Christ did what no other man has done. He paid it all, so we could have eternal life in Heaven with Him. His wounds are what allowed us to be healed.

I understand why people would be afraid of putting their trust in God. Because they’ve been burned by so many other people or institutions and things. But God is not just a man. And the reason we know that He’s not just a man is because, He did something that no other man could ever do.
He carried all of our betrayal, and all of our brokenness and He nailed it to the cross so it would no longer define us. So many people are living in walking through life right now being defined by their wounds. It’s not by their own wounds that they will ever achieve healing, it’s by the wounds of another. It’s by the wounds of Christ that my wounds even make sense. There’s no other person, no other God in the history of the world who ever said, “It’s by my wounds you’re healed.”