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Engage-minced: The Lord is my Ring

February 01, 2019 BY Zachary

I was in the course of the happiest relationship of my life when I was asked to hurriedly meet up for a date night that I had planned. I had an engagement ring that I had just purchased at my house, but no intention of using it on this particular date. The Lord was the center of our relationship and I thought everything was just fine.

I went to the date, although she had asked to meet up. I found this strikingly odd as my house was right down the street from the restaurant- but I decided to believe she was too hungry to eat and couldn’t wait. We sat down and talked for a bit. My stomach dropped as, after 4 years of dating, she looked up at me and said my name while quivering and said my name.

I immediately started freaking out. I thought she lost her great grandma that she told me was close to dying, I thought maybe she was sick, I thought something in her immediate family may have gone wrong.

Much to my surprise she told me she didn’t want to be together anymore. I was completely distraught. We were in a public place attached to an outlet mall. I asked if we could talk in privacy but she wouldn’t allow it. I didn’t want to force her to do anything against her will, so I walked away and broke down. I prayed. I prayed for four months until I heard the KSBJ 30 Day Challenge start up again and I thought to myself “why not now? She won’t talk to me, maybe God will.”

He has touched my heart, brought many people back into my life, was a shepherd over my sister’s wedding, and I can finally feel Christ back beside me as I walk. Thanks, KSBJ.