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Judah Brown ProjectJudah Brown Project

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4 and number two in children ages 4-14. A child is 14 times more likely to die from drowning than from a car accident.

Our mission is to protect children of all ages from drowning and to make sure every child and every parent is equipped to stay safer in and around water.

To that end, we provide scholarships for survival swimming lessons for children four and under, whose parents cannot afford them otherwise. We provide scholarships for children in financial need who are over the age of 4 so that they can get swimming lessons and learn how to save themselves in a water emergency.

We host CPR classes at reduced cost for anyone over the age of 10 years old and require them for parents of our scholarship recipients.

We provide trainings to children’s groups of all ages, in various settings. We provide specific training for parents, teachers, counselors, and caregivers, as well as training for medical and pool professionals.

We provide water safety literature to pediatricians, obstetricians, schools, day cares, counseling centers, pool companies, and anyone else who has direct contact with children or their parents.

We help advocate with law makers in the state of Texas for better drowning prevention and water safety measures in our state.

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