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God Stories: Lives impacted by KSBJ & NGEN


May 26, 2016 by Phyllis

I have been battling Shingles for 7 weeks now and going through medications that my system cannot handle, and being sick from those. Last week they took me off all the medications to help the nerve pain. I prayed to God some more and told him that I believed he would heal the nerves and relieve me of my pain, which he has in just a week! I have a little discomfort but nothing like it was. I am now trying to get over the insomnia caused by being so stressed over the pain and the medications. I also have turned to God and asked him to help me sleep without medication assistance.

As I was driving to work and praying the song We Believe was also running through my head. I had not been listening much to KSBJ in the past week or so or anything on the radio for that matter. I turned to KSBJ right after I finished praying and guess what was playing…We Believe! God always answers if we can just have patience. Praise be to God!!


May 24, 2016 by Kristie

My name is Kristie. I have been clean from drugs for three years and I just moved my twin sister Kirstie here from Tennessee. She was in a really bad relationship for two years. She told me last night when we got done talking she wants to give her life to Jesus Christ too!

Flood of Love

April 18, 2016 by Lauren

Monday, April 18th, I was headed to work in Houston. I noticed that the thunderstorm the night before had laid out the rain pretty bad and was driving extra careful. Just as I was passing Beltway 8, I heard on the radio that I-10 was shut down and that was the road I took to get work. So I hopped off the freeway only to see that the feeder was starting to flood. I turned into a neighborhood in hopes of going North to get on a freeway. But the water was too deep to pass through, even in my truck, so I turned left to go south. The water was quickly rising and I needed to get to higher ground. I headed back to the highway only to pull over at a storage unit where other trucks had gathered. I called my family and my boyfriend to let them know I was okay but it looked like I would be there for a while. My boyfriend, being as brave as he is, told his boss he was going on a rescue mission to come get me, but he had a Mustang and didn’t know anyone with a truck.

With nothing but God to lean on, I group messaged everyone and told them I was letting God take control and shut my phone off. With nothing to do I opened my Bible and started reading Genesis 1. I cried until I fell asleep and woke up when I noticed I had to go to the bathroom. I had been sitting there from 7:30 - 11:45. Just as I was about to start walking, I heard a knock on my window. Not sure what to expect, I looked up and saw my parents holding a bag with rain boots, a hoodie, and some rain shunts in them. We walked about half a mile North where a family friend’s truck sat waiting for us. We drove home in a short amount of time and I have never felt my prayers answered more than that day, when my parent’s flood of love for me, outweighed the flood I was trapped in!

My Difference

April 03, 2016 by maria

KBSJ has impacted my life and my daughter’s lives. We listen to the station on the way to my job. My daughters love the songs they play, and we sing loud!

Listening to KBSJ puts love and compassion in my heart and I can share it with my coworkers and patients. So thank you for the best radio station!

Blessings always…a loyal listener.


April 02, 2016 by colette

This past week I have witnessed 2 more miracles. The first one, a man who couldn’t eat or drink (being nourished by a tube in his stomach) ate 5 (!) teaspoons of ice without choking or any problems! Ice Cream here he comes!!

The second one, an older lady will be able to see via eye surgery (cataracts have left her almost blind and her family didn’t know if she was a good surgical candidate). Her surgery is planned later this month!

We were hungry and God fed us; we were blind and He made us see! Praise be to God!!

A glimpse of grace

March 31, 2016 by Ali

I work in home health as an occupational therapist.  I was working in the Tomball area, near the hospital, seeing patients in one of the assisted living facilities in the area. As I was driving to my next patient, a car drifted into my lane and was headed straight for me. It was a narrow two lane road with a steep ditch to the side. I only had seconds to make a decision to avoid a head on collision….the ditch or oncoming traffic. I swerved into oncoming traffic. Luckily no one was in that lane at that moment. I drove on a little way, furious at this other driver for nearly killing us, assuming they were probably texting. I decided to turn around to catch up to the other driver and give them a piece of my mind.

It didn’t take long to find the other driver pulled over on the side of the road. She rolled down the window and I realized it was an elderly woman and my whole demeanor changed. Visibly shaken, I asked her if she was okay. She said she was very sorry and had never done anything like that before. She was trying to get to the doctor and missed her turn. She just looked down for a minute to find her directions and when she looked up I was in front of her. She thanked me for being so nice coming back to check on her, for being such a defensive driver and doing the right thing to avoid what could have been such a terrible tragedy. I was on the verge of tears by this point.  All I could say was “hallelujah and praise God!” She told me she prays every time she gets in her car and that God was with both of us that day. We said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Later that day I was replaying the events over in my mind and thanking God for my safety. Right at that moment I looked over and saw a hand painted sign on the side of the road that said “A glimpse of grace.” I don’t know if it was the name of a business or what. I have never seen that sign on this road before. I felt a peace wash over me and I think it was God speaking to me, reminding me of His goodness, grace, and mercy. God is always with us and He loves us, but sometimes it helps to have a little reminder.

Realization of God’s great love

March 25, 2016 by Ruth

One night this week I was seriously considering it all, after an argument with my fiance. I am so glad I didn’t. Something absolutely awesome happened the next day. I was driving to work the next day when I had the most awesome realization about God’s love for me. He went to the cross because of His great love for each of us individually. I really am amazed that it did not hit me even twenty five years ago when I invited Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. Easter truly has a completely new meaning to me this year.

Second Chance

March 23, 2016 by Daniel

This past Christmas my son wanted to watch God’s Not Dead, but I wasn’t interested in watching it. I believed in God, but at the time, I was pulling away from Him. So he and his mother sat down to watch the movie and I sat at the kitchen table working on a project. Surprisingly, the movie kept drawing me in. The movie ended and we went to bed.

I woke up early the next morning to clean out the turkey fryer and just felt compelled to put on a station my wife had been telling me about, KSBJ. As I was scrubbing the pot, I don’t know how to explain it, but something was happening inside of me. I grabbed the water hose to rinse out my brush and I was doing that and as the grime was washing off, the wind blew across my face. Immediately I knew something was happening and I felt it in my soul. I’m having trouble putting it into words, but it was as if God was telling me, “See how you’re rinsing your brush, I will rinse your doubt.”

Since that moment I have completely turned my life over to Him. I am getting my Holy Sacraments done, attending RCIA classes, and this June after 19 years of marriage I am going to marry my wife in church before God. It’s not an easy road but it’s worth it and KSBJ definitely makes the ride that much smoother. Thank y’all for letting me share and God bless.

Only God Could Do This

March 17, 2016 by Tini Siders

I was one of those in a prayer circle that wouldn’t speak prayer out loud.  God prompted me to begin a prayer group at work.  It started as a handful who gathered with me to pray for others.  We bridged the gap for others through prayer, so we call ourselves the Bridge Prayer Group.  We grew too large to meet together so I began sending out weekly devotions.  I chose a collection and published in my first devotional, “Building a Bridge One Prayer at a Time”. Churches have used this as a stepping stone for youth as well as women’s Bible study groups to get folks started in prayer groups.  I have just completed my second book, “Bridging the Gap One Prayer at a Time”.  I will be hosting a book signing in just a few days, but my book order was printed incorrectly so right now I do not have any books for the event.

The books came in last week and were printed incorrectly, leaving me with 341 books that I can’t sell.  I immediately got on the phone with the publisher that night and sent pictures to show the issue.  They began working to reprint the order.  To date, I still do not have my books.  They have assured me I will have them before the signing.  I have called, checked status, asked questions, escalated etc and still feel in limbo.  I have prayed so much over this book.  I want the Lord to connect the people to this book that He wants to read it and change their lives.  I want Him to receive the glory.  I know the Lord is telling me to trust Him.  It’s incredibly difficult to remain calm knowing you have an event planned around the books and not have books!  I presented my Pastor with his book last night.  You see, the hard covers came in perfectly as planned!  My Pastor and I had a great conversation.  When I saw my neighbors last night, we began talking about different things and “Trust the Lord” came up again.  We talked about being able to see how the Lord will use this situation to bring glory to Him through the books we can’t sell. 

We decided we are going to donate them to the troops, women’s shelter etc.  This was another great conversation where the Lord is leading me to peace.  This morning coming to work, I heard Rachelle’s sons recite the 8th resurrection egg story.  When one of them said “and Jesus died”, I began to cry.  Such emotion came over me.  I then heard several great songs on the radio, causing me to totally forget to call my husband to let him know I was on my way to work.  One song in particular was “I Trust In You”, by Lauren Daigle.  I worshipped all the way to work!  If you are struggling with trusting the Lord fully with a situation, I shared this to hopefully encourage you.  There’s nothing like the peace that only God can give us.  When you have a chance, listen to the song I mentioned.  You will be blessed.

God is on the move!

March 15, 2016 by Lauren Franklin

I’ve been debating about posting this for a few days now, but the excitement of how great God is is so overwhelming right now, and I feel strongly this might help someone who takes the time out to read this post. To put things as plainly and simply as I possibly can - without giving away too much information. With the weather being the way it has been lately and just this time of year can be slow for anyone who has a job that requires them to work outside - take my husband for example - you simply cannot operate a ginormous crane with high winds, rain etc. It makes taking care of your responsibilities very hard..and at times you may come to find that there’s more bills than there is money in the account. I cannot explain to anyone how I got to the place I am now with God ... but there’s definitely been times where I just wanna sit and cry and dwell on why life has to be so hard and so stressful ... that’s no way to live. I’ve asked God many times to deliver me from the things that are keeping me from growing more in my faith ... that could be stress, worry, greed etc. Although I’ve asked that, my heart still was holding on to these things I prayed about. I still wanted to be “in control”.  I’m telling you right now - when you truly let go of whatever that thing is holding you back ... the blessings just pour in. When you put all of your cares and trust in the Lord and you stay obedient to him ... it pays off. He IS listening to you - He knows all the desires of your heart, if you’ll just stop, take a moment and speak out loud. Call forth the things in your life holding you back, breaking your heart, destroying relationships etc. Call forth the things you wish to see improve in your life and speak to it as if it were already there!!

*Romans 4:17 says, “I have made you a father of many nations. He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were.”
*Mark 11:23 says, “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.”

In conclusion I’m here to tell you ... God is on the move! Last week I got a large check in the mail from our energy company - which was our deposit when we moved in over a year ago. We received it for on time payments. I have been so in “awe” this week at moments being like “wow God - you are so amazing!” It couldn’t have come at a better time ... it was the exact amount we needed! He has absolutely perfect timing for everything & He will not let you fail in life ... if you allow Him into your heart..and pray for change ... it will happen. At times it may make you uncomfortable and you may have to go through some dark valleys along the way but I promise you ... God is right there along side with you every step on the way. And there is a reason for the detour.

Who was our helper?

March 04, 2016 by Mary

It was around 3:30 am when I was awakened by a loud thump. In all reality I normally say to myself “oh Alex fell again”, roll over, and go back to sleep. Well not on this morning. This morning I felt like someone had sat me up so I hurried out of my bedroom to find my husband Alex laying on his back on the floor. I called out his name and shook him and he didn’t answer. He was out for a while and wasn’t breathing. He then finally gasped for air, blubbered his lips and opened his eyes. I helped him sit up and that’s when I saw all the blood on the floor coming from his head. I then hurried and knocked on my daughter Audrey’s bedroom door. When she opened the door I saw the faces of 2 people standing there but only my daughter walked out and closed the door behind her. I assumed the other one was her husband Miguel.

Audrey and I took my husband to the emergency room where the doctor put 6 staples in his head and after 2 days they let him go home. Later that evening Audrey, Miguel and I were discussing what happened and I said “When I knocked on the bedroom door and Audrey opened the door I saw you right behind her Miguel but I guess she didn’t want you to see her Dad in that condition so she hurried and closed the door.” He said “I never got up, I thought maybe our daughter was up crying or something.”  So who was the person standing behind Audrey? We believe it must have been an angel.

I told my story to two of my closest friends and had a nurse confirm our suspicion that my husband may have died that night and come back. I truly believe someone perhaps an angel or maybe even God but someone helped us that Saturday morning and I thank God for giving my husband a second chance! My prayers are that God will touch his heart and heal him in the name of Jesus.

My husband has been off hard liquor since August 12, 2015 after this happened, and I thank God everyday and it’s in God’s hands and we are truly blessed. Our struggle with alcohol has been long and hard and my husband has gone to alcohol rehab 3 times before. I know my God is real because there were days when I truly didn’t know how I was going to feed my family. But God always came through for us and I’m talking about delicious home cooked meals without even asking or letting people know we had no food. How great is my God! Today my husband is doing well and he even has a full time job. Praise God! He doesn’t make as much as his previous job and our house is in foreclosure but I’m not worried. We’re happy and I know God has a plan for us. I’m just very very thankful that God removed the awful chains of alcohol addiction from my husband! On March 31, 2016 we God willing will complete 26 years of marriage and I thank God for all he has helped me. I know God has a plan for me. Jeremiah 29:11.

Power of prayer

February 25, 2016 by Diana Terry

A very good friend of mine, her name is Betty and is 74, found out a few years back that her breast cancer had came back, after 20 years. She went through all the chemo but ended up having a double mastectomy. She does not live here, and I don’t keep in touch as much as I should. So when I talked to her at the end of January she shared what had been going on with her. That is when I found out that she had lung cancer and 4 spots on her liver. Doctors weren’t too worried with the liver as they figured when she did the chemo on her lungs that it would take care of that also. So she went in for her first treatment only to find out that the chemo helped 2 of the spots but the other 2 were growing. That is where I came into the picture as they were going to be coming to Houston to MDS for radiation.

I suggested we meet for lunch when they got here, as they always come in a day early. So we met Sunday afternoon to eat. She has lost all her hair, but is in very good spirits. Her husband even told us that the doctors said they might have to cut out the part of her liver that was infected as it was a fast growing cancer.

I felt so compelled to pray for her. I prayed for her every morning for three days, as she was to have another scan that Wednesday morning. I called her on my way home from work to get the results Wednesday evening, only to find out that the spots on her liver were gone and the spots on her lungs were almost gone. They said she will probably only do one more chemo treatment and she should be good and in remission.
All I said was PRAISE THE LORD! Prayer is such a powerful thing, and our Lord does answer prayers!

God Answered My Prayer!

February 19, 2016 by Shamira Moreno

My father was in ICU for 2 months and doctors said he would never wake up. I had to make the decision whether or not to take him off life support. I couldn’t live with the fact that I will have the guilt of taking my father off life support but the Doctors said they would make a decision if I didn’t make one soon. I prayed that my father for one last time would open his eyes and look at me his daughter. The day the doctors were making the decision my father woke up and his breathing tube was removed. He was conscious, he was awake, he was crying and telling me in a raspy voice that God had better plans. 2 days later my father passed away. All glory to God that I will see my father again and I know he is in heaven. I thank God for all his love and all his mercy, that my father is not suffering anymore and he is in a better place. My mother died when I was 3 years old and by my dad passing it hurt me, but with time I have gotten closer to God and committed all my siblings to follow Jesus as well, and that He has better plans for us.

My turn around

February 15, 2016 by Aley

I didn’t have a phone and I was very mad. Everyone my age had a phone. So I got a texting app on my iPod with my own “phone number” and everything. One day, I was playing a game online. A boy chatted with me and asked me for my number. I told him I had a phone and a number and gave it to him. I felt so cool. But I was nervous and weary. I’d never texted any boy besides my father and brother. At first, we talked about normal things, like things about our daily life and activities. But soon he started adding hearts to the end of his messages and told me I was probably beautiful, so I should send a picture of myself. I didn’t at first, but after awhile l I sent him one. From then on, he told me he loved me and I was his princess. And I believed it. I didn’t even think about my Jesus and at church I glazed my eyes over and blocked out the messages. I became ugly. I wore so much makeup, it didn’t look good. I stayed up all night texting him and my grades in school failed because I kept falling asleep. My online “friend” soon became very personal asking me questions about my love life. I was now blind and took it as love. I thought I had everything I needed. A boyfriend. Like everyone else. But I still felt empty, but looked to him to fill my gap.

My dad took my iPod one day and started looking through it. I immediately grabbed it and wrestled it from him, losing. He gave me a second chance, knowing something was up, and asked me I was hiding anything. I told him no. When I went to bed, I tried holding my breath to kill myself. I knew they would find out everything so I prayed to Jesus for the first time in months that they won’t find out. But He had other plans. My dad came in my room with a stone face and brought me downstairs. My parents talked to me, silently, but sadly. They asked me if I still was a Christian, and how could I do this. How could I? I didn’t even know. I slept fitfully that night, but the best in months. Weights were lifted of my shoulders by telling them, but I was still mad about not having my boyfriend to tell me that I was pretty, I was smart, and I was worth it. My makeup, iPod, computer, and nail polish were taken away. I felt empty. Months passed, and Jesus kept passing through my mind.

Finally, I re-accepted Jesus into my life. The hole was filled! I felt new and changed. I knew I didn’t need anyone to tell me I was pretty, Jesus could help me! Now I know that if this whole thing had never happened to me, I might have done it now. Jesus turned this bad thing into a lesson. Now I will follow Him forever! My new motto is: IF YOU FEEL THE NEED FOR HUMANLY DESIRES, FILL THE HOLE WITH JESUS!

Nothing is impossible for God

February 15, 2016 by Raul

On Wednesday February 10, 2016 they told my uncle that he had stage 4 cancer in his pancreas. Yesterday (February 14, 2016) they said they can’t believe it but he doesn’t have any more cancer!

God Listens Billboard

February 12, 2016 by Lisa

A couple of years ago I was going through a divorce that I did not want. I was devastated, distraught, lost and didn’t know where to turn. I prayed one Sunday and cried so hard and ask God to please give me a sign, a clear cut sign that I couldn’t miss as to what I am supposed to do next? I fell asleep and had a dream. In my dream I was driving down 45 South, God spoke to me and said you’re heading in the wrong direction, you need to turn around. So I immediately jumped off the highway in such a hurry I went too fast and spun out of control. As I was reaching the turn around, my car slid up on the curb under the overpass and died right there, and wouldn’t start back up. I looked around and it was not a nice area, there was a big fence with junk all behind it and I thought why would they have that stuff like that by the highway? I looked up in my dream and said God I need you now, please help me, I’m very scared! And he clearly said, remain calm and simply wait, I’ve got you. I woke up right then.

Two weeks went by and I was heading to an area just inside the loop to meet a client. When I arrived it was a pretty scary place and I prayed for safety but went in to meet the client ... Once finished I was trying to hurry to get out of there, and had already programed my GPS for my next client so I turned it on and started to drive… my GPS had me heading South on 45 and it dawned on me my next client is in Conroe, why South? So I got off the next exit to turn around to go in the correct direction ... as I did I realized this is the same place as my dream!! I got goose bumps on my arms as I approached the overpass area and sure enough, there was the fence and all the junk under there!  I got goose bumps all over now ... I slowed down to about 2 miles an hour as I wondered what could this mean?? Then it dawned on me, what’s on the other side of this bridge? As I crept my car up slowly and automatically looked up at the sky towards God, the very first thing I saw on the other side of that overpass was the KSBJ billboard that simply said God Listens ... I broke into tears knowing He heard my cries, He knows my heart, He knows my pain, and He has me in his arms.

I ended up writing a book basically due to this and some other similar things that followed. My book came out this week on The title is: Life Before And After Death, With God’s Love.
I have complete faith that God is directing my every step. Thank you for your sign!

Broken Spirit

February 12, 2016 by Lety

When I started the 30 day challenge, I had severe anxiety and was severely depressed. Having 4-6 panic attacks every day made me feel like my life had no point. I couldn’t be a wife to my husband, a mother to my kids, or even a good employee. I even developed agoraphobia. But listening to KSBJ, I realized that God does listen to me. My kids made sure we all listened to KSBJ. They even started singing along to all the lyrics. Now I know why God blessed me with two beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, and amazing co-workers. They are my Jesus Christ. I suffered for 6 months without any help. The thought of me going to therapy or even trying medication made me feel weak. But to God, I’m perfect. I’m learning to carry this new cross that the Lord has given me and I couldn’t have done it without KSBJ. I’m still fighting this mental illness but now I actually feel hope.

30 day challenge

February 03, 2016 by Betty

I have been listening to the station off and on. When I moved to Humble and found out y’all were down the street I was so glad. I am going through spiritual warfare now, but since I started listening to KSBJ there’s a real change in me. My spirit is really feeding off the music and the show that y’all have. On my secondary job that is at night, I love the music and prayers that are on the program.

God worked on my daughter’s heart

January 27, 2016 by Elizabeth DeLeon

When I first started the challenge a friend told me to switch all my stations to KSBJ so that I wont be tempted to listen to anything other than KSBJ. Well that was a real challenge with my daughter Andrea! She is a 13 year old and loves to listen to music that I really don’t agree with her listening to, but as she says “It’s cool music!” Well she would get very upset when we would ride in the car because she wanted to listen to cool music not KSBJ. She asked me daily “How many days until your challenge is over?” It would upset me but I kept listening. Well yesterday I was on day 5 of the challenge and we were coming back from visiting her grandmother and I was so overwhelmed, when all of a sudden Andrea turned the radio up really loud and said “Oh I love this song!” She started singing and knew all the words. She looks at me and says “Mama I really like this song a lot.” It brought tears to my eyes and I said “Thank you Jesus!!” Only 5 days into the challenge and I see God working on her! I can’t wait for the days to come so I can see more miracles.

Music to Pump You UP!

January 25, 2016 by Emily

While in the car headed to my son’s basketball game my husband had the radio on a 90’s station playing some old tunes loud and considered hard core in our day.  He asked my son if the the music was getting him pumped because this is what he would listen to to get energized before his basketball games.  My son said “No”.  “So, what song would pump you up?”, my husband inquired.  My son replied “God’s Not Dead”. My heart swelled that my son finds power in songs about our God and his Savior and I’m appreciative to the Newsboys for creating hard hitting music that can pump my son up for sports and the Lord.

30 day challenge

January 19, 2016 by Lina

Last year I took the 30 day challenge, and now I am very happy I did. I started to go to church a few months before but still felt like during the week I wanted to hear more of God. As soon as I started to listen to KSBJ I felt like God was talking to me with the songs. Somehow every time I needed encouragement, a song would come on that would make me feel better. I can clearly remember feeling drained and hearing “He Knows” by Jeremy Camp. That song gave me hope in that horrible time. I really want to encourage other people to take the challenge. I feel happy, complete and hopeful since I stated listening.

Needed God’s strength

January 13, 2016 by Margaret

I decided to listen to KSBJ for 30 days and take the 30 day KSBJ challenge. I got in the car after work today, feeling exhausted, and the DJ talked about how God can give us strength to get through. 2 songs in a row talked about needing God to give us strength and hope and peace. I felt like God was talking to me and I reached out to pray with a prayer volunteer. I’m so thankful for KSBJ today!

Trust in the Lord

January 06, 2016 by Melissa

I was on my way to court for my ongoing divorce case which has been open for almost 2 years in March. Of course for peace of mind I listen to KSBJ in the mornings and Pam Kelly was talking about having patience in His plans and quoted Proverbs 3:5 which is “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding”. And when I heard that, I was like wow, you know this case has been going on for so long and every time something has gone wrong with the case I always got upset and questioned why things were going the way they were. I did not understand why things were going so badly. My daughter’s father has been out of our lives for 2 years and has not appeared for any court dates nor had any contact with us. We were not able to find him to finalize the divorce. When I get to the court house, I always felt sick to my stomach, but I went in with an open mind and heart just hoping it would go well because the first time a default divorce was granted without child support. Not this time. We had a different judge and they finalized it along with granting child support. I know divorces aren’t something right, but I suffered alot of emotional pain and verbal abuse through this marriage and knew in my heart I could no longer be with this person. So I know God has a plan for me and I just needed to be patient with everything! I am at a loss for words for how grateful I am for listening this morning. Thank you KSBJ for all the encouragement you give me to keep going every day for my daughter.

My righteous king Jesus Christ

January 04, 2016 by Javier

I have been an alcoholic for a long time and have lived my life for myself and never thinking of others. This past 2 weeks of my life I have found comfort in Jesus as he saved me from myself and for the first time in a long time I feel alive ...  I have started going back to church, reading my bible and reading anything I can about giving myself to God. I am thirsty and I will drink from God’s cup as he shows me the way to his kingdom.

I love a challenge

January 03, 2016 by Skip

I first turned into KSBJ 2 years ago. I heard about the 30 Day Challenge and I love a good challenge. I took the challenge and won!  I have taken it 24 times since then and have won every time. I believe that KSBJ helps me be a winner living for God. Thank you KSBJ!

30 Day Challenge

January 01, 2016 by Ronda

The first time I did the 30 Day Challenge, I stopped listening to “Talk Radio” on the way home from work. I would actually switch back and forth between KSBJ and a talk show. The host of the talk show was far from polite.

At the end of 30 days, I found I had no interest in continuing to listen to the talk show. The negativity that the host spewed on a daily basis had more of an effect on me than I realized.

Due to KSBJ’s calming effect, I consistently arrived home in a positive and peaceful mood.

Joy in my own holiday schedule

December 21, 2015 by Amy

I’m a divorced mom of two girls. They are blessed to have two good parents, so we share custody.  Every other year they are with their Dad for the week of Christmas, and this is one of those years. Most people will feel sad when they hear that I will be alone for Christmas.  I am thankful for their compassion and their open invitations to go have family dinner with them.  This year I am sharing my joy with all the single parents out there who are sharing their children for the holidays.  I am more than happy to spend this week alone.  I am so full of JOY! Why am I so full of JOY? I get an entire extra week to go shopping before my girls are back.  I can take my time and I’m in no rush.  We get to have our own holiday next week!  #blessed! Because I’m a school teacher, and last week was so chaotic and busy, that I am happy to have some time to relax and sleep before spending every waking moment with my sweet girls. Because this year I get to attend as many Christmas Eve services as I want, and I can sing along without embarrassing my kids. Because I honestly do NOT have a talent for holiday decorating, nor do I have much money this year, and their dad and stepmom do, so this year I know they’re in good hands having a fabulous time for the holidays. Because I love reading and hiking, and I get a few days to do that before the kiddos get back. Because next week I get to hear all their stories.  They tell me everything, and they love that I listen!  So I get to hear story after story of their fun week.  Their happiness brings me joy. ( does the fact that the younger one will exaggerate her stories and the older one will insist on correcting her every time… cracks me up…) Because earlier this year I came to know Jesus, and I have been more at peace this year than any other year, and I thank Him for the gifts of Love and Peace He brings.  To all the single parents out there who do not have their kiddos on Christmas this year:  My prayer is that you will enjoy this week and I hope you get to have your own fabulous holiday when your kids get back.  If you’re an extrovert, I pray you have family and friends with whom you can share this time.  If you’re an introvert (like me), I pray you enjoy the quiet time with a fabulous book and hot chocolate.  And I pray you will all feel God’s peace and love in your hearts.

Choosing joy every day

December 16, 2015 by Donna

I was married for 37 years and after struggling the last 3 years of my marriage to keep it together, I finally relented and gave in to the divorce. I had not been joyful in my marriage and had become quite bitter, but through trying to save my marriage, I chose Joy every day.  Shortly after my divorce 2 years ago, I found a Godly man and we are sharing life together.  I choose joy every day because I’ve been on the other side and it’s not pretty nor satisfying at all.  I can and do choose Joy because of the sacrifice my Lord and Savior made for me.  There’s no greater love than that He has shown me through His sacrifice on the cross.  I praise Him for always being there for me.  If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.  That’s the truth I hold on to.

Amazing true story

December 15, 2015 by David

On 12/15/15, I was in a store called Palais Royal. There was a man there who asked an employee if they could sell him the materials to wrap a gift and also help him wrap it because he couldnt do it himself. A young lady assisted him, and it turned out that all he wanted to wrap was a single sheet of paper. As she began to help him wrap the piece of paper in a beautiful box with a bow and all the trimmings, he started a conversation with her. He said that he had been diagnosed a few months earlier with a terminal illness and given only weeks to live. He and his wife had children, some of whom were still young, and the thought of leaving his wife and children without a husband or father had broken his heart. His oldest son had died a couple of years earlier, and the grief over his son’s death had devastated him so severely that he ended up becoming sick with this terminal illness due to his body having given up the will to live. It was very sad. Then the young lady wanted to know what the paper was and why he wanted it gift wrapped, though she was obviously too polite to ask him directly. It turns out that shortly after his diagnosis, he became confined to a wheelchair, had lost the ability to speak, and had some other things happen too. His family had even purchased his casket and made his funeral arrangements with his input. As the two stood there wrapping the gift and talking, the man turned away several different times to hide his face, but it was clear that he was overcome with emotion and trying hard not to cry in public. As it turns out, it was not tears of sorrow he was fighting back, but tears of joy. You see, with support from his wife and her prayers standing with him, he had at a certain point decided to CHOOSE JOY in spite of everything. Once he decided that, his body began to heal. He no longer needed the wheelchair, and he was speaking clearly as if he had never been sick. And the paper he was wrapping? He explained that he had received the paper earlier that day, and it contained results of medical testing. He said that it showed him to be one hundred percent healed and that he expected to be around for his wife and children for a long time to come. The young lady was so sweet and as they were finishing up she said that she wished him and his wife long lives together. He asked her to write the card for him, and to make it “to Mommy and Daddy”, and it would be a surprise for his wife on Christmas. She wrote out the card to Mommy and Daddy, then added below it: “Love, God”. This is a true story, and I know it is, because I was that man.

God is always listening

December 14, 2015 by Gina

My family has been struggling financially for sometime.  In fact, my husband has moved temporarily to another state to earn some extra money to cover our rising medical bills, home bills, and life in general.  With much struggle, we were able to pay for the mortgage, vehicle, and even save enough money for Christmas travel to visit him in the North.  However, this took the entire paycheck leaving my son and I with $20 until payday.  We were almost out of everything to eat on Saturday.  At 4pm on Saturday, I made a decision to take some books and clothing to sell at a consignment store.  It was successful and I was paid $38.25.  I immediately stopped at the local grocery store to purchase meat, bread, and some staples to cover us for the remainder of the week.  When I checked out at the counter my grand total was $38.10.  GOD provided a miracle for me and my family. He always listens to our prayers.  Thank you!

Merry Christmas!

My friends Niece

December 09, 2015 by Donna

The Friday after Thanksgiving, my very good friend found out that her niece was taken to the ER. she is from Idaho, but, was visiting her relatives near Fort Worth, TX. She had been sick with what she thought was a stomach virus. She is an alcoholic and had been told by her doctor that she was going to die if she did not quit drinking. The 2 weeks she was sick, she hardly ate at all. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with liver failure, a severe infection in her colon which was about to rupture, her kidneys were not working and her ammonia level was deadly. Lots of prayers have been said for her, including those at KSBJ, she was not expected to live through the night. But, she did. She was not expected to make it through the next night. But, she did. I asked God for a complete healing for her. She has 2 young children and they need their mom. Well, this story is really long if I tell everything as it happened, but, to make it shorter, it is a miracle that she collapsed in the Fort Worth area and taken to the hospital she was taken to. Tonight, I received a picture on my phone showing her without the ventilator. She is responding to commands, breathing on her own, off of the dialysis and still alive!!! What a blessing. She has not spoken or really opened her eyes yet, but, what a long way she has come. All due to the power of prayer. Thank You Lord for always being there for me and for all the miracles You perform daily. I have seen one.

Broken Together

November 11, 2015 by Donna

This song has new meaning for me.  While I tried to save a 37-year marriage, my husband just didn’t value it and it ended a couple of years ago.  In God’s perfect timing, I found a new love and we have worked hard to build a wonderful relationship. It hasn’t come without baggage as people in their 50s and 60s often have after failed marriages.  When I hear “Broken Together”, it reminds me that our love will never be perfect, there will be hard times and misunderstandings sometimes, and past lives to intertwine in our new relationship, but as long as we recognize we are all broken, with God, brokenness makes you stronger, not weaker.  We both have broken relationships and are “broken together”.  God can and does heal relationships, hurts, our past and forgives as we are called to forgive.  I am so thankful for a loving God and one who truly cares not only about me, but about those in my life.  I am thankful for my new love and for the healing God is doing in both of us.

Favoring Love

November 10, 2015 by Enrique

My name is Enrique and my wife’s name is Jeffrey Genesse. We married September 2nd 2015. We have known each other since June 2015. We clicked right away, I have never been so connected to any human being like I am with my wife. I knew the first day, I was going to spend the rest of my life with this amazing person. I haven’t left her side once. My wife was born in El Salvador, moving to Houston Texas as a child, her mother raised her alone. I know of some awesome people (my mother raised four children while getting a Doctorates and fighting Leukemia), however my wife and her mother exemplifies true determination and living the American dream. My wife was diagnosed with Lupus as a young girl, having to go through chemo, she learned the value of a simplistic lifestyle. Her outlook on how life and great opportunities are, gives me the motivation to dedicate my life to ensuring her happiness. It has been an experience for the record books. Every moment we share is one of fabulous memories and lots of laughter. I was born in Houston Texas, my birth mother came here from Nigeria. I was adopted my mother is Caucasian and my father was Hispanic (hence the name). My father passed away from a tumor in 1995, moving me, my mother, and three sisters (my two younger sisters are adopted, all from different bloodlines), to Colorado. Regardless of what life has put in front of us, we have overcome it all with the love and favor from the Lord. We are a humble couple who have financial struggles, however we keep a attitude of gratitude. My wife and I have God at the center of our marriage and love each other unconditionally. We even got married without rings, ceremony, family, or anything. Just the Lord and our Love. Please and thank you for your prayers.

God saved my daughter from dying

November 10, 2015 by Christine

It was a regular day at my home with the kids. I had just got off of work and going through my regular routine of fixing dinner. My kids were playing outside and came in to ask if they can go to the high school across the street I said yes so they went. I get a phone call saying that my daughter just got hit by a truck and I thought it was a sick joke so I laughed a little bit and asked if this was a prank call the person said it again and where it happened. I ran with my one year old son in my arms across the street and saw people everywhere, cops and my daughter lying on the road. It was like I was in a movie. She was life flighted to the hospital and my friend drove me to the hospital. In that moment I was so mad at God I was kicking and screaming and yelling at God for letting this happen. The drive seemed like an eternity and I just wanted to be with my daughter. Finally got to the hospital where my daughter was treated. She only ended up with two concussions and a scar on her face. She made it out alive! Thanks to God for saving my daughters life.

The beginning (of my understanding and faith)

November 03, 2015 by Sorangel

I love God. He has done wonders for me and right at this moment I walk with peace in the midst of a storm. I put everything in his hands and rely on my faith for strength. It is my praise to God to share his blessings, his doings. God is a jealous God and deserves his recognition’s. I would love to share a few of my testimonies with you all, starting with this testimony. About 10 to 12 years ago, God sent me a message. It was a verbal message given to me by a total stranger. This stranger did not understand the message, all he knew was that he was bound (ordered) to relate this message to me.

How this started: Prior to receiving this message through this total stranger, I was questioning God’s love for me. I would ask God “how can you love me?” “I am a fake, how can you love someone like me when I smile at all these people, telling them to have a good day, to enjoy their day, but I don’t even smile at you God. I am empty, I am a two face person giving smiles away and to you nothing.” This feeling played heavy in my heart. I guess God heard me because he used someone to tell me that he LOVES me. I did not know this person and till this day I still don’t know who he is. The only reason I found this stranger was because I was an 18/19 year old female looking for an entry level desk job. A friend of the family offered to take me to this temp agency location that was mainly directed to people with skills in refinery or construction sites. My friend was a welder and I should have known better. It was around 7 or 8 pm at night when we got to this temp agency. The place was a minute away from putting their “close” sign up and there was only one person left in the building. I went to this person’s desk, introduced myself and told him that I was looking for a clerical job. He informs me that they really did not have any positions of my particular interest, however, he would try to help me out. I said thank you, turned around and headed towards the exit door, thinking why I even came to this place. Prior to me leaving I saw him standing up through the reflection of a window. He walked towards my direction saying he had a message for me. I turned around and looked at him. He then tells me that he did not know why he needed to tell me this but that the Lord kept bugging him to give me this message and he could not keep it to himself.

The message: He tells me “this might sound weird and I do not understand the meaning of the message and why I have to tell you this message. It sounds like it might be problems with your boyfriend or husband” (hahaha I had none) “but he wants you to know he LOVES you. No matter what, he loves you and you are okay with him”. He then asked me if knew or understood what God was talking about. I smiled and said “I know exactly what he (GOD) is talking about and thank you”

The irony: I went looking for a job, which was very much needed, but I did not ask him for a job. So a job was not given. Yet, something was given. An answer to my troubling, questioning heart. That is just too funny, I believe. He indeed answered my question. He answered me at a temp. agency that is meant to find people jobs and the reason why I went there. Guess God had other plans.

I did not know how this was possible nor did I understand it. But I will say this, I do not have to know how this was possible nor do I need to understand it and I really do not need an answer to that . I am just happy and amazed it happened. God works in mysterious ways and I am a proof of that.

Understanding Unique Design

October 28, 2015 by Allie

I have a special needs child and I used to think something was wrong with her. The world would say something is wrong with her because she is disabled. Through God’s love and grace He has showed me that she is uniquely made and just as God intended. No matter what she looks like or what her mental or physical capabilities are she is beautiful and pleasing to God.  This realization has changed my life. I thank God for her every day and thank him for her disability. It has enabled me to grow so much in my faith and to see others with disabilities as God’s beautiful creations as well.  She will have challenges in life, but God will use her disability to touch lives that might not have been possible otherwise.  She has definitely touched mine!

Our Tragedies Our Blessings

October 26, 2015 by Mike Kohn

    Our Tragedies
        Our Blessings

Ryan was about five years old when we were playing football and he fell and broke his arm. I believe the deepest pain a parent can experience is to see your child badly hurt, I can assure you that for me it was and it was one I would have traded one hundred times over to bear myself. Twenty five years later when I got the call and realized that he was in a life threatening situation that deepest pain was revisited.
He had a stroke and was being life-flighted from a remote location into Houston. When we reached the hospital what began for him was a struggle for his life and for me and his family the beginning of facing he could perish. How do you accept that your child could die, how do you begin to process that. This will destroy me I believed, the inability to accept it with peace would slowly over the course of whatever life I had left whither my soul away. All the other wonderful people I am blessed with would not have been able to save me. I was positive this was what was at stake! For days I constantly searched for an answer that I knew could only come from God he was the only one that could offer hope in accepting the loss of my son as he was the only one that could save either of us. But I did not feel I had the right to beg him for Ryan’s life, I would have but for me it seemed ungrateful and unaccepting of Gods plan. To have true faith I would have to be able to accept any outcome. After days of this agony and just before the critical time when we would be faced with the highest risk of losing him I heard Gods answer and when you get to hear his answer you know that you know that you know beyond any shadow of a doubt with the most complete peace, in fact it defines peace!
The morning before his neuro surgery after telling him goodbye my wife and I went to the Chapel in the hospital and this was my prayer to God.
Thank you Almighty God for this child you have blessed me with for the last thirty years, he has been my delight and the delight of so many others. He has been a wonderful son to me and your gift of that is as great as your glory. At this moment and for the rest of my life I am overflowing with gratitude that you gave him to me for thirty years.  I cannot blame you if you want to call him back to you so you can hold him close as you have allowed us to. He was yours to begin with and you shared him with us, I am so grateful.
I said this prayer thinking of all Ryan meant to me and the life I had had with him. But I said it most of all with absolute gratitude for what God had allowed in my life. Nothing else was there, no hope or wanting that I would have more only that I appreciated what I have received. With that came a peace that I knew would more than sustain me. From that time my life has not been the same, the peace I received has resonated within me each day and I give all the credit and Glory to God and God only!
We were so abundantly blessed throughout this tragedy, so many thousands of people prayed for him, he was taken to the best hospital with the most competent and professional caregivers. He awoke to a new relationship with God. His family rallied around him in such a loving and caring way. He had every right as anyone would have to struggle and feel sorry for himself, I never saw him do that for even a moment, he was so inspiring. That young man almost glowed in bed with peaceful calm and we all new that God was present with him. This tragedy had so many blessings I could go on and on. And I believe we received so many of them because of how close God was holding us as a community.
Ryan attacked his recovery tenaciously it was a faithful inspiration. And as a father the pain was absent and the pride was abundant. It was clear that Ryan had also accepted faithfully whatever God had in store.
I encourage all those touched by this event a year ago to share their experience.

Our ever present help

October 24, 2015 by Ashley

Yesterday at work we were short handed and I was asked to do double what I normally would and that help would be sent later in the day. I was very stressed and just took my eyes off Jesus trying to go as fast a I could to get things done. By the end of the day I tired and irritated because no help was sent and I still had to finish things, I really wanted to say some unkind words and complain to the person who had said they would come help me, but l was able to hold back because I knew I shouldn’t say them and prayed for help to hold back the words. Then I heard a voice say “Complain to me” so I did and asked Jesus why is this happening and he said so that I could rely on him more. That refocused me on him and lifted me up and I was able to finish with peace and calm and resist saying what I know I shouldn’t.

God’s Quiet Voice

October 24, 2015 by Joanne

One Saturday morning around 9am during a very heartbreaking time in my life I was driving to my mom’s to spend time with her as I do every other Saturday. I was going through a difficult time in my life feeling unloved, unworthy & forgotten about by God. I felt I didn’t have any worth. Lots of negative thoughts about myself running through my mind-even not continuing to go on with life. As I was trying to get all of my crying out before spending the day with my mom I heard one of the short voice overs that KSBJ plays between songs. It said something along the lines of, “Today, as you listen, you’ll hear 2 voices speaking to you. One that screams and yells that you’re not worthy, you don’t measure up, God doesn’t love you. And another voice that is very quiet and will be difficult to hear so you’ll have to strain to hear it. It says, God loves you, you have value, you are important.” 
Wow, even as I type this 2 1/2 years later tears are streaming down my face. I never heard that voice over before & I never heard it again but I continue to bring it to mind as soon as any negative thought tries to creep in.
That voice over reminds me of the lyrics in the song “Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave-“I hear the sound of Your voice. All at once It’s a Gentle and Thundering noise”. God has to speak to us so quietly because He is so Mighty.  It would be like us trying to pet an ant. No matter how gently we would try to be, we would crush the ant.
Thank you to whomever came up with that short voice over & for playing it at just the right time.

Finding rest with KSBJ

October 24, 2015 by Stephanie

I am a busy mother of 4, whose life was jolted by a cancer diagnosis at 40.  I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, stage 3C (locally advanced BC).  My life, like many other moms was crazy and hectic.  I battled the beast and won!  Following a major scare of recurrence 5 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis.  Which is an auto-immune disease that caused my PET scan to light up and mimic a cancer recurrence.  I was spared the C word, but required another biopsy for the breast.  When the Dr. went to biopsy the breast a week later, whatever was showing up on PET scan was gone!  Thank you Jesus for the miracle!  I was then able to proceed with my fourth breast reconstruction surgery within that next week.  Following several complications, I was unable to sleep in the hospital for several days/nights because I was worrying too much.  The Dr. tried medication to help me sleep without any luck.  She suggested listening to music. My husband downloaded the station I listen to which is KSBJ and I have slept like a baby ever. I remember waking up to my Dr. telling the story of my husband saying that when he looked at my scars on my chest he was reminded of my strength and beauty. Thank you Jesus and thank you KSBJ for playing this music that I am able to find comfort and rest in.

When You Can’t Breathe

October 22, 2015 by Andrew

When I was born, I had a black spot in my lungs and I couldn’t breathe. Mom and Dad brought me to many, many doctors, but truth be told, none of them had a cure or knew what to do. Finally, the doctors took an x-ray of me to see if the black spot was gone or growing. The spot was gone! This just goes to show that our God is awesome at everything he does. He created you and me, and he does miracles with/too all of us. I am now 12 years old, healthy, and strong. Praise God!


October 10, 2015 by Kenny

I’ve had a lot of bitterness in my life from past hurts. God has used “Losing” from Tenth Avenue North to see the choices in my life. I am now 56 days clean and sober from 38 years drunk…....God loved me all the way through it…...Thank you Jesus:)

God is with you, even when you dont think you deserve it

October 05, 2015 by Ryan

My name is Ryan and I have been listening for almost a year. I have been pulled to share a story and I think your station is a good place to start. I know there is someone out there that needs to hear it.
I was saved my senior year in high school and I was surrounded with people who had an astounding passion for Christ. When I left for college I fell away from a relationship with Jesus and it hasn’t been the same since. I still held onto my beliefs, but it was hard. I really struggled with sin. I woke up daily and made a conscious decision to make choices I knew would pull me from God. I found some relief in a friend. I told him what I was struggling with, how I chose to let sin come between me and God. He asked if I believed God sent Jesus to live and die for our sins. I responded with a yes. His response was one of the best I could ask for, “Well, if you can believe God loves you that much, then it’s kind of silly to put restrictions on the power of his forgiveness.” That helped, but it wasn’t enough to pull me back, God still had a plan for that. Our religion takes a lot to believe in. There is so much that can contradict it, and it can be tough. For me that changed almost a year ago October 21, 2014. After years of asking to get that feeling back I had in High school, that feeling of speaking to God and not feeling like I was talking to air, he answered… But not the way I would have expected. At the age of 30 I suffered a massive stroke due to an AVM. In short a birth defect that left a cluster of deformed blood vessels in my brain. On October 21st it ruptured causing an aneurysm that in turn caused a stroke. Within minutes I went from a normal day to losing all function in my right arm, leg and speech. I remember clearly, being loaded into the life light helicopter and doing what anyone would do who had lost their way. I tried to pray. I wanted to tell God I was sorry. I wanted him to let me live and I especially wanted to make sure that I could be with him in the very real event that I died that day. There was a time when I wouldn’t have worried where I would go if I had died, but that was a long time ago. Unfortunately it was too late. Along with my speech I lost the ability to mentally focus. So I couldn’t even pray in my head. I remember giving up and settling for a 3 word prayer, “God, you know.”
I woke up 4 days later. After going through an emergency brain surgery and being intubated (breathing and eating through machines under very heavy sedation.) What I didn’t know, was that while I had maybe 5 people I would call friends and a lot of family. Those few reached out and prayed for me. Their churches prayed for me, services were held with me in mind and 10’s of thousands of people were asking God to be with me. God answered those prayers and gave me 2 gifts when I woke up. The first was an overwhelming feeling of his presence. Like being hugged by Jesus himself and it was an incredible and indescribable feeling. When I could hardly make out where I was, what was going on, what people were saying around me, I knew, for a fact that I was in Gods hands. I knew that I could die right then and there or I could never recover the massive disabilities I was facing but it didn’t matter. God had a plan for me and no matter what happened I was with him and if it wasn’t me someone would benefit from what happened. The second was my wife. After I came too and was able to comprehend better I remember my wife and my mother by my bed talking to the doctor. The doctor rattled off a list of things I couldn’t do including zero function on my right side, almost no speech, I couldn’t chew or swallow. He said only time will tell, I may recover some functions or none. At that point my wife took my hand and looked me in the eye and said, ” As long as he is alive, that’s all I need.” That gives a new meaning to for better or for worse, and she made me believe it. I may never leave the bed I was in. She would still be there, holding my hand.10 days later I underwent another brain surgery to remove the AVM that had ruptured as well as a second one that would have killed me if it went off. The doctors gave me a 50/50 chance of living through the surgery. I did, but after examining my brain they found a piece they had missed. So they went back in with another 50/50 chance. God was with me and I made it through again. 2 days later I left the ICU, was taken out of a day to day life or death situation and put in a regular room. The next day physical therapy started. I will never forget the tears of happiness when they put a walker in front of me and I stood up on my own. They poured out again the next day as I walked 5 steps, and the next when I walked out of my room and 20 feet down the hall. The next day I was transferred to an rehabilitation facility where I would spend the next two weeks of the most frustrating and happiest days of my life. In two weeks I went from a wheel chair, to a cane to roaming freely on my own. My hand was locked in a partially open partially closed position. I could close my fist but couldn’t open my fingers. It was here when I woke up one morning and realized I was opening my hand fully. Of course, as soon as I realized what I was doing I wasn’t able to continue. But I knew it was possible and I kept trying, and by the end of that night I was able to do it freely. The next day I was able to pick up a pen. The next day I tied my own shoe. It took me 30 minutes per shoe, but I got them both. Then I was transferred to another rehabilitation facility. This one specialized in traumatic brain injuries. It was an uncomfortable place. It showed me how truly fortunate I was. With the love God had for me and the knowledge he instilled in me that he had a much bigger plan for me as well as the dedication instilled by the words of my wife, ” as long as he’s alive, that’s all that matters” was enough for me to never rest. Since God has other plans than bringing me to him in that hospital room, I wanted to give her everything she deserved. Which meant I had work to do. When I wasn’t in a therapy session I was creating my own. I was there for a month.I got stronger and more coordinated better able to speak and process information. Every day it got a little better. I was home just before Christmas and it was the best ever. The sacrifice of Jesus had never been so clear to me. I think it was the first time Christmas wasn’t about my family and gifts. I was able to realize that every moment, especially the times when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, was preparation for this event. God showed me who he was when I was in high school. He showed me how special a life with him was. Then he reminded me what life was like without him, and the power of his love and forgiveness when he opened my eyes again. He let me make terrible decisions in the women I dated before my wife, so I would be able to recognize how incredible she was when I found her. We tried to have a baby for almost 2 years before the stroke. I think he knew what was in store for us, and I think he knew how much I would need her to be there for me. So we didn’t have one, until 4 months later when we learned we were pregnant, a little girl set to be here this November. Most importantly he gave me the ability to see all of this as his plan and be thankful for an experience most would think a tragedy. But I can say clearly without hesitation, this has been the best year of my life. Through God I have survived death and all odds that were against me, which were many. I have had the experience of an extreme loss of brain function and was able to watch it come back, like a circuit board getting fried and rewiring itself day by day. I still have a long way to go, but I can’t wait to see what his plans are for me in the future. I know this was long, but I felt pulled to share it. Even if it is only seen by 1 person, I know there is a purpose in all of this. Take this story and use it, however God intends it to be used.

Because he lives

October 01, 2015 by Yenessa

My boyfriend an I have been together for 5 years now. Ever since I met him he has been going to church. There was a time in our lives that he stopped going because of me. He would always talk to me about God and I just didn’t really care, I never wanted to listen. I finally took the blind fold that I had in my heart and let God in. I realized that you really aren’t living life until you have God by your side. I listen to KSBJ everyday and remind myself that all glory is to God. Everything that I am and that I have, is because he lives! Open your heart to him, let him take control in your life and you will have nothing to worry about.

Amazing Healing

October 01, 2015 by Melissa

My grandmother diagnosed stage 4 cancer and they gave her a short time to live. On Sept 30th the Dr. said the cancer has shrank and is disappearing and is almost all gone. GOD is AWESOME! What the world said is impossible GOD SAYS is Possible!! Amen!

God Knows My Name!

September 28, 2015 by Janice

Every morning lately I had been waking up with a headache.  Figured it didn’t mean anything so took a couple aspirin and forgot about it.  But then I started having episodes of (light) depression and began crying a lot.  That’s not me and I wondered what was going on.  I’m taking a new medicine so I called the pharmacist to see what the side effects were. Depression and headaches had never been reported.  I’ve been taking antidepressants for ten years so I thought maybe I needed to up the dose.  Maybe this was just a bad time in my life. One day my despair was particularly bad so with tears in my eyes, I called a friend who came over to pray with me.  We talked and prayed and she suggested I begin listening to KSBJ during the day so I would be ‘surrounded’ with words of truth and love. I did and a few days later the word ‘aspartame’ began entering my mind. Aspartame! Where did that come from? Then I remembered.  I love lemonade in the summer and about a month earlier I bought a lemonade mix with aspartame as the sweetening agent.  Since then I had been drinking nearly a quart a day of lemonade.  Hurriedly I looked up Side Effects of Aspartame and sure enough - headaches, depression, and mood swings were all listed.  Listening to beautiful music that filled my mind with Christian concepts had made my being more receptive to messages from the Holy Spirit and God could communicate with me.  He knew my name!

Lost and found

September 18, 2015 by Sammantha

My boyfriend and I of 5 years were going out every weekend and getting home late. Basically we were just living how we wanted to. We did that for about 2 years and I got to the point were I was feeling lost. I told myself “There is something missing in my life.” I grew up going to church as a child but never really established a relationship with the Lord. Well one day I was in my car and I saw a bumper sticker that said KSBJ and on the bottom it said God listens. So I turned it to the station and it was playing ‘Strong Enough’ and when I heard that song I just started crying. Right then and there I prayed for God to change my life. A few weeks later my boyfriend and I were talking and he said he wanted to stop going out for drinks and start living for God and I told him me too! It has been 3 years since we been out for drinks and we couldn’t be happier. We pray and read our bibles together and we tell other people about God. Recently we got married going on 3 months now. I just want to let everyone out there to know God is good if you just turn to him in the good times and bad times he will always be there for you..God really listens!

Answered prayers and a familiar “friend”

August 27, 2015 by Sarah

My husband and I lived apart for jobs the past year.  I had a great job, he had a horrible job.  We became pregnant in December, and for the last 9 months, I’ve been praying and hoping for 2 things: 
1. A great job for my husband where his hard work is appreciated and he can enjoy what he does.
2. A healthy baby.

Well, my husband was offered a great job in a different town at the end of July - and our daughter was born 3 weeks early due to my having preeclampsia, but so far she seems to be perfectly healthy.  I’ve been in and out of the hospital for high blood pressure, and she was born via c-section despite all my planning on having a completely natural non c-section child birth, but she and I seem to be healthy and mending after a crazy few weeks. We are a healthy happy family, AND we are now living in the Houston area.  So the radio station I grew up with, *cough KSBJ cough* is accessible on the radio when I drive around running errands. My blood pressure was 190/122 at one point after the birth of my child, and the doctors were convinced I was going to have a stroke.  I am still in the process of recovering, but God has provided my husband with a better job, surrounded by kind and wonderful colleagues and administration, and our family with a beautiful healthy baby girl. I know I had more people than I can imagine praying for me.  And as I drove to a doctor’s appointment today, the first one where I wasn’t immediately checked into a hospital since my daughter’s birth, I was blessed to listen to KSBJ, and feel peace about what has been (and probably will continue to be, but hopefully for different reasons) a crazy life. 

Salvation and Encouragement

August 25, 2015 by Ashley

Praise Jesus I was saved 6 months ago! Even though I grew up in church and listened to this station throughout the years I had stopped doing both a few years ago. I got really depressed and felt so alone and apathetic. I was searching for something but didn’t know what. I then decided to turn KSBJon and one day at work Jesus opened my eyes to my sin and Himself and I prayed and asked him to save me. Since then I only listen to KSBJ and Jesus has used this station to teach me, and give hope and encouragement in my walk with him.

God is my Healer, Freedom and Victory!

August 21, 2015 by Debby

Six years ago I allowed myself to become someone I was not. I had been a devoted Christian since childhood. I loved and lived for God. My world around me was good. My marriage was good. But I took my eyes off of all of that and placed them on the world. I sought what I thought I did not have - I was wrong. I made the choice to become something I am not proud of in the least - I was unfaithful to my husband. But I am not named by my sins, nor my past. For Jesus has made me free from that burden. His grace and mercy cleansed me from the inside out. He made me a NEW creation in Him. He forgave me and did NOT leave me where I was. He restored me to wholeness and wellness. I praise Him always!!!
My story does not end there…..for as beautiful as my Savior’s love and grace was for me….my dear and wonderful husband also extended that same love and grace….complete pardon and forgiveness. He has extended such patience and help to me through these 6 years….as there have been real struggles to overcome. But he has loved me with the very love of God Himself….and I thank my God each and every single day for the beautiful gift of my dear husband that He has gifted me so beautifully with. I also share how that KSBJ has been such an incredible tool in my healing….for the songs they have played have been used to encourage and strengthen me daily. I thank God for this radio station!!! It is a HUGE BLESSING in my life. As Big Daddy Weave sings these words…..“Of the grace that is greater than all my sin Of when justice was served and where mercy wins Of the kindness of Jesus that draws me in To tell you my story is to tell of Him” I sing too….for this is my story and my story is to tell of HIM….always.

Friend, if this story is similar to what you are going through or what has happened in your life… encouraged. KNOW that God is for YOU. KNOW that He WILL see you through. KNOW that God will heal YOU. KNOW that it takes time. KNOW that even when we make mistakes - He is so amazing that He uses them for good. My marriage and my relationship with God is stronger today than it EVER has been…..all because of Jesus and His beautiful grace.
Thank you, Jesus.


August 20, 2015 by Brandy

I was in the process of getting a great job. Days and miles of traveling to the other side of town. I finished the testing and passed it with flying colors. After all that time, effort and endless paperwork, I informed the owner that I had doctor appointment in a few days for my son and I who are both diabetics, and asked if I could start after I’m done. He was very rude and told me that he didn’t want to give me a chance because of HIS past experience with other people. I even told him that I would reschedule the appointment for myself and someone else to take my son to his appointment. He still said no and I felt so angry and hurt because he didn’t know me and he blamed me for possibly doing something that someone else had done. As soon as I got in my car the tears began to flow uncontrollably I felt so defeated. But then a time came when I paused and the song “Overcomer” came on and my tears instantly stopped. Every word of that song moved me in such a wonderful positive motivating way. In a way that I know only God can move me. At that moment I instantly turned my music up as loud as it could go and turned off my air conditioning, let my windows down and proclaimed it to everyone and anyone that was around me “I am NOT defeated I’m a child of God and He said that I am an Overcomer.” Thank you so very much KSBJ. You all our God’s loving touching hands and voices to his children that listen to you and that are involved with you in every form or fashion. Again from the bottom of my heart from my family to all of you, thank you.

Bye broken heart

August 17, 2015 by Yasmin

High school broke me. I was torn in many ways. I let a boy break my heart and this is when depression began for me. But it was through that broken heart that God FILLED my heart with true love. The day I let go of the pain, the sadness, the depression, and my broken heart was the day that I received happiness, joy, and fullness from God. No relationship can give you what God will give you. You don’t need anyone to complete for you are already completed in Christ. Fall in love with God first. Once you experience God’s love, you’ll be never the same. To that guy that broke my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I found my true love, God. Psalms 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted: He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” NLT

God gave me my life back… and more

August 17, 2015 by Hope

I struggled with drug addiction for 5 years. My friends and most of my family gave up on me, but God didn’t. After 11 rehabs, 15 therapists and a whole lot of misery, I fell to my knees and prayed to God for the first time in years. I asked Him to help guide me and drastically change my life to stay clean and find my purpose.  It has been one year since I said that prayer. Today I have a beautiful baby boy, I am almost 1 year clean and sober, and I have a great job. I work with children at my church and get to serve the Lord! God works miracles. You just have to let Him and get out of your own way!

Nothing More Amazing

August 16, 2015 by vicky

Amazing! Words can’t explain the emotion I’m feeling as I’m writing this. I’ve been crying for about thirty minutes now but not because I’m sad but because I’m happy. I have been home for about three weeks due to having a newborn. Have not gone out or done anything this whole time. But tonight something brought me to tears. My newborn crying and I couldn’t get him to calm down so I told myself “let me turn on my Pandora to KSBJ and see if that will calm him down.” In two seconds he got quiet and did nothing but listen and eventually fell asleep. Why did this make me cry? Well to begin he was listening to the music, but most importantly it made me feel as if he remembered me listening to KSBJ full blast everyday in my tummy when I would commute to and from work and every other random drive. Needless to say I needed to feel this joy as I’m struggling being a single mom of two.

My College Acceptance letter!!

August 12, 2015 by Cody

Hi, I am Cody and I recently applied to Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. I had been praying to God that I would get accepted and I finally heard from the college this last week that I did and that I was getting to room with my best friend from high school. I just think this is a blessing from God to me. I wanna study Political Science and I hope to do well.

God speaks His Word through music too!

August 07, 2015 by Tina

I just wanted to share this one, of many times, God used KSBJ and the music they play to personally speak to me with that still small voice, that inner comfort that says “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Back in 2010, I had been going through a rough season in my life. I believe I was at a coffee shop working on homework & just feeling distant from God, almost stuck in my walk with Him. I desperately needed to know He was still there, & what I was doing to prevent my ongoing relationship with Him. The scripture was in Psalm 8 came to my heart where it says “What is man that you are mindful of him… you’ve made him a little lower than the angels, & given him the works of Your hands..” I felt so humbled by this verse. “Who am I that you are mindful of me Lord?” I thought. Then within minutes, I decided to leave the coffee shop. I got in my car & started it, KSBJ on the radio with this song playing “Who am I that You are mindful of me? That You hear me when I call… I am a friend of God…” Wow! I knew that was God! He was still there speaking to me! If that wasn’t enough, the very next song that came on was Mercy Me & lyrics were “Who are we that You would be mindful of us..” I was speechless. I never once thought to share this with you guys, it was 5 years ago! I just thought tonight to let y’all know that you may hear many testimonies of how God is using KSBJ, but just know that y’all are touching even more people’s lives than what y’all hear about! I’m just one example of the many you’ve probably never heard from. You won’t know the impact of the lives y’all touched until we all stand before God. I hope anyone who reads this is blessed knowing that God is very real, very interested in your life, and He is always speaking (psalm 19) and listening!

My victory

August 06, 2015 by Miguel

God bless you! My name is Miguel and I would like to share a small story.  I am a person that has seen God’s miracles in my life time and time again. Recently I went through a small struggle with myself.  I weighed 250 pounds and it came time for me to do something for myself.  I prayed to God to help me and over a period of time I lost 93 pounds.  The moral of this story is to believe that with God by your side you can overcome any obstacles and adversities. Anything is possible with God. Philippians 4:13. Thank you and God bless

Answered Prayer

August 02, 2015 by Kennedy

After I took the test, I had no idea WHAT to feel and I was so nervous. Then when the results came, I passed! I now don’t have to worry about Algebra I and having to take it again as an intervention class! I just want to thank God for that. I’m so thankful for that. Algebra itself held me down so much and gave me LOTS of stress and was one of the triggers of depression. Now I’m finally able to move on from it!

Believe and get blessed!

August 01, 2015 by Pattie

Out of work for 9 months. Working with the bank to save my house with a loan modification. Opened the door and saw the FedEx package the paperwork was supposed to come in—and chose to BELIEVE that it was approved. It was! The lady from the bank called a few minutes later—she found no record of the letter till the next day… God could of made it go either way—it takes Faith AND Believing. Then I prayed AND chose to BELIEVE, and my son texted me & said he would help me with several hundred dollars. Once again I prayed AND chose to BELIEVE, and I got a new client worth several hundred dollars. Faith and prayer are the tools, but it requires the next step to activate God’s power… You have to BELIEVE!

God will ALWAYS provide!!

July 31, 2015 by Silvia

I’m sure most people living paycheck to paycheck can understand how exciting it is to have a 5 week pay month with an additional paycheck that month. ( It always needed some where, right?) Last week I needed to put aside $100 to cover the mortgage payment due the following week, but I didn’t take into consideration that I hadn’t gone grocery shopping for the week! I went to get what I could and realized I needed about $20 more worth of groceries and was conflicted on whether to pull it from the $100 for the mortgage I set aside or not. God spoke to my heart and said “Get it, I will provide.” I did. Like I mentioned earlier it is a 5 week pay month, when I got my check it was $22 more than usual because I had already paid off all my insurance cost for the month! (Which covered the $20 I used for groceries) God assured me HE was with me and since I listened my family didn’t have to go without. Praise God He’ll never leave us hungry physically or spiritually.

Gave Me Comfort

July 29, 2015 by Robin

We moved here on October last year. With all these changes, it was so comforted to hear the familiar songs that I listened to back home. Driving back and forth to and from work, listening to KSBJ, is my private worship service. Thank you KSBJ.

God is faithful

July 21, 2015 by Rovielyn

I have had my heart broken three times and God removed them from my life. God shut the door and it hurt but I choose to cling to God and trust him with my broken pieces. I’m waiting and reserving myself to God and now he is showing the Godly man I’m longing for. God is faithful when you are faithful to him. While I’m waiting for that man to come, I will serve God and be faithful to him even more.

Answered Prayer

July 17, 2015 by Gary

I have been praying for a long time for a door to open for me to move back to Brazil.  I have continually asked and prayed for this my work to allow me to transfer to Brazil.  There have been several times when I thought the door was going to open (I had hints it may) but it hasn’t yet. Today I learned that the division in Brazil released several employees due to the current world economic conditions in the oil industry.  I have NO DOUBT that if I was currently in Brazil at that facility as I had requested, I would be without a job today.  I am sure of that because I would have been the newest employee at that facility, and also the only non-Brazilian working there. So God did answer my prayer!  He said: “No” (at least for now.) Thank you God for ALWAYS looking out for me even when I don’t see what’s around the corner.

My mother is a testimony of prayer

July 16, 2015 by Irene

When I was 11 years old my mother went in for a gallbladder surgery. As simple as the procedure started out, it went down hill with malpractice on the doctor’s behalf. They quickly transferred her to St. Luke’s Hospital, she was not in the new hands of Dr. Robert Davis, the leading surgeon of Big Medicine now. Before they transported Mother to St. Luke’s, I remember seeing her in post-surgery, so pail and tired. She spoke to us and told us she wanted to go home. They didn’t tell her and they didn’t tell me what was happening. I remember my father going into the truck getting ready to follow the ambulance, and tears are just running down his cheeks. What was going on? Mother was dying and was losing her life by the minute. Arriving to St. Luke’s hospital Dr. Davis didn’t know what to expect and quickly had my mother in surgery. She coded 2 times on the table and had surgery for 12 hours. At the last hour the doctor came out to speak to my dad. He alerted him about the stability of her life and urged my father to call family, for surely she will not make it. When I found out I completely shut down, and filled myself with anger towards God. I still needed my mom and he wanted to take her now? I took to prayer and challenged God to hear me. After 1 week in coma, Mother woke up, and asked to see a mirror. She actually asked to see her purse to put make-up on, which was funny at the time. From all her trials Dr. Davis gave my mother 5 years, My mother said she will take what God will give her, and if 5 years is His will then so be it. Mother is still alive and it’s been 21 years ago! Mother hasn’t seen Dr. Davis since then, but if somehow he can read this, we want to say Thank you! Dr. Davis called her, “The Walking Miracle”. Jesus still heals even today! God used Dr. Davis to raise my mother from the dead, twice. God heard the prayer of a young 11 year old girl. All Glory to you God Almighty, Amazing and Awesome are you.

Just a word

July 10, 2015 by Layne

I have a 7 year old daughter who has a diagnosis of Autism.  She rarely would talk or even attempt to.  Each day she goes to a school to receive ABA therapy.  Every afternoon I pick her up.  Parents normally pick their children up and ask the child how was their day, the teacher, and so forth.  I could never ask my daughter anything because she cannot respond.  I would still try and basically carry on a conversation with myself.  But my daughter likes music and for whatever reason it is, she likes KSBJ.  Usually I would have the radio on when she got in the car but this particular time I did not.  She loves listening because of the possibility that she might hear ‘Better Than a Hallelujah’ by Amy Grant.  I have no idea why that song but everyone has a right to like what they like.  I do love watching those little arms just wave back and forth in the air with such joy and excitement.  This particular day I picked her up and started driving home without the radio on.  In the normal quietness of the backseat comes “Radio on.”  I was floored.  Did that really just happen or am I imagining this?  I then asked her if she wants the radio and she responds “Radio.”  I turned the radio on as tears flooded my eyes and we listened to KSBJ.  How can you describe the joy of hearing two simple words?  I am truly grateful.  Amy Grant did not write the song and KSBJ does not air to teach someone to talk.  But know the truth that their is one little girl out there trying because you are there.  If two words can make me feel this way, how must my Father in heaven feel when I take the time to speak to Him?  Thank you Lord and thank you KSBJ.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

My daughter is home

July 08, 2015 by Lisa

I listed a prayer request for my daughter to come home. She had been living with a young man that none of us trusted. I received instant notices of people praying for her and us. She is home but she endured beatings,psychological attacks, every time she’d try to leave he’d hide her keys and then beat her and tell her that he would send someone to kill us. I told her “I’M NOT AFRAID OF HIM OR HIS THREATS! ”  The mom in me felt like running down there and torturing him, but vengeance is My God’s right to do or not. Thank you all for your prayers! She survived this man’s abuse. But she has much healing, spiritual and psychological growth to overcome. Please pray that God and I can help connect her with the right people to support and encourage her to become the woman of God that she was created to be. Thank you again for your prayers-We are so blessed!

Giving my child back to God

July 01, 2015 by Dionne

My son Michael was diagnosed with Leukemia and then got septic and ended up in ICU on life support.  He was put in a medically induced coma and paralyzed because he had to be on a ventilator.  He went from bad to worse very fast and on the night of his 8th birthday his pulse oxygen which should had been 100% was down to 35%.  That means at 45% most of the body’s organs shut down.  We were given the night and family had come and gone.  I had been begging God to please heal him and let him live and I just realized I was doing it for my selfish reasons, not for him to be free from pain.  I told my husband that I was going to whisper to Michael that he could let go and tell God that he could have Michael because he was and is his child.  I felt a wash of peace & comfort over me.  My son got better slowly.  God healed him and he is now 28 years old and cancer free!  God is our healer!

God Truly Listens

June 26, 2015 by Sandra

On May 5 of this year my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 mouth cancer. It was devastating news for her!  We were all in shock. Her diagnosis put us all in a somber mood. This mother’s day was very sad for all of us!  She couldn’t sleep, she lost her appetite and consequently a few pounds. My father, my siblings and I were trying our best to not cry in front of her so she could see that we were being strong for her. Being a very private person, I urged her to keep the news in the family and not to tell others, but she felt she had to share her story in hopes that all her family, friends, and co-workers could pray for her.  She’s always been a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ but she rarely read the bible and never attended church. Many of the people she talked to about her diagnosis would tell her to read the bible, to start going to church, to faithfully pray and to begin a new relationship with God. She listened to every piece of advice and I could see that God was giving her the strength she needed to overcome this new and frightening challenge in her life. She slept better, regained her appetite and gained back the pounds she lost. After several doctor’s visits, body imaging scans, and bloodwork, her surgery was finally scheduled. It was a sigh of relief for all of us because it was the first major step towards her fight against cancer. In the weeks leading to her surgery the five of us (mom, dad, brother, sister and myself) rallied all of our relatives, friends and co-workers to pray for my mother. We asked God to allow her surgery to be a success and for her recovery to progress smoothly. Her surgery was yesterday. It was a 12 hour surgery which ended with no complications! She is being closely monitored and we are praying for a successful outcome. She still has a long road ahead, filled with more visits to her doctors and additional treatments, but she is faithful that God is watching over her and will free her from this disease.  I wanted to share this story to give everyone hope. God truly listens and loves us!!!  For all who are suffering or struggling in life, please DO NOT turn away from God. Embrace Him, read about Him, go to church, do your best to follow His commandments and you will see the difference He makes in your lives.

god is great

June 25, 2015 by dalia

Science goes so far and then comes God. My mom lived passed the expectancy she was given. When she was in hospice they would go in and check on her and were surprised since others with that same diagnosis were unconscious or had passed away. They kept telling us and reminding us it could happen any minute as her system shuts down and her body was not responding and they were controlling her pain yet she was eating ,talking, somewhat awake yet not able to walk or move her lower body.I was pregnant and due in July and I couldn’t care for her alone at my house anymore so we moved her to a nursing home where we visited daily. She kept telling me she wanted to meet my baby and everyday she rubbed my belly. This was my second child. My mother was so sweet ,loving and spoiled my babies always. My mom told me ” I know I won’t get to me her.”  Days passed, weeks passed and hospice and the nursing home kept telling us how surprised they were ..and for us to keep doing what we were doing.  She got worst the last week of July, 3 days before my c section date. I spent all those days and nights there till my hospital time came I left and knew that was it. I knew when I got out of hospital I wouldn’t be able to come see her..deep in my heart something told me she couldn’t hold on any longer. My daughter was born at 11 am July 29, 2014. My sisters took a video message to my mom of me and baby since we were not released yet. July 30th at 6pm, I noticed my husband got a call and changed completely and wouldn’t talk to me but I kept bugging him. I knew something happened…he responded..“she was waiting on the baby, she held on…til the end.” My daughter had her umbilical cord wrapped three times around her neck. If I would had tried natural, waited or changed the c section date my baby wouldn’t had made it….we did not know of the cord until the baby was born..I won one and lost one..only god knows why.

Feeling Blessed

June 23, 2015 by Janet

After having a tree fall on my house this past Tuesday while I was in Austin for a conference at work, I have been so thankfull that through Gods Mercy my family was not home and although we now have to put our home back together we all know, as a family, if not for God making sure we were out of the house, I would not be here today. It has been an exhausting week, lots of tears and fears and just the unknown whether we will be able to fix the house or end up splitting up our family and moving elsewhere. I raised my son and daughter myself after their father passed away and it’s been hard, a major struggle but I was able to pay off our house so we would always have a roof over our heads. Now, I don’t know what we are going to do but I trust that God has a plan and I choose to follow where he leads me.

The reason I’m writing this is to thank KSBJ for all of your musical inspiration. Three nights ago, I was hurt, angry, sitting alone in a hotel and just felt it all on my shoulders to take care of myself and my children. I turned on KSBJ and Flawless by Mercy Me was playing, then came a favorite Toby Mac Speak Life, finally He Reigns by the Newsboys. Boy I sure needed to hear those three songs that night. As I was listening to those songs, I finally felt able to breathe for the first time all week. I was finally able to just fall asleep and felt so calm and peaceful. I just wanted to let you know just much you mean to me.

Car Accident and Beyond

June 20, 2015 by Shannon

I was in a car accident which disabled me physically but praise the Lord I’m currently on forearm crutches. I came out of a violent and dangerous marriage through divorce but since then I married my high school sweet heart one year ago today. Life has been wonderful!  Prayer does work and God does listen!



Trusting God

June 19, 2015 by Albert

We found last night the amount it would take to close on our dream house.  It was a lot more than what we had anticipated.  We sat at the kitchen table and I said there’s no way.  My wife sat there teary-eyed and all and said with God it is possible.  After collecting my thoughts and seeking God, I found peace but still doubted on how we could do it. Key word, WE.

God spoke to me as I slept - trust me - nothing is impossible.  Then when I woke up KSBJ was playing over and over - Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!  I read my devotional - Philippians 4:13 - dropped to my knees and prayed not only for my financial challenge but also for KSBJs!  Then I had my wife call in ad up our pledge from $50.00 to $89.30 per month. 

God is using KSBJ to reach many in this world. Not just the lost, but Christians too, like myself that are attacked daily!  And yes, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God

God Bless!!!

A Trial turned to Trust

June 19, 2015 by Rebecca

It began with “Overcomer” by Mandisa, and that would get me started and through the day. Then “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller became my song that I could pray to and worship to: Lord, just help me keep moving forward and keep being obedient. This song encouraged me to serve and I took that opportunity as KSBJ had several events on the South side of town. These were incredible as the room filled up and the bands began to play and the worship began. I found new songs that were my favorites to worship to in the car and new artists that I could enjoy. But I gained so much just by being surrounded by other Christians in service. I had the opportunity to serve at the concert where Big Daddy Weave performed and “I Am Redeemed” was already becoming a powerful message in my life. Satan loves to remind me of all my past mistakes, but this song is like washing them all away with the blood of Jesus, all I have to do is sing it and remember what Christ did for me on the cross. Now I am “Overwhelmed” and cry tears of joy every time I think of the incredible love that my Savior has for me. I have reached a deeper faith and trust in God through this time in my life than I ever would have thought possible when I first arrived in Houston over 2 years ago. All I knew at that time was that I had to keep moving forward and that KSBJ was there for me to help remind me that my God will never leave me nor forsake me. You all are such a blessing. May you be truly blessed.

Anything is Possible With GOD

June 19, 2015 by Robin

While listening to KSBJ this morning during Sharathon I REALLY wanted to be able to give. I was not sure what I should do because I am a mother of four and married to a disabled Veteran so our only income is his VA benefits. However they kept saying anything is possible with God.

Well He completely proved that to me today! I had my tubes tied three years ago after the birth of my last son, BUT today I had a positive result on a pregnancy test. I know if God can bless me with another life in my family, He will provide the means to support my family AND allow me to share that with others. I made my monthly pledge, and I am blessed beyond measure.


June 19, 2015 by Esmeralda

My grandsons are 8 yr. old & 3 yr. old. They have been listening to KSBJ since they were infants and still listen to KSBJ every night before they go to sleep and wake up with KSBJ in morning. They listen in the car as well.  They love it, they know every song. 
We love that we can have them listen to a family radio station!!!

Ksbj changed my life

June 18, 2015 by Stacey

I truly thank God for KSBJ. I used to be chronically depressed and negative about life. I would literally wake up everyday with a dark cloud over my head but this pass January/February I heard KSBJ preaching about “choosing joy”. I realized that my emotions/feelings do not control me and everyday I started telling myself to choose to be joyful and my life has been changed ever since! Thank you Lord for revival. I love KSBJ and I love God. I will forever support this ministry. God has blessed me so I will bless others through KSBJ.

Thank You KSBJ

June 17, 2015 by lucy

I started listening to KSBJ last year during Sharathon. I remember listening to it and wanting to donate, but to be honest I didn’t I didn’t know what the radio station was about because I had only listened to it for 2 days. I always had a guilty feeling when praying to God in the past because I felt most of the time I prayed when I was in need instead of actually just praising him every chance I got. I was guilty of letting other things coming between my time with God so I love the feeling that KSBJ gives me from listening and praising everyday. After listening to you guys on and off, I finally decided to do the 30 day challenge in October of last year. I completed the challenge and haven’t changed it since. KSBJ was what I needed to bring me closer to God and make prayer and worship an everyday thing . I didn’t realize what God was building inside of me. I didn’t realize the gift that I was receiving until I received the news that my friend had breast cancer. I was devastated, but at the same time I used what I had learned and gave her words of hope. I talked to her about God - something I had never done before to anyone. I spread His word and I even showed her the Overcomer song because I told her she will get through this because she is an overcomer. I felt really blessed to be able to spread the word of God. I really want to thank KSBJ for that because your radio station did that for me. Now, I have time and I worship God everyday on my way to work and on my way back home and it just makes my day so much better and I think of God everyday thanks to you. Thank you KSBJ for making me closer to our God!

The song overcomer

June 17, 2015 by Patty kulow

My mom had a lot of things on her mind, like my dad being out of town. We had been in traffic for 15 minutes and I saw she was stressed so I asked, “please tern up the music.” She did and it was the song Overcomer and all of the stress flowed away. She had a good rest of the week.

Letting Go

June 17, 2015 by Jennifer

As with everyone, I have had so many ups and downs in my life.  It just seems that here in the last few years, they’ve all been downs.  My daughter went through some things that ended with her becoming an addict and I’ve attempted to deal with that the best way I knew how.  I lost my daddy last year.  I was unemployed for about six months last year.  The list goes on but you get the gist of it.  Throughout it all, my faith in God has never waivered.  I KNOW that He is with me always.  My problem is that I knew that I could pray to God about it and ask for his help and guidance but then I would try to handle the problem(s) on my own in my way and in my will.  Well, as I’m discovering, albeit the hard way, my way and my will aren’t God’s way and God’s will.  Throughout the last year of constantly listening to KSBJ and hearing the words to the songs, as well as other changes I have made in my life, I am learning to pray for God’s will in ALL things.  While I have a long way to go, I know now that I’m heading in the right direction.  I think it all came crashing down on me one day on the ride home from work when I was praying for my daughter and I took it a step further this time and prayed that God please watch over her even if it meant bringing her home to Him (she is not only an addict but is now a runaway and hasn’t been home for several months).  When I prayed that, I realized that that is what it truly means to do things in God’s will not my own.  I have since then been trying to do that in all aspects of my life.  While not easy, nothing worth having ever is!!

Thank you so much for always being there KSBJ!!

Faith, Hope & Prayer

June 17, 2015 by Stella

I started to listen to KSBJ after seeing the 30 day challenge on a friend’s Facebook page six months ago. I had never listened to Christian music so had no idea what to expect. I went past the 30 days and felt such a peace come from it. I listen to other stations from time to time, but I find myself coming back to KSBJ often for praise, prayer and faith.

I wish I could say things turned out exactly as I had hoped, but they didn’t. Regardless of the outcome, it has been listening to KSBJ that reminds me that God is with me at all times. The past couple of days have been really hard. I turned to KSBJ and listening to you guys gives me hope. I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I’m sure light will come soon.

Thank you for all that you do!

Sharing life with a special person!

June 16, 2015 by Bernie

His twin brother was married for 5 years and started a family but R.L felt he was getting no where. He called me and talked with me about his frustrations, I said to him, we need to pray to the LORD and he will bring you the right person he has prepared for you. We went to the LORD in prayer and when we were done, he thanked me and got off the phone.

Three days later he received a call from a girl he had talked with a year prior, who asked if he was single, if so would they meet for a cup of coffee, and they did. After they parted following the meeting, R.L called his twin twin brother and told him that he met this girl and he was going to marry her, his brother said isn’t that too soon, his reply was he was going to marry her,

Six months later, the girl and R.L are married. The wedding festivities went flawless and all is well. Her family is lovely and I (mom) am really happy for the couple and I can’t stop Thanking the LORD for such a blessing.

Birthing a Ministry

June 15, 2015 by David

Ruhamah had a client that evening (August 2014) who was eight months pregnant and about to become homeless. She talked to several staff people but found no where to refer the young woman. Driving home she cried out to God to make something happen. At that time Matthew West’s song “Do Something” came on the car radio and the Holy Spirit told her you do it.

When she comes home, she usually debriefs with me, but not that night! She said she couldn’t talk and went in our room. Later that night we did talk and prayed for direction.

The next day she called one of her accountability partners. As they prayed together the Holy Spirit revealed the name “Keturah’s House”. Later, she was praying, I can’t do this by myself and the Holy Spirit gave her names of two friends, Cheryl and Terry. The three met later in the week and “Keturah’s House” was registered in October with State of Texas. June 1st, 2015 it became a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit with the IRS!

God’s Faithfulness

June 15, 2015 by Greg

Like many residents of Meyerland and other areas of Houston, we were displaced from our home by the recent flooding.  We also lost 90% of our belongings, and both of our vehicles.  This has been a difficult challenge in itself, but we are facing an additional concern at the same time - doctors recently discovered a tumor in my abdomen.  Testing provided mixed but mostly positive results.  The doctors have enough concern that they have scheduled surgical removal, which will resolve the issue but place me in a condition where I will be of no help to my family for up to a month.  As a man, husband and father, it is a very helpless and frustrating feeling to not be able to provide for and guide my family through a difficult time.

However, through all of our difficulties, God has remained staunchly faithful and abundantly generous!  He has demonstrated His love for us through so many people and situations that it has been truly overwhelming.  It’s as though God is yelling at the top of His lungs, “I love you, and I will see you through this!”. 

One of the ways that He has encouraged us is through the ministry of music via KSBJ.  We’ve always been regular listeners of your station, but things have changed in the way we listen.  Songs have different meanings now, as viewed through the lens of hard times.  Lyrics are so much more encouraging, and help to remind us of His love and faithfulness.

Thank you so much for your labor of love through the ministry of music!  We have been daily reminded through our recent experiences that what you say is true - God really does listen!

My Miracle

June 12, 2015 by Lisa

Since Feb. of this year I have had 4 medical procedures. I used my entire flexible spending account for the whole year and had to take out a medical loan to pay for surgery. Yesterday I got a refund from my insurance company, and today I got 2 checks from the surgical center. I was shocked and started to cry because I felt God’s love in this blessing. It was unexpected! I’ve filled my iPod with christian music and listen to it at work. God knows our problems better than we do. He is Magnificent! Thanks you God for your never ending love. Thank you KSBJ for all you do for your listeners.

Healed from month long pain

June 04, 2015 by Princess

I was experiencing terrible back and neck pain and a headache for over a month.  Nothing was helping.  I went to the doctor and was taking Tylenol every 4 hours for weeks.  I finally remembered the KSBJ Prayer Board.  I submitted a request and that very day I started feeling the pain ease up.  I have been improving each day.  Thank you Jesus and thank all if you who prayed for me.  I got emails each time someone prayed and it was amazing to know strangers were interceding for me!  May the Lord repay all of you for your compassion and commitment to help others… You made a difference..

On my way to work

June 02, 2015 by Leroy

Natalie Grant’s “Your Great Name” starts with a guitar reverb over a soft music background.  With each strum of the guitar, chills run down my back and my eyes begin to water as I imagine waves of pure light washing over our planet.  The lyrics reinforcing the image of Christ’s coming with its simple statements of truth about who He is by what He has done.  Each line in the verse is like a hammer fall that rings out with absolute truth.  Tears flow as my heart yearns for him and I am never ready for the song to finish so I play it over and over and over on my way to work.  I find myself allowing more and more people to pull in front of me and just smiling.  The traffic seems to melt away from in front of me and I get to work just as quickly as if I had battled for every inch of road.  I open my car door thinking the problems I face today are not mine but his; He is in control and the battle is his if I will just keep my focus on him.  I enter my office with calm and confidence even though I know my work day is full of meetings and dealing with employee problems and I would never have heard that song except for KSBJ.  God bless and keep everyone one that has made that possible for me.

Gods Grace

May 29, 2015 by Felipe

I would like to share my life’s story about how God’s Grace has impacted an ordinary man like me. I was 17 years old fresh out of high school going to college had a huge ambition for money so got on the easy road and started selling drugs not much time passed when I got caught and was facing 5 to 25 years’ incarceration. I was not the holiest man back then at all but like an ordinary man, once in trouble, we always look for God. Well through the duration or my court process I started going to church and found my salvation and accepted God as my lord and savior.  Fought my case for a year and a half and was finally going to settle for a 2 years agreement in prison for my crime. The longer I attended church my faith started to grow . I did not give up and kept praying as time went by things didn’t look like they were going my way, so I finally said “this is it” so I got on my knees and started to pray and told my lord I have changed my life around, became a Godly man and a faithful tither. I see no hope, give me a sign that you have not forgotten me, because I was looking a prison with a mindset “if I go in I’m not coming out mentality”. Later on I got a call from the court to go and talk to the district attorney and was given a second chance.I ended up with none deferred adjudication with 5 years’ probation and had to take classes to prove I was changed like anger management course change through intervention and random drug screens. Served my probation time for 2 and a half years got out early of my punishment .My story goes to show that god loves all man good or bad come as you are and he will change your life completely around. Our lord and savior is a great God loving, caring, forgiving and awesome. His greatness and love has no limits and doesn’t matter who or what you have done he is always there for you waiting to come into our lives . I am now 25 years old and a successful Inspector that works in Houston refineries and make more than enough clearing 140k a year and I still tithe faithfully and serve him and thank him for everything he has done in my life and just want to let the whole world know what he has done in my life and if given the opportunity he will change yours too.

Jesus lives in me

May 29, 2015 by John

My life before Christ was are dark one. I am happily married however the drugs had my feelings confused , I found my thoughts straying towards other men. I new JESUS was my only help and I would still not turn to HIM . I told my wife I would go to a treatment facility ,instead I packed my bags and went and bought more drugs ,and on my way to Galveston I turned my radio on and KSBJ was playing JESUS LOVES ME at this moment my life changed cause I knew JESUS LIVED IN ME and I COULD NOT PUT THESE DRUGS INTO JESUS’ BODY ANYMORE !  I ended up dumping the drugs out and burning the bags and the thoughts I had of men were gone and now I STAY FOCUSED ON ONE MAN ,JESUS CHRIST AND HIS WORD! I am a strong believer THROUGH JESUS CHRIST ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Today I am 99 days sober and my marriage has been restored with my wife. My radio stays on KSBJ and I read The BIBLE daily !God is GOOD! I Thank God for sending us the Christian singers and song writers and KSBJ for getting GOD’S WORD out through music ! IT CHANGED MY LIFE !

My walks with God

May 27, 2015 by Cheryl

I wanted to share my story about my renewed faith and how the music on KSBJ has helped me so much. My life was in shambles. Suffering from chronic pain due to back issues,  I ended up turning to alcohol to dull it. My relationship with my son and his fiancé suffered greatly,  and almost nightly I prayed for God to just come take me home. I finally had surgery for the back issue, stopped drinking, and when released to begin exercising, I started daily 2 mile walks.  As I’m walking,  I’m listening to the uplifting music on KSBJ, which allows me to set a pace while focusing on the message God needs me to hear. It helps me to drown out all of the noise in my head and redirect my focus to him alone. While I haven’t yet reconciled with my son and his fiancée,  through the music I’m reminded that the healing will come from God, and that I must turn it over to Him. And that through faith all things are possible!  Through these “Walks with God” and the christian music,  my soul is being refreshed and I’m feeling so much more peaceful inside. I’m still a work in progress, but with God’s help I’ll get there!  Thanks for the music and please pray for reconciliation in my relationship!

God extinguished a fire with his fingertips

May 18, 2015 by Maria

My name is Maria and I live in Columbus, Texas and my son Chris lives in Rockport, Texas. He called me this morning to say he was getting ready for work.  When he got out of the shower his house was full of smoke. He quickly looked around and found flames coming out of the roof.  He called 911 and the fire dept arrived 10 minutes later.  They extinguished the fire and the Fire Chief told my son they could not determine the cause of the fire.  He continued to tell my son that he doesn’t understand how his mobile home did not go up in flames.  In all his career he’s never seen a mobile home with that amount of flames coming out of it and not totally being engulfed in flames.  So many things that could have happened didn’t.  It didn’t happen while he was asleep, which the smoke would have probably killed him .  It didn’t happen while he was at work and was at home to call for help.  The good Lord was definitely looking out for my son.  As a mother feeling totally helpless not being able to help I turned to God and prayed that he would save my son’s home.  That He had the power to extinguish the flames with his fingertips ...and he did.  I want to tell my story to let everyone know that God does listen and there is power in prayer.


May 18, 2015 by ELIZABETH

On 7/2011, I was 8 months pregnant and was told I was high risk. The doctors said during my delivery a cardiac arrest team was going to be considered. I got sad, for a moment, but then said Lord you are in control, later that afternoon, I told my husband if it was ok to go to the mall and walk around to distract myself and even buy some sandals. So we headed to San Jacinto mall. From all the stores in a mall, I went in to payless and while I was in the store looking, suddenly, 2 girls ages 10-12 approached me and said “Excuse me, would you like for us to pray for you, we are from a church youth ministry and we are praying for people who need prayer. The eyes of these girls were so conveying of assurance of Gods faithfulness. I felt like the Lord was telling me “ask and you shall receive your miracle thru these beautiful little girls.” I said, of course. We can pray for my future baby due pretty soon, that he be a healthy baby”. I didn’t feel any shame; the girls extended their hands towards me. We held hands in the middle of the aisle not thinking who was around me. What I knew was that the Lord was there, telling me through these prayer warriors that he was in control, not to be afraid. I thanked the girls, as they were leaving, I heard them excitedly telling their youth pastor, we got one, we prayed for somebody. They were excited and happy for the job they had accomplished. Praise the lord for these beautiful girls. After I left the store, I felt so light, and convinced that everything was going to be alright. After previous miscarriages, I was afraid to purchase baby furniture, clothes etc. For my present pregnancy, well after praying with the young prayer warriors, I told my husband take your credit card out. We are going shopping for our baby… My faith grew to a different level. In the mist of trouble, I must stand still and believe without doubting, in our lord Jesus Christ. The story continues, I had my son, Samuel 8lbs, we were in intensive care, but were stable and doing well. I continued to put my trust in God completely. That same day I delivered my son my husband tells me that he was going home to refresh a little, along with my 3yrs old son. Well, on the way home, my husband has a car accident, the vehicle flipped over three times on the freeway. I didn’t know anything until the next day; my reaction was omg, my son, my husband, are they ok. I had to be strong, very strong, and put my emotions to the side and trust in god completely. My little boy, Isaac walked away from the scene with no major injuries; a little bruise on his cheek, my husband was hospitalized, but was stable and recovering. I praise God for he is good, my faith was put to action in the middle of trouble, and I could say that we had the victory in Jesus Christ. Amen,


May 12, 2015 by Lynn

I just wanted to take a moment to praise God for the great things he is doing for my family and I. I used to work a full time and part time job. I’ve been working part time only with a few side jobs this year and thankfully God keeps providing for us. Every time I get a little worried about not having enough money a side job comes in. I am just amazed at his timing and blessings. Thank you KSBJ for helping me keep up the faith and grow closer to GOD! I try not to worry because I know he will provide for us but sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. I know I’m not strong enough but that he is strong enough for me! Thanks!

Change Your Focus

May 05, 2015 by leroy

Bumper to bumper traffic, people cutting you off after you have waited for ten minutes to get to the off ramp, people using the access ramps to pass you and cut in front of you, four lanes of traffic just sitting on a turnpike for what appears to be no reason at all when you are late to work, traffic in Houston will test your self control but then you turn on KSBJ and you hear God speak to you through song and your focus changes.  Soon the traffic starts moving again and then you find you are parked in front of your work wanting to stay in your car just until this last song finishes.  God bless KSBJ, those who work there and those that make it possible.

Saved by God

May 01, 2015 by Ricky

On Monday, April 26th, 2015 (just a few days ago) I was on my way to work and was taking curve when I passed a semi. As I was passing, my car lurched towards the semi, about to go under the trailer. I swerved to the right and lost control of my car. As I went into the ditch I remember thinking that this was it- I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, and there was a line of trees directly ahead of me. Suddenly I hit the bank of the ditch and my car was airborne. I shut my eyes as the impact happened, but when I stopped, I realized not only was I still alive, I could still move. Some people who saw the crash rushed over, pried open my passenger door and helped me out of my vehicle, calling the paramedics to take me to the hospital. Everybody was saying I was incredibly lucky, but I was so stunned and in shock I didn’t realize why.

The next day, my grandfather and I went to get my car from the tow yard. As we walked up to my car it dawned on me just how blessed I was. My entire front end was destroyed. Apparently the car had been stopped by two trees the exact distance apart as the width of my car. I had launched at such a perfect angle that these two trees caught my car in mid air, keeping me from ramming a third, even bigger tree head on. The only thing I could think was how truly blessed I was, and how God must have guided my car to the one safe spot that ensure my survival.

Today, I am back at work, banged up, but alive. While my car is destroyed, I am blessed to be alive to tell my story, and how God saved me from certain tragedy. This is an incident that gives me even more reason to be thankful for the grace of God, and looking forward to the blessings of the future.

Elijah a gift from my father

April 30, 2015 by Mkaria

Now it makes sense that every person, every thing happened in my life were for a reason.. We have been married for 21 years and were unsuccessful in having a baby, we decided to try IVF and after 1st try we ran out of $. Right after the 1st fail I got a job offer at Texas Children’s where at the time I didn’t know pays for IVF up to 20k, during this time I was in the internet and saw this information, well of course after seeing this I took the job. I thought it was God wanting me to do this and he did , but not for the reason I thought. I took the job, and once again the IVF failed, we were heart broken, but I kept my faith. The job I took will take in a lot of children with superior health well. I did not know this meant foster children. Even through I am extremely shy I wanted more and more information. One day I told my husband lets do this, I feel this is the reason God put me in this job, so we did, even though his family was against it. God put people in my life that were close to him and talked to me about him, so I kept getting closer to God. We finished all the required classes and on my birthday I received a paper saying we did qualify and got our licence… On my mother-in-laws birthday, a person who was against us doing this,  we received Elijah, a 7 day old baby.. and it just happens that my sons birthday is the same day my mother-in-laws mother and brother who are now in heaven with God is… That made her love him even more…. We have had Elijah in our lives 13 month now and I would not change dose days for nothing, he is the light of our home, my life, my reason to get up every morning, everything he does is so special and I thank God every day for him, everyday… Thank you for praying for us when we thought we were about to lose him and it has been a rocky and emotional road, but all worth it….We still have not adopted him, but are in the process… God is amazing, because now I see why he put people in our lives… I feel so blessed… I have no words to describe this feelings and how grateful I am to our father in heaven… and to you and your prayer volunteers.

Caleb Abrahm

April 26, 2015 by AYESHA

I am so encouraged by KSBJ… This is my testimony , my son CALEB when he was 2yrs old out of the blue he started a seizure with no fever and no cause so we were so panicked , but in all this I heard Gods voice saying; “Don’t Fear”
Caleb was diagnosed with EPLILEPSY , We were so broken and did not know why all this happened. We are such strong believers of our Faith in Christ . I had all these “WHYS”; that I kept asking God . One day when I was driving I heard this song “VOICE OF TRUTH” .. in the beginning I could not hear the full song because I was so overwhelmed by grief. With tears rolling down my face I pulled over and just burst out in tears. All I could hear from this song was ” this is for my Glory, this is for my Glory” .These words kept coming to my mind time and again . I came home and looked up this song to see what did it mean….......when I heard the full song I was so touched and I knew that GOD has a purpose in this situation , I surrendered it and said “God now you take over” . Caleb is on medication , all test are negative medically nothing can be found, I know it’s spiritual,  God spoke to me saying :“IN HIS TIME HE WILL MAKE ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL”.
  It has not been easy ever since , but now he is 6yrs old doing so much better .. he has not had a seizure in 5yrs thanks to my Heavenly father. He still struggles with school but I know God will make a way for him, I happened to read about Mark Hall and his childhood and realized why God wanted me to hear that Particular song, because that’s what my Caleb went through too .. God bless Casting Crowns .
Thank you KSBJ every time I feel low in spirit about CALEB , God will always Play ” VOICE OF TRUTH ” for me reminding me that he has it in His plan .

God Listens

April 23, 2015 by Ashley

He has been revealing Himself to me and showing me the path I need to take and giving me strength and courage to take it, and giving me help daily to get through each day.

God Outsmarts the Doctors!

April 22, 2015 by Penny

I have rare and severe Crohn’s disease that affects my stomach and makes it difficult and painful to eat among many other challenging symptoms.  BUT, I am completely blessed to have amazing family and friends that pray for me on a regular basis.

I have been to doctors all over the US with the last two doctors telling me that they are amazed at how good I look on the outside because most people with the severity of illness that I have are completely debilitated and in a wheelchair.

I do have hard days, but I am a mom to 3 young boys, I own my own stationery business and I even get to play tennis once or twice a week.  I am so grateful for every day without pain and for every moment I get with my kids because I KNOW that all those prayers are completely sustaining me and my family. 

Despite the struggles I have with my health, my amazing husband and I have grown in our marriage, in our faith and our priorities have truly changed.  We are grateful for even a day without pain, for good health and words cannot express the gratitude for the friends and family that pray for us and who put us on prayer lists all over the country.  We are blessed beyond measure.  God is good.  ALL the time.

new friend believer

April 17, 2015 by elizabeth

One day I was reading the bible and I had a friend come up to me ask what I was reading and I said the bible. I asked her does she know God and she said no and that is when I talked to her about God and what he did for us. Me and her talked about God for three days straight and then a day later she came to me and said I want to become a Christian. So after we prayed that day I said come with me to church and learn more. After all the praying and talking we did she came to know the Lord, our savior, at school.  She now comes to church every Sunday. One week later she got baptized.

Praise God for Healings

April 14, 2015 by Carol

I believe it was 1 to 1 1/2 yrs ago I requested prayer for my brother who was having heart issues. In March 2014 a month before his heart surgery he died for 30 min at the VA in Houston. We were told he would not make it and if he did he would have brain damage due to the length of time the Dr.s worked on him in the ER. The very next day God woke him up out of his coma and much to the amazement of the Dr.s he does not have brain damage. He had his heart surgery in April 2014 and we celebrated his life on his 69th birthday Sept 2014. We just celebrated Good Friday together and we are looking forward to a big 70th birthday party this coming Sept…I heard what the Dr.s said and I saw how grim things looked to the natural eye but as 3 different Dr.s talked to me about my brothers condition I chose to continue reading the Word of God over him. I claimed his healing by faith, God’s promise and chose to believe beyond what I was being told or could see. Praise God for Healing!!

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