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He Is Strong When I Am Weak

April 11, 2019 BY Stephanie

My family has been going through a heartbreaking time as one of our children has walked away from us and from the Lord, openly turning their back on God. I’ve really struggled in the past few months to just take a deep breath, but the waves of grief hit with no warning and suck me right back under. I am a believer and I know that God is able, but the pain still makes me weak.


The last two weeks in particular had been very difficult and I was feeling pretty hopeless when the song “Strong Enough” by Matthew West came on while I was driving. I have heard this song so many times in the past and loved it, but it wasn’t until Friday that the words literally washed over me and I was blessed with such an immediate peace that I still have.


What a blessing and humbling reminder from our precious Lord! You see, I had been saying “I can’t do this anymore” pretty much every day and in that moment I was reminded I am not alone and I wasn’t intended to carry this “on my own.” He is strong when I am weak and I can do ALL things through Him.

Thank you for the beautiful songs you play each day. I always tune in when I’m in my car and the Lord knew exactly what I needed to hear that day.