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Team Marriage Revive & Recommit Conference Retreat
August 02
Marriott Springwoods CityPlace
1200 Lake Plaza Drive
Spring TX 77389
Friday, August 2
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
PHONE: (832) 607-4247

We know that in any marriage, there can be many problems, lots of stress, turmoil, difficulties, & pain. Sometimes, it may seem hard to work through the strenuous times. Other times, there is lots of fun and excitement, and both spouses experience a great blissful marriage.
During this 2 Day Conference Retreat, we help each couple to focus on the joys of marriage, how to work through conflict, set or reset marriage goals, loving and respecting your spouse, and walking through life with your spouse in a healthier, and
stronger manner. We encourage couples to relax, and retreat while getting revived,
re-energized, & equipped with the proper tools for their marriages.