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February 05, 2019 BY Kaylen

I was listening to the radio on my way home. I had just moved out of my parent’s house and I was angry and stressed. I was so used to the constant mental pain I thought I was fine. I didn’t even realize anything was wrong. My mom has always played KSBJ in the car, and because of her I automatically program it in the first spot on the radio. I was flipping through the stations, and because everywhere else had commercials I landed on KSBJ. I heard the words of forgiveness and a second chance. I don’t know the name of the song, but I know I was crying harder than I’ve cried in years as I sang my voice out. I felt hope through that song for a better life and that’s what woke me out of my funk. So thank you KSBJ, for giving hope and love. I know I’m not the only one – and I know everyone’s song is different – but on that day everything aligned and God saved me from despair through you.