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You Make KSBJ so Much More Than a Radio Station

Joel Heath
Joel Heath, Former Houston Texan

I’ll never forget my first year in the NFL. It all started in 2016 when I began playing for the Houston Texans. During that season, I experienced every high and low a person could feel. From the disappointment of not being drafted, to the sheer joy and thankfulness of earning a spot on the roster (praise God!), to the anxiety of starting in my first game as an undrafted free agent. By the end of that year it felt like I had ridden the world’s craziest roller-coaster. Despite the stress, it was a special year, one that I will always remember.

What I have learned during my time in the NFL is that every year is different. Just as the Bible describes the many seasons we go through during our time on earth (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8), the same concept applies to the players and the organizations in the NFL. What makes each season in both football and in life so special is the wisdom that you gain from both the glory of victory and the heartbreak of loss.

I’ve also learned that every year holds significant value. Even when you fail, as long as you learn something and grow in faith, it’s a win. That’s what will make the upcoming 2019 season special, as well. God will get the glory, whatever happens. And I pray that someone will come to know Jesus from something associated with the Houston Texans (even if it was just me writing this article)! You heard it from me, folks.

Throughout my time in Houston, I’ve gained strength and hope from listening to KSBJ. This radio station has been a beacon of hope, clarity and a place of fellowship for my wife and me. We’ve made many amazing connections with the staff and volunteers involved in this ministry. I’ve learned that KSBJ is not just a radio station, it is a ministry that shares the glory of God, every single day. From the community events to the phone calls to the prayer ministry, it quickly became evident to us that God wanted us to be a part of this ministry, to help be a voice of Hope. We enjoy volunteering and answering the phones at Sharathon. We love meeting the listeners and Texans fans. We look forward to what God has in store for us and for our partnership with KSBJ.

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