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My 30-Day Challenge

February 01, 2019 BY Caroline

Listening to the radio for 30 days has really changed a lot in my life. When I started the program for just three days, I heard an encounter with God, I was so down that day I feel that God brought me to this country to suffer. My husband doesn’t have a job and I don’t have one either, and we are green card holders. But then something happened, while I was still driving and thinking aloud, this song came on “I am not alone”. Jesus said to me, “You are not alone Caroline, I am with you, I will never leave you.” That day my twin daughters didn’t have diapers to wear that day, but God showed Himself miraculously. He made a way where there was no way to buy those diapers for my girls; all He wants me to do is listen to Him always. Thank you KSBJ. God is still working in my life. Please pray for my husband for good health.