working he was attacked and beaten so badly when he went into a convenience store that he had to go to the hospital for broken ribs and fractures to his face. We were all stressed and devastated from all these occurrences and I ended up with depression and anxiety. I prayed and cried out to God to guild me.  We had a huge financial burdens and my husband went on numerous interviews with no luck. School year was starting and we were not sure how we were going to provide for our children’s needs but even through our struggles and when there was no money God made a way to make something out of nothing. Many times we were blessed by people we know and complete strangers.I am now medication free and I’ve learned how to deal with my depression and anxiety. In November my husband was blessed with a job that pays weekly and although we are still in a big financial situation I know were going to overcome this all & have wonderful holidays together. God will provide for my family during these hard times. We can now get our bills paid and everything back situated like before. Thank you Jesus, we love & honor you with all of our hearts. The bible says you ask & you shall receive. We pray as a family, go to church & teach our children to love and thank God for it all. We also thank you KSBJ for every song played and the blessing it’s brought to my mind & my heart. The music y’all play really touches my soul & my children know & sing along to every song it’s the only station we listen to, so encouraging & such positive inspiring words to keep us from thinking negative thoughts. God bless you all!

First Responders

November 03, 2014 by Richard

I’ve been a “peace officer” going on 25 years,and have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D.-Post traumatic Stress disorder.God has put this in my heart to share with everyone. I feel the need to let the general public know that are military,federal,state and local police,firefighters, EMS as well as all first responders need everyone’s love,compassion and support when dealing with PTSD. Even though we are servants to our country,state and local communities and have been highly trained people forget that we are only “human”. So to all my brothers and sisters,do not be ashamed or too proud to reach out for help through your church,doctor or outreach programs within your department.

I’ve been blessed with a friend who is an ex-peace officer- now minister who’s name is Joey. Joey explained to me,that GOD did not intend for mankind to be inundated with so much negativity and horrific things to see and feel, on a day to day basis. That’s why GOD is so important….to cleanse our mind,heart and spirit.He gives all of us the “full armor of god”.  I’m living proof that with GOD in control,I’m a better peace officer to everyone because I’m a Christian and can be filled daily with God’s word and as Christians we can be the light to the ones in darkness.

Next time you see a military person, peace officer, firefighter,EMS personnel or any first responder PLEASE “stop” for one second and SAY HELLO, GOD BLESS YOU ,or a simple THANK YOU.  There are NO words that can describe how wonderful that makes us feel !!!!   

P.S. next time you hear the song by Matthew West (DO SOMETHING)  “THINK OF US’‘

Celebrating Recovery

October 30, 2014 by Gloria

On October 30, 2013, on my way to work, @ 5:30 am, I was involved in a head on collision. A pickup truck lost control and came in my lane sliding sideways , I had nowhere to go, hitting them head on.  I remember both my legs feeling like they were literally on fire. I began calling out to God asking for relief. . I was flown by Life Flight to Memorial Herman. All during the day as the doctors continued to examine me, they kept commenting to my family there was no medical reason why I was still alive! God said not today, my child, you still have work to do. I had 5 surgeries in the first 4 days, I lost my right leg, severe compound fracture on left leg, fractured sternum, 8 fractured ribs, 2 displaced ribs, internal bleeding, fractured C2 vertebrae (this alone should have caused death or paralyzing from neck down) From my car Before the ambulance arrived I made 3 phone calls! One of those to my pastor asking for prayer….that was my 911 call because I knew I would need lots of prayers, That started a chain reaction. Someone posted on Facebook and that exploded across the nation. Some also called KSBJ for prayer. I was being well prayed for. Doctors explained every surgery was a life threatening surgery because of the C2 vertebrae fracture. My family was informed my stay in the hospital would be long, at least 4 weeks in Intensive Care Shock Trauma Unit and 3 months in the hospital. Well God had other plans. I was in intensive care 4 days and hospital 20 days total!!! There was a nurse from a completely different hospital who had heard about the miracle from someone on KSBJ. It has been a year now. I have gone through lots of therapy and two additional surgeries but I am exactly where God wants me to be. I have a new prosthetic and am walking with a walker. No matter what a person is going through, prayer works and having faith knowing nothing is too big for God!! I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t know God and have Him in my life. I truly believe God is the ultimate healer. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me that day and to those who have continued to pray for me throughout the year.  I serve a mighty God and He is Good all the time!

God always gives us the victory

October 13, 2014 by Marlene

I had requested prayer for my son to get accepted into a great school in Houston. A week before school started I received the notification that he had been accepted.  Not only that but he got great teachers and all the classes he wished for.  I kept trusting in My Lord who is all powerful and who can do the impossible. This is the Lord I serve and whom I trust with all my heart.  He is never a second early or a second late, He is always on time.  We just need to be patient and learn to put our trust in Him because he will never leave us nor forsake us.

God bless.

Stubborn friend :)

October 10, 2014 by Carolina

My best friend and I have known each other since Kindergarten. He had been going through a rough patch from discouragement, a divorce, depression, making wrong choices and was reaching rock bottom. I had been battling from a heavy depression myself due to a miscarriage. I had been doing the 30 day challenge for the 2nd consecutive month and my heart grew less heavy in pain. I wanted him to feel God’s love no matter what as i had been feeling…I told him about the challenge and after telling him for over 3 weeks he finally did it….on Oct 5th he was baptized and received Jesus as his savior and has turned his life completely around. Finding himself, the peace, and love that only our father would of been able to give.

God always provides

October 05, 2014 by Amarachi

I pay my tithe from my gross income. I got a new job in a hospital after graduating from nursing school. I was in training for 3 month and was paid $2000 per month. After taxes my net income for a month was $1347. I live alone and pay my rent, car payment and other bills. My rent alone is more than half of my net income for a month! I was terrified and I didn’t know how to be faithful and pay $200 tithe and live on the remaining. I prayed and kept remembering God of His words as I paid my tithe. God provided for me in wonderful ways, my in-law blessed me with $500 at one time, I got my security deposit from the last apartment I lived at and I got other refunds which I was not expecting. I want to thank God for His faithfulness, though my bank account maybe so low, like today its $55, I pay my bills on time and have not lacked. God is faithful.

Signs of Hope

September 30, 2014 by steeve

On my way to work for the past 2-3 years I’ve noticed an older gentleman holding a sign every morning on the intersection of 45 and 2920. At a quick glance one may mistake him for a homeless man with a big sign asking for money but his signs are scriptures of the bible. like John 3:16 and Romans 10:9.  I think this man deserves some merit I can only imagine a person his age standing for long periods of time in the heat, the smog, the dirt flying at him..  I really think this man deserves some admiration for one can clearly see that he gets up every morning and does this not for himself but in the hopes that the signs he holds with touch someones heart just like it did mine.

God Listens

September 30, 2014 by Oyeyemi (Yemi)

I had requested prayers for my siblings and their families to be saved and come to the understanding of God’s love, financial breakthrough for my whole family and extended family, I also asked for prayers for my tuition, scholarships and a full time job offer before I graduate in December 2014. I give all the glory to God and appreciate everyone that mentioned me in prayers.

Prayers answered- I thank God that all my siblings and their families are saved, I thank God for blessing them financially and one of my siblings testified of God’s financial blessings upon her life.

I delayed in testifying because I said to myself I will wait until I see everything happen. But I was driving one day and I thought I should share my story still. So I called KSBJ on air last week and shared my story and this week, God surprised me.  He provided for my entire tuition. I applied for a tuition waiver and I was granted. After the waiver is applied, I still had a balance of $3500 for my tuition to be paid off. I applied for a scholarship to help me with the balance but I got an email that I was not awarded but today I got an email that I am a recipient of a scholarship I didn’t apply for in the sum of $6200 for two semesters. I am eternally grateful to God.

One last request am yet to see in the physical but I give God all the glory for it,  the full time job opportunity as I graduate in December 2014 as a reservoir engineer. I am rest assured it will come to pass because God loves me and God Listens.

Thank you KSBJ, God Listens!!!

No Condemnation

September 28, 2014 by Rae

After making a big mistake, I began to speak negatively about myself. However, right at this point Mercy Me’s “Greater” came on KSBJ. God spoke directly to me and told me that neither my mistakes nor negativity defines me. As a matter of fact, God knows my potential! He sees me, knows my heart, forgives me, and will bring me where I need to go because “greater is the one living inside of me than he who is living in the world!” Sometimes I have great fears that turn into great anxiety. As a result, I either delay or do not complete tasks that need to be done. I recently had an important task that needed to be completed but I did not get to it. At that moment, I began to speak negatively about myself, yet God spoke something different. God told me that he sees potential in me and that through Him, he will take me where I need to go. I believe in Jesus, but I still struggle to accept and understand his love. Thank you Mercy Me and KSBJ because of your love for God, I am being pulled closer to Him!

The God of Second Chances

September 27, 2014 by Charleen

The other day I had an “I-spy” moment…I spy was a game we used to play when my children were small. At dinner we would ask, “Who saw an I spy today?”, meaning what did you see God doing or saying to you?

Well the other night I was in the car (my second home), driving kids back from ballet when I saw the huge, gorgeous, Harvest Moon. We all ooohed and awwed over it and then the moment was gone in the busyness of driving car pool and getting home and ready for bed. As I was getting myself ready for bed I told God how beautiful His moon was, but how I only got to catch a glimpse of it. (The DMV frowns upon taking your eyes off the road for too long…) Then the next morning I was back in my second home heading to Drama and Guitar classes. It was 8:30 in the morning and broad daylight. After dropping 3 off and heading back to a less peopled house I looked up and there was the Harvest Moon again!!! It hung right above the historic Sugar Mill of Sugar Land. Just as bold and beautiful as the night before, only white instead of golden. It was a jaw dropping moment. I felt God smile. It was as if He was giving me a second chance. Then at that moment “Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave came on KSBJ radio.

He IS the God of Second Chances! Because of Him taking on the lowly form of man and being born as a baby in a manger, and then taking all my sins upon Himself and hanging on the cross in my stead, conquering death and rising again, I was given the second chance of a new life in Him. Never to be separated from His love again!

Thank you my Dear Lord, for speaking to me, even in my busyness. You meet me right where I am. And yes,......”God I run into Your arms, unashamed because of mercy, I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed by YOU!”

A second chance

September 26, 2014 by Paulina

In September of 1996 a little baby girl was born. She was a 26 weeks premature newborn with bright brown eyes and was so tiny and fragile. The doctors had spoken to my mother before I was born due to how small I was, they were assured I wasn’t going to make it. Most likely I would have a major amount of surgeries and would have been blind. One of those surgeries was on my legs because I wasn’t able to walk until the age of 5, another on my heart and stomach. When I was two months old my parents went out to eat but my mom had felt a sudden discomfort a “mothers intuition’’. She felt something was wrong with her child. The heart monitor seemed to be working saying that everything was fine. My mother was in denial. She stared down at me looking for a response but I stared into space endlessly. My mother yelled to my father that something wasn’t right with me. My dad ran to the nurse and she immediately took one look at me and called the doctor and I am immediately sent to the NICU and at the moment I was gone. My heart had stopped beating. Many times I question my existence, I look at my body and feel so insecure by it, thinking, why did God save me, for all the mistakes I have done. I felt so lost in the path of God, lost in the world, doing things I shouldn’t be doing. I was a ‘‘sinner’’ for the devil was reminding me that ‘‘the scars that will always remain as a reminder, that no one will love you” I heard the enemy come and attack me until the day I asked God for forgiveness. I praised the Lord with all my might and I praised him in speaking in tongues, the holy spirit had lifted my spirit, I felt the Lord hug me so tightly at that moment and he forgave me for all my sins and he was always with me every step of the way with the battles I’ve faced. For the Lord has given me a second chance to live and I am very grateful and thankful for the things God has given me, and I know he has something in store for me. I am now 18 years old and I am currently a senior. I am hoping to become a neurologist and help with premature newborns and give hope to the families to never lose hope for I am living proof that he can and will perform miracles.

Dr. Anthis

September 24, 2014 by Heidi

Last week one of my coworkers took off to take her husband to have a biopsy. They thought her husband have a cancer. When she come back to work the next day, she started telling us about her visit to the hospital. The staff was ready to start the procedure on her husband and right before the doctor asked them a question, “Would you mind if I pray?” They were speechless and the doctor asked again, “Can we pray about this? ““Wow”....she said, “I answered immediately YES! Of course!” She said, “we were so relaxed, comforted and happy to know this man believed in God. It give us encouragement and strength to keep going in this dark moments of our lives.” It really touched me, I was so happy to be a God child, I ask my friend, what was the doctors’ name? She said Dr. Anthis. I went to the computer searching for this doctor, I wanted to know more about him. He happens to be a Diplomat of the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and his passion is medical mission work.He and his family spent three years working full-time in a christian missionary hospital called Evangel Hospital in Jos, Nigeria, West Africa.

See You at the Pole Jr. Jigh Story

September 22, 2014 by Ashley

Last year our son entered Jr High, so of course we had started having conversations about girls and what his focus should be and at this stage in his life…schoolwork, church activities, sports, cultivating good friendships, having fun with friends, leaving the drama of serious relationships for later.  The morning of SYATP (See You At The Pole), we were running late and missed it, and I felt like the worst mom ever, but we prayed in the car for our school and friends and off he went. The next day, I was cleaning the living room and found a note. I knew it was his by the way it was folded up…total JR HIGH! lol It had a neon pink heart on the corner! I thought to myself GREAT what GIRL is giving my son a love note???? All my hard work, down the drain! I pulled it open and next to the heart also in neon pink was the word GOD! My own heart did a flip. I opened another fold and it simply said JOHN 3:16. I sat down on the hardwood floor and cried and thanked God for that GIRL who wrote my son that LOVE note. for her parents that take her to church, for the school that obviously allowed her to pass them out. I asked him after school who gave him the note..he said a couple girls were passing them out at SYATP and I wasn’t there so my friend saved me one. Oh, cool, what friend? He answered, FAITH. My heart smiled again. Oh, God, You are amazing.

Looking forward to seeing what God does this Wednesday ....we won’t be late this year!!

The moment I knew God was real

September 22, 2014 by Tory

I was studying in the library at the university of Houston and a girl who was part of mission 24 (it’s part of baptist student ministries) came up to me. She said she was doing a scavenger hunt and saw my jacket that said the word pink. She asked if there was anything in my life that had to do with heart problems. My baby sister died after only a few months due to congenital heart disease. I have two other little brothers struggling with it today. My 15 year old brother, Wesley, just had open heart surgery on August 26, 2014. I knew about God, but that day I knew for sure that he was real. He wanted me to know that he loves my family and he cares. My oldest brother have up on God after everything that my family has been through seeing my brothers struggle. I was just going through the motions, I didn’t know if there was or wasn’t a God but I occasionally asked him for selfish desires. My friend amber has always been a light in my life and constantly told me about God. After that day I knew that he wanted a relationship with me. I felt so loved and so wanted, a feeling I was trying to get from boyfriends. I never knew someone could love me so much and I never realized how loud God was screaming to me through amber. There is a God, no matter what my family goes through I know he is watching and I can never deny that I am loved!

God Story

September 21, 2014 by Angela

I have been listening to KSBJ continuously for about a month now. Our radios on both our vehicles have not changed and I just feel a sense of peace in my everyday life. KSBJ has really changed my ways of driving and just calmed me down and I am able to praise God for all he has done and continues to do for me and my family through out the day. I love KSBJ and will continue to listen everyday all the other stations are no more for me.

Who I Am in Him

September 21, 2014 by Laura

I was driving home from a family function,  literally crying out to God begging Him to take away my pain at the rejection and worthlessness I felt in the middle of my broken marriage. It had hurt so much to be at the party and have my husband absent.  I began to confess that I was unsure of God’s love for me at that point.  I felt unloved by anyone and I’d never feel loved again.  “God,  please,  just let me feel love,  from anywhere and anyone so I’m not so alone.” The sentence had barely left my lips when your DJ played the audio clip Who You Are to Women.  I heard God telling me He loved me enough to die for me. I am His bride and that love is more than any earthly marriage or relationship will ever provide.  God lifted me up and reminded me that He is my Salvation,  past future and currently; and I will never walk alone.

Raised on wings like Eagles

September 21, 2014 by Teri

I’ve liked the verse in Isaiah 40: 28-31 but didn’t think it made a whole lotta sense.  Seriously, “they will walk and not be faint”?  What’s up with that?  They, I had chemo.  Just walking to the kitchen I’d have to stop and rest.  After I finished my chemo, my first time to church I remember thinking if I can only make it across this parking lot.  Thankfully the church had a bench outside, guess God told them I was coming. Breathless, and healing- clear blood. A miracle.  Then a pain really bad pain.  The chemo which had stopped my disease had fried my nerves.  I keep thinking that God must have an awesome future for me cause somethin is trying really had to squash my gifts.  It took years for my health to be completely restored.  My family had to support me, I was demoralized.  Embarrassed and ashamed- which might sound weird to some but being single, broke and sick is not pretty.  Then, my first job in almost 10 years, just a simple cashiers job.  But I was so very grateful that I danced around the store when I wasn’t busy.  Gladly helped the customers.  God was so good.  Now, one year since coming back to work- God has given me a new job.  Making more in one week that I make in 3 weeks and my salary continues to increase.  This job is a miracle - I’ve never heard of anyone being in this position without a specific college degree which I do not possess. I always tithed my money no matter how small my paycheck- God’s 10% first. You cannot out give the Lord.  Thank you, KSBJ, you prayed for me and I felt the love and support during dark days. Thank you, Jesus, you are my BFF.
All the Best,

A Walk With GOD

September 11, 2014 by Daniel John Contestabile III

Third day in LA, California. I was in south central LA and God put a church in my path that was still having church at midnight on Thursday. In Arizona a couple drove 50 miles to pick me up just so I would make church on Sunday. My Mom called her. Did not know what was going on. 2Chronicles 7:14 has been revealed so many times. This country will soon know GOD’S love like never before. He put me in Albuquerque, NM on Thursday supposed to be their on Sunday. Legacy Church was having a leadership conference/ revival called I AM REMNANT. It was the first stop of 13 across the nation. The spiritual awakening has begun. I also must mention the entire town of Flagstaff. These are only a few of many. GOD is calling on his people now. It is us who make the change.. CHRIST IS IN YOU.  PLEASE join me MAY 7, 2015 in Washington DC. If not make sure that we all STAND together where ever we are. PS. JESUS LOVES YOU.


September 04, 2014 by pam

I am a mom of a 7 year old and a 12 year old. My husband works 80 hours a week, so I’m like a single mom most of the time. We moved to Houston 10 years ago to be close to my husband’s family, and I have had a hard time adjusting. I just do the fit in here. When I discovered KSBJ 8 years ago, it was a God send! My stress diminished,  and I became so much calmer. I listen to it almost 100% of the time in my car and house. It keeps me sane in an insane city and world, and I thank you for that.

A Journey of Faith

September 03, 2014 by Amy

We are now over seven months in on a journey of faith, trusting God to restore our daughter’s health.  She is in remission–her body shows no sign of cancer cells.  She is still receiving intense IV chemotherapy treatments and is looking forward to a few months down the road.  She will enter the maintenance phase and have the chance to return to school as she continues about two years of less intense treatment.

Our daughter is an inspiration to everyone she encounters along the way.  Blood transfusions, sickness from chemo, losing her hair, and even unplanned hospital stays haven’t kept her down.  She exhibits strength and maturity well beyond her 14 years and shares what God has done in her life with anyone who will listen.

KSBJ is my go-to station.  Whether we are listening in the car on the way to clinic or streaming music through the KSBJ app, there always seems to be a song that ‘just happens’ to connect to something we are going through at a given point in time.  I have stayed in touch with the KSBJ morning show, giving them updates on my daughter that always, always, always include praises to God.

God is bigger than any disease, any fear, and any struggles we may face.  He continues to work in our lives and is giving our whole family a wonderful testimony in the process.  Everything will come together for good, and He will receive all the glory!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Romans 12:12

drug addict step dad vs my daddy

August 30, 2014 by Emma Leigh

So the short story is the beginning of this story. My mom gave up fighting him about it. My step dad brought friends around all the time and used my moms money to buy more drugs so we almost never had any good. After spending 2 and a half years in that house with my daddy god removed me from the situation and split my “parents” apart. God gave me an amazing church and an amazing foster family who took care of me and still are. They adopted me as a permanent child but not literally. My mom got saved this last year and has changed greatly! God loves me and my family and is slowly bringing us all together by reuniting my mom with my grandma. They are now moving here and joining my church!

God never gives up on us!

August 28, 2014 by Linda

I do not go a lot of places besides to the Chemo clinic where I receive my 2 types of chemo I get at this time. My Chemo Doctor is one that thanks God for all he does, also. My Cancer has also spread to my bone so I am not a candidate for some of the new Medical Treatments. I am very happy in my life the way it is. I pray for my fantastic husband. He is so good to me and helps me as much as he can. He has been fighting blood clots in his legs and his lungs. He is also a chronic pain sufferer from 3 failed back surgeries.  I pray and have may other people praying for me everyday. I KNOW, GOD is the reason I am still here and in as good of shape as I am in. So you see myself and my husband Bill need lots of prayers, too!

I did want to tell you, I do feel that God may be using me to help make the other patients at the clinic feel a little more comfortable. When someone new starts and (provided they speak English) I do really try to help them to feel comfortable. Even if it is just a hug or a little talk. You see I have been going to the clinic for almost 2 years straight and I am there every Tuesday and Friday for treatment. Many people have treatment once a week or once a month for a short time. Therefore I am there much more than most.

Thank You for your radio station. At times when I may feel a little down or just need to hear some music to lift me, I know I can turn on KSBJ and get that lift I need. Thank You! God Bless You, All!

We all play a part

August 27, 2014 by Melissa

I am a resident in Kingwood and like many others I have a bad habit of leaving my purse in my car. Two nights ago my car was broken into and my purse that contained my wallet, money, debit cards, credit cards, social security cards and a few other costly belongings were stolen. I was so upset and my initial feeling was just to give up because amongst this I have been going through a very hard time. As I was in the middle of my melt down a small voice insisted that I pray. I have been working at my relationship with God and am learning that he wants us to come to him through the hard and good times and often tests our faith. So I literally got down on my hands and knees and began to pray, acknowledging that it was my fault and to help me forgive those who took my stuff but to also lead me to where I may recover them.

After making the police report, the officer being very sympathetic tried to let me down easy, reiterating the fact that I would probably not get my belongings back. I started looking in the trash cans not missing any opportunity to play quick recovery flagging down the trash man as it was trash pick up day, pleading with him to keep his eyes open. I settled in with the now digested thoughts of the situation on hand. I dreadfully started making phone calls to credit companies as I waited for the bank to open. I couldn’t help but feel disappointed but everyone I spoke with was so helpful with insights and guidance to ensure minimal damage would impact my future.

Upon meeting with the bank representative, he informed me that nothing could be done until I furnished proper identification in which I would need to replace my driver’s license which entailed me to go back to the house pick up two other forms of identification to drive across town and wait in the infamous fun line of the motor vehicle office. As I set out for my replacement journey, I received a phone call from one of the neighbors down the street. He began to explain how he did not know how it happened but he found my bag in his trash can with ALL my stuff, well except the money but the insurance company gave me a minimal amount because of the circumstance, so in the end I lost NOTHING!!!

The neighbor said he had a feeling to check his trash can but kind of dismissed the urge and drove off but he said it bothered him so much he had to turn around to check and there it was. I asked him what time this was and he said at 7:30 am which was exactly the same time I was praying!!! God immediately intervened and acknowledged my step of faith in praying to return my belongings which is how I know God listens. At the end of the day what the devil tried to rob me of God returned. When man, says it will never happen God makes it happen.

This learning opportunity also brought to my attention the impact that one stranger can have on your life. We can all be a good Samaritan in somebody’s situation, don’t turn away, stop and listen to that small voice inside. In a world that is easy to lose hope, we as Christians can be the gesture that leads through kind acts and kind words. God is love and without love we are nothing.

Something Better

August 25, 2014 by Ruth

I say a little prayer for the day, on the way to work & on the way home from work each day. Had been having issues with short staffing for a while & 1 day on the way to work, I was starting to feel the effects of it & feeling drained of my energy to keep going. Listen to KSBJ as well & heard a commercial w/the Good Morning Song by Mandisa on the radio & told the Lord that I could really use a dose of that song to help me get through the day since I would be the only one on my team again. Well, no song was played by the time I made it to work. But, suprise!, one of my co-workers was there & ready to work & stayed the rest of the day.

This helped to remind me that even if the Lord does not always answer our prayers, it only means that he has something even better in store for us!

Amazed at how God speaks through KSBJ!

August 25, 2014 by Stacey

I’ve been feeling more than overwhelmed with all of the crazy things going on in the world in general!  Every murder, every robbery, everything going on in Houston, in the world has made me feel worse by the day!  The issue in Iraq, the issue in Ferguson, the issues in Texas, problems back home, earthquakes, floods, celebrity suicides, drug addictions…even seeing homeless people on the street have brought on tears!  I have felt like my heart can’t take anymore pain, and I have felt anxiety attacks coming on; I seriously couldn’t breathe!  The attacks at work have hurt to me to my core, and since we have always been financially stable, the attacks on the finances have baffled me.  I know the Word of God, I share it with people daily, all day; it is what I’m known for, sharing Gods word to encourage others…it’s what I thrive on!  Yet, I had been feeling like I was drowning with all of the craziness going on all around me; I lost the peace that kept me going.  On today, I took to FB and asked my friends for prayer, I couldn’t handle much more and was unable to pray.  They came through in a good way, but one friend and one of my six children called me and fed back into my spirit with the Word of God.  Words just for me and what I was going through!  They told me what I already knew and within minutes of talking to them both I was feeling better, thinking clearer again.  So I went to run errands and turned on the radio,I hadn’t noticed before but for some reason the radio in the car was on a different station.  I turned back to KSBJ, and I listened to one amazing healing song after another, after another, after another! The very things that my loved ones had just spoken to me, and prayed over me I was hearing in one song after another, after another!  (Did I say that already?)  I had already turned around, made my way back home, and I ran inside and turned the radio on, which was already on KSBJ, and I cranked up the volume!  Big Daddy Weave, Mercy Me, Casting Crowns, Mandisa, Chris Tomlin…..Now Tears are pouring, and by now I have my own worship session going on, no husband, no kids, no outside problems….just me, KSBJ, and my Lord, in My house…..again!!!  Thank you KSBJ, I’m still listening, I’m still worshiping and praising, and I’m never letting the circumstances of the world get in the way again, or keep me from listening to God’s words for me.  Yes, God listens, and I listen…to KSBJ!  This is a true story, this happened today, 8/25/14!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I am now about to read the Bible, I really am excited at how this happened. All is well,Praise God!


August 12, 2014 by Mary

I was seriously considering ways of suicide, turned on the radio (by habit) and all of the sudden the songs started making sense again! I am happy and not more thoughts of suicide! The only reason that I can figure this happened is the grace of God! 
I was down about Robin Williams and figured if he could commit suicide then mere me could do it too.  Now I don’t want to!  THANK GOD!

I have a bigger task ahead : find a job so that my mom and I can move into a smaller apartment.  I have been looking for a long time (1 year) and I haven’t found anything!  That was the reason I wanted to end my life, but I have a new hope in me now.


August 02, 2014 by Joy

KSBJ sincerely has influenced my walk with God. In short, after years of abuse and suffering with severe depression for 40 years, I have been delivered. It is nothing less than supernatural. While I travel down my new path in life, Christian music has become instrumental in my worship and praise to the King of Kings. I spend a lot of time on the road and I receive much inspiration from listening to this station. I am sure my brothers and sisters on the road appreciate it too since I stay more peaceful:). God is so good and I am in awe of Him. Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness.

Loyal listener and partner

God listens & I know He loves me

July 30, 2014 by kimberly

for many years i struggled and worried about the same problem over and over again - i prayed so hard every day that God would bless me financially and allow us to keep our house - God had his own plans for us, and we had to move - i was devastated, but learned that i had been focusing on my pride rather than what was beneficial to me & my husband - the most difficult part of the whole process was telling my family - i had been so scared that they would be ashamed of me, judge me, and be disappointed in me (although i knew deep down inside that those feelings were just Satan’s lies) - my family was so supportive and encouraging during that time in my life - now i am in a much more affordable place, we are saving up for another house (a better house than the first one), we are more financially stable ... and i am so much happier. i realized that keeping my faith in God and believing in Him has brought me even closer to Him. life cannot be better just because of my strong relationship with God! He is my rock, my fortress, my strength, and my salvation! Whether I am high or low, happy, deppressed, worried or care free, my God is always there with me. He is always in control, and He will never let go of me!

Know God is listening

July 25, 2014 by Denise

I was driving to work and listening to ksbj as I do everyday for the last three years.  I heard “let us know how God has made changes in your life”. I was thinking to myself, and to list them all ... There is not enough paper to write them… Then I thought what if… God had not heard my apologies for my sins and what if…. My mind went all over the place… Then the song comes on and was loud enough to over power my mind racing, and I hear the words speak right to my heart… “Say goodbye to yesterday you don’t live there any more… Tell your heart to beat again”.  The words I soooooo needed to hear.  He forgives and wants us to move forward with him in charge…  I still have not heard that song from beginning to end… However it is just a beautiful sign that is know God is listening ... grin

You are Worthy

July 22, 2014 by Melissa

Slowly but surely God has raised me up. I’ve fallen many times over and over again, but just as a baby falls when they are learning to take their first steps…God was there for me every step of the way. I still find myself pondering on the past.Thinking back to all my regrets and on this day last week I was driving to work listening to KSBJ and feeling so sorry for myself and then the perfect song…God was speaking to me this worthless person.  Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave came on.  As I listened to the words I felt his Love…I know he was talking to me.  He was there to pick me up again.
With these words…I know he cares for me like no one ever has.

All my life I have been called unworthy
Named by the voice of my shame and regret
But when I hear You whisper, “Child lift up your head”
I remember oh God, You’re not done with me yet

I don’t have to be the old man inside of me
‘Cause his day is long dead and gone
I’ve got a new name, a new life I’m not the same
And a hope that will carry me home


July 16, 2014 by anna

In May of this year my immediate family was devastated when my 38 yr old daughter was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. A week later my oldest sister, 75 yrs old, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. We’ve all been in a shock mode. My daughter had a mastectomy and is undergoing chemo at this time in the valley. She is a strong believer in God and knows she will survive this. My sister as well is a believer.

Long story short, my husband told me one day that me and my other 2 sisters should get together with my oldest sister and take a trip some where. I told him how it would be impossible for all of us to do this simply due to finances etc. How the Lord works things out, I had asked my youngest daughter of when she might be able to drive me to San Antonio to see my sister. Well, she calls me and says mom you still want to go see Tia, I said yes, she said well I’ve been invited to a bridal shower in SA this weekend, so if you want to go, here’s your chance. So I got my other 2 sisters to tag along, So long story short here’s our little vacation all together to go see my sister. To me this was an answered prayer from God. We may have not been able to go far but we will be together with her.

I’ve Always Loved You

July 15, 2014 by Ali

I fell in love for the first in 0-60 in no time flat after a divorce! Eight months later, the same way he came into my life, he was gone and I was absolutely soul-crushed. I imagined my soul lying on my back in a darkened alley and only able to move my eyes back and forth scanning the darkness all around me and wondering how I could still be alive.

The night after he left, it all came crashing down on me. I kicked and screamed like a tempter-tantrum-throwing two year old. I stopped long enough to find a “Jesus music” station and proceeded to scream at God “LOVE ME!!! LOVE ME!! LOVE ME!!!” over and over again. At some point, mid sob, I heard the lyrics “I’ve always loved you, even before there was time, though you turn away I tell you still.. Don’t you know I’ve always loved you.”

And harder I sobbed. Those sobs, however, were not of rejection and pain but the realization that God loves me still and His is the only love I’ll ever need.

In the weeks and months that followed, I clung to Him and His love, and slowly, after each prayer He revealed Himself in my pain.

I am thankful for that man who taught me to love so that I could love Jesus. I am thankful for that man’s rejection so I could be so broken that only God could put me back together perfectly in my scars.

Telling my heart to beat again

July 13, 2014 by Isela

I just wanted to share my own personal story with you all regarding the song, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” by Phillips, Craig and Dean.

I am a proud Christian, I love listening to KSBJ while driving and my Christian station on my iTunes Apple TV while I am home. And every time I hear any one of Phillips, Craig and Dean songs, it always manages to touch me in some way or another.

9 years ago, while pregnant with my middle child, Sebastian, it was discovered that I have a heart condition. I was diagnosed with Myocarditis, which is inflammation of the heart. After being treated and spending many nights and several occasions in the hospital, I was diagnosed with PVC’s (Premature ventricular contractions) and V-tach (Ventricular tachycardia). PVC’s are normal, in which some people feel them and some people don’t. V-tach is the first stage of a heart attack and my heart is literally racing about 6 - 8 beats per second. In order to deliver my son, I had to have a c-section. My whole pregnancy with my son was very stressful. The father of my son was violent with me before the pregnancy, during our marriage, and at the very beginning of my pregnancy, but we soon separated after finding out I was pregnant. I had my family support to help me feel better and to take care of my daughter while I was in the hospital. Thank The Lord; my son was born perfectly healthy.

I was told that I would have to always be on heart medication. So after my son, Sebastian, was born, I would have to switch my heart medication approximately every year because the medicine would stop working. After a few years, I started having pain with the PVC’s and complained to my Dr., but he wouldn’t do anything about it.

After Sebastian was approximately 10 months old, I started a relationship with someone that I had fallen completely in love with. We were together for 4 years when I became pregnant with my youngest son, Eric. My Cardiologist and Obstetrician had warned me after delivering Sebastian that I should not have any more kids because of my heart condition. He and I separated too shortly after I found out I was pregnant again. After our separation, I went into a bad depression and turned to God again. During my depression, my heart condition started to worsen. I had already been feeling the PVC’s, but now I was able to feel each and every v-tach. I was having them every few weeks and my Cardiologist got angry with me and didn’t want to help me out again. Thank the Lord again; Eric was born very healthy by cesarean section.

After Eric was born, everything was wonderful and I was feeling better from my heart. I was even off of my heart medication for almost nine months. I started working again to provide for my children since I couldn’t depend on my ex-husband to pay child support. But even with Child Support, it wasn’t enough to provide for my family. My kids and I have been living in my apartment since I started dating Eric’s dad.

After I started working again in HR for several months, I received a new manager. She and I got along really well and I cared about her a lot and she would often give me her kid’s hand-me-downs. I was a very efficient employee and loved my job and was a very hard worker. On May 13, 2013, I was attending CPR training and had just finished practicing on a dummy, I had a bad episode of v-tach almost to the point of passing out. I was shaking, very weak and having debilitating pain with each PVC, which was quite often. After being assessed by our CPR trainer, she made the call to 911. The paramedics were trying to convince me to take me to the hospital after realizing that my heart was not slowing down. Everyone there at the hospital would not believe me that I could feel the PVC’s with pain and the V-tach’s as well. During the night, while hooked up on a heart monitor, they realize I was telling the truth after having a bad episode of v-tach. I ended up staying for many days and didn’t feel any better when I went home. Stress at work was really bad and got worse with each passing day and with each hospital stay. I had two unsuccessful heart procedures and the day I returned to work after my 2nd procedure, I was fired from my job. My cardiologist was happy that I was fired since I was under a lot of stress at work. During several stays at the hospital, many tests were run. It was discovered that I have scar tissue about the size of a quarter in the middle section of the septum. My specialist is under the impression that I got the scar tissue when I had Myocarditis while pregnant with Sebastian, 9 years ago. Also with every hospital stay, the PVC’s were more painful along with the V-tach’s. I literally had no energy, my heart rate was high and my blood pressure was low.  My daughter, Raelynn, and Sebastian eventually moved in with my parents since I was not getting much sleep at night due to the pain and so that I could relax as much as I could, while I stayed at the apartment with Eric. After having my last procedure, my health got worse again. I kept complaining to my cardiologist and he did blood work STAT and also ordered an Echo. During the Echo, the technician said that everything looked good to her and hardly had PVC’s. The blood work came back normal and I was happy but I didn’t understand why I was having difficulty in my deep breathing and just had chronic chest pain. I went to my Dr.  to get the results of the Echo and was told that now I was going into heart failure…

Now I am waiting for my insurance to switch over my insurance provider since the Dr., that I have been seeing for 9 years, is no longer on with my previous provider. Also, I am waiting to see a new PCP since the heart failure specialists that are highly recommended, do not accept my insurance. The new PCP will have to write letters to the new insurance providers to see if they will approve the heart failure specialists that I need to see and hopefully won’t have to pay for my treatment plan, since my first appointment was $752.00, of which I have only paid $5.00.  LOL!

Two days before my last procedure, I was able to hear “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” on KSBJ. I cried like a weeping baby during and even after the song finished. The night before the procedure, I kept telling myself that my heart will beat again and even as I was being taken to the procedure room. I was very blessed during the procedure. For the first two procedures, I was awake during both procedures. The EP Specialists basically send electrical shocks to your heart to stimulate PVC’s and V-Tach’s. The poor anesthesiologist kept talking to me to get me to calm me down, but I could not speak because the pain was so severe and only tears would come out from my eyes. During the third procedure, my heart did not slow down a bit with the anesthesia and, I was able to be knocked out completely without feeling any pain, thank God! Yet again, the EP Study and ablation was unsuccessful. As of right now, the condition/diagnosis that I have is one in every six billion according to my Dr. I should apply for disability but he’s not positive that I will get approved.  Basically I have been living off the Grace of God for the past year since getting fired from my job and probably not being able to work again ever.

I will admit God has given me a great talent of making party printables and due to that and several candle fundraisers, my kids and I have been able to stay at our apartment but not sure for how much longer. As my condition worsens, many of my FB friends have mentioned that I am an inspiration to them because even with all the bad news with my heart, I still have my faith and I know that God is right here with me. ALWAYS!

PCD’s song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again”, to me, is God telling me that everything is going to be OK and just to hand it over to Him and I will be healed. Although, I am very scared since I am a single mother of three great kids, I am afraid that one day, my heart condition will have a point of no return. But I know that it’s His will and not my own. I just need to let go and let God. He has a perfect plan for me and my children.

KSBJ, please keep up with wonderful work / minister that y’all do in God’s behalf. You all are a blessing to me and I know a blessing to many other people who are like me.

With my gratitude in my heart,
Isela Garcia

Finding God again

July 11, 2014 by Joanne

July 15th 2012 I lost the love of my life of 35 yrs. I was so angry at God! Paul collapsed, as I performed CPR on him as he slipped away suddenly. I was in shock, the rest of 2012 thru summer 2013. Life was crazy: teaching full time, closing a business, selling large equipment, clearing out our lake house, rebuilding a whole master bath. Murphy’s law kicked in, everything that could break in the house my did ( thank goodness for YouTube), an uninsured driver hit my car,  finances in a whirlwind, where was God? What else? I was not reflecting on my blessings in life at that time. At the end of 2013, I found a bereavement group which led me to attending that church again. My family and God were watching over me through it all. I finally reflected on my blessings: 2 new grand babies, Paul died at home not on the freeway therefore not killing someone, having peace of mind at his death for just a moment, I had 3 memory quilts made for the kids, and finally my friends and family realizing to spend more time with their family, for life truly is a blessing. In May 2014, I lost my mom to leukemia that she had battled for 18 yrs. She knew it was time and she wanted to go and we told her it was okay. Three weeks and just 4 days in hospice her soul left this world. This time I felt the peace of God surrounding me. I realized grief changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. I love listening to music! In 2013 I found KSBJ radio station as I was flipping through the radio the song Blessings by Laura Story, and and Overcomer by Mandisa and Press on by Building 429 seemed to speak to me. Bereavement, your songs and church have lead me back to God. Here’s to a new chapter in my life! <3 Jo

Finding God

July 10, 2014 by Mayra

During the recession my family and I lost our home. The loss I felt was heartbreaking and it only added the personal problems I already had. Feeling lonely, depressed and lost I heard a song on ksbj: Josh Wilson’s Before the Morning played the lyrics “cause the pain you’ve been feeling, can’t compare to the joy that’s coming”, filled my heart with hope. That night I rededicated my life to God. I found my comfort, strength and home in God. No matter what happens I can always turn to my Heavenly Father.

In our time of trouble

July 03, 2014 by Elena

My daughter and I went to my grandson’s appt. @ Texas Children’s Hospital and found out he has hearing loss in both ears. This is something that took us by surprise because we have never experienced anything like this. Never the less with my first grandson and she is my only daughter with 4 brothers. We didn’t speak the whole way home and just sat in silence. I listen to KSBJ non stop all day long at work and I chose to turn her station to KSBJ at that moment someone gave testimony of how her husband had this illness that they never expected but realized that God’s mercy is bigger than his illness and that they were doing so much because of His mercy! and the song Press on came on TWICE.. back to back!!!!!!! I told my daughter that God had answered her and me. That we have to “PRESS ON”... Jay is our life.. he is an incredible little boy. (3months) and he has gone through so much but I thank God everyday because we have him! Thank you for your prayers!

A strangers kindness…......

July 01, 2014 by Alan

I had heard many stories especially during post it month back in February about doing acts of random kindness to others for no reason and I had been on the giving side of that before but never on the receiving side. Well, yesterday I stopped off at HEB in Pearland on my way home from work to get a few items for my daughter. After standing in the check out line for a few minutes, the clerk started to ring my items up and then came the total. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet. Well, low and behold my Debit/Credit card was not in my wallet and it was then that I had realized I had ran off and left in the restaurant that my daughter and I had eaten at the night before. So I told the clerk that I had ran off without my card and that I was very sorry and I was not going to be able to pay and as I started to walk a way, I heard a voice behind me say “I’ll get that” and I was kinda shocked and I said that I could not allow her to do that but she insisted so I let her and I said “Thank You very much and God Bless.” I am truly Blessed by The Lord by this random act of kindness and I know this unknown lady will surely be blessed by God. I Praise and Thank The Lord and this unknown lady who had done this for me!

A mountain of stress

June 30, 2014 by Erica

The past few months have been really testing my faith. Everyone has normal life stresses. A few of mine include finances, relationship issues, and relocating from one house to another. Well my baby brother Sergio, 23 years old, was born with a brain tumor and started having seizures at the age of 5. Unfortunately they seem to be happening more frequently. This past Saturday he had a really intense one and luckily my fiancé and I were there. It started in his bedroom and as he was walking into the living room get my mothers attention he stumbled and fell hitting the right side of his face on the floor and began to seize. We quickly rushed to his side and as his lips turned blue we had to call an ambulance. Thanks to God’s grace he is ok now. Being someone who tries desperately to trust God, I still have strong control issues and the mentality of holding the weight of the world on my shoulders. This incident with my brother completely just broke me into pieces. The little slice of control I thought I had just slipped thru my fingers. Like some, I am the type of person that takes my anger, frustration, stress and shoves it deep down inside myself where no one can see it and keeping myself from confronting or dealing with it. My fiancé Kyle, bless his heart, is so patient and strong when I need him to be. He was at the end of my aggression when I felt lost, and I noticed that I shut him out when things seem to pile up thinking I can handle it all alone. Well this morning I finally broke and it all came pouring out on our way to work. Kyle and I had a deep conversation addressing our issues that made me feel so much better. After I dropped him off and was on my way to work, the first four songs I heard were chosen just for me. The four were My Heart is Yours, Strong Enough, 10,000 Reasons and Beautiful. As I’m trying to dive thru my tears I could feel God’s presence in my car, his arms around me letting me know that I can not do this alone and even in the darkest of times he is with me. I can not tell you , Dear KSBJ, how much I appreciate everything you do for our community and how much I needed that message this morning. I honestly do not know how I would make it thru my life without this station. And let the glory go to God for making it all possible and touching these artists souls to write these songs that become the saving grace in our darkest times. My fiancé told me he nor God can stand with me if I’m trying to stand alone. That completely changed my perspective and I will never forget that. A million thank you’s KSBJ and praise God!!

30 day callenge

June 27, 2014 by Martina Tak

I visited houston for the Ad Deum dance company almost 30 days in May. I listened to KSBJ every day for 2,5 hours in my rental car on my way to the dance studio.  It was my time of worship prayer and being reminded of Gods enormous love for us. I am in Cleveland now and will return home to the Netherlands in August. KSBJ goes with me online! Thank you!

Second Chance

June 22, 2014 by Divine

On the 8th of June 2014 which was my mum’s birthday, I had a near fatal car accident. When I opened my eyes I saw white clouds. I moved my leg and I started praising God thanking him, he gave me a second chance to see my family again. And to be able to celebrate father’s day with them last week. I pray God gives me grace to NEVER lie, because in a matter of life and death one does not lie, to be extra kind extra loving, extra compassionate, extra everything because of the second chance. I thank God am still here. Praise the Lord who gives and takes away. I lift mine eyes unto the Lord Psalm 121. Till thdi day I have not been able to tell my mum about this, I do not know how she will react becasue we lost our dad almost 4 years ago. I want to see her in person before I can tell her. I have a new sense of God’s faithfulness even though I am not faithful in every single item I can list about my life God has stayed faithful.

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