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Amazing Grace

September 14, 2019 BY Alexandra Elliott

My mother is on hospice and will soon pass. Many of my family members have come in from around the country to be with her in her final days. She has already requested Amazing Grace be sung at her funeral. Last night, I thought it would be special for the family to gather around her to read scripture and sing Amazing Grace. We read Psalms 23 and then sung together. Then everyone kissed her forehead and told her they loved her. It was very special. Later when I was heading home for the evening, I turned on the radio at the exact moment Amazing Grace came on. It was not the new contemporary version but the original version we had sung, which is rarely played these days. I know it was a sign from God. He is with us in our darkest hour and He will never leave us nor forsake us. My mother will be with her Heavenly Father soon but I can rejoice because I will see her again one day. Praise God!