Going out to eat with a large group of friends can be a ton of fun – until it’s time to figure out how to split the check and make sure the server gets a good tip (math has always been a struggle for me)! However, there is a group of friends in Massachusetts who get together once a year and they plan all of this ahead – especially the tip. They are Peleton users who belong to a group called the Wicked Smaht Zone and this year they took up a digital collection from members across the country before their annual breakfast date. In January twenty-two of them met and chose a restaurant called Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth, Massachusetts for their get together.

Wicked Smaht Zone
Members of the “Wicked Smaht Zone” at Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth. Photo: CBS Boston

They enjoyed their meal and time visiting with each other but then came the really fun part … they started piling a tip on the table for the crew at the restaurant. They gathered $100 bills, $20s … and the money from the digital collection plate. All in all, they blessed the restaurant employees with over $4,600.

One of the servers named Megan, who is a single mother, was blown away by the kindness of the group. She told CBS, “I live alone. I have two daughters. Rent is due in two days. This was the most heartwarming, incredible thing that has honestly ever happened. I couldn’t be more appreciative. I could cry talking about it right now.”

It’s easy to watch the news or see what gets posted to social media and start to feel like there’s nothing good left in this world, but this proves that there is. Stories like this also make me wonder, what can I do today to encourage someone? How can I show love and kindness in my little corner of the world?