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Keturah’s Haven Women’s Shelter Grand Opening In Katy
August 18
Keturah's Haven Womens Shelter Katy Grand Opening
2215 Porter Road
Katy, Texas 77493
Sunday, August 18
2:00 pm
PHONE: (817) 721-7745

Homelessness in the Katy community is silent but real. Pregnant homeless women in our community are now no longer left to suffer alone and in silence. Keturah’s Haven Women’s Shelter was founded by Ruhama Rylander whom God called with the mission of serving homeless women. After tremendous prayer and effort Keturah’s Haven Women’s Shelter in Katy, Texas is now a reality! Keturah’s Haven is a shelter to rescue pregnant homeless women from living on the streets; from verbal, physical and sexual abuse. The shelter provides basic safety and shelter, food and clothing, but most importantly the mercy and hope of Jesus Christ to carry a healthy full-term pregnancy. Keturah’s Haven is run solely by volunteers that team with community churches, groups and agencies to offer pre-natal healthcare, rehab counseling and classes to model appropriate parenting behaviors, learn healthy life skills, attitudes and decision making. For many of these women Keturah’s Haven will be the first time they experience love, compassion, mercy and safety. Keturah’s Haven is set up to comfortably accommodate six women right now. However as our support from the community and other agencies expand we anticipate God will enable the shelter to grow larger within the next few years. Keturah’s Haven is nonprofit 501 C-3 shelter. Public awareness and involvement is crucial for any nonprofit agency. Many KSBJ listeners have never seen the inside of a homeless shelter. We invite the community and area agencies and leaders to come take a tour and be educated on what it takes to run a shelter.

Keturah’s Haven Women’s Shelter depends on the spirit of servanthood and financial generosity from the community. Dependence and coordination with various agencies is crucial. Please stop by to witness this amazing work of Jesus Christ in your community. If you or someone you know has the desire to donate financially or donate their time and share the mercy of Jesus we are humbled to know that Jesus has put that on your heart. More information is on our website
For privacy reasons women will not be processed for admittance to the shelter until after Grand Opening weekend. Saturday August 17 from 2pm to 6pm and Sunday August 18 from 2pm to 6pm.


Keturah’s Haven new homeless women’s shelter in Katy, Texas
Located in old Katy, on the private property of Faith West Academy.
2215 Porter Road
Katy, Texas 77493