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How I Met My Best friend

January 11, 2019 BY Katherine

When I was in 9th grade I was being picked on because of my faith. People were asking me questions I didn’t know even though I tried to answer. This happened for months, and I couldn’t take it so I asked God for help ….. “Father if You can hear me, then You know what I’ve been going through. If You could, please give me someone I can talk to, because my parents are not any help and are making things worse. If You could give me someone that will understand what I am going through please.”

After I prayed, I waited and waited until finally my friend Breanne came into my life. She came to my class and my friends introduced her to me. As I spent more and more time with her, I knew for a fact that God gave her to me and I am glad that she came into my life. God answered my prayers and I am so glad.