Around the Table

Grocery stores are starting to send out their Thanksgiving coupons. Fall decorations are out, maybe a pumpkin pie is being made, or that first pot of chili is getting ready to boil. We’re transitioning to the time of year when society feels drawn to gather around the table.

We want to help family members gather together, with great dinnertime convos. We’re here to help Mom and Dad get beyond the “What did you do today?” question. We know you’re just too busy and too tired to think of anything else. Let’s connect around the table, with real mealtime topics, and we’ll even buy dinner as we give away some at-home Fajita packs from Fajita Pete’s.

Conversation Starters

Lives are beginning to get back to normal. Families are moving in a thousand directions. Sports are going, after school activities, running around like crazy ensuring that everyone is everywhere. Mom feels more like a taxi service than a loving momma. We yearn for connection. That is how we were created. And KSBJ wants to help you connect around the dinner table, whatever that looks like. Ask deeper questions, go beyond the surface with the ones you love.

Download our PDF of conversation starter questions! For those that don’t have kids at home, we’ve included topics for couples and neighbors, too! Connect with your village – whatever that looks like.

Listen to KSBJ for more ways to enjoy conversation around the table!


Around the Table