by Morgan

There comes a moment when you’re watching the news channel during a flooding disaster that may make you feel kind of hopeless. I know that’s true for me. Water is powerful… and there’s not much we can do to stop it. We just get out of the way, pray, and clean up the mess when it’s all over.

It’s heartbreaking for people who have lost their homes and livelihoods to the flood waters but the small silver lining is to see the way our community comes together to help. If you’ve been personally impacted by this most recent flooding, please check out the resources that the Morning Show have put together for you. And if you’re looking for ways to help, keep reading!

I don’t live far from Kingwood and our area was hit pretty hard during Hurricane Harvey. I remember watching everyone jump into action to muck out homes and start the process of cleaning and rebuilding. I was very pregnant at the time, so my job was to stay put and help feed the volunteers… and there were SO MANY volunteers. Now it’s time for us to jump into action again and it’s a great opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve friends, neighbors, and strangers.

KSBJ has a longstanding partnership with a fantastic organization called God’s Pit Crew. This group of big-hearted volunteers go around the country after natural disasters and show God’s love in a very practical way – by providing supplies and helping hands!

Here’s what God’s Pit Crew shared in a recent Facebook post:

“As mandatory evacuations take place in Texas, GPC continues to work with ministry partners to respond to the devastating flood waters. 700 homes already flooded in Conroe, Texas, were reported early morning on Saturday, May 4th.

Thanks to our partners at KSBJ Radio, over 1,000 Blessing Buckets that were packed last year are already in Houston and will be distributed to shelters and distribution centers to aid victims of the catastrophic flooding.”

But don’t worry! All the opportunities to help our community have not passed!

You can join us in extending a helping hand to those affected by the recent flooding as we join hands with God’s Pit Crew to provide aid specifically to those in the Cleveland area.

To learn more and find out about opportunities to serve tap the button below.