So, we actually have some cows on our property, and that all happened during the pandemic, and people think it’s crazy. And now they’ll ask, why do you have cows? Well, for one, in a pandemic, beef is always a good thing to have. But for two, there’s actually a process for me going out and tending to something that isn’t my spouse or isn’t the kids.

And it’s something that, for the most part, is just separate to us. I’m doing this for the benefit of this other animal, but most people think it kind of stops there. But I’m out in the wilderness; I’m out in nature. I got an old beat-up tractor that doesn’t want to start all the time. And there’s something about the diesel fumes that burn.

There’s all of these different things. And what I find myself having is joy. It actually isn’t really about the cows; it’s not really about even the tractor. It’s about being outside, doing something that isn’t focused on myself. And it’s something that gives me rest, and it refreshes my soul.

And I think when it comes to joy, when you see truly joyful people at the core of it, they’re usually not stressed out. They’re usually not people that are just seemingly very happy in the moment. There’s a refreshingness that takes place with that joy that seems to permeate their life. And so, for me, that’s just one aspect of my life that I just feel great joy.

I’m alone; I’m quiet; my soul feels quiet. And I think in that joy, it’s being refreshed, and I love that.