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Variety Tour
February 26
Prodigal Son House
1610 N. Terrell
Cuero, Tx 77954
Wednesday, February 26
7:00 pm
PHONE: (713) 824-9591

THE VARIETY TOUR featuring Dove award winning band SEVENTH DAY SLUMBER along with Dove award nominee and KLOVE fan award nominee STARS GO DIM and Dove award nominee STEVEN MALCOLM!!! Also hear the amazing testimony of JOSEPH ROJAS!! Tickets are only $10 and a limited number available so get yours quick!! The Variety Tour has been compared to a smaller version of Winter Jam…it could change your life!! No longer are people’s playlists just one genre. Everyone is listening to a variety of music these days, so why not bring them a little bit of everything? We bring Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Worship, and an incredible speaker that knows how to speak into people’s lives on a very real level. There are people dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicide in your community right now. Once they’re enjoying the concert, their walls come down, and Jesus meets them in the middle of their painful circumstances. We’ve seen it happen all over the country, and we’re excited and passionate about what God is doing!