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God Speaks in the midst of difficulties

August 10, 2019 BY Barbara

On Monday, August 5 about 9:30 am, I received a call from my doctor with a positive report for breast cancer. I was stunned, shocked and somewhat numbed. I was able to tell my husband through the tears, I texted my pastor and she immediately called and prayed with me. Yet the tears flowed,and my mind began to wonder. I thought “Just get out and get some fresh air to breathe,” going to the corner Walgreen’s for what I don’t know. I got into the car, backing out of the garage and “Rescue” was playing. This was my first time hearing it. It was so loud and clear and the words were as though speaking to my spirit. Before I made it to the corner I was in a totally new place. Such joy overwhelmed me, renewed strength as though I was floating on and still now I am in such contentment as I trust God knowing I can rest in His shelter.
“No more tears,” I am confident that God is with me through this trials.”