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God Stories: Lives impacted by KSBJ & NGEN


February 04, 2018 by Patsy

I decided that where ever I went I would look the person in the eye and say hello and smile at them. I got lots of smiles back, and I hope it changed someone’s day. I know it sure did mine. Still doing it!

Always Be Grateful

February 01, 2018 by Renee

I listen every day and I’ve experienced first hand the power of praise. Also Pray Down at High Noon has become an avid part of my life. It reminds me daily to never forget where my blessings come from. Thank you for everything that KSBJ and the team/family does. You are ALL greatly appreciated. I pray many blessings to you. God bless you!

Let Dad Go To Heaven

February 01, 2018 by Norma

Seeing Mom suffering after my dad passed away…it was too much for me. I started feeling so depressed and anxious. One day after visiting the cemetery myself, I asked God for help and find out about the radio station 89.3 and the 30 Day Challenge, that I didn’t even know what that was.

I have almost 18 months that I have been challenging myself and recognizing God as my Savior. Now, I serve at my church in the Choir along with my husband, and my youngest daughter. Mom attends the Choir practice with us and I see her more relaxed and closed to God.

Loss and Recovery

February 01, 2018 by Donna

I’d been listening to the local country western station, because for me, music is a soother. I grew up playing in a band in high school and have a love and appreciation for music built from that foundation. The result is a fairly eclectic taste in music. When my husband died, I started feeling like the country station just wasn’t doing it for me, so I got my Christian CD’s out, copied them to a flash-drive and was using that in my car as I traveled around Houston doing the job I love, helping others with emotional pain. I myself was hurting and was often seen in my car chatting with Jesus who rides shotgun every day with me. When I had to get the battery replaced, I’d been using a loaner and took the stick with me to the loaner car. When I got my car back from the shop, all of my preset stations were gone and I’d forgotten the stick in the loaner car. I did get the stick back, but in the meantime, my car station was preset to 89.3. I sat in shock as I listened to song after song of uplifting music and then heard the banter of the two DJ’s as they relayed the 30 day challenge and the purpose.

At the end of the 30 days the love that sticks came along and I kept listening. The stick never got put back and the beauty here, I told my friend about the 30 Day Challenge, and he listens now every day as well and we’ve been spreading it around to anyone that will listen. So as I drive around Houston ministering to others in emotional pain, with Jesus riding shotgun and KSBJ on the radio, I get my emotional needs met and the peace that I’d been struggling to find again after the loss of my husband has returned.  I still miss him but I know I’ll see him again when we all go home. Thank you for being there every day with the laughter, the joy, and the peace.

My Story

February 01, 2018 by RUTH

I have been listening to KSBJ for over 2 years now when I gave my life back to Jesus. I had so much hurt and so many regrets that I was holding onto for many years after losing all my immediate family and feeling like God had abandoned me and I couldn’t understand why. Well I got back into my Lakewood Church family and along with that, started listening to KSBJ, and I have so much Peace in my life now and I give all the Glory and Praise to my Jesus who in reality never let me go. KSBJ keeps me grounded, and my eyes on what matters - JESUS. I always get blessed every day listening to the beautiful, uplifting music you play. I never change my station at work, in my car, and at home. Today I can say that I am blessed and will never let go of Jesus again. Thank you KSBJ for all you do for all of us. I truly do appreciate your music, testimonies that hit home with a lot of us and help us through our struggles. KSBJ is a Blessing to me.

Finding KSBJ

February 01, 2018 by Donna

I found KSBJ about a year ago, and once I did it became my radio station to listen to. It has great music and fun hosts that share wonderful life stories and even jokes. I begin my day listening to your station and throughout the day. And I really like Mr. Bill and his wonderful history about Houston.
Thank you for providing a great station focused on our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Love it!

Carpooling With Jesus

February 01, 2018 by Andrew

My story is that I used to listen to a lot of political talk or Sports talk. Well, I began noticing that the kids in my carpool were arguing and fussing with each other. I started playing KSBJ and my knob does not move. My son and the two other kids (a brother & sister) I pick up are less argumentative and even singing along. Plus it helps prepare me for my day as an active PE Coach. Thank you for the encouragement and the positive message. I have been able to share encouragement with others. God is so good. Keep sharing the love of Jesus.

Joy Unspeakable

February 01, 2018 by Billy

I must say that KSBJ has always been so uplifting to my wife and I. I only listen to KSBJ and have for some years now so I’m on a lifetime challenge. The music, the stories of how God uses this station to touch so many lives for the Kingdom of the most high God is beyond measure, if I’m having any sort of difficulty in life (which we all face at some point) God always plays the right song at the perfect time to lift me up and encourage me to keep on keeping on with God as my center focus, laser focus, looking into Jesus the author and finisher of my faith. Glory to God in the highest!

My uncle got my twin brother and me to start listening way back in the ‘80s. (Now back then I didn’t always listen to KSBJ but I sure knew that when I did I knew that I would hear amazing Godly music and amazing stories of how God touched others!) But now I only listen to this station or some amazing CD’s of amazing preachers like Andrew Womack, Kenneth Copeland, and others to keep the word feeding my spirit, because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, not having heard. I love you and I thank you for your years of faithfulness to the Kingdom. God bless you beyond measure! Your brother in Christ,

Bad For Business

January 31, 2018 by Steve

I’m a Christian psychotherapist in Pasadena, and some of my depressed clients have said they have taken the 30 Day Challenge, and now report feeling much happier, fulfilled, and hopeful. Please stop this immediately! It is very bad for my business! They aren’t needing me as much as before!

Seriously, they have told me how much it has helped them and I just wanted y’all to know that our God heals and uses KSBJ in so many ways to do so. Keep up the good work and thanks for the 30 Day Challenge! When KSBJ first went on the air, I was blessed to be the first Saturday afternoon DJ (that’s right, we really spun vinyl albums!) We had no idea how God was going to grow and use KSBJ 30+ years later! As my first boss, Buddy, used to say, “To God be the glory”!

Grieving Widow

January 31, 2018 by Melanie Thomas

I lost my husband about 13 years ago and my friend Kym told me about your station! I entered a 30 Day Challenge contest, and actually won a book from you guys many years ago.

What an amazing difference this station has made in my life! I have found and experienced so much peace! It’s like the Lord knows what I need to hear! I heard Danny Gokey’s story and can identify with him being a widow! Before KSBJ, I didn’t know who this man was! I praise God for you all, and for the artists that minister to our hearts. I’m thankful for the Word that is spoken on this station and thankful that I can ride in the car and be at peace knowing that God listens!

3 Years and Counting

January 31, 2018 by Melody

I took the 30 Day Challenge 3 years ago, and have been listening ever since. I rarely listen to anything but gospel music. It feeds my souls and reminds me that He is always as close as a whispered prayer!

Taking KSBJ With Me!

January 31, 2018 by Michelle

Due to an unwanted and unexpected divorce, I moved from Houston, where I fell in love with KSBJ, to Nevada. I left my 21-year-old son, several good friends, and I thought I was leaving my friends at KSBJ!
But I’m glad to say I was so wrong! You guys are with me, still reminding me that “God Listens” each and every day!!

Victory: My 30 Day Challenge

January 31, 2018 by Harold

Victory on the 30 Day Challenge is easy since KSBJ plays such wonderful inspirational music. As I stated above, KSBJ has me “hooked”. I find so much Joy in the music and the DJs, and the traffic reports are great. The “Whole Enchilada”, so to speak. You can’t beat it.

I do Volunteer work 4+ Days a week with Seniors, and I try to give them the message of KSBJ. music.

A Vision From JESUS During Harvey Hurricane

January 28, 2018 by Nina Sharver

I was watching TV the day of Hurricane Harvey. People being rescued and with the water high on their waist. I closed my eyes to pray for them, and I saw JESUS in a vision. He was looking at everything that was happening and He had His hands on His head walking from one side to the other one. He looked like He was suffering. After that I saw the ground… it was dark soil. Very rich and perfectly clean. Like it was fresh. immediately after I saw the soil I saw beautiful little plants with flowers coming up from the soil. That was my vision!

I totally got the meaning of the vision. What it means is “JESUS was suffering, He was aware of all this catastrophe, but He had to let it happen so people will plant seeds of helping each other. He showed me that those seeds will bring flowers (blessings) to the people of Houston and all areas that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.

I thought to share it before but I didn’t do it. I want to do it because I believe JESUS wants me to share what He has given me as a Revelation. God Bless you all abundantly!

God Answered Our Prayers

January 17, 2018 by C Salinas

On Monday, my friend James thought he was going back to jail and possibly prison, because someone failed to change his personal information back in 2013. The fear was so horrible as all he and his wife could think on Monday night, was that their entire world they have been building, living to serve God, was about to vanish.

I got on my knees and prayed so hard for this man that is seeking true justice for what happened to him as a minor when he was unjustly convicted. I prayed for their hard work not to vanish because of someone else’s mistake. I asked God to allow understanding and much mercy for the error of someone else to be brought to the light.

I wept so hard on bended knees and prayed harder than I have prayed in a long time for a MIRACLE. On Tuesday at 9:36 AM, God answered our prayers. All things were cleared up and made right. God is slowly helping him find the right people to help him seek truth and justice for his injustice. God has changed this man from being the most hated man in prison to the most tender, loving and God fearing man that he has become today. He is still working on the rough edges to become a Diamond for the Lord to serve Him one day full-time with his wife by his side. Thank You, God for the miracle that was granted to James and his wife. Although many do not see past James’ past and unjust conviction, God and a few others see him as one of God’s sons that has been restored back to be an example and plant seeds. We now pray that God will open the doors wide open for justice to be sought, and for his deliverance to help others one day see that God loves all - even with burdens as heavy as James’.

My First Job

January 03, 2018 by Leah

On my way to my job interview for Chick-fil-A, I was really anxious and nervous. As I listened to KSBJ in the parking lot, the song “Just Breathe” came on and it made me feel so much better. I had confidence in myself. On December 24th, I got accepted to work for Chick-fil-A. I’ve done my training hours and it was amazingly surprisingly fun, Thank you KSBJ for playing the songs at the right time when I’m not feeling good, or when I just need a song to lighten me up. Your station helps me through my day and so much more. God listens always.


December 26, 2017 by Faith

I am grateful for the songs that say I am not less than God. I am doing just fine. My journey to sobriety has been truthful and honest. I struggle a lot, but I know when I do, God is with me. Certain songs about protection silence my thoughts.

The Joy Pledge Is So Much More

December 21, 2017 by Judy

On August 26th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey busted through. I sat at a window on the 10th floor of the hospital in Galveston. Doctors had just told me my husband only had a few more days, but within a couple hours, he was gone. He had stage 4 lung cancer. There I was, alone and trapped at the hospital. I called my daughter to tell her about her dad, and she said they were going to drive the 60 miles to come get me. The depression hit me hard. Every day was harder than the day before. The holidays were quickly approaching and I had NO joy. I continued to listen to KSBJ as it was the only comfort I felt.

Then they started the Joy Pledge. It angered me. How could I feel joy? My husband of 41 years was gone, money tight, bills mounting up, nothing was going right. Over and over again I’d hear “I choose joy…’. Suddenly it started to sink in. I cranked up the Christmas music on KSBJ as I baked some Christmas cookies for some friends. Next thing I know, I’m dancing to the music (I don’t dance) - I felt joy. I was reciting the pledge along with the radio. For the first time in months I felt happiness, joy and hope. Thank you KSBJ for pounding that pledge into my head. It broke through my darkness. I believe I’m going to be just fine now.

I Choose Joy

December 10, 2017 by John

My love and I were married two days after Christmas in my little white home church. The church was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and two huge white poinsettias had been added for the ceremony. As we left the church as husband and wife, those gathered sang “Joy to the World”. Seeking joy, that song became part of our marriage’s legacy. After 28 years together, my love began arduous treatments for a rare and aggressive cancer. The challenges were horrendous. One day she said to me, “Am I crazy? I am so happy.” With the help of her prayer circle, she had found joy in her circumstances. We even closed her memorial service by singing “Joy to the World”.

The grief process was hard and lonely. When “Joy to the World” was played at church, tears streamed down my face as I silently praised God for my marriage. I learned that you CAN feel joy with a broken heart. Through prayer, support, and counseling I have a new and joyful life. The joy challenge is a blessing to me because it helps me keep my eyes on Jesus. Last night I sang “Joy to the World” with my heart full of thanksgiving.

Prisoner for Christ

November 29, 2017 by James

My name is James. Words cannot describe the fear and sadness I was lost in. In complete bondage to fear and addiction, afraid of everything and using drugs, I was arrested for about the 30 something time for drug possession. In September 2016 I was sentenced to a 1 year drug treatment prison facility in Missouri called Ozark Correctional Center; a Gateway Foundation intense long term therapeutic community collegiate model drug treatment camp. I was 33 years old. I suffered from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and turned to drugs for comfort at a young age.

I desired change, but for 33 years I could not escape the grips of satan. I prayed to God for help. I prayed to God for death. I wanted my life to end desperately.

Before I was sentenced to this facility, I spent 14 months in God’s Word in jail in Texas and Missouri. Along with these preachings, I got a hold of a book called “From Faith to Faith” by Kenneth Copeland and a Bible. Rather than conform to what others were doing, I stood alone and I sought God with my whole heart. I applied the teaching in the Word to my life with genuine obedience. The Word began to take root in my Spirit and I began to grow. I continued to seek, I continued to be taught, I continued to be an example, I continued to encourage others, I continued to pray for people that would spit at me, and swing fists at my face. I ignored the naysayers as I walked alone as a quiet witness in places where people were afraid to walk alone. Little did I know God was about to show up…

On December 3rd 2016, in OCC in Fordland, Missouri, I walked up to the Chapel because I was trying to get a DOC Job there. I walked into a full Chapel and sat in the back row as the band “Bert Smith and The Walk” played and “Sons of Thunder Ministries” stood by a few chairs imitating an altar. One of the Chapel Clerks sitting behind the desk walked up to me and grabbed my hand and led me to the altar. There was a visiting preacher named Josh who I had never met before. He looked at me and said, “Do you have anything you’d like to pray to God for?” I said shyly, “I don’t know, he brought me up here”, pointing to my friend who brought me up there. He said, “Well what do you want ask God?” I said, “Well, I want to make this chapel a more loving environment than it is (being a prison chapel) but I lack the courage to talk to people really.” He said, “Alright James, (reading my DOC name tag) we’re going to pray for boldness”.

As we knelt to pray, as if I was hit by an anvil, I was knocked to my face as I felt this tremendous pressure pushing my face to the floor as tears began to fall. I couldn’t lift my head but my nose never touched the ground. As Josh is praying with his hand on my shoulder he begins laughing uncontrollably while he’s praying things that only God could know. As he’s praying, being steadily interrupted by his own loud joy-filled laughter, I felt this intense tugging from the pits of my stomach. I felt as if I were “heaving” tears as my gut wrenched and my face felt as if something was pulling me. (I remember trying to hold back because I didn’t want to cry in Prison but the tugging/wrenching continued harder and harder. This continued for maybe a full minute or so. (I also had bruises on my knees from the weight pushing me into the floor) I stood up, in tears still overcome with “Joy” is the only way I can describe it in the natural. Josh stood up, in tears. I looked at him smiling and crying and said, “Thank you, whoever you are.” He says, with a smile on his face and tears falling from his eyes, “THAT’S THE POWER OF GOD MAN!” Everyone in the room was in awe as the Spirit of God filled the room. I stood worshiping with my hands to the sky smiling and crying, just praising God.

He then walks over to me and says, “The Holy Spirit is about to leave, you may feel a jolt.” I felt this intense feeling of tears and sadness for just a second as I said “Please No.” He said Don’t worry James, He said I will never leave you nor forsake you, now every time you read your bible and pray He will return. The Lord is zealous with you, I want you to read Acts Chapter 2.” As the service is now ending, he shakes my hand and he says “Get Ready”...

As I leave the service I am filled with what I can only describe as “Joy” in the natural. This was not a feeling. This was a very strong presence. It affected everyone around me. I go to a service next door, and as I’m sitting at a small bible study table, my eyes suddenly get very heavy and im blinking because they kinda hurt. Suddenly, something overwhelms me and causes me to look around the room. I look into a sea of people and I see a bunch of lost children through eyes of compassion. I can’t sit still at this point, I felt complete purpose. As I looked from one person to the next it was as if they had crosshairs on them and something like a tractor beam was drawing me from one individual to the next. (I don’t speak unless spoken to, I walk around with blinders on so to speak, so this feeling is not of my own will). I then felt God’s pleasure with some, and compassion and empathy for others. When someone made me laugh, I remember feeling, “God is pleased with this character, this personality, this is one of his children who creates laughter and joy for others.” When someone was hurting, I could see it and feel it, and I wanted to help them. I also saw demons manifest in the eyes and faces of some and others my presence just made them smile.

As I head back to my living quarters, (imagine a barracks; people hanging out talking, cards, etc.) I get up on my bunk, and I remember feeling this peace unlike ever before. My mind was clear, focused, no rushing thoughts, blank, with songs of worship 24 hours a day in my inner Spirit (and it’s been like this ever since). As I close my eyes to pray, I see a man in the blacks of my eye lids. As if a lit sparkler traced the night sky, I see a man with long hair and a robe…Applauding.

It was Jesus.

I still don’t fully understand what happened to me that day, but I know I don’t need to. Im just thankful to be given vision and focus, and a chance to enjoy my future. I will just continue to seek Him and walk with Him and try to be my best. I no longer have to let feelings of defeat or my senstive emotions get me down to the point of giving up ever again. I have hope.. And that is means everything.

I was released yesterday, Nov. 27th from OCC Long Term Treatment Prison. This experience happened 1 year ago. I live in Houston, Texas and I am currently looking for a church to get involved with in or around the Northwest Houston/Cypress area. If anyone knows where I can get involved and grow I would sure appreciate any help/advice. Thank you smile

- James

Through The Storm

November 27, 2017 by Denise Ratliff

I was in Hurricane Katrina. I was very scared and I could see that right in front of my eyes was death. I walked through all that water in order to get where I had to go, but I still was scared and alone. I prayed and prayed, hoping that someone would come through and get me because it was very dark out there at night and very scary. People where still killing one another. I just got on my knees and asked God to please help me get me to a safe place where I could get my life back on track, and to watch over my family also. I finally got into a boat, and I cried and cried. I remember the officer saying that I would be OK now. I know this had to be God’s doing. I got somewhere safe, but I was still worried about my family there because they had my son as well.

God is so awesome! My life was gone right before my eyes, but I’m still here thanking God for all He has done for me. I want to get closer to God because I need him in my life today and forever.

Working Hard

November 27, 2017 by Drew

I had a report I had to take notes on, and first I complained about doing it, but then I realized I needed to remember to Choose Joy. So I took notes and I thought about the Joy Pledge. And so I said it out loud. That is why I CHOOSE JOY!

I Choose Joy.
When I Keep My Eyes On Jesus, I Have Joy.
When I Lose It, I Will Choose It and Be Strong.

God’s Protection

November 17, 2017 by Selene

After working so many extra hours at his job, my 23 year old son was so happy to be able to put some money aside for Christmas. He went to cash his check at about 7:30pm at a check cashing place. He then went to his car and separated the money he was saving for Christmas, and the money for his bills, and put part of it in his wallet. Afterwards, he headed to a Walgreens to pick up some things that were needed at home. As he exited his car and closed the door, two young males came from behind him and proceeded to rob him at gunpoint. One pointed a gun to his head and the other to his back. They took his money from his pocket which was about $500 and left in a hurry in a dark vehicle. My son was in shock and called the police to make a report when he got home.

I pray for God’s protection to be with us each and every day. I know God was there with him because they did not hurt him and I just want to say I am so thankful. I listen to KSBJ everyday and I am thankful for everything you do. This morning while listening, I was just so compelled to share this with you and to say thank you.

Material things can be replaced but one’s life cannot. God’s love is great and he never leaves our side even in our darkest hours.



November 13, 2017 by Katherine Taylor

I want to tell you an amazing story of when I was in foster care. When I was in foster care, I was moved around from house to house until finally I was put into a wonderful family that adopted me in 2013, all because of God’s help. I want to thank God for everything.

I also want to tell kids that are in foster care that they shouldn’t give up hope. That God is there with them and He is going be with you every house and then He will know that this is the right family to be with. I know because it happened to me. I was moved from house to house, I was about to give up, until God finally helped me and answered my mom’s and dad’s prayers and they got their wish. I want to let kids know that God is there with them and they shouldn’t give up. God knows when it is a right time and if it is the right family to be with. Because now I am with a wonderful family that loves me, and there is a wonderful family that will love you too. Any foster kids who are reading this: DON’T GIVE UP! GOD IS THERE FOR YOU! And you will know when the time is right and when the family loves you - just like God loves us all!


October 26, 2017 by Thessy

Everybody has a story of success, but mine goes like this: I finished my degree this year in May, and went to take my final exam full of confidence. However, I failed and when I went to retake the exam, I failed yet again. But the one thing that kept me going was the kind of music I listen to on KSBJ. The songs are so encouraging and made me know no matter how many times you fall, you have to rise and face the challenge.

Well I took the test for 3rd time and I passed with trust and hope in God. So with God all things are possible. If there is anything you are struggling with, know that God’s time is the best. At the appointed time God will perfect all that concerns you. He makes everything beautiful in His own time.

Praise be to God!

God’s Power

October 24, 2017 by Kim

I know God is real, because last year on my son’s birthday, my husband and I were in a motocycle accident and walked away with only road rask! We have been riding for over 30 years and this was our FIRST accident.

But the truly amazing thing is that my son has been in 3 motorcycle wrecks this year (all someone else’s fault - running into him from behind) and has walked away from ALL 3 with NO injuries! God is great and awesome all the time!!!

Houston You Are Not Alone

October 16, 2017 by angela

While I am sure many will share, I have to tell you guys how much it meant to me to see the world through God’s eyes last night. The folks behind me were Latino and Vietnamese. Others in front of me were African-American and mixed race. Everyone seemed to know all the songs - from Tasha Cobbs to Hillsong - and I was overwhelmed by the unity of voices, but more so the presence of God’s spirit. No pushing, no shoving, no biting commentary under their breath, just joy in the Lord and shared love for His grace after the storm. Thank you guys for showing me that the news is not the story of the USA in these trying times. God’s love transcended the news’ negativity and I drove home singing praises to God! Bless KSBJ for building common ground through Grace.

Answered Prayers - Big & Small

September 06, 2017 by Kyle

God has answered the prayers of a little girl! Since we left our house on August 27, Lucinda (6yrs old) has been praying every night for her first pet that was left behind to weather the storm. Our home is located between the dams and is still under mandatory evacuation orders, so we have not been able to access it. I spoke with the team at Westside command and mentioned that I had a pet rescue that needed to take place 10 days after the storm. The team leaped into action with the precision and organization of a well-oiled machine - flood maps were consulted, current patterns were evaluated (we were in a high current area), vehicles were being scrambled… About 5 minutes into the planning, I was asked what type of animal needed to be rescued 10 days into the flood. This team was ready for anything - horses, rabbits, dogs, cats… I told them it was a fish. The sigh of disappointment was heard like thunder rumbling through the adhoc rescue team only to return seconds later with laughter. I reassured the team that I was serious, and that I thought there was a strong chance that the fish would be alive. The next day, a routine boat patrol was able to access the house and recover the fish. As funny as it seems, the fish is now back in the care of my daughter that loves it like only a mother can. Lucinda was reunited with her beloved fish last night and I captured her reaction on video.

From horses to fish, God knows the desires or our hearts and when two or more are gathered on bent knees, He hears our petitions and prayers.

A Flooding Miracle

August 29, 2017 by Jorge

We prayed non-stop during the flooding that God would intervene and keep our home as well as our neighbors homes from being flooded and stranding us in what appeared to be the lake that surrounded us. Yesterday evening, as the water approached our homes,  I asked God for a miracle because I knew that the flooding of our homes was imminent and certain and only a miracle would stop the flood! Myself and our neighbors prepared as best we could by stacking our furniture within our respective homes to try and save what we could and constantly prayed. Well God answered with a miracle! The water dramatically receded during the night and never entered our homes…unbelievable but believable because ALL things are possible through Christ!!

Angel Armies

August 19, 2017 by Jenel

I was being let go from my job, and I was heading into my last day when I heard a new song come on KSBJ. The words in this song stuck in my head and my heart - “The God of Angel Armies its always by my side”.  I held on to that phrase as I went through that very tough day. I had no idea where I would find my next job. It was a scary time. Leaving my job, I was listening to KSBJ again, and again I heard the song about the God of angel armies. Then I received a call for a job interview for the next day. Over the next 24 hours I continued to hear that song. I learned the name was “Whom Shall I Fear” by Chris Tomlin. Next day, I went for the interview. I wasn’t sure if I would be hired. Two days later I received a call that I had been offered the job and I accepted! It would be two weeks before I would start. During that two weeks I discovered that Chris Tomlin was going to be in concert in Houston. I had to go! So there I was amid hundreds of believers like myself singing my new anthem song with Chris Tomlin in concert. “Whom Shall I Fear” remains my anthem song almost 5 years later and I’m still at my job!


August 19, 2017 by Faith

Overwhelmed by the size of my new school and all the traffic, fear gripped my heart. Had I made a mistake in coming to this school? I just wanted to go home.

Then God spoke to me through, Danny Gokey’s song, “Tell your heart to beat again.” I had just started paying attention to the radio when these words came on, “Beginning, just let that word wash over you. It’s alright now, love’s healing hands have pulled you through. So, get back up, and take step one. Leave the darkness feel the sun. Because your story’s far from over and your journey’s just begun.”

It was absolutely God whispering words of truth to my heart. Because, he doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

Reaching Kenya

August 12, 2017 by Jennifer

I felt the Lord put Africa in my heart over and over, and not knowing where to start I remembered an interview I had heard on KSBJ with a lady from Houston (Jane Gravis). She had started an orphanage in Kenya and I knew we shared the same passion. I contacted her and told her I heard her on the radio…that was thirteen years ago. Due to that connection I am now a full time missionary in Kenya running International Treasure House Ministries out of Katy, Texas, with our focus on Kenya.

Our mission statement is “To rescue and equip orphans and destitute children”.  We started our non-profit 20 years ago. ( Our main work was in Romania until the Lord led me back to the states for a few years. When God placed Africa in my heart, He used the interview on KSBJ as a starting point to work in Kenya.  In Kenya I met my husband and had our son.

Thank you KSBJ for launching us out for the king and His Kingdom.

Give Him all the Glory

August 07, 2017 by Richard

3 years ago my wife and I found San Jacinto Church in Deer Park, Texas and it has completely changed our walk with the Lord. KSBJ has played a huge role in this transformation along with the blessings and the words of Pastor David Graham and his wife Nichole Graham. We are so blessed by the ministry of KSBJ and we give all the glory to God for the blessings and renewed faith. We are raising our daughter in the ways of the Lord!

God Provides

August 03, 2017 by Haley

My husband and I are going through some financial issues. I asked him if we had $200 so I could go to the grocery store to get some food for our family of 6. He said I don’t know, and I knew he was trying to say no. I was really sad and depressed after that and decided to check the mail. In our mail was an envelope from our cable company. They were thanking us for being a valued customer and sent us a Visa gift card for $200! It was the exact amount I needed! After thanking God several times, I went to get groceries.


August 02, 2017 by Karen

My name is Karen, and I have something called health anxiety. It gets bad to the point where I can’t eat or sleep for days. I had to go through a few health-related tests and I was so scared, and I felt so very much alone. I didn’t know what the outcome would be and I didn’t know what to do other than fret over the “what if"s.

On my way to the doctor’s office, I turned on KSBJ and Mandisa’s song “Overcomer” came on. And right then I knew God was sending me comfort. I prayed in the car before going in, and I had so much peace. My results came back perfect! And I knew God had listened to my prayers. Praise God! The Name above all names.

Overcoming Grief

August 01, 2017 by Amy

Since last year I have felt lost in the midst of my mom’s passing.  She passed away last year in April from complications of the disease called Lupus.  For awhile, I have been consumed with the grief.  This year, I am happy to report I am doing much better. While I still miss my mother, I know she is safe in the Father’s arms and no longer in pain.  My only regret is allowing myself to fall into such sadness.  For now I realize, I will see her again, and everything I endure will have been worth it.

To God be the Glory

July 22, 2017 by Connie

My name is Connie B. I’m almost 60 years old. I gave my life to Christ as a young teen, at a place called The Peacemaker in Cloverleaf, TX. Unfortunately my life took many twists and turns after that, so I never fully surrendered my life. But God was always with me. Over the past 3 yrs I have grown much closer, and stronger in my faith, and my daily walk with Jesus. I have rededicated my life to Christ. The most wonderful blessing of all was getting on my knees with my 15yr old grandson and leading him in a prayer of acceptance of Jesus as his Lord & Savior! I have had custody of this child since age 4 and he and his younger brother are such a blessing in my life. To God be the glory!

A new liver - a new life

July 06, 2017 by Lisa

My son has been ill with End Stage Liver Disease for almost 8 years and was managing well… but in January 2017 he fell critically ill and I was told he had “3-6 months to live” and needed a liver transplant and then the doctor said “oh yeah and you better have good insurance because this is a Million Dollar surgery”!  I had heard the stories of waiting for months and even years on a transplant list, and I knew my son didn’t have that much time. I also knew that I didn’t have a million dollars to pay for the surgery. My son was already out of work (too ill) and had only a basic policy. I only hoped it would cover some of the cost.

This is when I began to pray constantly. My son and I prayed over the phone and in person every single day. We asked some simple things of God: (1) please heal him (heal this disease, provide the new liver, etc) and (2) please work financial miracles to allow us to pay for this transplant and the life-long expensive medications he must take.

Today, I stand amazed in His presence (to borrow words from a great song). My son was medically managed for a few months to get him strong enough to withstand the surgery and give him his best chance.  Then he was placed on the UNOS Transplant list on June 21st. We received a phone call on June 25th that his surgeon had a donor liver.  4 DAYS IS AN AMAZING TESTAMENT TO GOD’S PLAN!!

Also, during the evaluation period (2 weeks prior to being placed on the list), we met with the Financial Counselor who said “Yes, his insurance covers the transplant and by the way… you have NO out of pocket maximums and you have NO lifetime or transplant maximums.  Also, you’ve already met this year’s maximum out of pocket, so there are no more co-pays this year.”

God had heard my prayers and exceeded my expectations. (Of course He did - That’s how God works)  My son is doing great today (10 days post transplant). He’s home, walking around, smiling and feeling stronger and better every single day.  It’s hard to mentally understand that he no longer has liver disease!!  The old liver is gone and his new one is perfectly healthy in every way!!  We both know that this is God’s work, and we give Him the praise and all the credit for what’s happened in His life.

My son also says that he knows God kept him here for a reason and he wants to use his story and his life in a positive way to speak to others and give them hope, and to lead them to Christ. Please pray for his continued healing and good health, and pray that he finds how God wants to use him now. 

Beauty for Ashes

July 05, 2017 by Lisa

After my daughter was born, I began having repressed memories of childhood trauma come back in the form of flashbacks and body memories.  It has taken years of therapy and God’s strength to get me to the other side and allow me to heal.  KSBJ was always there to encourage me as well.  Voice of Truth and Overcomer have been my anthems in the darkest times.  God has blessed me with what I thought might never be possible.  He has given me the Beauty for my ashes.  Evil meant to harm and destroy me, but GOD gave me refuge and strength and love and joy.  I give HIS holy and powerful name all the glory.

Jehovah Rapha

June 22, 2017 by Maria

I turned my radio on last Tuesday and realized Sharathon has started and I felt this ardent desire to volunteer.  So after a late volunteer registration with a follow-up e-mail to Steven, Volunteer Coordinator,  it would be by God’s grace that I would be accepted. A few hours later, voila, I received an acceptance e-mail back and I’m a Sharathon volunteer for the first time ever this year (although it has been my desire for many years past)!

Wednesday morning came and I started having shoulder pain. I told the devil that if this his way of stopping me, to forget it as I strongly intend to go even with the possibility of bad weather brewing.. Pain patch in the morning while getting ready to go; a silent prayer to the Holy Spirit for me to remember what we were told during midday phone volunteer training and not to be overwhelmed; an Advil in the early afternoon and I got through my shift happy and tired by the time I got home. I slept well without waking up in the middle of that night. 

Just before Prayathon volunteer duty started Wednesday mid-morning, my shoulder pain started aching and I twice thought of taking Advil but didn’t. I was at first intimidated by how the Prayathon was going to be done, each one leading a prayer, as it was my first time in this kind of event but I just left it in the hands of the Holy Spirit.  We prayed intensely for several hours for all the listed intentions and I was able to raise my arms up to God several times. I was exhausted after the session and had to sit for a while in the lobby before driving my almost hour-long drive back home. Later cooked, washed dishes and several heavy pots/pans from yesterday and today. It is now 10:10 pm and I do not have any shoulder pain. Thank you JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT that my pain went away and for not having any anxiety attack and for confirming to me I am employable!!  You see, I haven’t worked in the past 10 months due to anxiety, short term memory issues, being easily distracted, multiple joint, muscle problems, fear and uncertainty. Meanwhile, I have grown to know Jesus more during that time and the verse: “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free” and the verse,  ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’’ now hold such deeper meanings. 

Thank you DEAR GOD for KSBJ and all the wonderful and supportive people, staff and volunteers, I met these past 2 days smile Thank you guardian angel for doing such a great job watching over me and keeping me safe. In everything, to GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

KSBJ is God sent

June 22, 2017 by Robby

KSBJ has been on my vehicle radio for about 4 years now and it very rarely is changed. I began listening to KSBJ when my daughter who is turning 4 in August was born. She was born in Sugarland and within 24 hours was life-flighted to the medical center where she stayed for 4 weeks. I asked for prayers via KSBJ online one morning as we almost lost her the night before, within 2-3 hours the prayer request was on the radio for millions to hear. The power of prayer worked (God is Awesome) because she is with us today!!! Moving forward I’ve had my own struggles with my faith and when I’m down and feeling my lowest KSBJ always seems to play the right song at the right time and I often catch myself laughing out loud while driving to work listening to Carder and Rachelle. I would have never thought Christian radio could be so powerful in so many ways.

Thank you for all you do and thank you for bringing God into my ears daily!!!!

He knows it all!

June 12, 2017 by Christina

If I am going through the storm, mine is a hurricane right now: Job issues, a flooded home and temporary relocation, and marital problems. I’ve been clinging to God like a leech! Despite all that is going on I’ve been telling God that I will trust Him.

I LOVE the song “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. The words fit me so well and I listen to it every day just to remind myself that trusting in Him is the only way I am going get through this. As I am driving to work, I wanted to hear the song but didn’t want to wreck trying to reach for my phone to play it on Bluetooth. I thought to myself, “As soon as I get to the red light I’m going to play that song.” At that exact moment, KSBJ played the song. I burst into tears. I mean, really….out of the millions of songs that KSBJ could have played but the very song I needed to hear, wanted to hear came on. It made me realize that God was confirming to me that HE is with me. I felt as if He spoke to me and said, “Just trust me, I know exactly what you need and I am listening to your every prayer.” I don’t believe in coincidence - I believe in God and I have no doubt it was Him behind all that. I KNOW that He has a plan and a purpose for all that is going on. I can’t see it right now but I am laying everything down and putting all my hope and trust in Him. Thank you KSBJ for sharing His light daily through your program! You touch my life every day. God bless!!

There is Power in the name of Jesus

May 30, 2017 by Marilyn

I had just gotten on highway 99 and was heading north to work.  It was about 5:30 in the morning.  It was dark and cloudy and I thought it looked like we were in for some big storms.  I had my radio turned on to KSBJ (as always) and the song came on, “There is Power in the Name of Jesus”.  I was singing at the top of my lungs (luckily there was no one else in the car to hear me).

I had just sang out, “THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS” when a huge bolt of lightening came down and struck the pavement right in front of my car!  I was going 70 mph and didn’t have the time or thought to even slow down.  The only thing I thought of was WOW!!!  There IS Power in the name of Jesus!  I thanked Jesus for keeping me safe and praised him for showing me his power!  It was awesome.  I wasn’t scared; I was in Awe.  I told some people about it, but they didn’t get it.  Most said it was a good thing it didn’t hit my car.  I told them, that’s not the point…it’s what Jesus showed me.  They just looked at me.  I sighed and went on my way knowing in my heart that Jesus was showing me something special.  Glory to God!

The Eye Of The Tornado

May 22, 2017 by Travis

When I was 5 years old, my dad got me up early one weekend morning because he wanted to show me something. A very severe thunderstorm was going on outside! I was by myself in my bed. I couldn’t get any sleep! But my dad came into the room and picked me up out of bed. He took me into his room and put me down in front of the atrium door. I had a front row seat to the storm outside. He leaned over and pointed out the window. He told me I can see IT when there were big lightning flashes. I waited for it. When the next big lightning flash happened, I squinted in the direction he pointed and saw my first tornado. As a reflected on that scene years later I realized the good Lord was showing me that he is always there by my side amidst the storm. Just like my dad was. Whenever I was with my dad I never was afraid. Because I knew my dad would handle any problem. Any storm. And I still believe it. It’s the same way we all should feel about our good Lord. Whenever we have storms and tornadoes in our life, remember what the good Lord said to the stormy lake: “Peace! Be still!” Be still and know that He is God! The eye of the tornado! God bless you all!

God’s miracle

May 10, 2017 by Wanda

On October 10, 2016 my son and his friend were going back to Christ for the Nation in Dallas. 70 miles from Dallas they had a roll over, 4 times and landed upside down into incoming traffic. At that very moment I was listening to KSBJ playing “King of the World” by Natalie Grant. I felt in my spirit to pray for the boys. Few minutes later I got the call that they have been in an accident. Praise God, the car was totaled but they came out of that accident alive without any injuries, broken bones or anything. Not even their glasses broke. The car that was coming in the opposite directions had a registered nurse. She cut them out as they were upside down. We lost the car but I gain a new sense of God. He is the King of the World and he holds us in the palm of his hands. PRAISE GOD….

Caleb healing

May 10, 2017 by ayesha

In 2011, our second son Caleb was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was just 2 years old. It was devastating to know that he will be labeled special needs. We cried out to God for answers and he gave us KSBJ. Caleb listens only to KSBJ and at times when I forget to tune in, I hear this voice from behind saying “God listens KSBJ”; and mom put KSBJ on.
This month Caleb was due for another yearly test and that’s when I heard the Even If song by MercyMe. I felt like God was asking me “even if” I don’t heal Caleb, will you stay in faith, will you be joyful, will you look to Me.
The night we were in the hospital, I said Lord even if this test comes to another year of Caleb having seizures I will still trust You and Your timing.
A few days back, we got the results and NO SEIZURE WAS DETECTED IN CALEB. We jumped with joy giving Jesus all glory, honor and praise. We’re still weeping tears of joy after 8 years of saying “EVEN IF.” My Heavenly Father has finally done the impossible! Thank you KSBJ for always being there, playing the right music at the right time. Truly, God listens!

Even IF…

April 29, 2017 by Ronni

My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C only 8 years after we were married.  We knew that Christ had put us together to heal the wounds of our childhood, so GOD had a plan for us, and it wasn’t that he die from this!  We were told by well meaning doctors that he would be dead or living with a transplant in 15 years.  This month marks 7 years past that prophesied 15! Life has been a roller coaster, on and off drug therapies to stop the progression of the disease munching on his liver but last year he was declared by the Doctor’s at Baylor Medical Liver Ctr to be HepC free, with no transplant and all the anti rejection drugs that entails! We looked up all the healing scriptures we could find and declared them through our house.  Our prayer’s became , Father, your Word says….

One of our granddaughter’s had told us that Jesus promised to heal him and, Praise GOD, she was right.  We all have faith and know that our Father still works miracles. we held on for 22 years!  It’s not just because of this journey that we believe, though.  He lavishes us with his love, still healing and helping us overcome issues daily.  Once He’s cleansed you, it’s like a burden you didn’t even know you were carrying is lifted. His mercies truly are new every morning.  So obey and don’t worry about tomorrow for sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.  GOD is with you.  I enjoy letting KSBJ remind me of this daily! Thank you.

Broken Hallelujah

April 11, 2017 by Don

I was having problems in my marriage, and after some best efforts on my part (therapy, daily scripture study and prayer, among other things) things seemed a little better, but then one day everything came crashing down. I was very discouraged for several days. Normally I’m a regular listener to KSBJ on my way to and from work but for those few days I felt so hopeless that I didn’t even want to turn on the radio. I didn’t feel like reading from the Bible or praying really. The words at the beginning of the song Broken Hallelujah exactly described how I felt: “I can barely stand right now, everything is crashing down, and I wonder where you are.” I would ask God exactly that: “Where are you? I’ve been making my best efforts but it has come crashing down again.” I would ask him that over and over again during those days. I listened to Broken Hallelujah at work over and over again. Even though I didn’t have the radio on during my commute, I had alot of the songs that play on KSBJ playing in my mind. Not only Broken Hallelujah, but several others. After a few days, my wife and I were finally able to come to an understanding. I began to feel a little more encouraged. Not quite enough to turn the radio back on, but as I was processing and contemplating the events, and my feelings over the past few days, I realized that God was with me in the songs that played over and over in my head, even when I had the radio off. I had been asking God: “Where are you?” And He had been with me the entire time through the songs that I had heard on KSBJ that were playing over and over in my head. I had not been abandoned after all. Thanks and praise be to our almighty and loving God!!

Life isn’t always what we expect

March 31, 2017 by Kim

I began listening to KSBJ in 2004, when I was 24 years old. At that time I had an 8 year old son (you can do the math) and he was my world. That is also the year I found Jesus and my son and I began going to church, the same church I am actively a part of today. My son started attending Pine Cove that same year as well and would go every year until his senior year of high school. He loved that camp. That is where he found Jesus. My son struggled with addiction his adolescent years and entered many substance abuse facilities. When my world seemed dark and lonely through his addiction I always turned to KSBJ to get me through it. My son, Garrett, lost his battle with addiction on August 16, 2016 and as I was being driven to the hospital to see him, my best friend turned on KSBJ and “Thy Will” came on. That wasn’t a coincidence. That was God who had y’all play that song that afternoon.  That is one of the only things I remember from that day. The rest was a blur. Your station, your DJs, your prayers, your music, has kept me going through this unthinkable time in my life. My husband listened to your station for the first time after our son passed and listens to you guys every day now.

The other day y’all talked about us protecting our children and doing things for our children when they could do those things themselves. I saved my son so many times in fear of him failing or….dying. On August 13, 2016, I finally stepped back and let God take care of my son. And God did. People always ask me, “How can you say that? Your son died.” But my son is no longer in pain; no longer suffering. God had mercy on him and I know I will see my baby boy again one day. KSBJ, the music, and my church have helped me see this. Thank you for this. I will forever be grateful.

Husband Opening Up

March 24, 2017 by Stephanie

My husband and I have had some martial issues that almost ended our marriage 5 years ago. The last 5 years have been an uphill battle to get to where we are today. We are both Christians but that incident left us mad at God. I started going back to church about a year ago and have been praying for my husband to come back as well. God is really working in my life and I am over the moon grateful for that. We have been in a rut lately with each of us doing our own thing. I have been in continuous prayer for my husband and our marriage. So I am looking for anything that can get us doing things together.
My husband loves music of all types. Me, not so much except for some country and Christian music. I noticed that Duran Duran was coming to concert in a few weeks and asked my husband if he wanted to go. Now mind you I have no clue who they are or what they sing I am just looking for anything to get us out together. He says no, he is not interested. So I drop it. The next morning he asks me if I wanted to go, I chuckled and said no I don’t even know what they sing. Then he asks me if there is a concert I would like to go to. Without hesitation I said that I really would like to go to the KSBJ Anniversary Concert this weekend. Without skipping a beat he tells me to get tickets. Let me tell you that was God and God alone. I am praying that my husband’s eyes and heart will be open to God once again through this event. Without KSBJ we would not have this opportunity. Thank you for your obedience and faithfulness to God, and for all that you do.

Mental Health and Gods Healing

March 21, 2017 by Brandon

I started out as a typical college kid, then came under some bad influence from my cousins. I ended up consuming a spiked drink in college which led to a nervous breakdown, depression and suicidal thoughts. But then I found God and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and got the help I needed. Now I seek to raise awareness on Mental Illness and share my testimony with others across the globe. I am the author of a book: Madness To Ministry, My testimony, Your triumph. In the book, I share personal dark truths about my wrestling match with Mental Health and how I overcame; depression, feeling of neglect and suicidal thoughts. Peace and may God be with you!

Giving my life to God

March 17, 2017 by Mackenzie Dodd

I was born in Louisiana and raised in Beijing, China. When I was 3, my mom noticed something wrong with me so she took me into the therapist and after some tests the therapists said Mackenzie will never be a normal girl, she wont graduate and will have to go to an all special Ed school for the rest of her life! My mom and family hated hearing that so I went through 2 years of occupational therapy and 3 years of physical therapy. I was a swimmer, but its funny because it started as part of my therapy and I feel in love with it so much that I continued to do it! I made varsity my sophomore year and made varsity districts as well as lettered and went to a qualifying meet that same year. I was made fun of and bullied throughout my school years, and people treated me like I had a disease or something. They would make fun of me for having special tutoring time, and looking different. They would tell me,“Who could ever love a girl with a learning disability? You have no friends. You’re dumb.”

After years of this I decided to go upstairs, shut the light off, and close the door and blinds so no one could see or hear me. I took my brother’s sword, kneeled down and was going to kill myself. I was crying for 40 min straight and a voice was saying, “Mackenzie, who could ever love a girl with a learning disability? You have no friends! No one loves you! You have no purpose in this world.” And kept saying that and then it got silent and so as I was about to take my life, another voice came and said calmly, “Mackenzie, I love you! I made you in my image! You have a purpose in this would. You may not know what it is yet, but you will soon! I gave you a learning disability because I know you could handle it out of all people. I want you to show Me through you in what I can do and to never give up faith in Me!” Right then and there, I dropped my sword and cried tears of joy because I was saved! My mom is a special Ed teacher so thank God, she knew what to do. I am now married to my best friend and he is in the army. We have a precious 13 month old son together. God is good!

Not Just A Challenge

February 14, 2017 by Debbie

For anyone taking the 30-Day-Challenge, they will be absolutely surprised at the type of music, the fun and, of course, always an uplifting message. Some may think the music is like church hymns or old dirges, but it’s not. It’s refreshing, contemporary, upbeat and uplifting. I start each morning listening and it puts me in a frame of mind to go to work and be positive knowing the love of Christ. God bless KSBJ for the work you do all over the world!

Coming Back From Homelessness

February 11, 2017 by Darlene

While I was living in a homeless shelter, I would listen to KSBJ on my transistor radio and when I had tapes would record my favorite songs so that I could listen to them any time. In 1999 I landed a very good job and so I had to start giving back to KSBJ for the many blessings and the encouragement received that kept me going. KSBJ reminded me to be brave, that God was with me, and I would overcome.  I prayed that a station close by would sell to KSBJ so there wouldn’t be so much interference and static.  I still have those tapes and play them every now and then just to remind me how far I have come and how far KSBJ has come. God is good. There is NO static or interruption now. You come in loud and clear. So nice!  Thank you for never giving up either! God bless all at KSBJ for keeping up the good work of reaching those out here who need something beautiful to hang on to!

KSBJ Listener

February 09, 2017 by Ruth

I have been a KSBJ listener since it first went on the air. I actually started listening to the old radio station, KFMK, as a teenager. When KFMK went off the air and it was announced that eventually a new Christian radio station would be back on the air, I was skeptical. I waited with anticipation and was thrilled when KSBJ was born. I have never felt the need to change this station. I am not familiar with any of the other stations and my grandchildren now ask me if they are going to listen to Jesus music when they get in my car. My granddaughter, who is 11, now falls asleep, listening to KSBJ. I have had many happy times and many sad times, and KSBJ has been my constant companion. I have been through a marriage, unfortunately a divorce, death in the family, having children, with one of them being in the military, and now being a proud grandmother.  I am privileged to be able to listen to KSBJ at work, also.  You have made me laugh and you have made me cry!  I honestly don’t know what I would do, without being able to listen to you. You have encouraged me tremendously!  Thank you for your ministry and may God bless you richly.

Sincerely,  Ruth

Isaiah’s Fall

February 03, 2017 by Ronni

I was in the gym when the phone rang and I chose to ignore it. My granddaughter, Addisyn, cousin to Isaiah, brought me the phone and looked me in the eyes telling me she believes I need to answer this. Her Aunt was almost unintelligible and distraught, but I understood there was an accident and life flight was involved. I drove to the apartment and Isaiah’s sister, my other granddaughter, Nevaeh, was strangely calm. She said Nana, “We need to pray. This is serious. There was blood everywhere.” I got her and her mother in the car, we called KSBJ, asked for prayer and the rest is history. The doctors thought he would have to relearn everything, but after 16 hours, he woke up, pulled the tubes out and asked why he was in the hospital. He still knew everyone, and wanted to swim and ride his bike like nothing had happened. He’s at grade level and spells and reads well. Hallelujah!! This was over two years ago around Easter and Isaiah still loves listening to God’s music on KSBJ.

30 Day Challenge Update

February 02, 2017 by Michelle

I took the 30 day challenge several years ago when my kids were very young.  KSBJ was playing on my car radio every day when we were riding in the car together.  I didn’t think they paid any attention to it.  Then one day the jingle played, “89.3…”  From the back seat I heard a chorus of “KSBJ!”  Then I realized they were hearing everything played on my radio!  It became very important to me that they heard the right messages and we’ve been listening ever since.

Thanks for blessing us every day with your ministry!


God Reset My Relationship

February 02, 2017 by Martha Hurtado

To make a long story short.  I started a relationship about ten months ago.  We started off good, going to church, and having a relationship with God, we wanted to do things right.  But slowly I began to leave the church and to listen to ungodly music and do my own thing.  The enemy tempted me to start doubting my boyfriend and I became jealous and then I finally broke it off.  The break up was hard on both of us, But we were letting God work on us and letting Him counsel and lead us.  If we were for each other, God will lead us back to each other.  We finally reconciled, and now love each other more than ever,  We attend church regularly now, and are reading the bible more.  Putting God first, is the only way to save a relationship.

Finding my faith and strength

February 02, 2017 by Felita

I started listening to KSBJ in 2008, my only brother had just got arrested and was going to prison. I felt alone and useless because I could not help him. I had to be the strong one because my mom was so sad. In 2011, I had my first daughter at 28 weeks and she weighed 2lb 11oz at birth. In 2012, my dad was diagnosed with ALS and my step mom and I had to care for him. In 2014, my dad lost his battle with ALS and I felt like a piece of my heart was gone. If I hadn’t started listening to KSBJ, I don’t think I would of been able to deal with everything the way I did! When days are harder to deal with, listening to KSBJ lifts my spirits. I know God is always with me and that as long as my faith is strong there is nothing I can’t handle!

Years passed by in a blink of an eye

February 01, 2017 by Rosalinda

I was born in 1980 and when I was in middle school, I remember going to church with my friend and her parents. On our way her parents would always have KSBJ on in the car. Years passed by and I had a reconnection with God and started listening to KSBJ again. It’s been 8 years now and my children listen as well. My kids know all the songs and enjoy listening to the inspirational songs. We leave the radio on KSBJ at night when we go to sleep and it makes us feel peaceful. The songs always give us hope and faith, and it makes our hearts feel renewed inside! Thank you KSBJ for all that you do!!

My Story with KSBJ

February 01, 2017 by Charlotte

I actually started listening to KSBJ in 1988. Some days I would change the station to something else but ended up going back. My faith has helped me through a lot of stuff in my life. Just recently in December, I lost one of my good friends to a sudden heart attack. 2014 was not a good year for me either. My Mom died of a heart attack in October, I totaled my car in a wreck caused by another driver in November, and buried a 1 yr old cat from a fatal disease in December. KSBJ has encouraged me to stay strong in my faith and to lean on Jesus for everything.

Laughter for my soul

February 01, 2017 by RHOVONDA

Most times I head to work being all stressed out because of the commute and the craziness that goes along with being a mom and driving in Houston. I have been listening to KSBJ for awhile now, over 5 or 6 years. But I have become a faithful listener for the past 2 years. I have fallen in love with Rachelle and Carder. They are an excellent duo. Giving me lots of laughter, creativity, real life stories and encouragement all morning long. They are transparent and relatable. I love their realness!

A touch of Heaven’s Music

February 01, 2017 by Linda Bridges

I kept seeing these bumper stickers about KSBJ Christian radio station. One day I was sitting in traffic behind a car with this sticker so I tuned in. I listened for a couple of days and liked it but was just about to return back to my regular station when the 30 day challenge was announced.  I decided to take the challenge and 30 days later I could not deny how much better I felt. What a relief to be away from stations that use bad language, gossip, and are generally negative. The songs on KSBJ are beautiful and I love the uplifting stories.  After realizing how much the station helps people I started financially pledging my support.  I find myself praying in my car in the mornings on the way to work and it really starts my day off great. Thank you KSBJ.

Life saver

February 01, 2017 by Deanna Gilliam

I have two children and an amazing husband but something was missing from my life, it was my relationship with God.  The 30 day challenge started me back on the journey and I haven’t looked back.  Thank you for helping me and my entire family find God again.
Bless you all

KSBJ in California

February 01, 2017 by Jarvon

My story is quite simple.
I’m a dabbler…... I dabble here, I dabble there but above all I know I love the lord.  So I used to dabble in KSBJ after my daughter announced with excitement, “KSBJ God Listens” was at our school.  So we listened on an off for a few months.  And then I heard the challenge. 1/5/16 and decided, “why not”. I’m a Danny Gokey fan.  The more I listened the more God stayed on my mind, the more He stayed on my heart.  I would get in and out of my car 7-10x per day to visit my clients and perform physical therapy in their homes, I felt God with me.  I found my conversations trending towards Life and God (the same as when I asked him to watch over me years before when I switched from sports medicine to home health).  So needless to say when my planned trip to visit a cousin in California I realized “how can I stay on track”.  Well I was sitting outside the gym listening to “focus on the family ” and I was reminded that I could listen while on the web site.  So I had the website handy, I established a KSBJ playlist on Spotify and I was set.
I’m proud to say that I jam out and refocus while listening to God inspired music while at the gym.

So it’s been over a year and I’m still listening Love KSBJ, love the new morning team and I’m glad God And my daughter listens. 

30 day challenge 5 years ago

February 01, 2017 by Jayna

I took the 30 day challenge 5 years ago. My co-worker Lisa, an awesome Christian woman, was always listening to KSBJ at the time. I thought, “What is she listening to?” One day I was in my car and turned the radio to 89.3. KSBJ has been a blessing to me! It has helped me with the passing of my mom in 2013, my boyfriend of 3 years in 2014, my dad in 2015, and most recently my brother on Jan 12, 2017. On the many drives to Livingston, to Lufkin, to Houston, to Beaumont and to Trinity, I was comforted by God’s hands through music and God’s Words. KSBJ has opened up my heart to know Jesus more and it helped me remember the Lord’s Prayer. My first Christian concert was to see Chris Tomlin and I got to take my boyfriend now to see Mercy Me! He Loved it! Thanks KSBJ!!!!!

30 Day Reset

February 01, 2017 by Jessica

The 30 Day Reset has been such an AWESOME experience! I’ve been listening now for 2 years! Even though I did not just recently start, God has a way of giving us new experiences every time!

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I, along with our kids, were in his truck riding around. I turned the radio station to KSBJ while he ran into the store. Well then 3 days ago me and the kids got back in the truck with my husband and PRAISE GOD, he still had the radio station on KSBJ!!! This had me in tears because my husband doesn’t listen to Christian music, so to see for myself it was STILL on KSBJ made my heart glad! God bless the ministry that God is doing through each of you! I will forever be a KSBJ listener, fan and giver!

My 30 Day Challenge Story

February 01, 2017 by Jena

I started listening to KSBJ because my teenage boys kept telling me about songs they heard at church with their dad. They were so excited to share them with me so we “googled” them. I found that I too really enjoyed them. I tuned into KSBJ during the 30 Day Challenge in 2014 and have never looked back since. My number 1 preset on my radio is 89.3 KSBJ! I have other stations programmed rarely change the station. Gotta get my Jesus on!

I have always felt like I have a strong faith, but since I started listening almost every day, I feel like I have a much deeper relationship with God. I am forever thankful for the blessings bestowed upon me and finding KSBJ. The songs and staff are so inspiring! This year I began my contribution to support KSBJ during Sharathon! This is my best decision ever! Thank you KSBJ!


February 01, 2017 by Mayda

I had a lot going on to where I was feeling like I didn’t belong and that no one wanted me around. I felt not needed and KSBJ gave me a reminder to seek Jesus and keep my mind on Him even when times were hard. The songs were uplifting, and through it Jesus brought change in my life again and restored me and made me stronger.

Brandon’s Life

February 01, 2017 by Jason Gary

I was listening to “Praise You In The Storm” and “Holy Spirit” and on February 13, 2016 my brother was driving to work when a drunk driver driving at 100 miles an hour hit him and he was killed. My brother was an inspiration to everyone he met. I love the music you play and the scripture you say. I think of my brother all the time and your station keeps me on the right path with God.

Moody & Anxious Turned Calm!

February 01, 2017 by Sarah

I used to always get moody and anxious about the workday on my way to work. But then I started listening to Carder and Rachelle in the morning and would notice how I wasn’t as anxious anymore when I got to work. I love the little stories they share and every morning I can relate to something. Once I get to work, I was listening to other music, but then I turned on “Royal Tailor Pandora” and it just puts me in a better mood throughout the day, and makes me feel less anxious. I’ve heard so many new “favorite” songs and now listen to KSBJ almost all the time!

My New Daughter

February 01, 2017 by Rachel Arroyo

My 17 year old daughter Nicole was listening to KSBJ one morning on her way to school, and she heard about the 30 Day Challenge. She said she kinda blew it off, but then the very next morning someone came on and said, “You probably tried to ignore me yesterday, but today you have another opportunity to start…Yes - YOU!” My daughter said, “MOM, I promise you, it was like they were talking to me!”

I of course was so excited, because I have been telling my kids about the challenge for many years. She is now about 10 days in and she told me, “Mom, I haven’t said a bad word! I have been praying and my mind set is so different!”

I am so grateful for KSBJ for helping to be a positive tool in our children’s lives. It definitely takes a village to raise our children, especially when this world takes the upper hand in what it offers them.  What we listen to affects how we live our lives! Thank you KSBJ!

KSBJ helping me praise

January 02, 2017 by Ashlyn

I used to be what they call a ‘prodigal’ but I found Jesus this summer in 2016 at a youth Christian camp. My grandmother worked with the Church that was going (what is now my Church), and I was completely moved by the sermon and I felt as if God was speaking directly to me. Where I intended to go for just the heck of it, my life was changed forever. I remember when I could no longer take holding the weight of my sin, running to the back of the Church and just falling to my knees. I came back a couple days later and every single day since then I have always listened to your radio station.. The mini ministries KSBJ has brings me faith and reminds me to stay on the path with Christ that day. I’m reminded that I am saved! The music is so refreshing to my soul. When I listen to the radio on KSBJ I always find myself praising The Lord. It’s wonderful and the people who work at KSBJ deserve so many blessings.Thank you for being a part of a huge community of people finding their way! ❤️❤️ God is still alive and still saves. We must keep preaching the Gospel.

Answered Prayer

December 20, 2016 by Blessing

In September 2016 I had my Nursing School Exit Exam. My faith in God was highly tested, and I learned a lot. Passing the exam was my top prayer point. I was so anxious! I read my books but I didn’t know how to pray about it. During the same time, Pastor Mike would come on the radio and say a prayer for anyone who might be going through any type of challenge, and whenever I turned my radio on it was always time for the prayer. I thank God I made it through and now I have my Nursing Board Exam coming up and I believe that the same God that began a good work in me will complete it to the very end. God bless the KSBJ family for touching lives through His word!

Walking by Faith

December 14, 2016 by Emily

I have been wondering if I should even share my story, but I hope in doing so that someone may see the truth, Jesus heals. Miracles still happen everyday.

I was diagnosed with Guilliane Barre in January of 2016. In a matter of 3 days, I went from being given a healthy, happy mom of three, to being completely paralyzed from the shoulders down. It was the most eye opening, soul awakening time of my life. The doctors were not very optimistic about my recovery, telling me it could be months or years, and not to get my hopes up. I ignored them and instead asked for prayers, and they rained down over me. Friends and family members prayed; and their churches and friends prayed.

People were praying for me all over the country, and you know what happened… Jesus healed me, completely and it didn’t take months or years. I was home 3 weeks later. I know He was with me in that room, and I will forever be overwhelmed by His love and grateful to all those that prayed for me.

God Is Always There To Help

November 30, 2016 by Melissa

My hours were being cut at work and I was stressing on how I would pay my bills. I have been wanting to start my bakery business for a while.  I prayed about it and decided to start my business on the side.  I was nervous because I thought I would be wasting my time, but God was there to help me.  God was there holding my hand the whole time as I went out of my comfort zone.  I have been so blessed.  My bakery business is doing great.

I Love God

November 26, 2016 by betty

I got saved about 2 month ago and I’m so happy that I did because the life I was living was not good for me and the 2 kids that I help raise. The 2 kids look up to me just as if I was their mom. I have been in the Star of Hope 3 times and in jail 2 times. I do not want to go back. Now that I gave my life to God, it has had ups and downs, but with God I know I can do this. I have a good friend that works at the Star of Hope. I go talk to her and she has helped me get saved and me and the kids I help with have been able to go to Lakewood Church. I have been playing KSBJ a lot more now and I love it. Thanks for all y’all do!

Giving Thanks to God

November 25, 2016 by Ashley

I thank God for being exactly who he is and that He is unchanging! I love Him! He has been healing me of past fears and hurt through the last 2 years when he found me and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Every day he helps me. I have joy in life where there was none. He always hears me and answers my prayers. Living in His presence day by day, giving me reminders that He is right beside me, and of His love for me has brought healing to me that I never thought possible. Thank you Lord Jesus for daily teaching me and guiding me down your pathways, for loving me and helping me overcome.                                                                                                        .

From Anxiety to Joy

November 11, 2016 by Cheryl

In 2014, I had two heart attacks five days apart. After 15 days in the hospital, I finally came home but I was not myself. An intense fear had taken hold of me and I was so afraid that I would have another heart attack and die. I was a single mom with a 11 year old son that needed me and that I loved too much to leave.  My heart was damaged so badly that I could not work although I tried many times. I was a teacher with 27 years of teaching in the public schools and leaving my position upset me very much. Things seemed to just fall apart. Soon I could not live in my house so my son and I had to move.  I felt like my entire life was under attack. I looked to scripture for some answers.  There were some days that I felt like giving up. The fear and anxiety had me in its grip. Then I happened upon KSBJ. I heard God’s word and the music lifted my spirits. I spoke to a doctor who told me to try to get out and walk in the mornings.  At first it was hard to get out of bed.  The anxiety seemed to try and hold me down. The weight of it was heavy like an anchor.  But I moved.  I grabbed my phone and headphones, put a leash on my dog and we headed outside.  I listened to KSBJ as I walked.  I heard great, uplifting songs.  My walks got longer each day. I started waking up with the words from the songs in my head. I felt better. I began to wear make up and dress like my old self again. One day my son looked at me and said, “Mom, you look happy!” I wanted to cry. He was right. The Word of God and the praise in His music helped me defeat fear and anxiety. They were gone. I am so thankful to have this radio station to keep me singing and to praise God for his goodness and his strength. He truly does go before us and he does fight our battles.

Husband’s Stage 4 Cancer

November 05, 2016 by Becky

My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer and the first thing his doctor told him was “Don’t research this on the web!”  That’s because the survival rate is dismal, especially with a tumor so large we nicknamed it “the Texas tumor.”  The first days were a blur of numbness and shock as we had to wait for space in the program so he could be admitted, and we had the actual feeling of holding on to a tree root as we’re hanging off a cliff.  Through prayer, we LET GO and dropped onto the rock that is Jesus Christ.  Doors opened and my husband was admitted into the MD Anderson proton therapy treatment, which is an amazing technology to blast cancer while lessening the damage to surrounding tissues. 

We arrived at the separate proton therapy facility in the Med Center to find a beautiful, two-story atrium building where you check in on the top floor, then walk down an open staircase to the lower floor.  After we checked in, my husband turned to me and said excitedly, “They’re playing KSBJ!”  With the high ceiling and the two-story lobby, the sound of praise music to God permeated the entire facility.  I felt Jesus walking down the staircase with us, giving us strength for the next step of treatment.  No massive European or American cathedral with stained glass and golf leaf could be as beautiful as this place of hope and life.  Thank you, KSBJ, for lifting our spirits and reminding us of God’s presence and promises.  (5 years cancer-free, take that Satan!)

Answered Prayer

November 03, 2016 by Kathy

Well I have been praying for a very long time to get some help on getting my house repairs done. Back in May, I shared with Jen how I asked a friend for prayer because I was having a hard time not worrying about things. He texted back and said he would pray. Then a few minutes later, I got a text asking me if he can help. I replied that I needed help with my house getting painted, and he said he would come check it out the very next weekend and see if he could help. Well that is where it all started! Now the front and sides of my home exterior have been painted, my dead tree has been removed, and new flowers/bushes have been planted. PLUS now my hallway, front room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen have all been painted! It’s so amazing what God has done!!

Small Prayers Can Be Huge

November 01, 2016 by Michael

I officiate football, and one Saturday I had 4 Pee Wee games, 4th and 5th graders at Cinco Ranch High School in Katy. I asked a parent to say a prayer for me before the games began. I didn’t mean right then and there, but the parent immediately said “OK, let’s move over here.” So just a few feet away from everyone, he prays a brief prayer for me out loud.

After that, I had my best day officiating Pee Wees all season. No coaches yelled at me even once for almost 8 hours of game…and that in and of itself was a miracle!!

Today I repaid the favor to a Pei Wei server at one of the new locations here in Katy. KSBJ encouraging prayer to servers really has encouraged me to ask for prayer and ask others if I can pray for them as well.

Is God Real?

October 24, 2016 by Brianna Cox

I grew up in a Christian family and went to church, but I didn’t understand it. I didn’t pray or read the Bible or anything like that. When I couldn’t go to the kid’s service anymore and I had to go to the adult service, for me it was really boring. Sometimes I even tried to go to sleep.

Then one day, when I was playing on my computer, my mom said to put on some Christian music. So I put on some songs from Toby Mac and I liked them. Then later my mom put on KSBJ in the car, and one of the Toby Mac songs was playing. I really loved it. So I started reading the Bible and started to pray and I finally understood it. I finally understand that God is real. So now every morning, right before school, we listen to KSBJ!

Praying for Servers

October 03, 2016 by Mary Ann

I just recently attended a family wedding at an event center in middle Texas.  Being an avid KSBJ listener and a prayer partner at my church. I have been listening to the stories about praying for your food servers if you are at a restaurant.  My husband and I in our travel had the opportunity to do that for the young woman who was tending the buffet line at our hotel. That was awesome! But, here is one more ....

While attending the wedding, they were serving food and alcohol, and they had a police officer on the premises for security purposes.  After thanking this young lady officer for her service, I remembered the KSBJ challenge and asked the officer if there was anything I could pray with her about. She was reluctant at first, but then she told me how her and her husband were fostering a young girl whose father was currently serving time for crimes he did against this 8 year old.  The officer was concerned about the young girl’s future and how she wished her dad could value her as the treasure she surely is. And since he had plea bagained for a lighter sentence he was due to get the young girl back. I prayed with the officer for strength, courage, and comfort and for God to put His hand on the situation.  We both were sincerely touched at this opportunity to share a burden and bring it to the Lord who is able to do all things.

I just wanted to say thank you to KSBJ!  I am a prayer partner at church for those who need/want prayer. But in that capacity I wait for someone to approach me.  Following the example of KSBJ, I went out of my way to offer prayer if wanted by approaching someone who serves.

Feeing God’s Presence

September 29, 2016 by Julie

Church was so amazing today! I felt our Lord Jesus Christ like never before. During the whole service I was praying so hard and wanted an answer. I wanted to know. Right after service was over I was thinking maybe God forgot about me and will answer my prayers later. I was about to leave when a lady came up to me and said, “God was listening to you the whole service when you were praying.” She laid her hands on me and started praying. I raised my hands to Jesus as tears ran down my face. “Jesus loves you. He’s always had and has always been there for you. Jesus is here. Let her feel your love.” The lady continued to pray and I repeated after her. “I surrender to you. Jesus, have your way…” Then she said, “You will feel His love, Now!”

I can’t explain the feeling I had, but as soon as she said that I felt like something overcame my body and I couldn’t control it. More tears came down my face and I couldn’t feel my legs. Slowly I started kneeling down (again, I completely had no control over my body) to my knees, knowing I was kneeling down before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then the lady started speaking in tongues. “Jesus is working on you and has great things planned for you.” she said. Then she said, “Let her feel peace!” and I stopped crying. A little after that, she said, “Let her feel joy, Jesus!” and I couldn’t help but smile.

Matthew 7:7-8 (KJV)
7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

I know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is real and he died for me. He loves me and every one of us. I am thankful for the blood of Jesus and please cover my family and friends in it!

God is Faithful

September 22, 2016 by Lisa

My husband and I owned a small manufacturing company that went out of business in January 2016. Since that time, my husband has been working diligently to help Veterans in our area with his ministry.  He does not get paid from the ministry. Times are tough. Money is tight and getting tighter.

On Monday I woke up and went to my prayer closet. I sat down, read some scripture, and called out to God. I asked God to please help us make it through the next two weeks until I got paid again because we had $1.77 in one account and about $8.00 in another account.

When I got to work on Monday, I received an envelope with my name on it from my boss. I looked inside and there was a cash bonus. I started shaking and went into her office. I asked her what this was for and her reply was, “Because you are so awesome!”. I hugged her, thanked her, and told her that I had prayed for God to help us. She smiled and said that when she woke up, she started praying and God spoke to her and told her that I needed that money.

God is SO good! I honestly did not know how we were going to pay for gas, groceries, etc. for the next two weeks. After I sat back down at my desk, I got a vision of God kind of chuckling and saying “I told you I will always take care of you my child”.

Finding a Job & Growing my Faith

September 12, 2016 by Lindsey

I graduated from Texas A&M with my second degree in four and a half years in Dec 2015 and was only 22 years old. I just *knew* I would get a job right out of the gate, but boy was I wrong. I prayed for my first couple of interviews but just had that “gut feeling” that I would get what I wanted quickly. After receiving denials for those first interviews, I was definitely bummed but knew God had something in store for me. Right after my denial email for the job that I really wanted and just knew I would get, the first song I heard on the radio (KSBJ of course because they always play the right song at the right time) was Just Be Held by Casting Crowns. The line that says, “Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place!” spoke to me so clearly, and I knew that God had something in store for me down the road, it just wasn’t the right time. I kept putting in application after application with no luck but I knew something was coming.

Looking back on just a few months ago, I can see that I had blind faith and knew God would eventually provide, not because I was genuinely leaning on him and trusting him but because God wouldn’t let me fail right? Now, I’m 9 months out of school, still with no job, but God is really showing me what it means to actually trust him and lean on him and walk with him not just knowing in the back of my mind that he’ll come through for me.

Since this realization, I’ve gotten involved with a new church in College Station. The first Sunday I went, the pastor was beginning a new sermon series. And guess what the topic of the sermon series was? Five Essentials for Growth (in Your Faith)!! Here I was, knowing that God was working on me, but not really knowing what to do. So I walk into church and there is a giant here-is-exactly-what-you-need! And it doesn’t stop there. 3 weeks in a row, as I’m leaving church, Lauren Daigle’s “I Will Trust In You” comes on KSBJ before I even make it home just right down the street. Each time, I’m left in tears and just sing my heart out because it is so incredibly applicable to my life right now. I’m so thankful that I’m learning to really grow my faith and walk with Christ instead of just apathetically slothing through my trials knowing that God will do the work to take care of me.

KSBJ Settles Me

September 09, 2016 by Jackie

KSBJ came to work with me! I started a new job in February, and was suffering from anxiety. We are allowed to listen to music, but can only catch a few radio stations. Luckily KSBJ is one of those stations. You guys helped settle me, make me laugh, think, and pray.  THANK YOU!

God Sent an Angel

September 07, 2016 by Delena Smith

With all of the bad in this world, I will say there are still angels among us and good things happening! My husband played golf last Thursday morning in Dallas and put his clubs in the bed of his truck. He drove 30 minutes and got to his hotel only to discover his tailgate down and his clubs nowhere to be found! To make it worse; his wallet, cash and credit cards were in his bag! So of course then he is sick to his stomach and has no way to fly home from Dallas. He drove around retracing his path for an hour looking for them with no luck. He had called me when he first discovered his bag was missing, and I started praying for God to send an angel to help. I said, “God, this looks impossible, but I know you are bigger than this situation! I know anyone could find those clubs and keep them but please send an angel to find them.”

My husband received a call within 30 minutes from a man named Stephen who had found his clubs and wallet! He had searched in his wallet to find a card with his work number on it. He then called my husband’s office and they patched him through to my husband’s cell phone. My husband met with him to retrieve his items, and the man would not take anything for returning them! He actually also apologized for having to go through his wallet!

I told my husband, “You just met an angel!!” With this answered prayer I felt such a restored faith in humanity! God bless this man, his family and everyone around him. God is Good!!

KSBJ Brought Me Home

September 05, 2016 by Jill

I was adopted as a newborn. When I was 18, I found my biological parents. 6 months later, I was having dinner with my biological dad. We had become very close since meeting. After we had dinner, we were involved in a road rage dispute and my dad passed away.

I spent years holding on to anger and hate. I was angry that God could allow me to lose my dad again!

A year ago I began praying and asking God for His forgiveness for the anger I directed at Him a year ago. After praying about this for a few weeks, I turned on KSBJ. Everything has changed in my life since then. I went back to the church where I grew up. I finally felt so much weight off my shoulders and I was able to let go of so many bad feelings. Thank you KSBJ for bringing me home.


August 24, 2016 by Lisa

I had been very worried for several months and agonized over some medical tests that were upcoming. As I waited every day for the results to come back, I would pray for God’s healing and strength and to let my tests come back normal. The day before I received the results, I opened the facebook app on my phone. The first thing that popped up was the scripture posted by KSBJ.  On July 7, the scripture from Mark 5:34 was posted. “He said to her, daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

I knew immediately that God was speaking directly to me and that I was healed. It was one of the most powerful moments in my life. I knew that my test results would be OK. The next day I received a call from the doctor’s office that my test results were normal. I knew before I even got that call that I was healed.

Thank you, God, for speaking to me through KSBJ.  I have shared this with others as a witness to God’s grace and mercy and love for all of us.

Twenty One Pilots

August 02, 2016 by Emma

I have been struggling with depression for a year. And it just seemed to snowball, and get worse. I had lost hope and was even starting to question if God was even out there. But when I felt like my world was completely crumbling around me, God led me straight to a band named Twenty One Pilots. The popular band had a great reputation in radio stations that didn’t have to do much with God. But what I had realized, and the other radio stations must have over looked, is that when you read Twenty One Pilots lyrics, there is a lot of faith in their words.

I found hope with them, and conquered my depression. But most importantly they saved my faith. So for me to hear that KSBJ is starting a new radio station, NGEN, who plays Twenty One Pilots, makes me so happy and hopeful for other teens who are struggling to find faith in their lyrics.

God is Good!

July 27, 2016 by Peggy

I was recently laid off from my job, and for the first time ever found myself unemployed. I volunteered to work at a job fair with KSBJ at The Woodlands Church. I prayed with many people that day, but there was one gentlemen who God specifically placed upon my heart. He was very sad and really needed a job. We prayed together and went our separate ways, but I often wondered about him. Today, I attended a job fair ministry and the same gentleman was there. He spoke and shared how the good Lord has blessed him with a job! To God Be the Glory!!!!

I spoke with him after the meeting, and he wanted to thank KSBJ for being at the job fair.  Keep up the AWESOME work KSBJ!

God Blessed Me

July 22, 2016 by Monica

My car was falling apart and I was stressing out about getting a new car. I was not sure if I could get approved. I prayed about it and said I would leave it in God’s hands. Well, my prayer worked and I was able to get the car I wanted. I thank God because He was able to find a way for me!

A Life of Grace

July 19, 2016 by david

Having been addicted to all types of pornography for many years, I decided that it was time I do something. On June 21st at 10am I met with my pastor to get help in overcoming this addiction. He helped me to realize that when I prayed the Sinners Prayer as a teenager, I was just going through the motions.

After talking to him for about 15 minutes, I came to see that the only way to truly conquer this addiction, was to place my life in the hands of Jesus. At 10:19 that morning, I bowed my head and confessed my sins to Jesus, and asked him to come and rule my life. I now know that He is the only way to live!

It is now 3 weeks later and I no longer have the desire to give in to the enemy and look at the stuff I had before. I know that it is not going to be an easy road that I now travel, but I AM NOT WALKING THE NARROW PATH ALONE, for my God and my Savior is right beside me each step of the way! I will no longer allow the enemy to control my life. Looking back, I can see the many times God tried to get me to turn my life around and I just kept putting it off. I am so thankful for His grace!

Marriage Restored!

July 18, 2016 by Karina Russell

All praise to my king!

After 16 years together, and 13 years of marriage, my husband left me and our 3-year old daughter. He said he had enough and it was best if he left.  Of course like any other marriage we’d had issues, that just kept piling on. Broken down, like I’ve never been before, I did the opposite of what the enemy would have liked for me to do: I stood up and kept living, I put everything in God’s hands, and I got myself a “prayer room” just like the movie! After selling our home, we went separate ways, him to his sister’s home and me to my brother’s.  It was hard, especially some days when I had to handle certain questions from my 3 year old: “Mom, where is daddy?”, “Mom, is daddy coming home?”, “Mom, I want daddy!”

My response from day one was to keep praying for him to come home…to pray, pray, pray for God to make a miracle happen! With my family, his family, close friends, church members, and of course KSBJ praying for him and my marriage, I’m happy to say that God answered our prayers!

Since 6/22/2016 we have been back together.  It didn’t happen like he had planned, but it happened how God planned it out.  A little rough night on 6/21/2016, but needless to say, I choose my husband over anything, I choose to save our marriage, I choose to give him another chance.  The best part of all this, is that my husband also has chosen God, he has re-accepted Christ in his life and he has made a promise with Him and with us that we will get the help we need to make this marriage work.

I thank you all for your prayers!  If I have to say one last thing, it is that God is always faithful! This is not the 1st time He has made a miracle in our lives. Our daughter was a result of God, with the help of In-vitro! We have a long road ahead, but if we keep our eyes focused on God, everything will fall into place!  I’m a true believer of my God who I know is alive and He is my king! And I will share my story anytime to anybody who is going through the same situation.

The Holy Spirit

July 11, 2016 by Kristen

The most amazing thing in my life just happened an hour ago. I was driving home from work, singing along to Big Daddy Weave’s Overwhelmed, when I felt a rush of the Holy Spirit. He was everywhere, but He was also next to me and sweeping through me. Like a breeze, but inside. A warmth but not the temperature kind. Tingling I guess is the right word too. I started crying without even knowing it. I was laughing with so much joy. Every guilt and shame just . . . left. I’ve never felt His presence so tangible. It was incredible. I can’t stop smiling!!

Sharathon 2016

June 24, 2016 by Ruth

The week of Sharathon started out a little rough for me. I had just gotten a protective order against my ex fiancé. Also there were many other things that week that made me feel so sad, lonely and hopeless. That is until I felt God tugging at my heart to become a giving listener of KSBJ. I made one pledge at the beginning of the week. I still felt Him tugging at my heart so I decided to also give to NGEN and additional gifts to KSBJ. Now that I have obeyed Him, He has blessed me with so much joy and peace. I am praising God that KSBJ is fully funded for another year! I can’t wait to see how he is going to bless my socks off in the following year.

My 6 Year Old Son Gave During Sharathon 2016

June 24, 2016 by Shae

We always listen to KSBJ in the car. My 6 year old son is finally starting to (think he knows) words to alot of the songs and sing along (some translations are hilarious). When you think they aren’t paying attention…they are!

We talked about Sharathon in the car today and he said, “I thought it was a marathon!” So I explained to him what it was all about, and I asked him if he wanted to give some of his money that he’s (unwillingly) saving. (He has a toy addiction and loves to spend as soon as he gets money). I asked him, “Do you want to give some of your money today?” (This was right after we had just left a couple stores where I had told him no to buying more toys and he had cried about it.) He immediately said, “Sure!” and committed to giving $2 of his money (he doesn’t have much saved at this point).

I am just glad to see him learning to think of others and not always himself and toys…some accountability/responsibility if you will. We are always blessed by everything we hear and we truly appreciate KSBJ!

He Will Provide!

June 24, 2016 by Dale

Today, 6/24/2016, I was on my way to my office, and God began speaking to me about giving. He said you pay for a radio service subscription, but what do you get from it? What does your community get from it?

He said sow your seed where fertile ground is (KSBJ). So without a second thought, I logged in to KSBJ once I got to the office and did so.

God sent me more work than I could handle for the next 12 months, enough to not be worried about the giving. I’ve always followed His Leading, and this is His way of blessing me & my house for serving Him.

I’ve learned a long time ago, YOU CAN NOT OUT GIVE GOD!!!! If God tells you to do it, put Him to the test & do it! He will not fail you, He WILL keep His WORD, and you will be blessed.

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