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God Shows Up At The Right Time

October 02, 2018 BY Melissa

I live in North West Houston and work in Richmond so my drive to work in the morning is and hour and a half so I get to listen to the morning show everyday.

This morning Rachelle read something that really touched my heart. I have been a Christian for about 22 years now, but I have not been walking with the Lord for the past 3 years. I have tried living “doing it on my own” not relying on God. I haven’t even prayed or “talked to my Heavenly Father” for the past 3 years. Without God in your life, trying to do it on your own, is just the toughest. God never promised a bed of roses to people who did His will but He did promise to walk along side with them. Even though I was the one who decided to walk away for whatever reason (and it is not a good one, it never is a good one).

Today what Rachelle read just touched my heart. I asked God to forgive my rebellious ways and my ingratitude. Right after that, I went to HEB after getting gas. I guess I must have dropped my card because when I got to the check out I did not have it. I had to get some stuff but really did not have the money in my budget for it. I asked the checkout lady if she could wait while I went to my car and looked for it, and I also apologized to the customer behind me. I walked out to the car and when I came back, the gentleman behind me had already paid for my groceries. God let me know that He is still there and is still waiting for me. I just want to thank KSBJ and its staff for letting themselves be used by God. You guys are a huge blessing to my and other’s lives. Once again, thank you and God bless you.