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Little Voices

February 05, 2019 BY Felishia

For years, my husband has been suggesting that we listen to more Christian music instead of the contemporary Pop that I favored. I had been very stubborn, and resistant. Then we became foster parents to a 4 year old and a 1 year old…

Because they were so young, I didn’t think they were really taking in the lyrics of the music I had on. One day, I heard the 4 year old’s little voice in the back seat, singing along with some inappropriate lyrics. I made the decision then and there that KSBJ was the only station we would listen to.

Within a couple of weeks, that little voice was praising God right along with KSBJ!! This was a child who had never even heard of God before moving in with us, and there he was, singing praise and asking to pray!! The 1 year old can’t sing yet, but we know she’s taking it in, too! We attended the Toby Mac His Deep concert last night (courtesy of Orphan Care Solutions), and that baby was dancing and waving her arms, having the time of her life!

KSBJ has changed all of our lives. Although we didn’t actually participate in an official 30 Day Challenge, we only listen to KSBJ now. Thank you!