1. PRAY OFTEN – Stay prayed up.
2. GET IN YOUR WORD OFTEN – Dive into that word a little bit every day.
3. DISCIPLE PEOPLE – Who are you pouring into? Who are you discipling? That’s what Jesus did with twelve individuals for three years, just pour into them.
4. FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER BELIEVERS – You got to fellowship with believers. I remember when I first gave my life to Christ and became a Christian, I think it was a good two years, I did not hang out with anybody who I use to hang out with. “Scripture says, ‘if you were to follow me,’ you know, ‘die to yourself and take up your cross.’ So, alright — Kill who I used to be. I’m a new creation. Now go. Surround myself with brothers that keep me accountable and keep me out of trouble and really keep me sharp.