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Helping a Friend in Crisis

October 02, 2018 BY Melanie

A friend of ours lost her husband 9 months ago. She is having a difficult time being able to properly go though the mourning process since she lost everything including the roof over her head. We found out she was living out of her car. After finding this out… my husband and I contacted her to let her know that she is not alone. She made amends with her mother and is now staying with her mom. My husband and I went today to take her to lunch and talk. She is afraid to ask for help.. My husband and I are blessed enough to be able to provide some financial assistance for her. She agreed to come stay with us next weekend to join us at our amazing church at St. Laurence in Sugar Land. After lunch was done and we said our temporary goodbyes… my husband and I were driving home and drove up to an 18 wheeler that had written on the back doors…. “JESUS SAVES TODAY”. That was truly a message from God… He is listening..