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God Will Provide!

January 11, 2019 BY Eric

60 years ago I was born with an esophagus in two pieces, mostly useless! The doctor who delivered me, in New Orleans, was awakened in the middle of the night knowing that he had to go to the hospital immediately. That was when they discovered the problem! They had put a tube in my lungs and the milk they fed me was being taken out of my lungs, it couldn’t go to my stomach.

The next day I had surgery, it took over 9 hours. They reconstructed my esophagus with part of my stomach. After the surgery I had pneumonia, I was given a new drug that helped cure me. I was fed by a tube going into my stomach inserted just above my navel until I was about four. My pediatrician told me I was the first person to survive that surgery, it was 1958.

Since that time, I’ve been in hospitals a lot. I have been in pain since then. I have had eating problems. I was 4 ft 11 inches and weighed 78 pounds when I graduated from High School!

I have been filled with the Spirit since before I was born to survive all of this, and more! Since I was small I was bullied and made fun of even through High School. But I always knew that God was there! That my Lord could heal me instantaneously, completely and I have wondered “Why didn’t He?” I still believe this, that He can heal me, I am looking forward to that day!

For the past 10 years, I have been on disability and I can no longer work. The pain is constant and sometimes I can’t hold back screaming out in pain.

My wife is a teacher, she is from South Korea where she got her bachelors degree in English and French. She came to the US to get her Masters in Special Ed. in Georgia, which is where I met her.
After we got married, she worked for Houston ISD in Special Ed for severe to profoundly disabled children, the ones most people want to avoid looking at or acknowledging. They kept increasing the number of children she had to take care of and taking away her aides so that she mostly was only able to feed them and change their diapers. This caused her to have problems with her arms. So she got her second Masters degree in School Counseling. over the past 6 or so years she has only had full time work sporadically, despite being well educated and an extremely loving, giving and kind person. She is a true Christian! I am blessed that we are married, that God brought us together.

Our children grew up in a home with us as their parents. They never had much but they knew they are loved! They are wonderful!

Today is my wife’s last day where she is teaching, she has been working a permanent substitute position. Two weeks ago I went to the hospital for a biopsy, I ran into the Choir Director from our church Sugar Creek Baptist at the hospital. After that I took our car to get it’s oil changed. They told me that they needed to replace the engine, my heart sunk as I took in this information, we don’t have much money, inside me I knew that our Lord would work it out. After the hurricane we got help through our church for the mortgage and insurance deductible

Today I called the dealer, bracing for the decision as to what needed to be done and how much it would cost. I was beyond words when they told me that it would be replaced with no charge as an act of Good Will!! I know that my wife will find another job soon and that God will provide!