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God’s Timing

February 22, 2019 BY Jennifer Gellar

Half of last year and part of this year, I’ve been struggling financially since the company I worked for has limited the amount of overtime we can get which caused me falling behind on my apartment rent and car payments. This month, my apartment complex that I’m staying in has filed for an eviction at the courts; however back in January 13-14, I was in Huntsville to apply for some jobs there. I got the Huntsville paper there and started to look through it. I saw a big add for a job at TDCJ and noticed that if you have a Bachelor’s degree or a Veteran, you are exempt from taking the pre-employment test so I showed up to fill out the application. I was suppose to have court on Feb. 7th to be evicted from my apartments but I put in an appeal to delay the date of actually having to move out. I went to Huntsville just this past Wednesday to check with the TDCJ on my status since I hadn’t received a letter from then as of yet. They told me that my application has entered into the hiring process and should receive the letter within a week or so. All this is God directed and He’s in control of everything; from my eviction to my job or career with TDCJ. God deserves all the glory for what He’s doing in my life. I couldn’t have gotten this far without Him!