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From TV to Radio

February 05, 2019 BY Martha

Several years ago I started noticing how my outlook on life was very depressing. I watched TV, but, was getting tired of all the negative input. I started listening to KSBJ when they first aired and loved listening to Buddy in the morning as I got ready for work and on my way. Then, because I was a Fire Inspector, I did a lot of road time and always had y’all on. At night I started listening more and more, too. Finally about 4 years ago, I quit turning the TV on at all, except last year when the Stros won the World Series in the last game. Now I have y’all on 24/7 and I love my outlook on life. I am able to minister to my friends and family in a much more positive way. I can’t do without you guys in my life. I thank God for y’all and love you all.