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What Defines Me

March 13, 2019 BY Bobby

My story is rather lengthy & I’ve shared it in the blog I write with my wife, “Leaving it Here”. The story is entited, “It’s what I do that defines me.”

This particular story is from my early years and one of the catalyst that opened my eyes to my “calling” to enter a career in law enforcement. I could have allowed being sexually assaulted as a 7-8 year old child destroy me, but I didn’t. Although the event was traumatic beyond measure, I later used the event to channel my focus on becoming the best cop that I be. I suppressed this story for 46-47+ years, until I felt a tugging at my heart by God to share it. I hope that it reaches someone who is afraid to reach out for help, that it touches their hearts, and they get the help they need. Thanks KSBJ.. I love the station and I love the hearts you have…

Please see attached blog

“It’s what I do that defines me..” – Part I