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The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Emergency Blood Drive
March 27
Grace Presbyterian Church
10221 Ella Lee Lane
Houston, TX 77042
Friday, March 27
9:00 am
PHONE: (713) 454-9910

Blood Drives are an essential service and are part of Houston’s Emergency Response team. While recommendations are to stay at home, blood donations are allowed and desperately needed during this time. You can save three lives with one blood donation.

The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is facing a severe blood shortage and Grace has responded by opening our doors to the Blood Center. We need volunteers to give blood this week. The Blood Center is following all heightened CDC recommendations regarding sanitation and safety to provide a clean, safe environment for donation. We will be taking online appointments and making sure physical distancing is well maintained. (Note: Everything used is designated for one person and then sent home with them or disposed, i.e. squeeze ball, blankets, etc…)

To donate, please register using the following links:

Friday, March 27th: Register HERE:…/sche…/drive_schedule/310216…

Saturday, March 28th: Register HERE:…/sche…/drive_schedule/310124…


located at the intersection of West Sam Houston Tollway and Westheimer