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God Has Kept Me Spiritual

June 04, 2019 BY Helena Anene

On the 1st of December, 2018 – my fiance explained to me that our relationship wasn’t going to work. I was so shocked when he had just asked me in June during my birthday dinner to get ready for our wedding.

I was calm but it was devastating and I went through tears for days over the fact that I was living with him since October 2015, and I had nowhere to go. All of my furniture from my 3 bedroom condo was in this house. I got in my car and found a Christian station which was KSBJ that I had never known anything about before. So as I began to listen everyday as I drove to work, I would listen and cry as the music would minister to me. It was no one but God. I haven’t changed the channel yet; and I don’t think I ever will!!! I would like to thank everyone that has any dealings with this station. I love them, I smile ? , cry and pray driving to and from work. Then I heard you start talking about about the 30 Day Challenge, I was like Lord I’m in this for challenge for LIFE!!!! I’ve downloaded the app on my iPad and have the station on as I sleep. All these songs are new to me, but they all play in my head all day at work. I just start humming the lyrics. I’m so hungry for the ministering – I can’t get enough ??

Can you guys please pray that my spirit continues to be ministered to and my faith continues to be strengthened as God leads and guides me. I would like to pray to God that you all be blessed in God’s riches and glory all the days of your lives as you guys touch the lives of many. I left my first sticky note today ?