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GOAL MET - $487,141 as of 1:00am 6/22

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$703,797 as of 1:00am 6/22

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$76,927 as of 1:00am 6/22

KSBJ Monthly Operating Goal $475,000

“Together We Serve”….to Transform Houston through:

  • On-air Broadcasting - Transform lives for Christ in Houston through life-changing music and ministry
  • Prayer - Move prayer into the public arena through KSBJ Prayer Stations
  • Community Outreach - Transform our city by uniting believers from every denomination to serve our communities
  • Mentoring - Expand KSBJ’s impact around the world by mentoring Christian music stations and helping them learn how to be the voice of hope connecting their listeners to God

KSBSJ Impact Initiatives Goal $950,000

Together We Serve…to transform Houston with projects like:

  • Increasing public awareness of KSBJ so that listeners can experience transformational music and ministry
  • Reaching out to other Christian music stations through Mentoring, so that these stations can transformation their city and country for Christ
  • Embracing and equipping new listeners through KSBJ webstreaming, apps, and social media
  • Finding more ways to partner with local organizations to transform Houston for Christ

NGEN Monthly Operating Goal $92,000

“Together We Serve”….to Transform lives by:

  • Reaching the NOW generation of our city and beyond with bigger FM signals, mobile technology and online streaming
  • Getting the word out about NGEN radio and impact lives for Christ through encouraging music and ministry
  • Providing crisis management for issues facing the NOW generation through partnerships with The Hope Line, a 24/7 prayer line
  • Impacting future leaders by bringing NGEN radio into local schools and colleges
  • Transforming our community by uniting to serve others and power a world of good through community service and prayer
Grand Total: $7,472,610

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  • American Solutions for Business
  • Carol’s Lighting
  • Caroline Thomas Designs
  • Christopher’s Italian Restaurant
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Crow’s Cookin
  • Daniel Slade Photography
  • Film Lab Creative
  • Freebirds
  • Heaven’s Army of Resources
  • HEB
  • Hometown Threads
  • Infovine Printing
  • Italiano’s
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites
  • Lupe Tortilla
  • Macaroni Grill
  • Mel’s Country Café
  • Mo’s BBQ
  • Morning Kolaches
  • Pappasito’s
  • PepsiCo
  • PJS (Professional Janitorial Service)
  • Prashant Photography
  • Randalls
  • Ripps Grille
  • Saltgrass Steakhouse
  • Taco Flores
  • TNG Mechanical
  • Waste Management
  • Zachary’s Cajun Café

God Stories: Lives impacted by KSBJ & NGEN

Open Doors

April 11, 2014 by Rebeca

My 74 year old father-in-law had a below the knee amputation 2 months ago, due to complications at the wound site, the surgery team’s only other option was to amputate higher.  I prayed that would God open the right doors, that HE highlight our path and that I would follow.  I would help my father-in-law any way I could. That same week, they gave us the option to be discharged and return in two weeks. I knew this two week window was our opportunity.  It has been amazing to see how many doors have opened for us.  We’ve come across great doctors, who I know were put directly into our path by HIM. And although we are still walking a narrow path, outlined with thorny bushes, I have never felt alone.  I praise God every morning for my sister who offered to drive my own children to school, so that I am able to drive my father-in-law daily to the Medical Center for therapy.  God’s work is amazing, and I feel that God will see us thru until the wound heals.  Thank you KSBJ for your uplifting messages of faith.  We listen to you daily!


April 10, 2014 by Jeri

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At that time I had no idea what it was, how I got it or if it killed people. After doing my research on it I decided to turn this over to God, after all, it was his to handle and I decided that the best medicine I could give myself was go on and live my life to the fullest.  I can say with my total heart that I know God has taken this on himself because about 8- 10 years ago I had a minor setback where I lost my fine motor skills on my right side so I had to start writing with my left hand. I have been medicine free for many years with no relapse. WE HAVE A MIGHTY GOD THAT ANSWERS PRAYR.

Queen Kaylea

April 09, 2014 by Jessica

My cousin, Kaylea Sandlin, is a senior at Lincoln High School and a few months ago, the entire student body UNANIMOUSLY voted Kaylea Homecoming Queen.  We were told that this had never happened in the state of Arkansas.  Then again last weekend, Kaylea was also voted Prom Queen by the entire senior class.

This would be a great story under normal circumstances, but what makes this story even more special, is that Kaylea was born with Down Syndrome.  She has always been a vibrant and loving person, shining her light wherever she goes, just like most people with Down’s.  God’s grace is definitely seen in the lives of the students at Lincoln High School, especially this year!

Before the Homecoming Queen announcement, the entire student body kept the secret of Kaylea winning, including her twin sisters, Sarah and Lauren, who attend school with her.  This was especially hard considering that Sarah is Autistic.  For well over a week, the students said nothing.  Keeping the secret from teachers, family, community leaders, the students quietly planned for the surprise.  So, the night Kaylea won, over all the other girls, it blew everyone away, especially Kaylea!  She was just as shocked when the senior class voted her Prom Queen too!

These events have a lasting impact on Kaylea and she is even happier because of it.  The kids at school have even taken to calling her “Queen Kaylea”.  Our family is beyond thankful for the students at Lincoln High School for making Kaylea’s senior year so special and we want to thank God for blessing Kaylea with such an amazing community.

Money Comfort Zone

April 08, 2014 by Anita

Last year while unemployed, God told me to turn the other cheek and withdraw my unemployment claim.  So I obeyed Him.  Two months later I was getting paperwork together to apply for food stamps.  God told me to not apply that He would provide for me.  Again I obeyed.  Three weeks later I was hired a job with benefits - something I did not have at the previous job.

I was far out of my comfort zone for money both times but God listened!  We serve an awesome Father God.

The Lord Hears Me.

April 07, 2014 by Laura

Praise Jesus Honor and Glory are his.


April 03, 2014 by Sheri

My marriage was torn apart and I was so afraid.  I turned to God and so did my husband.  I was so angry I divorced him and felt so alone.
I did not know how I was going to make it, but God supplied all my needs.  I found a wonderful group of ladies, at church, who me showed God’s love and I knew I had to forgive my husband. He was released from prison and I called him a year ago Christmas and saw what God had done in him.  We soon knew that coming back together was what God wanted. This past weekend we were remarried.  There is no place you can go that God can’t reach you and heal you if you let him. My husband now has a great job, there are people who will hire you if you get straight with God. I hope this story can help someone who is struggling.  God can take your mess and turn it into a message. The song that impacted me was Josh Wilson - Dark Before the Morning.

Israel Tour

April 02, 2014 by Patricia

When my husband first asked me to join him on the tour I did not want to go.  I had never desired to travel out of America. Also, I have arthritis and am in constant pain.  I actually ended up deciding on knee replacement surgery six weeks before the tour! However, I love my God and he gave me my wonderful husband, who I also love!  I wanted to make him happy do I agreed to go on the tour with him. Although it was hard physically each day, the blessings far outweighed the pain. Glory to God! When I read the word now, it is more real to me than ever before. God is alive and in me.  Praise His holy name.

Love in the classroom

March 31, 2014 by Tanya

During the love that sticks opportunity, I put a simple “twist” on the sticky note tradition, to fit the needs of my classroom. So, instead of writing sticky notes, the students were to write compliments to each other on note cards and pass them out. The student that gave the most compliments (to different people) would receive a free dress pass (we are a private school and require uniforms, so this is a big deal grin.

You should have been there! My boys were handing out notes like crazy…complimenting each other on handwriting, attitude, clothes, character, and much, much more! My girls were writing sweet notes as well and everyone participated. It was amazing and for a week the room was filled with kids wanting to complete their assignments early and come in from recess to “write compliments”.

Truly, love was in the air…but that’s not it! Just when I thought this “God-idea” was done, I was lead to instruct the kids to save their love notes and whenever they had a bad day, they could get their bag of love and remind themselves of how much they are loved by their friends (even when the friend was not being so friendly).

This is beautiful! You see, I teach in an International community, where over 42 nations are represented! Over 15 in my classroom alone and to see them on one accord, showing the love of God is always a beautiful thing:-) So even though we can’t cross some religious boundaries, we can show the love of God and there “ain’t” a thing the devil can do about it!!! Whooo-Hooo! This the key to the “locked door” in the schools…SHOW LOVE!

And just think, it is very hard for a bully to survive in this type of environment because we would have just loved him/her to death:-)

In closing, thank you for allowing me to share. Thank you for the wonderful programs you all provide for Houston and surrounding areas. My family and I love our KSBJ family very much.

God Listens!
Tanya Washington, M.Ed.
P.S. I hope your voice is better Coppelia:-) and I miss you Susan!


March 31, 2014 by Jennifer

I called KSBJ one day Two years ago and asked them to pray for my Pawpaw he was sick with cancer and needed prayer. My father was so scared for my Pawpaw because we didn’t know which place he would go when he passed. It was about a week after talking to KSBJ that my Pawpaw past away. I recieved the call at about 7:15 that morning with the terrible news. I do believe in Jesus and God, but this made me believe more. Before my father got the call he was still asleep as the phone was ringing he was having a dream about my grandfather he was on his hospital bed which they had put up against a wall. We could only stand on one side of this bed being as it was against the wall. In the dream my dad was sitting beside my grandfather talking to him and on the other side of the bed by the wall there was Jesus. He looked down and my grandfather and told him, “Its time to come home.” My father knew before he answered the phone that Jesus had come and taken my grandfather to heaven. But I want to thank KSBJ because I feel it was because of them that my father was put at ease and so he put us all at ease. GOD IS GREAT!!

MS150 share my MS story and why I am riding this year.  Thanks to God I am riding this year “Because

March 29, 2014 by Christie

I began experiencing blurred vision, loss of balance, poor coordination, tingling, and numbness in both of my legs and the entire right side of my body in high school.  I went to several doctors for several years looking for answers, but they had none.

After high school, in 1989, I begin to date my friend of four years and continued hanging out with the same crowd of people.  I continued working the retail job I had in high school.  None of us had a clear direction in life and had no plans for the future.  My symptoms continued and everyone was sick of hearing about them and just assumed I was making them up.  In 1992, my boyfriend broke up with me and I lost all of the “friends” I thought I had.  I was devastated and depressed.

After a car accident in 1993, I had complete loss of control of the right side of my body.  I had several tests run over the course of a month or two, one of which was a spinal tap.  I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in September of 1993.  It took so long to diagnose because the symptoms are very difficult for physicians to interpret.  It is truly a wait-and-see game.  -
I began to isolate myself and continued to be depressed.  I remember going to the doctor to talk about my options.  Unfortunately, steroids were the only real option at that time.  He discussed Betaseron with me and explained that it had just been approved by the FDA and the MS had to affect at least two areas in your body to qualify.  If you qualified, then you would get a lottery number and if your number was picked you could receive the medicine.  Just before I left he told me, “You have two options.  You can let this disease control you or you can take control of it!”

I went home and not knowing what else to do I began to pray.  I asked God to help me and give me strength because I did not have any.  God laid out a path and held me in his right hand and carried me through.  He said “You are not alone for I am with you”.  That winter, Betaseron was released and my number was picked.  Every time I relapse, God provides a plan.  He is always with me and carries me through.  Through all my struggles, God is with me!  He is so good to me.

Why I Am Riding

I have wanted to ride the MS 150 for several years, but did not think it was possible.  This past year I had to watch my father and best friend of 24 years undergo chemotherapy and radiation.  My dad had stage three lung cancer and my friend, Michelle, has stage three c melanoma.  I decided that if they could go through all of that to fight for their lives, I could get on a bike and fight for mine and others.  I’ve registered for BP MS 150 to help the National MS Society fund research and to help everyone that has MS and their families lead powerful lives. I believe in the work they do and want to be an active part of it. I know I can count on your help.

Let’s Move Forward Together

The Society organizes 100 rides nationwide. The funds they raise fuel research aimed at treating and eventually curing MS; they also provide crucial services for persons living with MS.

I’m helping the National MS Society move forward toward a world without MS and making a difference in the lives of 400,000 Americans with Multiple Sclerosis.  Thank you for your support!


30 Day Challenge

March 28, 2014 by Christina

After taking the 30 day challenge I was changed mentally. God has given me KSBJ to help me change my outlook on the whole Chrstian faith. Don’t get me wrong I was one of the Christians that thought they didn’t need God or anything to do with him. But now I see that I need God. He is my counter stone in life. Even when I make mistakes. He gives me hope for the future. I use to not read the bible very often because I didn’t understand why I should or what it meant to have as a Christian. I now see why and how it is used by God. So thank you KSBJ.

Love Christina.

We are Pregnant!!

March 25, 2014 by Carol

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year with no success. I did the ovulation tests, kept a record of “Auntie Flow” and everything else that I knew how. My doc gave me a referral to see an IVF specialist May 5th 2014. While I waited for the date, I surrendered everything to God ( I had before, but somehow I was still trying to help him. This time I meant totally surrender). Every time I worried or a baby thought crossed my mind (which was most times when I was by myself), I prayed and thanked him for our babies.
Today is 03/25/14, three days ago, we found out that we were pregnant! Thank you Jesus.

Over 30 Years of Blessings

March 24, 2014 by Christie

Hi, my name is Christie, and I’m one of those who has been blessed by KSBJ for over 30 years, since the very beginning, when I was 11 years old.  Words can’t really express my gratitude…for how God has used your music and the words of DJ’s and awesome concerts to encourage and inspire me in my daily walk with the Lord, reminding me that God listens and He’s been with me every step of the way, even in the hard times.

When life has thrown me a few curve balls, through the years, I could feel the Touch of the Master’s Hand and hear the Voice of Truth on KSBJ, every day…reminding me that God Listens, even to me, and giving me hope that Jesus is the Strength of my life and the Friend of Wounded Heart. 

As a young girl, I didn’t know how I could personally support KSBJ, but I was able to volunteer at concerts.  I even met “The Oldtimer, in person!  Now, I’m married to a husband who loves to give KSBJ…so it’s something we can do together.  If we share a dollar a day, our young children can even pitch in some each week. 

We adopted our son and daughter from Russia, and they are now the age that I was, when KSBJ launched on the air.  Our son, who has son developmental delays, used to ask people, “Do you listen to KSBJ?  It’s our most favorite radio station.”  But he now adds, “Do you know Jesus?”

The most rewarding thing for us, each day, is to just hear both of them singing praises to God in the back seat of our car, grateful that they personally know the God they’re singing to.  They might not know Him if they were still in an orphanage overseas. 

Thank you, KSBJ, for giving to the Lord.  I am a life that was changed, along with my whole family.  God is an Awesome God, and Step by Step He’ll lead me and I will follow Him all of my days.  Now, if anyone would like to take the 30 YEAR Challenge, I highly recommend it!  :o)



God, first thing in the morning!

March 17, 2014 by Jeanice

I used to listen to other kinds o music on the radio and my cd’s that were not exactly Christian based. They did not really have any deep meaning to me. I just liked the beats. My day would go on without thinking about God, which meant lacking in God’s strength to be patient, slow to anger, etc. Then, I made a promise to God that when I got in my car in the morning to go to work, school, or wherever, I would turn it on to ksbj and the other times during the day, I could listen to whatever I want. It’s been about 2 years since I started this and now it’s just automatic that I turn the radio onto ksbj. Now I don’t listen to anything else other than Christian music, and occasionally classical. It helps me act and think in a more positive way having God in my mind the whole day through.

my change

March 12, 2014 by Melissa

I grew up in a Christian house hold but for some reason I didn’t think God loved me. As I grew into my teens I stopped to believe that someone was there for loved me and cared for me.
Two years ago I meet my soul mate and I knew that God sent him to me to bring him and me closer to God. I listen to ksbj whenever I have had a bad day and it just puts a smile on my face and the bad mood disappears.
Now my fiance and I walk with the lord and will make sure our kids or our kids kids will never loose faith in the one who gave us life!!

KSBJ Brought Us Together

March 06, 2014 by Richard

In 2002, I would keep going to a Best Buy in the southeast part of town.  I always kept coming to this certain cashier.  Well, one day in July, I wore a KSBJ God Listens/Brown Bag shirt in there.  The cashier asked me if I was going to the summer concert (I was not).  However, that question got me to thinking, “Could she be a Christian?”.  I was single at the time, and a few months later she gave me her number.  We were married on November 18, 2006, and have been going to church our whole relationship and marriage.  We still have that shirt to this day, and we will never get rid of it.

Mother Healed from Stage 3 Cancer

March 04, 2014 by Scott

My mother is bi-polar and I grew up experiencing emotional and religious abuse from her.  When I was 18, I rejected God and refused to go to church with my parents any more.  A few months later I left for college 1,000 miles away and rarely went home to visit.  That was 25 years ago.  Now I have 2 children of my own and turned my life over to Christ Jesus early last year. Last summer, both my boys qualified for the Jr. Olympics in Track and Field and we decided to take a family road trip to Detroit.  We stopped to visit my parents for a couple of days in Iowa on the way home.  I started re-building my relationship with my mother during that visit.  A few weeks later she called to let me know that she had been diagnosed with Lymphoma and it was advanced into Stage 3 with numerous tumors throughout her neck, shoulder and torso.  There was lots of crying and lots of praying as she began her chemotherapy and eventually lost her hair.  The week before Halloween, on my way to church, I was listening to “Enter His Gates” on my way to church, as I always do.  I can’t remember what song was playing, but God told me that my mother needed a bold show of support and that I should shave my head. I replied, “God if you show me a barber shop open at 10am on a Sunday morning, I’ll do it.”  Sure enough, there was a TGF Haircutters across the street from my church and right as I drove up to it, they turned on their “Open” sign.  I shaved my head and posted the picture on Facebook and made my mom’s week. It was just what she needed to help her spirits. The day of Christmas Eve, she got the report that no more tumors could be found in her body.  Yes, God listens and heals…..

Sweet James

February 27, 2014 by Cristina A.

I am the youngest of family of many…  When I was a teen, my brother and his wife would drop off their boys at my parents during work hours… I would come home from school and babysit them…  They were dear to me…
My brother has gone through a lot and in the course of it…. his sons did too..  James was Christian but he didn’t take care of his health…  smoked too much and drank beer at home after work - EVERY evening..  We knew his health would be affected by this down the years…  I just didn’t realize it would be so soon…  Then one day on Aug. 6th, 2013, My brother called me and said - Cris, the paramedics are working on James…  My brain would NOT let the words register… “working on James!!!”  I rushed to the hospital to get to him to hug him to see him but I got the call that they could not save him….  I was driving and I had to stop and scream and scream and scream…  Not James… Not James…  You see James is one of those sweet souls God sends to families to remind us of His kindness…  Because James was very much like my dad..  So very sweet, humerous and soooo patient…  Nothing but love… 
So the ritual of preparing his funeral began.  I don’t have to try to explain just how hard that step is…. But something happened that could only be from the Lord.  I had to drive to my brother’s early to take care of funeral for about 3 - 4 days.  My heart was so heavy…  But each and every time I drove out of my neighborhood to take on the task of preparing James’ funeral… The song “We won’t be shaken” by Building 429 would start.  Every single time….  This is the song I would hear at the exact place I was right before turning out of the neighborhood…  I heard it and even with a heavy heart…... I understood The Lord was in control of everything and I was able to find the strength to go through this very painful process…  I keep my radio on KSBJ because God does Listen…  Thank you for being there for us everyone at KSBJ…  Cristina A.










February 21, 2014 by Foluke

Felt a little tired this evening and did not feel like cooking for the family so I ordered some takeout. On my way to pick up my order, I had a thought while I was driving about an accident. I thought that was not a good thought! So I said a quick prayer and went on to pick up my order. I completely forgot about my earlier thoughts- I drive past this place everyday so what could possibly go wrong. I still drove cautiously however but another car backing drove so fast that he almost ran into me. I had to swerve my car as much as I could. I was so shaken after this that I almost could not drive for about 5 mins after. All I could do was say “thank you Jesus” over and over again on my way back home. As soon as I got home I went on my knees to give thanks to God for saving me from an accident and giving me the knowledge ahead. Please praise the name of God along with me, for He is good.

30 Day Challenge

February 17, 2014 by bibi

I have been on the 30 day challenge & i find it very hard to listen to anything else!  My children and I love your songs, we ride & sing along!  It just puts a smile on my face. Thank you for what you do! I know that this has truly been a blessing in my life.  I feel wonderful everyday!  I know that Lord is working inside of me & I just love the feeling!

30 day Challenge and changes seen

February 09, 2014 by Susan

The 30 day challenge.

My 30 Day Challenge

February 06, 2014 by Kathleen

About few months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years.  I was in a really sad place and knew that the only way to survive was to lean on God.  The morning after we broke up, I was driving to work and decided to turn on KSBJ.  I decided to take the 30 day challenge and I haven’t turned KSBJ off in over 3 months. I know I am growing stronger every day and I can feel God working in my life now more than ever before.  I am so lucky to have taken the 30 days challenge.  My commute to and from work is my favorite part of the day thanks to KSBJ smile

Car Accident - Happened For the Best

February 05, 2014 by Brittany

In early June of 2013, I was in my first ever car accident. Having just got my license, I was one of “those girls.” The kind that got way too excited and drove way too fast, putting the lives of other people on the road at danger. The first thing that happened when I noticed the car stopped spinning was I checked all around the car to make sure everyone was okay, and I was the only one in the car. I was still alive, and I was so grateful. My mind was racing and the first thing that I said out very loudly was “Oh my God, oh my God. Someone please come help me! Are they okay, is he okay?!” I was so surprised to find two adults of a friend I had been very close with race up to the car, and the father picked me up and carried me to their car, where they let me lay down until my mother and the ambulance showed up. A woman that was a retired nurse came up and asked if she could hold me and stay with me, and when she did, she prayed and told me over and over again “You have been saved! God is with you right now!” I didn’t know what to think and was so overwhelmed with adrenaline. I was shaking and had chills, even though it was summer. The husband of the nurse gave me the t-shirt off of his back and covered me in it. I was so incredibly thankful. After the ambulance got there and loaded me onto the stretcher we passed by my disheveled car and I noticed a plush hippo (my favorite animal) that my boyfriend had gotten me weeks before. I asked the man to get it for me, and I held it so tightly throughout the whole trip. After arriving at the hospital, with my friends, family, and incredible boyfriend there to support me and check on me having heard the news, we waited for the doctors and nurses. An officer came in and told me “Brittany, I honestly do not know how you are alive right now.” I started crying. The sixty year old man and myself, the only two people involved, were perfectly okay. Just some swelling and bruising, (which is completely normal). It wasn’t until a few days afterwards that I was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend discussing everything and I look up at him with realization and just said, “Oh my goodness! I have been SAVED!” Tears of joy sprang out. Something I had wished for my whole life up until that point had come true and everyday I am grateful, for I know how quickly your life can be taken away. I cherish every single moment. Although I still have my days that the car accident makes me severely depressed, I turn on KSBJ and I remember why I am still here. The song “Overcomer” has such meaning to me. It comes on at the perfect moments: right before I hit the spot in the road where my accident happened, when I am having a depressed moment, or when I let something bother me. It is so amazing.

I am an overcomer

February 05, 2014 by carmen

when I was 20 years old I went to jail for aggravated robbery. I ruined my life. When i was only 21 I became pregnant with my daughter and once again i thought i ruined my life. I had her when i was 22. Because of my felony on my record it is nearly impossible to find a decent job. But By the grace of God i have had several jobs. Some that pay well and others that pay just enough to get by. I became homeless when my daughter was just one hoping from house to house just to sleep indoors. (My rent became too much for me and i was evicted.) My car was repoed. But i continued to go to work at my dead end job and i continued to try. God landed me an apartment that was very on my minimum wage income. Then i was fired from my job because of me stealing just to pay for day care for my daughter. I didn’t know what i was going to do. I spoke with my daughter’s day care director (who is also a pastor) and she hired me on there. It was prefect. Being with my child as well as others was my dream job. I was later let go because being a felon i cannot work around children.  (We tried for months to fight it.) So i began looking for another job .. on the verge of giving up i got a phone call for a nanny job. I got hired and now I’m making more money than ever before. I’m able to provide for my daughter the way i want to and life is no longer a struggle. Thru everything i went thru people always commend me for never quitting. I always say if i stop trying whose going to take care of her (my daughter). I am an over comer .. the Lord blessed me with a child for a reason. I had no will to try anything until i had her. He gave my reason to never give up m to continue to be an over comer. *john 16:33*

Loving Mondays

February 03, 2014 by Shara

This story is for the morning show.  Per Bill’s request I am submitting this short story.
The gist of the message was this:
1.  We should love Mondays because it gives us another opportunity to love on people, build relationships with our co-workers, encourage them, and pray for them.
2.  Be a man or woman of integrity in our work place.
3.  Be grateful and confident that God has placed us in our job for a reason.
4.  Seek God to understand what that reason and fulfill it.
5.  Be at work on time, be willing to do what it takes to get the job done.
6.  Be the person your boss can count on and don’t get caught up the watering hole gossip.  Again be a person of integrity.
7.  Above all - love God and be grateful for the job you have.  Be a light, love going in to work because it is another opportunity to share God’s love and change someone’s life.

Update on prayer request

February 02, 2014 by Guadalupe Quiroz

I wanted to write and thank everyone who prayed for me!
Last August, I wrote in to ask for everybody’s prayers. Something inside me told me that I should write in to request a prayer. It was definitely God doing his work to grow my faith in him when I was in such a low place.
I had been unemployed for 20 months and was going to have an interview. I had gone on many interviews before without success and basically was giving up on life too. It’s amazing how worthless one feels when we aren’t able to get another person to value us enough to give us an employment opportunity. However, once I asked for these prayers from everybody and started receiving those emails saying “Someone prayed for you,” I felt like I had value! Someone cared! I went to my interview so confident and I did so well. I actually got the job and I started in October. I hadn’t had the chance to thank everybody because I’ve been so busy with work (I can hardly believe I am saying that!).
Thank you to everybody in Houston who prayed for me because I have no doubt that your prayers performed the miracle of having this job. I will pay it forward and pray for all of you. Prayer really does work! Thanks again and God Bless all of you! :D


February 01, 2014 by maranda

My mom and dad met in coope elementary school. They have been together ever since. Four kids and three grand kids later they are still deep in love with each other. They may fight like cat and dog. God surely has blessed our family

My 30 Day Challenge”

January 31, 2014 by Liliana

I never really signed up for the 30- Day challenge but when I was pregnant through 2012-2013 I started hearing my local Christian radio station. Every day my car radio was on in that channel and my kids and husband knew that wherever we went we would listen to that channel. Hearing Christian music would give me lots of peace and I was able to overcome my anxiety. Like if God was given me a sign to prepare myself of what was about to happen when I had my son. My son was born on April 2013 with an undiagnosed heart problem, until two days later when we were suppose to get discharge from the hospital.  our son has gone through 3 heart surgeries, intestines surgery, and G-tube placement and numerous of hospital stays in the 9 months that he is. God has been with us through good times and bad times. We relocated to Houston and I kept on looking for a Christian radio station and finally KSBJ came across. now my car radio station is just on KSBJ. Today I started hearing it online.

thank you KSBJ and the 30-day challenge that change my life. GOD is great and with him all things are possible.

Christ’s Love for Me

January 31, 2014 by MEAGAN

I started listening in the new year for encouragement and gained so much more. I cannot change the channel. I get tears in my eyes all the time from God speaking to me through the music. I have not been to church in 3 years but always kept him close. This past year I strayed away from him and in this new year I wanted to get back to God, get healthy, and find him again. I found that he never left my side. He told me that I was still his and that nothing I did could push him away. I am loved by God and will always count him as my NUMBER ONE! My boyfriend is warming up to the music slowly but surely. My hope is that with my continueing to listen to KSBJ, he will soon start listening to it on his own. I love him and know that God wants me to lead him back to the light!! I want us to find a church home that we can go to and enjoy together and grow with christ in our relationship again.

My 30 day challenge

January 29, 2014 by Jennifer

Two and a half years ago I was taking my daughter to school and was flipping through the stations and came across KSBJ. I heard someone talking about trying this 30 day challenge and so I decided to try it. Two and a half years later my daughter and I still listen to it every morning/ all the time and my daughter sings along to all the songs with me. That is the greatest feeling ever and I just want to thank Y’all for encouraging people to try this 30 day challenge.  Our lives are forever changed. Now my daughter and I both are serving every other Sunday at our church in the preschool classes.  I can’t thank Y’all enough smile

God can redeem even in the most hopeless of situations!

January 26, 2014 by Charlene

I was in denial about my mom’s mental illness for a little over 20 years. It was easier for me to pretend that something was wrong with her than truly face it. God always has other plans! I knew something was wrong and I was subconsciously depressed but didn’t know any other way out. God knew that in order to heal me, He needed me to face my mom’s illness. Through a series of more than chance events, He got me to face my mom’s illness, confront family members on how I felt, and then moved me out of my moms house and into my own place with a roommate who happened to be praying for a roommate! Since then I have become a whole new person. I am in a career that is constantly stretching me and am also pursuing becoming a Christian Counselor. I am full of joy - even more joy than before. I have begun taking up new things that I never would have even dreamed were possible before. And, I already had a full head of hair before, but I’ve even grown so much more now that it’s almost on the annoying side - yet it is so much more attractive as well! Only fellow ladies will understand this. smile 

This is for anyone who has ever felt hopeless. Or, this is for anyone who has ever been in denial. If you are God’s child, He has GOT you. Cry out to Him and I promise you He will answer. He has got to heal you first and in order to heal you, He may have you face things you aren’t willing to face. But once you do, believe me when I say that Jesus Christ meant it when He said: “I am come to give life, and to give it abundantly”! - John 10:10.

A living stone rejected by man.

January 25, 2014 by N/A

My name is better left unknown as i choose to give all the glory to my god Yahweh who sent his son to die for our sins. While my mom was pregnant with me my dad tried to kill her and me. My dad was a drug dealer that made more then 100k a run. Because of him my life was always endangered for his actions. My mom’s generation was the generation that came as immigrants to give us a “better future.” So she worked at a Luby’s getting paid minimum wage and lived with her sisters and brothers. We were very poor and until this day i thank god for allowing me to grow up from a very humble beginning. It showed me having nothing makes you acknowledge god because its the only thing you have. His love can’t be bought his faithfulness and grace is to all who accept his son. My mom worked a lot and maybe spent time somewhere else besides being with her son. She would drop me off at many houses i would always hear from visitors “whose kid is that?” One of the places i went to often was my aunts and she would always take me to Sunday school. That’s where i learned that Yahweh was the only father i needed even though my flesh felt lonely. They had contests to see which kid would remember the verse or a song the fastest and i always won i thank god he gave me the ability and knowledge. I didn’t have any parents to give me advice or who i could take too. My whole life in school my mom never once told me i love you or how was school. Since 4th grade i started getting bullied and i had no one to open up too. All i needed was a friend with love a brother in christ. It went up all the way up too about 9th grade until i decided i had to start fighting to defend myself. I had turned so bitter as my mother had married a man who beat me like i was a dog. He would throw me in a closet and lock me in from the outside. They forced me to eat foods i didn’t like and beat me. If i didn’t have “common sense” to do something i would get beat. I even got backhanded one day before school and my nose started bleeding as my mom just said don’t hit him like that. If my mom wouldn’t stand up for me no one would. So i started thinking about suicide at about the age of 10. I knew it was a sin to do it and thank god i knew that because of fear i didn’t. So i turned away from god i would sneak out to drink fight a lot chase many many girls. It never satisfied me but my flesh kept fighting and on the days i didn’t wake up and pray id be weak and loose for months. I fell so many times taking christ as a sacrifice for myself. A selfish person.  He who’s righteousness exceeds those of the pharisees will see the kingdom of heaven. There’s more joy in heaven over one sinner who reaches repentance then 99 righteous who need no repentance. As long as i have this flesh my memories remain and my flesh fights to do bad but he who is you is greater then he who is of this world. Dont give up the fight the time is near our lord will return die daily.

My 30 Day Challenge

January 23, 2014 by Anthony

I originally tuned in to KSBJ to hear a better variety of Christmas music throughout the month of December.  I heard about the 30 Day Challenge and thought, sure I’ll do it.  I’ve ALWAYS liked a few Christian bands like Jars of Clay, DC Talk, and the Newsboys back in the late 90s and early 2000s, but have gradually listened to more and more secular music over time.  Although I DO still like a lot of the popular secular music…really mostly Indie rock…I got tired of many of the songs that didn’t really have any wholesome meaning to them.  So now that Christmas time has passed and I’ve been listening to almost nothing but KSBJ i’m reminded of the times when I used to listen to some of the Christian bands I liked.  Now I’ve found some new songs and new artists that I have an appreciation for.  Listening to the music throughout the day helps me to realize how often I’ve stopped “talking” to God and thinking about Him.  Now I feel like i’m starting to regain my regular “communication” with Him and I feel more positive throughout the day.  Anytime I have coworkers riding with me to lunch, I make sure KSBJ is on, even if it’s barely audible in the hopes that some of that will soak into them as well.  Anyways, even when my 30 Day Challenge is over, I think you guys have found a new listener in me.  Thanks for playing the kind of music that reminds me of why I DO like Christian music in the first place.  Thanks for all that you do!

My experience

January 21, 2014 by Neksi

I started listening to KSBJ 2 weeks ago & its unbelievable how my life has change these past 2 weeks. First I started listening to the radio station the following Sunday GOD called out to me. I’ve been going to church & I’m so happy how GOD has changed me for the better & he has blessed me & opened doors for me. I’m experiencing incredible things & the love of the LORD is so amazing that is unexplainable. I’m at peace with myself & full of joy because of my father. I love him with all that I have! God Bless.

30 day challenge

January 17, 2014 by Melissa

I been doing the 30 day challenge but now decided to subscribe. Once I went to the website it recommended to upload both pictures and share with others I am doing it too. Lately, I have not been publishing the things I do for God or how I feel for him since I been trying to do is secretly. But something in me told me to do so this time. So I did and 15 minutes later an old friend from high school commented that she heard that 2 days ago, so I invited her to try because it makes you feel so good. So then she said she will try it too. Now, what I learned today it is fine to do things secretly because in the God’s word says, “do not know what your left hand is doing to the other.” But certain things have to be revealed for others to feel the love and joy I am feeling too. Feeling blessed of his calling! Thank you KSBJ you are always in my prayers.


January 11, 2014 by Shannan

I have been a Christian since I was 16 y/o, and with being brought up in a Christian home I have had always had a head knowledge of Christ.  Since I have started listening to KSBJ, I have found a true heart knowledge.  I have learned that though my Father rains down mercy there are times that only through the struggle can I grow.  It is because of you that I have learned of God’s infinite GRACE.  I have been going through one of the darkest times in my life, and because of this Grace, I have a peace that enveloped me like a soft thick blanket.  I am drawing strength from my Creator and from the constant encouragement of this station.  YOU are an instrument of hope. 
I have challenged the rest of my family and friends to join me in drawing unbelievable love by listening to KSBJ!!

I love KSBJ

January 11, 2014 by Teri

Although I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior at the age of 13, I did not attend church regularly or put Christ first in my life.  I prayed when it was convenient and made things of this world my god.  I married and tried to raise my three children to honor God by attending church regularly.  This was short-lived.  My husband would not attend church with us and it hurt me to see all the families sitting together in church.  I filled the void in my life with food addictions, shopping addictions and subsequent depression.
Fast forward a few years and God continued to ‘nudge’ me.  We had several difficult situations arise in our life as most families do.  My son was in a near-fatal motorcycle accident at the age of 18 and was saved by the prayers of many across the nation. 
A coworker contacted KSBJ for prayers for my son as well.  I believe he is with us today thanks be to God and the prayers others provided.  I am confident God saved him for a purpose.
My story doesn’t end there.  After my son was home from a 60-day hospital stay and months of recovery at home, I felt an OVERWHELMING call from God to give back to others for the blessings given to my family.  In addition to prayers, we were helped in so many other ways – financially and emotionally.  I was restless, confused and did not know why.
I started listening to KSBJ at this time and the music and words spoke to my heart and changed my life.  I came to realize that God was asking me to put him first in my life.  I began to pray.  Even through prayer and my gradual transformation and realization that God should be first, my life continued to unravel at home.  My marriage was failing and I separated from my husband of 31 years.
God continued to work on my heart after the separation and I began to read the bible.  I continue to listen to KSBJ exclusively and feel the music and programs your station provides helped save my life. 
God is now and forever more - first in my life, I attend church regularly and I am a new person.  God has healed the anger, resentment and bitterness in my heart.  I have self-control, perseverance and I love and forgive others as never before and I am blessed in so many ways, I cannot contain my joy.
Thank you KSBJ for being the voice of God!!!

From 2 to 1

January 10, 2014 by Carolyn

On 11-13 I went for my regular mamogram.  After looking at the results the doctor asked me could I stay for an ultrasound of my breast.  During the ultasound I could see a dark mass about the size of a pecan.  He wanted me back the very next day to do an ultrasound-guided biopsy.  The next day I got the call.  The results of the biopsy was ductal carcinoma (?).  Within a few days I was scheduled for an MRI of both breasts.  Another mass was discovered.  This time, an MRI-guided biopsy of both breasts.  The call came in 2 days this time.  Two malignant masses in my left breast.  My next appointment was with the surgeon.  This was happening too fast.  What about chemo; what about radiation?  I contacted all my prayer warriors.  I started new eating habits; natural remedies; reading healing scriptures (the same ones used by Dodie Osteen) every day.  Needless to say, the surgeon doesn’t believe in natural, miraculous healing.  But she let me slide through the holidays.  I saw her again on 1-8-14.  They took some regular chest x-rays.  She pulled the images up on the computer in the exam room.  I don’t think she understands yet why I am not afraid to wait.  To wait for God to finish His work in me.  There was only ONE dark spot on the film.  PRAISE GOD.  I am scheduled for another mamogram in March.  I am praying that the second mass will be gone by then, so she will understand that God doesn’t “need doctors to perform the miracles” (her words, not mine).  MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD ! ! !

Thank You

January 06, 2014 by Lori

Gifts from Strangers

God’s Precious Hand on Christmas Eve

January 03, 2014 by Barbara

Our daughter, Monica, moved into our home in Katy, Tx., two months ago to escape an abusive marriage.  She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, 2 grown children, and Bella, her 2 year old granddaughter.  Her husband has been drugging her and raping her while she was unconscious for 8 years.  She has been doing so well here, getting the drugs out of her system, eating, and sleeping. But on Christmas Eve she missed her family back home and decided she couldn’t live without her children.  She was at a friend’s party and called us to say goodbye and that she loved us.  As we desperately called to find her, we were informed that she was being taken to Ben Taub Hospital.  We had never been there, just had heard it was for people without insurance.  Since the family where she was did not know where to take her, the ambulance took her to Ben Taub.  When we walked into Ben Taub we were amazed at all the ambulances and people there.  Our daughter was in the critical care unit, but was stable.  We were allowed to see her for a few minutes as she was one of many, many patients on gurneys in the hallway.  There were no rooms available and all the medical personnel, police officers, patients and families filled the hallway until we were asked to leave to make more room for the needs of the patients.  We sat in the emergency room and saw the faces of many hurting people, including homeless people looking for a warm place to stay on this, the night of a Child born in Bethlehem so many years ago.
We spoke to some of them and listened to their stories.  Suddenly, we knew our child would be ok, and our hearts filled with love and compassion for people we never thought about on Christmas Eve.  We were so busy shopping, wrapping, decorating, and being warm and happy, we had forgotten what Christmas is all about.  At 1:30 a.m. we asked a security guard if it was safe to walk back to our car.  He had an older man pick us up in a plastic wrapped golf cart that took us to the parking garage.  This wonderful man told us happily that he loved his job from 11;00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m which helped him put his 2 kids through school.  We offered him a tip, but he refused saying he was happy just having a job and talking to us. That night we received the greatest gift, the gift God was holding for us in His heart.  The gift of our daughter coming back home on Christmas Day, the gift of meeting people taking care of lives that have been hurt both physically and emotionally, the gift of knowing a man that was happy doing a very simple job in joy and love.  On a night when most people are tucked in bed, getting ready for a busy day of eating and enjoying family, we learned what Christmas is really about.  We headed home underneath brilliant stars announcing the birth of the Son of God. What greater gift could there be?  We didn’t open gifts the next day.  We had received the only gift worth receiving, God’s own Son, touching us in a very special way. Our daughter is still with us, she will be going back to a difficult situation soon.  But we know, without a doubt, that there truly is a God, a God that holds us each in His heart, a God that loves each one of us where we are in life, and that He is all that we need on Christmas or on any other day.  He truly is the gift of Life.  What we learned that night will change our lives and change the way we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

30 Day Challenge

January 01, 2014 by Ronda

I have actually done the 30 Day Challenge twice in different ways. The first time I stopped listening to “Talk Radio” and only listened to KSBJ. I was already a listener, but switched over to Talk Radio in the afternoon. The show I listened to was rough and coarse most of the time. At the end of the 30 days, I had totally lost interest in the talk show. I had not realized how it was affecting me. I continued to listen exclusively to KSBJ.

The next year, I decided to forego TV for a month and listen to KSBJ instead of TV. I found that I did not miss TV that much. I actually ended up canceling my cable TV earlier this year as a money saving effort while unemployed. Now that I am working, I still haven’t turned it back on. KSBJ also took the place of TV.

Early Christmas miracle

December 22, 2013 by Donna

I truly believe God gave me an early Christmas miracle.  Last Thursday, I called the gas company to report a leak.  A very nice man named Barry found the leak in my meter and more.  He was awesome!!  He called a construction crew out and they found there was a major gas leak and the gas was leaking under my home.  They said it had been leaking for awhile.  They worked for two days to get all the gas out from under my home.  The first crew worked from about 9:00 or 9:30 am Thursday morning and were finally sent a relief crew at 8:30 am Friday morning. The guys from the first crew were Shannon, Bob, Brian and a young man his last name was Love (didn’t get his first name).  Their supervisor, Glen, came out about 2:00 am.  He was also great and explained everything that was going on. I was asked to leave my home but I kept coming back to check on everything. They worked so hard to find the location of the leak, stop the leak and get the gas out from under my home.  It took about 12 hours for them to get the gas out from underneath my home.  They had to bring in a special machine to extract the gas from underneath my home.  They said the concrete slab in my back yard was holding the gas in and our dirt is like clay so the gas absorbs into the dirt.  They said this was one for the books!  They had never seen one like this before.  The tree roots had moved the pipes so it was not showing like their maps said.  It was my neighbor’s main value or cap that was leaking.  His main value/cap and mine were located under my big tree.  I am very blessed that they found everything and that me, my animals, my home and my neighbors are safe!!  My God bless those men that worked so hard!!


December 20, 2013 by Dave

I began a new job this Fall and had a difficult time connecting with my new co- workers. At about the same time I began my new job, I started listening to your station ( even though I am in another part of the state). Gradually, my co - workers began to hear the music and message as I listened from my computer. We would find out that we not only shared faith but our love for Christian music ( and Christmas music). Thank You, your station is a blessing.

God is good-Nathan

December 13, 2013 by Margarita

My son Nathan has been suffering from seizures for 2 years now and 2 weeks ago he had one in the middle of our service I carried him to the front and got on my knees along with all the pastors and he came out of it in about a minute then the next day he came down with a fever and wheezing we prayed again and he was fine then on Wednesday & Thursday he broke out with hives we had to take him to the ER and now a week later he is good.  He is such an amazing little kid 2 night ago I asked him about his Christmas list since we have been so busy we have not talked about it and his response was ” mom having you as my mommy and dad as my dad is the best gift ever I don’t need any presents Christmas is all about Jesus” that moment was amazing we are so blessed with our 3 kids.  We can never thank him enough for all he has done for us…. Thank you Jesus!

My Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

December 04, 2013 by Debbie Adame

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in Georgia.  We threw them a great party and had a wonderful time.  However, the party almost didn’t happen.  My mom had been trying to plan the party since February however, she was getting frustrated at all of the detail involved and was about to give up.  One day in August I called my parents to find out if they had any firm plans for their celebration.  My dad told me that my mom didn’t really have anything concrete and was about to give up on the idea.  Something on my heart told me that this was something I needed to do, so I asked my dad if I could handle everything. I told him, “Tell mom to buy her a dress and not to worry”.  After I hung up the phone I immediately prayed, “Dear Lord, please be with me, help me and guide me”.  So, I began the planning.  Things were coming together nicely but I still prayed that it would be the best ever celebration for my parents (they have never had a big celebration or party in their honor…they mostly had quiet celebrations, but my mom’s dream for their Golden Anniversary was to have an event where her friends and family could have a great time celebrating with them). On Wednesday night while my husband and I were driving to Georgia, I was again praying for God’s guidance and that everything would turn out great.  Then someting caught my right eye…I turned and saw a billboard that said, “Dedicate your work unto the Lord and your plan will happen”.  I couldn’t believe it!  God was speaking to me through a billboard! Needless to say, the party on Saturday was amazing and everything my parents could have dreamed of!  Thank you, Lord, for your wondrous and amazing love!

Christ is nought

November 26, 2013 by Jonathan

My name is jonathan, when I was a kid I suffered from physical and verbal abuse from my dad. I grew with anger and bitterness on my heart. I was violent, I used to trend any one to fist fight. At the age of 14, I was introduced to alcohol and marijuana, I stared selling weed at school. I wanted to be part of a gang . At the age of 16 I was already an alcoholic. At the age on 21 I stared to seek for help, I was trying on my own strengths, but I always fall again. My mom who is a christian she was praying for me to get to know christ, and the whole congregation stared praying for me as well. I dint wanted to have a nothing to be with religion. One day I heard the massage of Christ dying for ours sins, that was the first time I felt his love, I came to him asking him to take me and it wanted him to be the one that controlled my life ! Since them I am a new creature.

Janice’s Life

November 25, 2013 by Janice

Dear Prayer Group,

I’ve requested prayers a couple of times. Most of the time when someone responds to me with consolation, it was very peaceful.

I prayed for my eldest sis Joanne who was going to give birth last month for her safe delivery and a normal healthy baby. Now almost a month Mother & baby boy are doing good. All Praise And Thanks Be To God.

I Prayed for internal peace as my past haunts me down whenever I wanna go closer to God. I am at peace now with God.. All Praise and Thanks Be To God.

I Prayed for an answer from God as to wherthe to sell my flat or not.. My husband and I decided not to as the Church were nearby our home. We realized that we do not need a bigger home to live happily but we just need God & peace. All Praise & Thanks Be To God.

I am from Singapore, I came to know KSBJ thru facebook and I realized that God talks to me alot thru KSBJ.. I’ve been getting closer to God ever since I started listening to KSBJ. All Praise & Thanks Be To God.

God Listens

November 20, 2013 by Sheryl

I requested prayer for my sister-in-law a few months ago.  She was in a coma & the dr’s didn’t give the family hope of survival.  She is out-of-the hospital & is going to be fine.  I am still praying for her salvation, but I know it is just a matter of time for that also.  As a side note, my brother, Kevin (who grew up in church but has departed) made sure she knows God heard the prayers that were lifted on her behalf by many faithful Christians.  He knows that KSBJ stands for Something Better Jesus—He came up with another one.  He wanted me to tell you guys to Keep Singing “Bout Jesus—- I am claiming my whole family for the Kingdom.  Thank you guys.  I love you all.

Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

November 15, 2013 by April

On the Monday before Thanksgiving 2012 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  It had spread from my right breast to my lymph nodes, liver and a spot on the bone.  My chances of survival were very low.  I began a weekly treatment of chemotherapy after a week.  Every Friday I had to have this chemo and a protein blocker and continued to do so for a total of 40 to 45 treatments. My doctor then decided that the risk outweighed the benefit of the current treatment and we had to switch chemotherapies and begin a harsher one that would be given once every 3 weeks.  Through all these treatments I also had to have a protein blocker as well.  Last week, my doctor decided to do a PET scan.  The human side of me was nervous wreck.  However, I knew the Lord had healed me.  You see, there was an alter call at my church for anyone afflicted with cancer.  I got out of my seat without hesitation and walked towards the alter.  Several people came up and prayed with myself and the others affected by cancer.  While I was walking up to the alter, I felt a lift that I could not and still cannot completely explain.  All I can say is I felt the Lord lift the cancer from my body.  It may sound crazy to some but I know what I felt.  Now I am at the end of my treatment, one that I didn’t know if I would ever see, all because of prayer and God’s will.

God is merciful

November 13, 2013 by Mary

God heard his cries and gave us not only his mercy but a blessing of opening my sons eyes to the fact that God does hear us, he is merciful and answers prayers.  Now his 8 month old baby, fiancé and he can move on and declare his testimony that God does hear prayer and he is merciful.  Thank you for the prayers

Have U helped some one today?

November 07, 2013 by Malynda

Thursday night after work bout 7 pm i go to foodtown to get food for the house. when i come out a 17 year kid wast standing there in the cold asking for money. i said i only have foodstamps let me put my food in the car and i will get u something to eat. we went back in and i got him a lunchable chips and drink. i start talking to him and i find out that his parents kicked him out because he could not pay rent. They wanted 50.00 from him. he is still going to school trying to graduate. he has a friend in houston that will take him in but he has to get there on his own. with no friends or family to help. I wish i could have done more, i went as fare as to take him to the YMCA here in baytown and i prayed for him before i went to bed. I felt good on what i did but i could not believe that his parents kicked him out.

Answered Prayers

October 30, 2013 by Mary

My cousin Darron fell into a diabetic coma and crashed into the back of a stopped vehicle at a high speed. His truck flipped over, causing a severe blow to his brain, back, shoulder, and leg.  I called KSBJ and asked for prayers for him.  I put in prayer requests with friends and our churches.  Darron had 4 surgeries in the first week and was in grave danger from both the diabetes and the severe injuries.  When he made it through the first week, it was a miracle.  When his brain stopped bleeding and his confusion went away, it was a miracle.  When he got admitted to the best rehabilitation hospital (TIRR, here in Houston), it was a miracle.  He is healing fast, and has gone home to continue his rehabilitation.  We have been blessed with so very many miracles in his healing.  Praise God, and thank you for all of the prayers.  God has answered them.

God’s love never fails

October 26, 2013 by Kristen

After the unexpected death of my father when I was 15, Ginny Owen’s “If You Want Me To” became a major source of comfort to me.  Two years later, my mother began dating which was even more difficult for me to handle.  Ginny’s song reminded me that because Jesus willingly and painfully died on the cross for me and every other sinner, I can trust Him with my pain, my future, and every aspect of my life.  Because of His love, I can persevere. 

In High School, I used to lay on the floor of my room in the dark and listen to this song and Third Day’s “I’ve Always Loved You” over and over again until I just couldn’t cry anymore.  It always made me feel better to dwell on the fact that no matter what happens in life, God LOVES you.  He sent His only Son to earth to die a terrible death and was powerful enough to raise Him from the dead three days later.  The least I could do was to trust Him.

I am now in my thirties.  I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful young children.  This past July, I was driving back to Houston with my kids to visit family.  It was late and the kids were asleep in their carseats.  I had some quiet time to think about how much I wish they could have known my Dad.  I was feeling very sad and sorry for myself when I realized I was probably close enough to Houston to pick up KSBJ on the radio.  What do you think was the first song that I heard?  It was Ginny Owens singing “If You Want Me To.” 

Hearing that song instantly reminded me of the feel of the carpet on my tear-streaked face from that difficult time in High School.  It reminded me that God brought me out of that pit, He never changes, and His love never fails.  It was exactly the right moment to turn on the radio and be comforted by the same song that comforted me so many years ago. 

I know God orchestrated the timing in that situation, but thank you, KSBJ, for your commitment to playing Christian music, both new and (not-so) old.  You never know who is listening and being reached for Christ or just being reminded of God’s love and faithfulness!


October 26, 2013 by Cheryl

Hi, I want to thank all the faithful volunteers who have given up their time to pray for me and my family.  God is healing me and my family.  I am finally turning my life, will and my children over to our heavenly father.  I have made many mistakes in my life and do not deserve his mercy, grace, forgiveness, blessings, love, peace, and joy.  I AM FREE by God’s grace and the unfathomable pain he allowed his one and only son, JESUS, to endure for my and your sins. I give GOD the glory for healing me of severe depression.  I no longer need the antidepressants I took for 10 yrs.  I give the LORD the Glory for protecting my son while he was living a life of addiction and in prison.  I thank the Lord for ALWAYS for answering my prayers according to his will.  I pray I remain in his will and resist Satan, so he will flee.

Help sent when needed.

October 23, 2013 by Donna Pick

Several years ago I had a job that required driving to call on customers, but, my car was old and not very reliable. One day after eating my lunch in a parking lot, the car would not start. Before getting out of the car to jiggle the battery cables, I said a quick prayer asking God to help me get my car started. As I finished the prayer and looked up, a car was passing me in the parking lot and the lady driver was looking at me. Just as I got the hood up, she drove up to me and asked if I needed help. When I told her I needed jumper cables, she said she was just at Wal-Mart and God told her to buy some. She didn’t know how to use them or why He wanted her to buy them, but, she did. Then as she was passing me, God told her to help me. Perfect timing. Thank God she obeyed.

God did it for Hannah, He has done it again!

October 22, 2013 by Carol

This miracle is for my Uncle and Aunt. They have been married for over 16 years with a 11 year old daughter. My uncle is a “people person” and the wife very inviting ( we always tease them that during holidays, they invite the whole of Houston) Their house is always full of people! For years and years, they failed to have any more kids. They prayed with couples like them with no miracle (The others couples all got their babies). Early this year, they were looking into consulting fertility specialists or adopting, but before they started any process…, my aunt found out that she is pregnant! (After 11 years!!!!!) Ain’t God AMAZING! The doctor told her that she was old!!! but he doesn’t know our God, Sarah in the Bible was 80 years! My Aunt is not even 50! She didn’t go to any specialist or take any aids. Science has nothing to do with this baby, God is creating that baby in her womb and He is going to see it to term and give them a smooth delivery! That is our prayer. This is a miracle baby… like Samuel, Isaac. God has done this to have his Name exhaled, to show others that He is still God, does miracles and has the final say on our lives. Amen

Ps. We are so excited for our Aunt and Uncle…you can never imagine the joy in their house right now!

struggle to survive

October 22, 2013 by Dominique

I am a nurse at a pediatric facility and have been taking care of a 14 year old girl with a difficult background and up bringing.  Her mom has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has no insurance so has been without her treatments for over a month now. Mom is growing increasingly fatigued and even spitting up blood at times and still continues to try and support herself,  her two daughters and grandson with another grandchild on the way. They struggle to get anywhere due to transmission issues with the only vehicle available. My patient is truly struggling to enjoy the small things in life due to all of the external stressors she faces. During our team meeting my coworker who was so moved pulled 100 dollars out of his own pocket and gave it to the mother. He said the Lord placed it on his heart to give.  It took everything in us not to cry with the mother.  Money is so tight and with all the things needed like new clothing and food they have been forced to move into and area that is not so safe just to make ends meet. If there is anything or anyone that might be able to help this family that has been through so much. God bless.

Miracle after Miracle

October 21, 2013 by Carol

This miracle is for my Uncle and Aunt. They have been married for over 16 years with a 11 year old daughter. My uncle is a “people person” and the wife very inviting ( we always tease them that during holidays, they invite the whole of Houston) Their house is always full of people! For years and years, they failed to have any more kids. They prayed with couples like them with no miracle (The others couples all got their babies). Early this year, they were looking into consulting fertility specialists or adopting, but before they started any process…, my aunt found out that she is pregnant! (After 11 years!!!!!) Ain’t God AMAZING! The doctor told her that she was old!!! but he doesn’t know our God, Sarah in the Bible was 80 years! My Aunt is not even 50! She didn’t go to any specialist or take any aids. Science has nothing to do with this baby, God is creating that baby in her womb and He is going to see it to term and give them a smooth delivery! That is our prayer. This is a miracle baby… like Samuel, Isaac. God has done this to have his Name exhaled, to show others that He is still God, does miracles and has the final say on our lives. Amen

Ps. We are so excited for our Aunt and Uncle…you can never imagine the joy in their house right now!

My Grandmother who was ill

October 17, 2013 by Angela

Last week I requested a prayer for my grandmother who was very ill to get well soon. The doctor was telling us she had a 50/50 chance of making it through. Today she is doing so much better then last week. Her organs are healthier now, she is able to move around and eat more. The doctors are now saying she might be able to come home within 2-3 days.Thanks be to God and to everyone who prayed for her. We are truly blessed!

God is Good and He’s the only one that understands

October 07, 2013 by Dennis

My ex- girlfriend and I have been really seeing eachother and happy over the weekend and today. Only God understands this, and I thank him for going easy on me and blessing me, props, honor, glory and the throne for him to love and live on forever, forever to him in Jesus name amen

Gods miracles

October 03, 2013 by Danielle

Let me start out by saying god is so wonderful.. Who woulda ever thought that 6 months ago I woulda have been able to bless my husband Cody 26 years old with a wonderful new Kidney. And I am 25 I kept hearing from everyone including doctors that there was no way that I would match.. That I might as well not even try., I heard it all and then some people said why do you want to do this and are you sure?? So I responded heak yes I am lol how can I sleep at night not knowing but when I found out I was a match I slept great from then on and went into sugery 2 thumbs up lol…  I am still in shock it’s been a journey and no journey us easy god has brought us so far many struggles have come to us during all of this but I keep reminding my husband that god saved him for a reason and that he has a wonderful testmony to share.. We were undergoing testing for the transplant during the last trip y’all took to Israel and wanted to go so bad but god had other great plans instore so I am really really hopeing we can mark the date to enter into the contest this time so we can go next march because it would be such a wonderful expirence.. Thank you for letting all of us share our testmonies on here Danielle

Lost Item God Returned it

October 03, 2013 by Deborah

I was shopping and left my Kindle in the basket.  When I returned five minutes later it was gone.  I prayed, “God don’t let the devil steal from me.  I am a tither and a giver.”  Went into the store and asked several workers and went to lost and found and they said no.  As I was walking out I ran into another store employee and asked him.  He said no.  However, as I was walking away God whispered in my spirit, “he has it.”  I went in and found a manager and told him what I lost and who I thought had it.  They left me standing outside a door so they could check the cameras.  While standing there the worker walked by twice, and I am sure he knew what was going on behind the closed door.  After his third trip inside, he beckoned for me to come.  He said, “I found it.  I did not want to take it to the lost and found.”  I did not care that he lied to me, all I know is that God did not let the devil steal from me.  He made him return my Kindle.  God is awesome!

wonderful job

October 02, 2013 by laura

While Your waiting for God to answer be happy…in everything.

bring us up from the ashes

October 01, 2013 by misty

we had a bad house fire in feburary, we lost two of our pets and lost alot.
all of my family got out of the house right before the fire came in to the house where we all were. things were very hard on all of us for a while, my 6 yearold was affaird the house where we were staying was going to burn down. god was there for us and helped our family pull together and support eachother to get through it. now our home was rebuild and we are back home. we since got two new pets and we see it as a new begining. I want to thank ksbj, we started listening to you right before this all happened and after the fire it just seemed like the right song came on at the right time to help us through those rough times.

Medical board exam

September 25, 2013 by Hoang

I am not your typical medical student.  I’m the last of 7 whose parents arrived shortly after the Vietnam war.  I’ve experienced what it is like to have food stamps, free school lunches, dinner consisting of just rice, soy sauce and black pepper.  My brother and I are the only ones to graduate from college.  The desire to become a healer stemmed from my teachers encouraging me that I can become whomever I wanted no matter the circumstances.  This journey has not been easy (finances are tight and school loans are too much to bear) and God consistently confirms His plan for me. I consistently feel like I’ve given God everything but He continues to show me that I am created for more.  Blessings to everyone and shalom.

First Home

September 25, 2013 by Iver

This praise report has been long over-due, but about 4 months or so ago, I submitted a prayer request about purchasing a home. My husband and I had been looking since before our wedding in August of 2012, but every time we thought we found “the one,” it would sell on us. We began searching again after our wedding and had saw some pretty nice homes, but our realtor pointed out that the cost of a resell was about the same as just building in the neighborhood we were looking in, so we started looking into building. We ended up walking a brand new home where another couple had designed together, but ended up backing out of their contract. We were in love! We met with our realtor about the necessary steps to placing an offer, and we finally thought this was over, but that following week, the price went up on the home, making it over our budget. We were working back and forth with the builder, trying to work up a deal, but there was already another family that was willing to pay full price! We lost it :-(. The builder mentioned that they were opening up some lots in the next few months so we could build that same floorplan on another lot and have more control so that we could stay within budget. Long story short, after much prayer and fasting, we will be closing on our new home within 30days! This home will be way more house than we need right now, but we got more house for our money than we would if we were to have gone with a re-sell in the same price range. After submitting that initial prayer request, any anxiety or bad feelings about purchasing this house faded, so we knew this was the right path that God had set for us. Thank you KSBJ for your prayers!


September 20, 2013 by Esther

Just wanted to share what God did. On Oct 4, 2013, I came home from church to find my apartment had been broken into. The first thing I thought about was the money I had in my bedroom drawers that had been set apart for God’s kingdom. Whenever I felt the Lord leading me to bless someone that’s where the money came from. At first I wanted to get mad but then I thought ,“Oh well, It was your money ,Lord.”  This might sound crazy, but when I entered my house ,the first thing I saw in my living room was a big package of Angel Soft toilet paper, which normally I don’t buy but found on sale. I had purchased two packs and had left them in my bedroom closet.
As I headed to my bedroom ,I noticed the drawers on the dresser open and my belongings all over the floor. So I went to the closet to look for the other toilet paper, thinking to myself “could they really have taken my toilet paper?”  Yes, they had taken it!

I returned to my bedroom to look in the drawers .When I looked in the first drawer ,there were one or two items left in it. To my surprise, standing up against the wall of the drawer were two of God’s envelopes with the money still in them. I looked in the second drawer, where I also had money and the drawer was empty but standing up against the wall of the drawer was another envelope with the money still inside .

I also had an envelope on my kitchen table mixed with other papers and it was still there. I was so happy that they hadn’t taken God’s money that I forgot to look to see what else was missing. Later ,when my sister came over I realized they had taken my lap top (which was old) , my vacuum cleaner (which was inexpensive ) but in the closet where they gotten it ,I had different types of electronic   items still in their boxes ;  worth way more than the vacuum cleaner. They also took a sewing machine that I had purchased at a garage sale for $25.00 but never used. All the items that were taken were of no great value to me.God had blinded them to the items of worth. I had a coworker tell me ,“Wow! It’s amazing that the envelopes didn’t fall flat when they were going through the drawers. I believe the angel of the Lord held them up and I believe that God has a sense of humor that He allowed them to leave one of the toilet papers so that I would know He had Angels watching over what belongs to Him. We can take heart that if we belong to Him, He will watch over us.

Faith and Obedience

September 12, 2013 by Dana

I am a single mother of 3 kids and have been praying for several items -direction in my career and to be blessed with a meaningful/purposeful job that turns into a passionate career rather than just a job and something that will allow me to totally support my family without worring where the next tank of gas or groceries is coming from.  Let me provide some background info- this past year I have been laid off of work and God presented me with my current job which I am very thankful for but there was a catch I had to take about a $7000 paycut and I am struggling to make the bills now but for some reason God is telling me that I need to be here at least temporary and I am being obedient to him but believe me it is super hard at times. But amzaingly, He has not left our side and has provided for our daily needs.

During this time I have also been praying for a bigger house, currently we live in a small apartment in which we really have out grown and it starting to need lots of repairs.  God does answer prayers.  I started doing some investigating about down payment assistance programs for buying a house.  Within a total of 10 days, I found a program with no money down, found a house in which I love and is everything that I have prayed for and then some, within my budget, have a signed contract, been prequalified for the mortgage, received earnst money deposit from a family friend and closing date is set for late Oct.  It is totally blowing me away.  I am seeing part of the reason for the current job and salary.  With the down payment assistance program for the mortgage it does have some salary requirements that have to be below a certain amount and had I been working somewhere else the house would not be a possibility for a very long time.  Even though I am struggling with my job, I am not afraid- I know that God does have a plan for everything and it will all work out even better than I could have imagined.

I am living proof -believe, trust, obey and He will provide for us in every way.  He is such an awesome God and I am so thankful for the many blessing that has been bestowed upon myself and kids.

God showing up during Anxiety Attacks

September 08, 2013 by Kay

I have had two anxiety attacks recently due to the extreme stresses at work and home.  With the first one I could not be consoled.  I was unable to drive to work and had to call in sick.  When I finally calmed down enough to lay down, I turned my phone on the play KSBJ.  All the songs were relating to what I was going through - God’s will bring you peace, trust Him, He will not fail, His grace is enough.  I was calming down but still could not go to sleep and still was crying and restless.  Then came the big one.  KSBJ started playing “take the shackles off my feet so I can dance” and I could just feel it.  I was laying in bed raising my hands, twisting those shackles off my feet and praising God.  After that I was able to fall asleep and get the rest I had needed for days.

The second one I was leaving for work again and I could just feel the anxiety building up and I was afraid I would not make to work again.  But out of nowhere I started singing a song in my head “there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.  You make all things work together for my good.”  I took a deep breath and walked out to my car and just kept singing it over and over in my mind.  I was still a little shaky but knew He had put that song in my mind to sustain me.  I got in my car, turned it on and of course KSBJ is playing, and guess what song was coming out LOUD AND CLEAR - “there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.  You make all things work together for my good.”  I just smiled and said “OK Lord, I got it now!  YOUR LOVE NEVER FAILS!

Having a baby

September 07, 2013 by noelia Aguilar

All my life i dream to get married and have a family i got married and for four yrs me and My husband stugle on having a baby i prayed and cryed and i called ksbj so they can. Pray for us. And they did they gave hope when i was down but today is a new day they told me and my husband that i was pregnat god is so good he answer by prayers bless god thank you ksbj

While I am waiting for a husband

September 06, 2013 by Johana

There is one song that always comes up when I am feeling frustated, impatient or lonely because I don’t have a boyfriend and its While I’m Waiting by John Waller. This song reminds me that while I am waiting for a godly husband I need to always serve and worship with my life.

I am am Overcomer

September 04, 2013 by Melanie

I woke up this morning singing Mandisa’s song, “you’re an overcomer” and truly that is my testimony especially today, i stayed in the fight, i didnt go under, i might be down for moment but that’s when God reminded me that i am an overcomer.  9 years ago today i lost my husband to a tragic motorcycle accident that left me feeling abandoned, hurt, confused and alone.  I am grateful to GOD for putting that song in my heart this morning because it definitely reminded me that as a widow, i have come a long way not only in my faith but in my walk with the LORD. I totally trusted and depended on HIM and his word.  I have my parents, my siblings and my church family that were a true blessing to my children and i during this season in our lives.  I wanted to encourage all widow and widowers that God is with you.  Psalms 34:18 tells us that HE is near the broken hearted and yes like me, you will overcome.  Whether it was a tragic death or an illness you are more than a conqueror….Thank you KSBJ! i am an advent listener and just knowing that you are there praying and being supportive helps a lot of people.

6 year old daughter gets saved!

September 02, 2013 by Amanda

Last night after our life group, I sent Maria upstairs to get ready for bed.  After changing into her pj’s,  she stood at the top of the stairs and asked, ” Mommy?  What does it mean to be a Christian and serve God?”  Excited and surprised, I told her to come down and sit next to me. I told her that Christian’s are people who decide to accept the gift of Jesus,  they submit their lives to serving God and they tell people about how Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. I told her that whenever she is ready, she can say a prayer and ask Jesus to come into her heart and teach her to love other’s like he loves us.  She said she wanted to be a Christian and pray right then.  We prayed together,  and my little girl,  just six years old accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior! I am so excited to see what God has in store for Maria.  Praises to God!  This is the greatest moment in my life as a mother!  Hallelujah!

God has spoken

August 31, 2013 by seth

I felt like i was nothing, i was very depressed. I was intoxicated and on dope, i took my moms gun when she was asleep and as i loaded and put it to my head i said to my self i dont wanna live anymore but when i was about to pull the trigger i heard a voice and the voice said my son you are worth living. After that night i been going to church and praying everynight ive been 4 years sober thank you God.

keeps me in His word

August 30, 2013 by Denise

been divorice from my ex for about 20 years. Came back to Texas in Sept. four years ago. Got the job I have only with Gods help. Things have been hard in the job and having daughter and her son at the house.

A Dad’s time with his daughter

August 23, 2013 by Jeff

Six years ago my family moved to College Station, so that my wife could get her PHD.  A year later she wanted a divorce.  I was 3,000 miles away from my family and friends (we had come from Washington), but I was determined to be the Dad to our daughter that I never had.  Over the next several years her mom and I have done everything we could to raise our daughter and ensure that I spent as much time with her as I could.  My job has also been very flexible, which is amazing since I work in retail.  As it got closer to her finishing her PHD, we knew that a move was coming and my biggest fear was loosing the closeness my daughter and I share.  I have always let my job know that I would be leaving, but I knew that once I transferred stores, my hours would chance and I would loose much of the time we share. 
My daughter is eleven and we had been discussing this for awhile now so that she would be prepared for the changes.  We were praying for things to work out, but never in my dreams did I expect them to work out how they are!  Her mom found a job in Austin and after a little searching I found a store located in the same area that she is going to be living, so no driving through the city.  Not only that, but the position they want me to take over will allow me to pick her up from school almost every day just like I was.
My daughter was with me was with me when they told me about the job and she got so excited.  She grabbed onto my leg and just hugged me.  And then later she was just beaming with excitement that I would get to be with her everyday.  We are both so thankful for our prayers being answered like this.
The only remaining snag left is my apartment in College Station is leased through October and I have to Start my new position in September.  I can not afford double rent for two months, so I am praying for someone to sub-lease.  I will be having a fun drive everyday of about two hours if this does not happen, but it will have been totally worth it!


August 21, 2013 by Julia

I wrote a prayer request on your website about 2 months ago for prayer over my husband and I.  We have been struggling with infertility for about 2 years.  After all the doctors and tests we were finally told our ONLY option would be IVF (invitro) and my husband would need surgery.  We felt this was the direction we were suppose to go thru so we tried to see if our finances would allow us to move forward.  Unfortunately we were unable to proceed.  Our insurance did cover some of the procedures but not enough and we would of been left paying at least $6,000 out of pocket.  We were devestated.  Rather than comforting each other we took our frustration out on each other and ir was hurting our marriage.  After about a month we finally said "You know what…..... this is not up to us we need to just give up and hand it all over to the Lord".  I had said that before but this time I was just emotionally exhausted.  We stopped taking drop of fertility medication and even multivitamins.  Well wouldn't you know….... 2 months later after being told by 3 physician's that our only options were invitro, fertility meds,surgery,more fertility meds…. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!  Over joyed is not even the word on how we feel right now.  I know this was all God and our KSBJ family because when I put my prayer request I was amazed and how many responses I recieved for prayer.  And we all know when we all come in agreement He is there.  Thank you all again so much and I can't stop saying PRAISE GOD!!!!

Breaking the Chains

August 20, 2013 by Rhonda

The morning show has been featuring the “song” that has made a difference in the lives of individuals across the greater Houston area.  This is my letter to my son, in his early 20’s:

My dear son,
I want to tell you about Matthew Wests’ song: “Hello, my name is.”  I know that Satan, the author of lies, has tried to convince you that you have been defeated and do not have a true purpose in life…that God is not there and does not hear the cries of your heart. I have been claiming this song for your life…that you will know that you are a “Child of the One True King”....that you have been set free by God’s Amazing Grace. You have a heart of gold that has always searched the scriptures and now satan is trying to rob you of your peace of mind. Our Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for your life and I claim this song for you and believe that the chains that bind you will soon be loosed and that you will sing a new song…don’t ever forget that God loves you! Love, Mom

While I could name several songs that, through the years, have helped me through difficult times, I am claiming this song to be the song for 2013. While the battle may be on going, I know the victory is the Lord’s and my son’s chains will be gone and he will be able to sing this song himself. I feel an urgency (and hope others do too) to pray for the young adults of our nation…that their hearts will be softened, the chains of defeat will be broken and that they will live whole-heartedly for our One True King.

Just say JESUS

August 19, 2013 by Lisa

My 49 year old brother-in-law passed away tragically on Friday while travelling in Switzerland with my sister. Today, in the midst of unspeakable grief, I got in my car and turned on the radio to KSBJ.  Playing was a song I’ve never even heard before (and I listen all the time!)  “When you don’t know what to say…just say JESUS”
My soul is so blessed by God’s beautiful timing.  It was just for me!


August 13, 2013 by Lois

We have been wanting to move for a while, but there were problems with our mortgage company, location, size, price, and tons of other things. We were planning to sell our old house and then buy our new one, but we had trouble finding one. We were constantly in prayer about it, and the more prayers we gave, the more were answered. We and the previous owners of our new house have made a very successful move to our current houses. We also don’t have a mortgage any more.


August 06, 2013 by Robin

In July of 2005 I got the call that no parent wants to hear.  My 28 year old son Christopher had been murdered.  He was shot while a young man tried to rob him of the few dollars he had in his pocket.  He had a bright future.  He was working, going to school and was engaged.  Life was good for him then, but was not always.  He overcame addiction to drugs and alcohol and was counseling others.  Needless to say, my world was turned upside down, along with my family.  There was a lot of anger and turmoil.  At the trial he was found guilty of murder. That didn’t make me feel any better, as my son was not coming back.  I prayed for his family and prayed with them at the trial, after having a dream where Chris told me I needed to pray with them.  During the sentencing hearing he was given 68 years without parole.  Again I prayed with his mother and grandmother and we all hugged.  She was losing a son to the criminal system and my son went to Heaven.  We both lost a son, but I am really good with the place he is in now.  My other son and myself were able to forgive him, but not my daughter.  She had so much anger, as she had lost her beloved brother.  This was in April of 2008, and she was finally coming to terms and moving on, able to forgive, and she died in a car accident in July of 2008, almost 3 years to the day my son died.  In November of that year my husband of 25 years was diagnosed with lung cancer and he died 3 weeks later.  People ask my how I am still sane.  My reply is that my faith in God keeps me going everyday.  God has given me the opportunity to grow and to reach out to parents and people in similar situations and to give them courage and hope to go on.  I am an active member of my church (since my don’s death) and very active in a grief support group for parents who have lost children, called the Compassionate Friends.  I am a firm believer in the fact that God does not lead you to something that he will not lead you through.  I know these were very tough lessons to learn, and I have grown through this adversity.  Perhaps this is God’s plan for me.  He has put me in unique situations to help and encourage others during their struggles.  I am a Nurse Practitioner and there have been so many times I have used my story to comfort others, and by doing so I have received so many blessings back.  I am not saying that life is easy for me, because it is not.  I miss my children so much and think about them everyday.  When you lose a child it becomes very difficult to watch friends, and nieces and nephews getting married and having children.  You think about what could have been and all the possibilities and opportunities lost.  I have tried, with the help of God, to turn this around and to be positive, and think about what positive things have happened in my life since these tragedies.  It is a daily struggle, and without God I would not be able to write this or to share my story and life with others in the same situation.  I thank God everyday for the blessings He gives me everyday.

Job Request

August 06, 2013 by LaKendre'a Moore

About 2 years ago I was looking for work. I had decided to accept a package to leave and had to step out in faith that something else would come along in a bad economy. I prayed and although not completely comfortable with the decision, felt God was leading me to do so. A friend referred me to this website and told me to enter my prayer. I, along with many others, prayed about the situation. After 28 days while on my way to church for a fall festival, I received an offer making more than I was making and with better benefits than I had with a job I had been at for ~15 yrs. I didn’t see that coming, but God already had a plan. I’m very greatful and have been at this job for over a year and a half. To God be the glory!

About school

August 04, 2013 by Angela

At first I was really nervice I though I wasn’t gonna pass the staar test. I said to my mom, “You think I’ll pass all my tests?” and she said, “Trust in god and pray He will help you.” She also told me to talk to God like a person and he will listen to you. So I did and I always pray no matter what time it is and I always told God please father help me, give me strength and smartness on the day of the test. One time I received the test results and it seemed that I pass all four of them. I was omg !! smile and I went home and told my mom and she was like, “I knew it cause I’ve been praying for you.” But, she got happy and I told my dad he was like, “Good” and I told God that night, “Thanks God, for everything you’ve done for me.” I even cried because not all my friends passed their test and they had to go to summer school and now I am enjoying summer and I thank KSBJ too because my mom and I always listen to yall and it helps me and when I’m sad. It makes me be happy and I even like singing along with the artist who sing. Thanks for everything! I love yall! God bless yall so much. Love from Angela smile

It started with Christmas music

August 01, 2013 by Gwen

Last November, I was grappling with a troubled long-distance relationship. Every song I loved and had downloaded on iTunes (hundreds of songs) had become associated with him, and suddenly I couldn’t listen to any of it without sobbing.

As the Christmas season approached, I decided to search the dial in my car for a different kind of Christmas music - the kind with Christ in it (a first for me). I stumbled on KSBJ’s round-the-clock Christmas programming and was amazed. It was my first experience with contemporary Christian music. I don’t even know what I THOUGHT it was like, but suddenly I realized it was like all the music I love best ... but with Christ in the center. No dogma. No politics. Just the love of the Christ. I clung to KSBJ as a lifeline as the relationship faded, but no final word - was it over? or not?

The Lenten season arrived, and though I had never observed Lent before, I was called to observe it this year - one of the things I was called to was to only listen to KSBJ for the whole of Lent. What a blessing. As the storms of emotion came and went (and yes, he did finally break up with me two days before Valentine’s Day), I started tuning into KSBJ not only in my car but at home too. And my 13-year-old son started singing along, and he too found the music as compelling as what he was used to, but so much more life-affirming.

At the end of that season, I was baptized at Easter (I am 47) - though I have loved Jesus since I was a child, the combination of KSBJ and my weekly church attendance helped me accept him as my Lord and Savior, and lay on my heart a burning desire for baptism. KSBJ’s music amplifies and helps add heart and sinew to my study of scripture as well. As I hear how an artist interprets and is inspired by a Biblical passage, it helps me connect to the Word even more deeply. And I hear the songs in my head (“I lift my eyes unto the hills, where does my help come from?”), carrying scripture though my day.

One more thing ... as I have listened to KSBJ throughout these last eight months, I have never heard one snarky, judgmental, sanctimonious, or hypocritical remark from anyone who works at the radio station. Not one veiled political opinion. Nothing that divides. Only that which unites, the love of our dear Lord.

I will always sing the praises of your ministry, and its power to heal, to lift up, to encourage, to minister, to carry the Good News. Bless you, KSBJ


July 22, 2013 by Priscilla

I just posted a prayer about 20 minutes ago & 5 minutes later i received a call from a very large company to go to work for them.  Thank You so much


July 18, 2013 by Angelica

I asked for prayer about 2 days ago here on Ksbj because my husband seems to be taking more pain meds because of his back that he has issues for over 10 yrs now. He has had trouble with drugs and abusing prescription pain meds. But this morning he tells me that for our family he will not take any more pain meds and he will deal with the pain if he has it. And that he will be a better husband and he will once again read the bible and get closer to GOD like he was. Thank You KSBJ family for your prayers.

Financial Blessing

July 17, 2013 by Yolanda

During the June 2013 Share A Thon, God kept putting in my heart the amount of $200.  I prayed about it for 2 days.  On the last day of the Share A Thon, I decided that I should contact KSBJ and pledge a one-time $200.  I am already a $30 a month donor.  After I did that, I started thinking of how I was going to pay the $200 by September.  I live paycheck to paycheck.  Still, I keep praying.  Today, I was reading a news article and saw Texas Unclaimed Property.  So, I went into that website.  I plugged my name in, just for kicks, and low and behold, I have a $200 overpayment to a doctor’s clinic from back in 2010.  GOD is so great.  He truly does listen.

Keep up the great work that KSBJ does for its listeners.

Ultrasound ‘Abnormality’

June 29, 2013 by Laura

My name is Laura and I’d like to share a story of God’s awesome and amazing love!  I’m 25 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.  About 5 weeks ago I had a routine ultrasound performed to check the growth and development of my baby.  I was told there were cysts observed in the baby’s brain and that most likely this was normal and I shouldn’t worry, only a small chance this could result into a birth defect.  Immediately I was consumed with worry and fear.  A friend advised me to meditate on healing scriptures until my next appointment.  Prayer and listening to this station, to and from my way to work, really helped me find peace.  You helped to reassure me there is no request to large for our Lord.  I prayed for healing of my baby, that those cysts would disappear.  I had my follow-up ultrasound this morning and the cysts are no longer there.  I refuse to see this as a “normal occurrence”; instead I praise God for hearing me and answering my prayer.  Thanks KSBJ for helping me get through this period with your uplifting and inspirational music.  It really helped bring me peace.

One of the most inspiring healing scriptures I read was Mark 11: 22-24, “…Have faith in God.  Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.  Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”


June 22, 2013 by Pedro

About a year ago, I called the radio station and asked for prayer regarding the sale of my house.  I prayed with a volunteer regarding my situation and the short sale of my house, and 10 months later, I am glad to say it finally sold!  It was a process that required a lot of patience on my end and trust in God that he was in charge of the situation.  I always felt that He was in control, and that he provided all the right people to help make the sale of the house possible.!  The prayer volunteer asked me to send in a praise report once the house sold, so here I am!  God truly does listen and takes care of us in due time!

Its’ a God Thang

June 22, 2013 by Craig

I lost my local I.T. position in early ‘05 and had to work out-of-state since, when work was available in my particular field. Add to that a bad divorce in mid ‘07, and my sad situation bringing to the understanding of what was really missing in my life, a relationship w/ Christ.
It has been a tough 8+ years, my walk has begun, and grown stronger along w/ my faith. Of course, so have some of the adversities brought about by ‘the dark side’. I took this to mean I was doing something right, and that is why I felt like I was being attacked continuously.
Starting this year I finally completely gave it up to God, absolutely trusting Him in every matter, and giving my struggles up to Him. I renewed my involvement w/ a Job Ministry at a local church, among often attending 2 or 3 services a weekend (as in 2 or 3 different churches), really soaking up His word. Oh, and you know I listen to KSBJ whenever possibly!
I prepared for a recent career fair, hosted by this local church, and attended by KSBJ as well as volunteering at the career fair. Through this event, I gained an interview w/ an employer here near my home, and received an offer the next week. Praise God.
I am happy to say I truely understand what it means to have a God inspired job/career again, if not for the first time. It is such a great opportunity, learning new technologies daily, and growing within the company. I fully get the sense that there is a place for me here long-term, and my contribution is valued.
I get to go to work each day, not ‘have to’, and try and remember to honor Him, and this awesome gift.

And the true God thang part is that the job involves I.T. and aviation. I am pretty good at the I.T. part, and have always wanted to get involved in aviation. There is no way I could’ve dreamed this position up on my own, He knows us better than we know ourselves. This renews my dreams of someday gaining a pilot’s license.

Simply put, God is Good!

Thanks, Craig

A Sheep without a Shepard

June 22, 2013 by Maria

I grew up in church and I was very active in it. However due to the circumstances in my life, I haven’t been able to find a church to call home. Throughtout this time, I often feel like a Sheep without a SHEPARD. But during all these time KSBJ has been my SHEPARD, it keeps me close and connected to the SHEPARD of all the SHEPARDS, GOD! KSBJ makes me feel likw part of a family, the FAMILY of GOD! I’m so thankful for this AWESOME ministry which has been blessing me since I was 9 yrs old and I’m now 40 yrs old and I’m glad to say that KSBJ has also been blessing my daughter all the 13 yrs of her LIFE. KSBJ is mine and her SHEPARD. I want to give a PRAISE OUT to SUSAN O DONNELL who is A HUGE BLESSING IN OUR LIFE. We love all of you at KSBJ. Please contine to bridge the GAP for us SHEEP!


June 22, 2013 by Albert Calderon

I am thankful for KSBJ and its ministry. May God continue to bless this wonderful voice of God.  It is beacuse of KSBJ that my life turned around and now God is at the Center of my Life.

sometimes I feel aone

June 22, 2013 by alfredo

the stories I was reading here at ksbj made me cry but at he same time I realize that God really listen to his children. sometimes I feel so lonely and I wish I could find a woman of God so together we can serve God. Though I have been rejected by being a christian even by some other christian I steel want to serve God because my faith is in my Savior Jesus Christ. please pray for me and my band that I am trying to form and I pray God I can find a bass player


June 21, 2013 by Sylvia

This past year has been difficult and my faith has been shaken. For the past several years finances have been so tight as I take care of my mom who had a stroke several years ago and I am trying to get back into school.
I have been stressed and worried about what is coming. I am having to leave my second job this coming week to focus on my health, I have been so nervous on how this will affect me finacially.
Although I don't know what is in store listening to KSBJ has brought me some peace especially these past couple of days.
I am trusting in God and following my heart. I am taking a leap of faith and giving $10 more this year than I did last year every month and despite my finacial status I was able to give a little extra to impact initiative:)
I feel so awesome being able to do this. I feel such awesome peace and excitement that I am able to give back to KSBJ. I know things will get better.  KSBJ has been there for me when I really needed it smile Thank You!!


June 21, 2013 by Barry

I wanted to share how I felt tonight when I gave to both ngen and ksbj initiatives. I always cringe when paying bills, I always have to think about money I spend at stores or for most anything…. I want to let the listeners know I gave more tonight than I have in the past, and it was the easiest money I have ever just picked up the phone and gave for anything ever….it put a gladness in my heart!!....praise God!!

God is a personal God of love and mercy

June 21, 2013 by David W. Alford

Thank you for playing Hurt and Healer again, it led my wife’s memorial service (she donated what she could to Life Gift) and so describes her struggle and so many things about her and us. Proof of God’s mercy and grace because a knucklehead Marine was so blessed to have married such a woman who sought God’s face. I want to keep typing and telling you all about her and her courage, but I’ll be kind and stop. smile  God bless you KSBJ and thank you for serving Jesus as you do, and for letting me use the keyboard so that you can understand me.  Semper Fi KSBJ!


A Little Of This…And A Little of That

June 21, 2013 by Kristin

Some days I love the praise of KSBJ music and some days I love the praise of NGEN music…I love rock, I love it loud, I love to sing out loud…I joke that I have one if those adult jobs…desk, meetings and all that…it is such a blessing to have my praise music jamming out at the office.  NGENs sound keeps me centered on God in a crazy world.  I thank God for this ministry. 

Rock ON!!

God speaking to me

June 21, 2013 by Jennifer

When I was a kid, all listend to was KSBJ.  During/after my parents divorce, I fell away from Christ.  I got into a horrible marrige, got cancer when I was 28 and could hardly pay my bills and keep a roof over my head.  My company transferred me to Colorado, God took me there to surround me with people with the faith.  I came back to Christ and Jesus is who saved me during my divorce.  I thought my world was ending, but instead I started listening to KSBJ again, I found a great church and have kept my faith going.  God just recently blessed me with an amazing man who I will be marrying soon, and God also blessed me with a new job.  For the past two years ago, I stepped out in faith and gave $10/month, it was difficult but God was bigger and helped me.  I got this new job a few months ago, so I went online and increased my $10/month to $20/month.  Today, God just kept saying that's not enough, I want you to step out in faith a bit more, so I just got online again and increased my giving to a total of $30/month.  KSBJ keeps me going and is there with the right words or songs to bring me closer to God.  KSBJ is the ONLY station I listen to and that will never change because God really does listen.

Jesus, you’re all this heart is living for

June 21, 2013 by Cheryl

Hey, fellow Christians. I’m Cheryl, a sixteen year old newly saved follower of Christ, and I feel fantastic. Right now, I’m listening to KSBJ at work and desperately wish I could give, but I’m afraid I just started two days ago, so I haven’t anything to give! But I do pray that you guys continue to spread God’s Love around the world because, as you will see in my story, His Love is the thing that saves peoples’ lives!

As an infant, I had to have a cataract surgery on my right eye, which has made me blind in that eye, and unable to see in 3-D (no 20-20 or seeing things in full perspective). Not only that, but it has become a “lazy eye”. A huge blow to a girl’s self-confidence.

From years 1-16 it’s been a disaster: 3 divorces, drug addictions in the family (not me), family feuds, much moving from state to state, living in hotels, grandma’s house, cars, even… not a very pretty picture.

Just a year ago, I actually ran away from home (first terribly bad thing I’ve ever done, and I regret it fully). I was sick of my father, sick of my depression, irritated at myself… I just wanted to get away from home. I ended up walking more than 6.5 miles (probably around 1 mile in the woods until it got dark, then I walked on the side of the highway). When the police got me the next morning, I learned of the dangers I had miraculously avoided: hogs, wild dogs, criminals, poisonous snakes and even poisonous plants! In my neighborhood alone, said the chief officer, there were over 20 registered sex offenders.

How did I do it?!?!

Well, the months before I ran away, I had major depression. Cutting, planning my death, thinking every moment how worthless I was, rejecting any happiness and being subdued by the dark, powerful voice of the Devil. For those who’ve never experienced depression this badly, please, take it from someone who has… I wouldn’t wish such a condition upon anyone. Anyways, I would tell myself to die, strangle myself, take an above-average amount of aspirin, then consider taking the whole bottle, look at the knife rack, desire to create a noose… it was horrible. I can’t even believe I was that way now.

After running away, I was deeply conflicted with God. I wondered how I was alive and how my parents still loved me. How the police didn’t lock me up then and there, and why they didn’t even put it on my record. It’s because I’m a good kid… I just had a hard time. I was pushed beyond my limit.

I started going to church at increased rates, started reading His Word more, began to see a brighter path to take. God began to show Himself over and over and OVER! It’s insane how much He cares! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I used to believe that I was alone, but an absolute, never-changing truth is that God is there for you no matter: what you do, what you’re going through, who you are, what you’ve done, and what other religion you’ve visited.

Now I’m a fully restored Christian who enjoys every moment she gets going to church, writing songs dedicated to our Savior Jesus Christ, talking to people about Christ, and enveloping herself in His glorious, consuming love. Whenever I need anything, I always ask God for an answer. He leads, I’ll follow.

For anyone who is without hope and needs help, and reads this story, just ask God for help. He answers every single time, I promise. I’ve asked over 100 times and, believe it or not, He answers.

For man, without God, is nothing. And man without can do nothing.
For what is impossible for man is nigh (NEVER!) impossible for God.

God Bless everyone who listens to KSBJ, I really love the music you guys play! Jesus loves every single one of you, even if you weren’t able to give. God knows and understands because He sent His Son! =)

I love all of you guys! Have a spectacular week, and God bless your fundraising this past few days; may it lead to many lives saved! Thank God I’m alive to this day, and truthfully, Jesus Christ is the only reason I’m here! Praise God!

Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”

All of Life’s Changes

June 21, 2013 by Denise

I started listening to KSBJ three years ago after getting married, moving to a new town, getting a new job, getting a new house, and acquiring a dog. Trying to handle the stress of being married and all the other changes was difficult for me. I needed something, I just did not know what it was at the time. Long story short, I found peace through the music of KSBJ and a local church. I listen everyday. I now have it playing in the background in the nursery for our 5 month old daughter. Having uplifting music playing in the background helps me stay calm as a mother. Also, the positive message continues to give me hope that my husband will be hired for a job after being unemployed for over a year. With all that has happened, we are still blessed. Giving to KSBJ and NGEN is easy because it is important not only for me and my family, but for so many other people as well. God is good. Wish I could give more.

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