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I Thank God for my Family & Husband

January 11, 2019 BY Ray

A month after having my baby, my husband was arrested for something that happened in his past, leaving me (unemployed) and my newborn alone. I intently went into prayer in getting him home. The next day, my mom called and told me that a lawyer reached out and was going to be taking on his case for FREE and the first step was getting him out so that he may get back to work. That same day he was OUT and FREE with no cost to get him out! Sadly, my husband lost his job due to the situation…BUT God.

By God’s grace, I found a desired position in a law firm with trusted childcare, and a week later my husband had brand new job!!! AND his case was dismissed. The enemy tried to ruin my family by putting the past in our present, but GOD can do all things when you give your life to Him and are born again. I thank God for my family and husband. The enemy can’t and won’t win.