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God Healed Me

June 12, 2019 BY Maria

In June of 2016, I had pain in my legs that started and within 5 days, the pain became unbearable. I went to my family doctor and he immediately ordered an ultrasound of my left leg which had most of the pain. The ultrasound technician checked my left leg, but I asked him to check both because I felt like I needed to have both of them checked. Two days later, the doctor’s office called and told me the doctor wanted to talk to me. My husband and I went to the appointment and the doctor told me I had a blood clot (DVT) in my right leg (inside my calf area). He made it seem like it was nothing. It was a big deal to me since I had never had any medical issues and I was already 40 years old. He gave me medicine and sent me to a Hematologist to see why I got the DVT. After taking multiple test and blood work, they doctors could not figure out a reason because there was not problems they could see with me. After taking the blood thinners, the blood clot went away. I have had a yearly follow up and nothing. Thank you GOD.

I can say the most challenging thing for me during this whole issue was that I know that I was not in the right path with Jesus Christ. I was raised by Christian and devoted parents. I accepted my Lord when I was in my teens and baptized. But as a young adult I wanted to make my own decisions and not include God. I started going back to church and included my family but we were not faithful all the time. I know in my heart that God was using this experience as my wake up call that I had prayed for. After this scare, I put my faith in Jesus Christ, I reconciled my life and became a member at the church we had been attending for 4 years. I am faithful in my tithes and giving to KSBJ. I want to help to get the news out about God’s love and mercy for us. I know in my heart that God has given me another chance in life and I am using it to praise him and glorify his name.